Cohen High School and principal Arlen...
RSD employee

New Orleans, LA

#43 Jul 9, 2008
Since Ms. Kennedy called me and she knows who I am... I do not have a problem revealing the obvious authors of these blogs. Girl, Kennedy this one is for you....

Carmelita, get a life and get a man. Stop using your children to get ahead. Give this up, Law does not want you and what you did today was deplorable. Why don't you get a dictionary and do spell check, you ignorant woman. You are fat yourself, without the panties (Nasty!) Take care of your rotting people and remember what you say and do comes back three-fold. Blasphemous devil deciphal.

Ask Shamyra if she can fit the clothes, she sure loved wearing them. Ask her to take care of those kids who carry guns to school while she is condemning Ms. K's child. Ask her to give back all the money she borrowed when she claimed her lights were out at least once a month. Tell her to pay her car note and stop hiding her car at your house. Or and car insurance is mandatory in Louisiana, do you finally have it. Call GEICO! They may help.

Oh yeah Shamyra, Dyer would never sleep with you, so Ms K. would not be jealous. Everyone knew that claim was bullshit and that you had gone overboard. And if she was messing with him, why keep trying to tell him her ex is in New Orleans so he would stop being her friend. He going back to his wife right? Come on! You all are so stupid.

Tell Mr. Jones he needs to advise you of when to shut-up rather than spending time trying to falsify records and lying to people about their pay checks. Criminal offenses.

He can change staffing info all he wants, she can change it when she returns. And she will still have her job after you girls are fired. F-I-R-E-D. This I DO KNOW FOR A FACT!!! RSD will not allow for the likes of you to remain. So now you are working and she is not, but in the end, who will have the last laugh? We shall see.
Oh My God

New Orleans, LA

#44 Jul 9, 2008
Come on crazy girl. Is that really who you all are?

This is funny. But I like it! Looks like the table has turned youdamnright!

Which one are you the nasty ho or the bad mother with no shame?

Hopefully the nasty one... I will give you my personal email, maybe me and my boys can flip you!

Why don't you make us merry?

New Orleans, LA

#45 Jul 9, 2008
For those of you who parrot the words that Ms. Kennedy said, "It is about the kids," you are completely right.
It really is about the kids and I think that the majority of teachers at the school have - or at least try to have - the students' best interests in mind. I hope we can all agree - even though I know we won't - that the reason this argument is heated is because one side believes, at the core, that Kennedy is a detriment to the school and, therefore, the students; the other side believes that she is an asset.
What I want to point out is that if her very presence causes this amount of controversy, she absolutely cannot be an asset to the students.

Ms. Kennedy's relationship with the entire school is reminiscent of a romantic one; once the trust and love is lost, there is little anyone can do to bring it back.

Say she comes back next year, there will be several teachers who will quit the minute they see her. Quitting teachers, mind you, teachers that have been retained based on their merits, are NOT beneficial to students.

Ms. Kennedy, coming back for the sake of coming back, or for the sake of saying "I told you I would be here again," isn't actually going to achieve anything. Do you think that will make your teachers work better with you? It absolutely will not. Some will quit. Others will resent you. And the entire school will have a proverbial elephant in the room at all times.

This is not to say that she is the ONLY problem we have at Cohen, but she was the cause of the many of them and perpetuated the rest of them.

To say to people you manage that you aren't "a people person" doesn't speak for good supervising skills. To use your size to bully people is bizarre and doesn't exemplify professionalism.

These are my thoughts, in no particular order, with no conclusion.
Oh My God

New Orleans, LA

#46 Jul 9, 2008
I say to those people who quit if/when she comes back shows that they were not there for the kids to begin with.

To say that she is not a people person is being honest. No one walks onto a job perfect, they all need work. No one can judge anyone. I think thoughts is correct in some of what he/she says, but I think this lady should have a chance to at least try again. If she made mistakes, why should she not be given a chance to fix them. Why must she be perfect and everyone else flawwed, but forgiven. I thought that what this should be about--second chances. My only reason for responding.

And answer this for yourself, did she really use or size to bully people or was she just forceful in her tone and mannerism. Gimme a break! No woman really does that. That is just society balking at a strong woman.

The real answer is not to just break up, but to do as real romances should do, find common ground. There are no sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered here, just a need to open up and grow up. ALL OF YOU! Including this woman for whatever she has done.

Maybe the whole staff needs to go and start all over. If you all want a chance to start over, give her one too...

