During apparent burglary, ran into 'right person' with gun
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Tiffany Thompson got her wish: Demetrius Murphy met the “Right Person” and he will not be playing the Knockout Game any more. Ever.
A St. Louis homeowner shot Murphy dead late last week during a burglary. And a whole lot of people in St. Louis feel relieved, if not safer.
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Murphy was a member of a group that is credited with making the Knockout Game a St. Louis tradition, then a national pasttime.
The rules of the Knockout Game are simple: Begin with a bunch of black people. Anywhere from three to 30.
Find a white person, but an Asian will do. Alone is important. Older is better. Weak and defenseless even more so.
Without warning, punch that person in the face as hard as you can. You win if you score a Knockout.
If not, keep punching until your arms and legs get too tired to continue. Or the person dies.
You can play anywhere, but “vibrant and culturally mixed” neighborhoods are probably the best. That is where the victims are: Asians,“gays,” artists, yuppies, seniors , college students – people who won’t fight back.
Over the last two years, hundreds of people around the country have become victims. Some say over 100 in St. Louis alone. Some died. Others, like Murphy’s victim Matt Quain, suffered broken bones in his face and jaw.
Last week, four members of the national Championship Alabama football team were arrested after three played the game two times, and the fourth tried to use a debit card taken during the attacks.
Many of these cases of black mob violence are documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return racial violence and how the media ignore it.”
Murphy and his friends were arrested in November 2011 when police found a 13-year-old girl who witnessed the Knockout Game assault on Quain. The charges were dismissed after she failed to show up. The mayor of St. Louis said there was no doubt in his mind the witness was intimidated and too frightened to testify. The mother of the witness said the same several months later.
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The gang was jubilant, and took to FaceBook to say so.“FREE ALL MY TKO GUYS,” said one of the members of the mob that was freed, reported the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Two days later, two members of the group tracked down Quain and threatened him again.
That “right person” was a St. Louis homeowner who found Murphy and a friend in his backyard at 1:30 a.m.
fatuous1 is MARK TRAINA an outspoken Civil Rights Activist from South Louisiana. Some describe him as a Racist; however, he describes himself as a Realist. Mr. Traina worked as a School Psychologist for the Jefferson Parish Public School System for nearly 30-years.