Puppymill in New Lexington?
Outta towne

Grove City, OH

#21 Dec 6, 2008
Here is a thought that I have had after reading all these posts. There is a thing that is against Ohio law called "bait and switch". What it basically means is that someone offers one thing for one price but when you go to purchase that item at that price they are out of it and try to sell you something else at a higher price.

It sounds like to me that people need to be calling about the lower priced or even free pets that this couple advertises, and recording the call, which is not only legal but admissible in court in Ohio, and then recording what is said when they get there to get the lower priced or even free pet.

Then that evidence needs to be taken to the state AG's office as a crime against consumers.

There are a couple of other things that occur to me. One is that they have dead decaying animals lying in the yard and that can be a health department issue, which you can call the state health department about.

Dead animals not being properly deposed of also falls under the EPA, who you can call and report them for the bad conditions too. There is also the Sierra Club that would likely do a inestiagtion of the situation because with the amount of dog feces and nothing being done about it, it could be getting into the water supply.

Just a few ideas that I have had while reading all the posts here.

Columbus, OH

#22 Dec 6, 2008
I think the media should be contacted to do a report on them, be it the Dispatch or the TV stations.
I think all the talk about "bait and switch" will take too much time difficult to prove. It is so unacceptable to do this to animals that can't help themselves. All over someone wanting to make a quick deceitful buck on selling animals like they have no feelings.I am willing to help in any way I can to shut them down. I appreciate the suggestion.
There has to be way to end this business.

Howard, OH

#23 Dec 6, 2008

Columbus, OH

#24 Dec 6, 2008
The harder they are to topple the more inclined I am to work on it. Is there anyone else looking to meet to discuss a best solution to getting him closed?


#25 Dec 6, 2008
I went to the website for six on your side to tell them about this and I even gave them the link to this website so they could see how many people are affected. If everyone would please do the same maybe they will run the story. It only took me 5 minutes to write about this on their website. Please everyone do the same so Six on Your Side can expose them and shut them down!!!!!!

Columbus, OH

#26 Dec 6, 2008
Sounds like a good solution t start with. Let see what happens if a good number of us do it.

Columbus, OH

#27 Dec 6, 2008
Agreed! I'm going to keep posting on craigslist for people to write to six on your side about whats happening there. I think this really could be the solution. The exact link is:


And FYI: I've been there and I actualy vomited when I saw how dogs were kept. There were two dead puppies in a cage with two live ones who were crying.

Rumor is though that Dutiel has heard about all the buzz about his wagon wheel "rescue" ranch and is trying to hide the bad conditions.
Someone who knows

Findlay, OH

#28 Dec 6, 2008
I went to six on your side last night when i gave the idea on craigslist then it got flagged as usual. Instead of posting an ad on here go to six on your side and tell them your story.

Columbus, OH

#29 Dec 6, 2008
I just went to "six on your side" and told them about the puppy mill operation.

Columbus, OH

#30 Dec 6, 2008
I'm just going to keep posting on craigslist! I think Dutiel or one of his minions is flagging

Lancaster, OH

#31 Dec 6, 2008
Now, I haven't bought anything from this guy but reading everything I have about him makes me ill. If you hear of a pickett please let me know and I will be there, I am an animal lover and will do what I can to help shut him down. I know of a testing place in PA that tests all kinds of things on poor beagles and some of the things I heard that goes on there makes me sick also. If I know how to go about to get them shut down too I would even though it would cost my brother his only job. [email protected]
Nicole wrote:
We went to this place over the summer. There was a dead puppy in the yard and the cages were filled with puppies that were sitting in their own feces. I did not purchase a puppy from him. Especially since the woman there had a casual attitude about the dead puppy in the yard and said, "Oh, we'll clean it up later!" She acted like the puppy's death meant nothing to her and it probably didn't. I am astounded that they have been able to run this puppy mill for so long. I called the dog warden at that time and he said there wasn't much he could do! Those are deplorable conditions for each and every one of these poor animals. I read an ad on craigslist.com about a woman who is planning to get the news involved and pickett this place. I think that all of us should stand together and make that happen and take a stand against Duteil!!!!!!

Columbus, OH

#32 Dec 6, 2008
As I have read he has close ties to the authority in town. well if they don't do what they are suppose t if he is violating the law they too as just as liable then they need to be held liable aAgreed! I'm going to keep posting on craigslist for people to write to six on your side about whats happening there. I think this really could be the solution. The exact link is:

http://www.wsyx6.com/newsroom/oys/index.shtml... and file a complaint with the TV station and ask they investigate it.

