Green light in the sky?

Heanor, UK

#148 Aug 14, 2012
Driving home last night and saw two green flashes in the sky. After each flash the street lights went out but only for a few secs before coming back on. This isn't the first time I have heard of this, friends told me they had also experienced this a month back.

Rimouski, Canada

#149 Aug 21, 2012
My wife and I are from a remote area in northern Quebec, Canada, and while driving home we both saw a strange green light move across the sky that at first looked like a green firework or green flare. It moved across the sky in front of us for about 5 seconds, faded for a second, got bright again then disappeared. There were very few clouds in the sky, there was still some daylight, though it was almost dark, and we were basically in the middle of nowhere. I can't understand what it was. No one was around, there were no power lines in that area, not northern lights, not a plane...... Just weird....

Allendale, NJ

#151 Aug 23, 2012
i saw this morning a green light falling from the sky

Brooklyn, MS

#152 Sep 5, 2012
I know my family thinks I'm crazy but I know what I saw. Last Sunday night, 9/2/12, I was driving home from church when a bright green light appeared above my car (as if it came from behind me to just in front of me). It was just above the trees, not way up in the sky like a lot of people are saying they saw. I only saw it for about three seconds and it totally disappeared. I can't tell you what the center of the light looked like but the outer part was neon green. I've never experienced anything like this before. My daughter and three of her friends were with me. Only one of them caught a glimps of it out of the corner of her eye. She was seated in the front seat next to me and looking back at the other girls so she didn't see exactly what I saw but she did see the light for a split second. She later referred to it as an orb but what I saw was a large light much bigger than my car. Has anyone else experienced this kind of light?

Baltimore, MD

#154 Oct 29, 2012
Hi. I live in Baltimore Maryland over east Baltimore. Tonight aroud 7:00 am i saw a green light in the sky. It only lasted for 5 seconds. The street lights went out on my block the light appeared went away and then 5 minutes later they came back on. Im glad im not the only one who saw it.

Baltimore, MD

#155 Oct 29, 2012
HI. Im glad to know im not grazy. I saw the same thing in Baltimore Maryland 7.00 am. East baltimore.

Brooklyn, NY

#156 Oct 29, 2012
oct 30 2012 around 12:15 am brooklyn ny hurrican sandy hitting ny and passing by its lil raining but windy im smoking outside getting wet and on the corner of my eye i see a quick green flash like in the sky behind a tree but didnt look like it was high in the sky and at the same time i hear a bang sound like on the other side of my neighbours house, sounded like something hit a car or the side of my neighbours house or something, just dont know what it was and dont know if it had anything to do with that green light. Didn't scare me but its life gotta look for the answer i guess , just wanted to let you guys know too and just wanna say this check out HAARP, read about it could be something to do with this probably controlled >>> hey you never know the hurricane that hit new york its still passing by RIGHT NOW while im writing this buh bye

Newtown, PA

#157 Nov 7, 2012
I saw green flashing lights too but i live in PA. During Hurricane Sandy we saw those too and we heard reports about them. I heard from all of them that they were transformers blowing. Did you lose power when it happened???

Bellingham, WA

#158 Nov 15, 2012
I saw a org green light zip across the Bellingham sky at around 8PM!

Schaumburg, IL

#159 Nov 16, 2012
while preparing for my first attempt to climb Mt. Everest.....We were in the Base Camp for about three days, watching the weather and prepping / checking our gear. On the second evening just about dusk, all the Sherpas became very excited and animated. We asked what was going on, and they told / showed us. One of them had captured a rare and very elusive Three-Toed Yak. I was startled when they told me that at one time they were plentiful all across Tibet and Nepal, but were overhunted by locals and poachers alike for their Mythical and Medicinal qualities. Unprotected to this very day, their numbers are assumed to be less than 1000 left. Here's why.......They have a Scrotum that is best described as " Neon Magenta" in color and the size of an eggplant. Because of its diet [ Lichens and Flox ] and its exposure to constant freezing cold, there is a coloration to that area only ( the inner flanks are not covered by it's heavy coat of fur ) The scrotal sac is wildly revered as having unrivaled magical healing powers......i never found out if the scrotum is cut off and worn as a wrap or mask.....or whether the scrotal skin is consumed.....only the the Yak would be neutered soon and turned loose to heal or die.......I know that this is not as exciting as all of your "Green Flash " stories.....but I saw this along with about 30 other people, and it was very real. It was the highlight of our Base Camp stay......I even took pictures !