Since: Jul 08

United States

#47 Jul 9, 2008
None of it matters really, even if she knows who you are. The fact of the matter is what has been said, is the truth. Given another chance, you have got to be kidding. And stop bringing the kids into this equation, they have nothing to do with the person Arlene is, that is exactly why she will not and does not need to be in anybodys school. You can call out names all you want, fool. Lawsuit or not, the Administration knows what kind of person she is, and how much of a liar she is. So, the best thing for the KIDS is for someone to be there to really give them a chance to succeed, and not steal from them, and it damn sure is not Kennedy !! Cheer for her all you want, I laugh at your ignorance !!! If you have not had the opportunity to come across her, then you will never know what she is capable of, and how she is exactly what everyone says. Just give her the chance and she will mess over you as well, and all because she believes she has the right too. She is desperate for attention. And you know it shows just how much she believes her own lies, and how she has pass them around, she would think somebody wanted Dyer and Dorsy, HA, HA ! WHAT IDIOTS YOU ARE ! The fact of the matter is, the name calling and all, it is simply done out of lashing out because it can finally be said without having that pig up in your face basically telling you about losing your job, and how she will get you, sad isn't it, but know more. That's right use it all, the jury has already made it's decision. We agree she should be given a chance, SOMEWHERE ELSE !!
a parents concern

Covington, LA

#48 Jul 9, 2008
wow, all this for what, yea she said what she wanted to say and did what she said she was going to do . but the fact still remains the same Kennedy is gone. time to focus on the next school year. we all no now how to handle people. you handle them from a distance. yes she was a nasty person, yes she confronted staff members about her "SO CALLED" relationship with Tommie Dyer, who knows maybe he was sticking it to her nasty ass,:). but in the end she's gone and WALTER L COHEN SR. HIGH can become a more productive school.

dorsy bible verus are good but you should never use them with curse words it dont make you look real religious.

yes kennedy has allow her self to be known to this site. and now she is going to read it more and more. and with the helpof her team player we just might get more people involved. as you can see she is getting her family involved to provide confort to her situation. but when you burn bridges you need to try to build new ones. but allowing people like her to bring out the bad in ourselves is something that she want to see. we all no the type of person that she is. today it help its a wonderful day and the 2 minutes later is i want you to clean up house.


ALL I CAN SAY IS GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FUTURE AND BE PRAYFUL. hope it wasn't you who burned down GREATER ST. STEPHENS. we all know what happens when you cant get your way. hint hint

love you smooches and peace out.
The Fly on the wall

Baton Rouge, LA

#49 Jul 10, 2008
you damn right should be you damn wrong.(ms Bryant) the clothes you claim no one can fit can be answered very easily just sit at your desk and look to the right its a blob,its an elephant ,its a borilla , is it your true friend shamyra sims!YeSSSS!The police should have been called on you to for housing a runaway daughter who became upset with her mother because she refused to let her dare a boy that was 5years older than her!I think when mrs. jones im sorry mr. Jones told you two shallow brains "to be careful who you are loyal to because you never know who your principal will be next year"you became scared and started making up stories to help mr. jones with his quest to become a principal again.(yes he was fired from last job as a principal)Shallow Brains, the man upstairs is the only person that you should be loyal to!No shamyra, not the man on the second floor of your apartment building who sprayed you with mase and broke your bed! GOD!!!Ms. Bryant if you do come back, them biscuits that you make while sitting at your desk are the bomb!( only if you were to work as fast as you prepare a meal while at work! lol!!!)
youdamnright wrote:
RSD Emplyoyee, better known as AMK, take a bow right out of here, because it is known if fact you will not be coming back. RSD would be doing a great injustice to everyone and anyone to place you in the presence of other descent human beings, If it really is another fool out their at central level that is as stupid as you then I hope they will be following you. Spent her money you say, and not ask for reimbursement WHAT A LIE, SHE ASK FOR IT ALL BACK, EVERYTIME. Share her clothing WHO COULD FIT THEM. Taking staff to dinner, yes, Someone elses husband, and his flock of merry makers for the free ride !!! iLEAP scores hightest with her as a leader come on now, tell the truth and shame the devil ( her spouse). Yes, she may try to use these blogs to her advantage, but common sense would tell anyone, it is obvious if you have hundreds of people saying the same things, and 4 saying opposite, then who do you think is telling the truth? Let it Go ! and be gone.
The Fly on the wall

Baton Rouge, LA

#50 Jul 10, 2008
Shamyra sims aka starving for sex likes to get sprayed ,,beaten and tied up before ,during ,and after sex.You can find carmelita at the chocalate bar whenever it is on and popping!P.S. she likes D&D smokesausage hot and with a curve to the left!
Oh My God wrote:
Come on crazy girl. Is that really who you all are?
This is funny. But I like it! Looks like the table has turned youdamnright!
Which one are you the nasty ho or the bad mother with no shame?
Hopefully the nasty one... I will give you my personal email, maybe me and my boys can flip you!
Why don't you make us merry?
The Fly on the wall