I am willing to picket it as well if need be.
Outta towne

Grove City, OH

#33 Dec 6, 2008
There is also a state agency that you can report elected officials to that are not doing their jobs along with county and state agencies that aren't doing their jobs.

I would also suggest getting ahold of every agency that he has a license thru and telling them about the conditions of the animals.

As far as the tenants in his rental properties, they can be reported to Children's services and to the state board of health along with HUD if he is doing section 8 housing.

Toledo, OH

#34 Dec 6, 2008
Why dont we take control and break in there and ruin this guys business. if we band together theres no reason we cant get these dogs and take them to REAL rescues and help save their lives. Its bullshit this guy is walking the streets. We as a community need to do something because its evident the cops arent doing shit.

Austin, TX

#35 Dec 6, 2008
I grew up in an area close to where these nuts live and remembered always seeing the posts in the advertiser so a little over a year and a half ago I saw a posting on craigslist about the horrible conditions and such. So, I drove out from Dublin to take a look myself. It was in the middle of the winter ( I was shivering myself) and these tiny dogs were out in the middle of the yard in rabbit cages, frozen water and looked as if their lives were nearly coming to an end. Later they took me into one of their trailers which had watery feces all over the floor, dogs were crying and being trampled by other dogs. She tried telling me that this huge dog was a chihuahua .. NOT POSSIBLE. She handled the dogs like they were stuffed animals and both her and her husband were extremely rude.

I later contacted a columbus dog warden as well as a news channel. I worked to help them with trying to shut the place down but it's nearly impossible. They've tried for many years and can't seem to do it. I was told that the Perry County Dog Shelter has been working with these people to keep them from being shut down. It's horrible and sickening.

I felt so bad for this little puppy and ended up adopting her. They had me fill out a paper saying that they weren't responsible for anything wrong with the dog. I put down fake information in fear of them doing something.

This place is disgusting. I so badly wanted to gather people and free the dogs. Its that gross.

I come back to Ohio for Christmas for a few weeks and plan to go out and make another visit since its been a while. If anyone needs help gathering any information or pictures I'd be more than happy to do what I can while I'm there.

My email is [email protected]

Austin, TX

#36 Dec 6, 2008
James wrote:
Why dont we take control and break in there and ruin this guys business. if we band together theres no reason we cant get these dogs and take them to REAL rescues and help save their lives. Its bullshit this guy is walking the streets. We as a community need to do something because its evident the cops arent doing shit.
THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE. I thought about doing the exact thing because they had been talking about going out of town and that was the perfect chance ..but being Hillbilly good for nothings .. they do have posts about shotguns and such.

Columbus, OH

#37 Dec 6, 2008
i wanted to buy a pup, i went and saw two puppied frozen to death in a cage two winters ago. i wanted so bad to save a pup but my husband said we couldnt support their business. i had nightmares and cried for ever
keep dogs safe

Columbus, OH

#38 Dec 6, 2008
the number is 740 is the area code 342 and then 1814 then put it all together and now he is using his daughters number for people to call he have a ad in the advertiser that he take in hole litters of puppys and one for sale...HERE IS THE NEW NUMBER THEY ARE USING 740 area code684 and then 0164 thats the 2 numbers to get ahold of them...AND YES HE OWNS HALF THE TOWN AND IS IN GOOD WITH THE SHERIFF IN NEW LEXINGTON...HIS AD IS IN THE LICKING COUNTYADVERTISER FOR THE WEEK ON DEC.7...I WILL TRY TO GET YOU AN ADDRESS FOR THEM...
Animal Protector wrote:
Wagon Wheel Ranch, Donald Dutiel, PUPPYMILL, rampant with Parvovirus, uses different listing locations, but the main line is Perry county area code, New Lexington original prefix, followed by 1 8 1 4 . Advertises as a rescue, has USDA permits, and gets advance warning about ASPCA appearances from authorities. Any of you reading this with the ability or the numbers to help close this place down, we need outside help.

United States

#39 Dec 6, 2008
I've been to the ranch, everything explained is true. I know this guy goes to exotic animal auctions all the time to buy and sell. does not care a bit about the animals just making a buck. I'm going now to channel 6 to do my part, I hope everyone else does also..
keep dogs safe

Columbus, OH

#40 Dec 6, 2008
the address is 2714 state route 93se..new lexington,ohio 43764 that the address for donald dutiel..as is says in the ad owner of wagon wheel rescue puppyranch,rental properties..and is say's we also take in small breed whole litters CALL LIBBY AT THE 740 AREA CODE 684 THEN 0164...SO THAT THE NEW INFO STUFF THEY ARE USING NOW...I HOPE THIS PUPPY MILL WOULD BE STOPPED...

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