Brooklyn, NY

#160 Nov 30, 2012
believe it or not "WELL" your on a different topic and people seen weird things in the sky and yea "newtown pa" people lost power but i didnt < the block i live on , we all still had power and thats what they all say "it was transformers" but i know it wasnt , something was happening in the sky and i seen it < it was green and it flashed quick and gone

Brooklyn, NY

#161 Nov 30, 2012
Anonomyous wrote:
I saw green flashing lights too but i live in PA. During Hurricane Sandy we saw those too and we heard reports about them. I heard from all of them that they were transformers blowing. Did you lose power when it happened???

mac>>>> no we didnt lose power but people did and people say it was transformers but i seen it , thre wasnt no transformer where i seen the flash at and god knows what it was i guess

United States

#162 Dec 6, 2012
It was a UFO

Detroit, MI

#163 Dec 9, 2012
i just saw a green flash of light that flashed about 3 times. i saw it as im sitting on the couch facing the window. with my computer in front of me. it flashed twice and i got up to see what it was. but no noise and no sign of what it was. no loss of power. but very i have had a reoccuring dream that involves flashing green lights and airplanes and army . i dont wanta talk about that tho. i have also seen a green light on my way to work 4 times. that i think was a ufo. but this i have no idea. the first time i seen the green light i was on the freeway, no one was on the but maybe 2 cars. it flew in front of me and hovered for about 3 seconds on the right side of the freeway in an open field maybe 10 ft off the freeway and maybe 30 ft off the ground, then flew directly up in the sky with a trail of green looked like in the movies when ships go into light speed! anywa the next 2 times i saw the green light it was at a further distance but around the same area but it looked like a falling star just above the tree line directly in front of me maybe 2 miles ahaead of me. the third time i was around the exact area i seen it the first time, at this time my brother was riding with me to work i struggled with myself to even mention it to him cause almost everyone i've said it to look at me like i m nuts. but i decided to tell him and as im just done tell him i look to my right to tell him im just telling u so u can look out for anything so i can have another witness. and there it was i point and tell him there it is. he laughs but doesnt look he thinks i was joking. but i was so upset that if he had only looked when i pointed. anyway! this light i seen just now has me very puzzled. but at least i know im not alone.

Asheville, NC

#167 Dec 21, 2012
Dec 21, 2012 at approx 10:50pm. I live in Asheville NC. I was outside smoking on the back porch which faces south/SE. I saw the sky light up in a flash of green, almost a teal color. It only lasted 2-3 seconds and went away. Then happened two more times. It looked almost like when you see the lights from fireworks in the sky, except the it lit up the entire sky. Bright green with a horizon of a darker shade. I live up on the mountain so I have a view of the town below. There were no power outages. No sounds.Nochanges. The wind has been high all day and it has been as low as 28 degrees today. Other thana strong gust of wind just after, nothing changed. I have been online researching ever since. So far, most who have posted in the past have been discounted as electrical, but I can't see how this could be the reason. Someone PLEASE give another explanation.
green lantern

Perth, Australia

#168 Jan 13, 2013
September 2012 I saw a explosion of green light over Perth city Western Australia the light engulfed everything only for a few split seconds looking at the street infront of me it was like a thick lime green haze then it stoped it was dead silent and everything seemed darker then became normal again, I said to myself WTF whoa! That was weird. Seemed like I was the only one who saw it

Northmead, Australia

#169 Jan 27, 2013
Saw two green flashes at 2am that lit up the western sky in Sydney this morning 28/1/2013anyone else see it?

San Francisco, CA

#170 Feb 20, 2013
My 9 year old son and I saw the bright green lights too. We are in SAn Francisco. Three of them evenly spaced in a row. Brightest lights I've ever seen. Definately supernatural and unexplainable. I started going to church after i saw those and am converting to Catholic. It seriously scared me and I feel it was some sort of sign. Repent sinners.

Perth, Australia

#171 Mar 7, 2013
Omg it wasn't just me I was sitting on my balcony in perth Australia n I was looking up half my vision of the stares were canceled out by my roof n wall n that but I hade a big green glowing circle going darker n diner darker n dimer in a straight line heading north I watched it fade of into the distance I no what I saw it was there with my own eyes I couldn't believe it this was at about 2am

Columbus, IN

#172 Mar 26, 2013
gardnergirl wrote:
omg im from murphy nc... and i know what you're talking about... we used to have those green flashed all the time! but im soo curious to what it is lol at least i know im not crazy now!
Ok now im not crazy, lol the first time i saw this green flashes happend in 1993 when i was 13 years old on the southside Indianapolis. Then i saw a second one on December 28 in southern Indiana and i know it was no transformer i just saw one blow up the other day, i dont know what it is but it has me wonderin for years now.

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