Baton Rouge, LA

#51 Jul 10, 2008
P.S> you might need a can of WD40 to lubricate that rusty wig Shamyra wears to work allday/everyday before you do anything!
The Fly on the wall wrote:
Shamyra sims aka starving for sex likes to get sprayed ,,beaten and tied up before ,during ,and after sex.You can find carmelita at the chocalate bar whenever it is on and popping!P.S. she likes D&D smokesausage hot and with a curve to the left!
<quoted text>
a parents concern

Covington, LA

#52 Jul 10, 2008
i have one question,it was said that ms. kennedy has 4 secretaries. but most of this is about the two "phat asses" who think they are the best looking and the only thing they are good for is trying to fuck everybodies man. was is going on with the other two missing ones. i guess they kept out the way of kennedy are did they. most of the time i have seen this sissy muthafucka who was a para who was giving the title and the other one i never seen except for a few times. i guess this was a good thing for them two to stay out of the way of the AK47.
ms.sims and ms.bryant need to get some half ass sense. only if mr.jones knew that ms.sims cant and will not be able to think for herself. it was no way in hell that she could come up with any on the shit that was going on. ms.bryant what is she able to do fuck her way to the top. if so that you are no better than ak. ya'll to fat nasty dick sucking wanna be cute WHORES need to get a dame like. yes you are no better that kennedy. now what are ya'll doing you are playing tip for tap. get over it and get over your selves. in fact all this energy that you are putting into this blog need to be put in a GYM!!!! hint hint. this shit is getting real old. both you kennedy and shamyra all needs a life. move on and move forward!!! she's gone now. so stop talking about the bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

this shit is getting old!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!
This makes me Laugh

Angie, LA

#53 Jul 10, 2008
Do you see what you have created AKM? I hope you're happy. Now you get to keep yourself on everyone's mind at least until school starts and everyone can see for themselves that you won't be back. Fly on the Wall I don't think those two people who you are attacking are on this blog but I see that you have a lot of anger towards them.
Lawrence J Dorsey

New Orleans, LA

#55 Jul 10, 2008
Thanks a parents concern!!! I am not claimer of being religious but I am into the word!!!

I would like to try this again for all parties. For every word used on this blog or any other blog; think about the time, energy and thought it takes to do this!!!

This energy, time and thought could be used focusing on the returning and incoming students of Walter L Cohen. As an alumina of Cohen, I would like to ask all parties:

1. Does the school have in place all needed books and supplies: Each subject areas books for each student and take home books, Read 180, GEE Coach Books (Math, Science, Social Studies & English)?
2. Is the LAPASS, Special Needs, 504 and Gifted information up to date?
3. Does each sport have coaches, equipment and supplies?
4. Are the school and PE uniforms in place?
5. Does the school have all the teachers (TFA or Teach Nola)? Subs are welcome!!!!!(LOL)
6. Are all Support Staff and friends on board for the school?
7. Is the student demographic information update?
8. Do we have all the information for every student (last report cards, transcripts, parent info, psycho socials and etc…)

When you have a school that is so rich in history, everyone have to come together to make this work for the students. If everyone can’t work for the students then “who do you work for?”!!! It is time to be professionals that we have said that we are.

When we do the things we are suppose to do, your right a parents concern, the school will and should be a more productive school!!!!

He who observe should observe as a friend!!!!!!

Keep in mind all parties the students at Walter L Cohen will have failed if the parties involved do not adhere as being professionals and putting them first!!!!!
All in a Days Work

Angie, LA

#56 Jul 10, 2008
You have revealed yourself! Dorsey is not smart enough to know anything about about LAPASS, 504 (it is not the area code for N.O.), Read 180, nor what sections are taken on the GEE and he has never used the word "demographic" let alone spell it. I don't think he has even picked up a Bible let alone be able to quote it. Ok, I see what everyone is talking about she has once again let loose another personality.
a parents concern

Covington, LA

#57 Jul 10, 2008
kennedy kennedy kennedy you must you continue to use the people that you say that you care for. but you know what maybe you are not. maybe dorset is really that stupid enough to really think that you care for him. who knows made be your ass is trying to F$$k him too. this is so funny. you are using thing such as test scores, teaching programs, last report card etc, to describe things that are going on in the school. hey let me give dorsey some credit, yea he may no a LITTLE about student demographic list but not enough. to go directly into detail as to whatto do with them. hell you probably justfound out what the use of it wa far. remember when your suspension packet was returned because it was incomplete. and you tried to blame it on other people. remember when you cried your heart out when RDS almost sent you on your way. remember that. who i forgot you have selective memory. so you say that you are coming back next year. so why should any of the things that people are saying on this BLOG bother you. remember you paid to be the boss remember. all those so call degrees has got you NO WHERE but a quick ticket to the unemployment line. the same place where you claim you would see other people. i tried to keep my cool and tried to keep a level head. but the more you you use other people, really pisses a person off. you are a true actor and the award for the best drama series, most feeling in a public event goes too......... THE 1 AND ONLY ARLENE MICHELE KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!

