New Oxford house fire displaces nine ...

New Oxford house fire displaces nine residents

There are 27 comments on the Evening Sun story from Apr 23, 2008, titled New Oxford house fire displaces nine residents. In it, Evening Sun reports that:

Firefighters from the New Oxford Fire Co. respond to a house fire at 21 Spruce Lane in New Oxford Tuesday.

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Baltimore, MD

#1 Apr 23, 2008
Nine people in one house? Was this a boarding house? How many bedrooms were in this house? Were the inhabitants all related?

United States

#2 Apr 23, 2008
9 people in that little house? omg.

New Bloomfield, PA

#3 Apr 23, 2008
I hate to be presumptuous here, but would anyone like to take a guess as to who was living in that house? The houses in that section of town are not very large.

Williamsport, PA

#4 Apr 23, 2008
Everyone knows what kind of people were living there. Primarialy that whole devolpment is filled with them.
No Longer Live There

Tipton, IA

#5 Apr 23, 2008
Seriously. Who cares what "kind" of people lived in the house. The fact is that now 9 people have no place to live. Here's a thought...maybe you should be more concerned about how you can help them. Comments like this are why I was glad to move from that area.

Harrisburg, PA

#6 Apr 23, 2008
lets be more concerned about that silly ladder truck backed in the driveway.....i never knew firetrucks took the time to back in a driveway - i thought that with ladders that big they pull up in front and get to business..............
citizen Kane

Falls Church, VA

#7 Apr 24, 2008
No Longer Live There wrote:
Seriously. Who cares what "kind" of people lived in the house. The fact is that now 9 people have no place to live. Here's a thought...maybe you should be more concerned about how you can help them. Comments like this are why I was glad to move from that area.
all right I will say it!
Of course no one was there, illegals scatter like cockroaches when there is trouble. Yes we can help them by deporting them back to where they came from!

Baltimore, MD

#8 Apr 24, 2008
This is only one example of why municipalities should all have minimum housing standards. Landlords would have to meet certain requirements that would promote safety. And renters would be prevented from behaving as if they were still living in some third-world country. This would preserve adjacent property values, as well as the cultural values of main stream America, which would be good for all.
to Frank

United States

#9 Apr 24, 2008
Are you insinuating that renters are the only ones that act like hoodlums?? If couldn't be further from the truth. How about this? The fire department inspects EVERYONES homes...renters and homeowners alike. After all, if the inspection is for "safety", aren't homeowners lives just as important to the fire dept as renters?? I would think so. Being in the Home Inspection field for close to 15 years....I can assure you that more "safety hazards" are found in single family homes that are owner occupied, then homes occupied by tenants. Stupidity of homeowners...(ie) smoking while trying to sleep at the same time, putting fireplace ashes in PLASTIC buckets,wanna be electricians wiring like 3 year olds etc)........are much more of a concern than a lacking smoke detector. The truth is....NOONE can say that inspections SHOULD only apply to tenant occupied properties. If you are going to use "Safety" as an "excuse" to do the inspections......EVERYONE should be included. How long will it be before a owner occupied dwelling burns to the ground, a family member is killed and the owner sues the fire departments for "excluding" them in the inspections? Could this be an opening for "discrimination lawsuits"? Americans across the board are "sue happy" as it is. Can't wait until the first one gets filed. It will show that yes, this is a stupid idea unless every single home within the boundaries are subject to the VERY SAME inspection. African Americans and Mexicans are homeowners too..........a much BETTER chance at a winning discrimination case. Wait and see. If tenant occupied homes burn to the ground as a result of landlord negligence.....the landlord gets sued. If the tenant occupied homes burn down due to stupidity on tenants's on them. Common sense can prevent MANY fires. If people don't have common sense..they have no business living on their own. For the person who mentioned that some tenant occupied homes are "row homes" and / or occupied by more than one family and should be inspected for the reason that, if one burns....they all burn..........I agree. But it is also a known fact that adjacent single family owner occupied homes can burn just as easily and affect these row homes as using that as an "extra excuse" for the inspections doesn't wash with me. So what I say, regarding tenants that if problems arise that landlord refuses to take care of.....have an agency available to them for "landlord enforcement" purposes. Otherwise...the fire department has no business snooping through their homes invading their right to privacy. Again, inspect EVERY HOME OCCUPYING HUMAN LIFE OR COME UP WITH ANOTHER EXCUSE FOR THE INSPECTION OTHER THAN "SAFETY".

Baltimore, MD

#10 Apr 24, 2008
Nice rant.

The principal difference in requiring inspections of rental properties versus owner occupied dwelling is that rental properties are essentially income generating businesses. Renters deserve safe accomodations and the surrounding properties deserve protection from greedy landlords or scofflaw tennants, who may not care how many unrelated folks sleep in the same place. Standards are not common amongst everyone in our community, yet lack of reasonable standards will destroy a community. Please tell me why you have a dim view of reasonable standards.

Falls Church, VA

#11 Apr 24, 2008

Why would you assume that the people living there are renter's? I didn't see that anywhere in the article. The fact is 9 people are out of home. This could have been a parent's home allowing their children and grandkids to live there with them. Who knows? With todays housing market I think you'll find more and more people crowded into one residence.

Some of you said you know what "kind" of people were living there. Please enlighten me? I didn't see that in the article either. I'm very familiar with that area and there is a large mix of "kinds" of people that live in that development.