kennedy please leave the people of new orleans alone ......... leave you are not welcome here no more!!!!!! in fact you never were the district just needed a little help to find the right person to do the job that your degress should have done for you.
a parents concern

Covington, LA

#58 Jul 10, 2008
well i see that they have removed my most recent comment from blog. i guess it was to hard on arlene. well she still gey my vote for the best award in a drama series in a public event. like i say lets give credit where credit is due. dorsey we all know thatit was not you who are putting on these blogs. we no that it is not you who is soooo concern about the gee material, p.e. uniforms, teach nola etc...., so this whole blog is not about you. arlene why do you continue to use people. whatis it about yourself that have you to feel that you have control over everything. for some reason are another you really think that you are god. but you will never be. you have said to so many people that you can take the food form their mouth. well look at the mess that you have created no only have you taken food from some of those same people that you claim you care for you alos have done it to your self. i really feel truly sorry for that son of your and the foster child that you claim to love so much. ohh by the way it was her who mention the relationship about you and your football coach. oh do you still have that$5.00 bracelet that her Suppose to have brought you for v-day. i heard that it was broken up. you are a menace not only to those around you but to yourself. hope life for you can get easier. but in the mean time leave the staff members of cohen alone and put all you extra energy to helping yourself. the staff member and students at cohen will have a peace and a piece of mind kowing that you will not return.
a parents concern

Covington, LA

#59 Jul 10, 2008
Saint-sation i think not. the new orleans saint are already have a hard times as a football team. do we really need a fat ass cheerleader on the side lines. wow we really will not be a winning team. she can hardly lead her self let alone a cheerleading squad. the only side line she need to be on is someone track n field. weight watchers she needs to watch her weight.
Just Me wrote:
There's another name that also give the school a bad name and it is "Ghetto Gay Ray". The wanna be preacher from the ghetto. He is so rediculous and silly. He gets on the P.A. system and speak very rudely. He demands for teachers and others to come to the office in that ghetto slang. Saying words like holla at cha boy, wo whats up, amoung other things. Is is very unprofessional and Arlene lets it go on. At Cohen you have the blind leading the blind. Don't get me wrong Arlene is a very smart person but she lack charater, passion and determination for the business. With all of the degrees she have she should have just been a over size cheer leader since she like football coaches. Maybe she can be a "Saint-sation"
Oh My God

New Orleans, LA

#60 Jul 11, 2008
A parent's concern, look out, these people have dragged you in and shown your ignorance. Spell/grammar check might work and then you can complete a thought. All the insults make you sound like you have just changed yor identity from an earlier person yourself. That's probably why you keep saying that about her.

Mr. Lawrence I am impressed as you have submitted the only real info I have read here for days. Please find that author and slap them. You sound very intelligent and once again making these authors sound jealous.

As for parent, to give all those extra details mean you are someone Arlene must know, like a co-worker changing identities. Shame Shame Shame.
Besides, it is not the cost of things, it is the thought that counts. Are you that ignorant?

Since: Jul 08

New Orleans, LA

#61 Jul 11, 2008
Oh shut up Oh My God, trying to correct someones spelling or language, you are the biggest ass this site has seen!!! Go sit your damn behind down somewhere, you are the ignorant one, AMK, just let it go and move on, you are just trying to drag this out to help you get any job with RSD, go home you ass. Everyone ignore this SYBIL PERSON, AND LET THEM TALK TO THEMSELVES.
a parents concern

Covington, LA

#62 Jul 11, 2008
well to let you know it is was not a problem wih the spell check it was the keyboard that i was using. since you feel that she the almighty one, why dont you find her ass a job in another district, just not louisiana. since you have so much concern. Oh my god, Please help alrene find "GOD". because if she did have christ she would not be the person we see before us. anyone can let get over their pass, why cant she. your pass is what makes you a stronger person, but in this case, "SHE IS THE WEAKEST LINK"; GOODBYE!!!!!
Oh My God

New Orleans, LA

#63 Jul 11, 2008
Ok. I guess you are so intelligent, I will just keep my mouth shut. Looks like this is getting to you more than AMK. Maybe it is you who is SYBIL.

I commend Arlene, I am doing obviously what she has done... Pissed you off.

You are so easy....Ha!Ha!Ha! Poor Baby!

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