Gwynn Oak, MD

#12 Apr 24, 2008
I have not been to Churchville in a very long time. I hope it is still a nice place like the Hanover area was. Our area has been afflicted with a virtually incurable disease amongst those that make the rules, called liberalism. Please enjoy what you have and work to install the kind of politicians that work on behalf of the legal residents and not those of the special interests, who's god is greed.
am in pa

United States

#13 Apr 24, 2008
No Longer Live There wrote:
Seriously. Who cares what "kind" of people lived in the house. The fact is that now 9 people have no place to live. Here's a thought...maybe you should be more concerned about how you can help them. Comments like this are why I was glad to move from that area.
Seriously. It doesn't really matter what "kind" of people live there but haven't you ever heard of insurance? If they'd pull their weight and pay for insurance, they wouldn't be out a place to live because insurance would put them up until they rebuild! So seriously, I can tell you're one always looking for a handout if we need to be concerned about how to help them. They should have helped themselves to pay for insurance!
herich from York Pa

Dillsburg, PA

#14 Apr 28, 2008
I used to own this house, back in the early 1990's then it was a great small community. After I moved out, I relocated to NC with my now husband and kids, after 8-10 years later coming and showing my kids where my life started after high school, It's a shame to see how different things change, and how people live after years away. It's ashame! I loved being on my own and decorating this house in fact I put that wall- paper up in the livingroom where the fire started, there were alot of great memories there, but not they are burned up!
herich from York Pa

Dillsburg, PA

#15 Apr 28, 2008
confused wrote:
lets be more concerned about that silly ladder truck backed in the driveway.....i never knew firetrucks took the time to back in a driveway - i thought that with ladders that big they pull up in front and get to business..........
You are right, seems to me you must know firemen like I know them?? I don't think they would take the time to back up like that either!

Dillsburg, PA

#16 Apr 28, 2008
This was the home of my wife before and after we started dating until we married. It was a beautiful home when she lived there and I am sure it was after. However, for you folks who have nothing to do besides bash others, consider where you would be should fire destroy your home. Not one of us know their situation nor is it any of our business. Therefore, keep your filth to yourself and remember, your on my land, the Native Americans.

Landisburg, PA

#17 Apr 29, 2008
Shame on you hate-mongers. The family was American ( just because someone is hispanic doesn't mean they are illegal Mexicans), 3 generations. One of the inhabitants was pregnant. Maybe we should kick out our parents when they can no longer live by themselves, and our adult children when then need a little help. I am deeply saddened and disturbed by my neighbors' reactions to a human being's tradegy.
Do something useful, donate some baby items, food, or clothes to this family in need. I was lucky when my house and everything inside of it burned up, I happened to be white and speak English, people helped me. That should not be prerequisite for needing assistance.

Landisburg, PA

#18 Apr 29, 2008
Yes insurance will hopefully help this family rebuild their home, but it can take months to come through. What should they do in the mean time? Listen to the ignorance and hate projected by these posters? Yes there are organizations like the Red Cross to offer assistance, but how nice it would be to know that the people that you live close to, work with, worship with are willing to offer their help and support. I'm so glad the majority of real, true Americans are not like some of the pathetic people on these message boards. Let's hope they never have to worry about a tradegy aflicting their family.
common sense

Shippensburg, PA

#19 Apr 29, 2008
All the people out there that have the guts to say rude things about this family really needs to get a life. This was none of your business in the first place. Show some respect to the family this was a tragic lose!!!!!!
Steve Laughman

Scranton, PA

#20 Apr 29, 2008
What happened here is unfortunately a tragedy for whoever may be involved whether it's one person or a family of 9. Fire doesn't know any gender, age, race, creed, nationality, religion or anything else. Fire doesn't care if nobody is home, the family pet is there, or the house is occupied. What's the difference if the home houses 9 people or it was a holiday meal and there were 10 or more people inside?? Whether you agree with Frank or not, he pretty mch hit the nail on the head about fire causes and fire safety. The vast majority of fires I see are due to people's stupidity and carelessness. For those of you bashing the local FD, I will lend the following few comments to help ease some ignorance. Not personally being a member of NOFD, but knowing many personnel over there I take great exception to the comments being made. First, NOFD is a VOLUNTEER fire company. What does that mean?? Men and women left work, home, kids sports practice , whatever it may be to respond when the call came in for a house fire. Second, NOFD has some of the finest firefighters in the county who in my opinion made quick work of what could have been a complete loss. Keeping the damage to the room of origin with little extension is something to be proud of. And lastly, being a career firefighter who has spent all 6 years of my career(and 10 years as a volunteer) at a station with a ladder truck I offer this to you: Positioning of the apparatus is CRUCIAL. If I can take an extra 30 seconds to get my ladder truck in the BEST possible position to access the roof or the entire building I'm going to do it. Operators of the ladder truck are highly trained individuals who believe it or not actually DO KNOW what they are doing. The idea is to get the turntable (pivot point of ladder on the firetruck) as close as possible to the structure. If that means backing in so be it. If the only time you have ever seen this new ladder truck is in the newspaper, go see it in person. Stop by the firehouse or check it out while it's out on the street. Go see what equipment could be coming to your emergency someday. This equipment is what those volunteers work sooooo many bingos for, run a carnival for, and pull of so many fundraisers for. Your donations and support is what allows them to put firetrucks like that on the street. So before you bash a tactic or because it took an extra 1 minute to do, go learn why they're doing what they're doing. I'm climbing down off my soapbox now. Stay safe all.

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