Why Are People So Fat These days

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#43 Jul 1, 2012
Yeah, that's a good one too. dejesus is probably huffing and puffing trying to get down to the dock to get to his boat, the "SS Fatass". God forbid he has to swim to shore, he'll drop like a stone. More chins than a chinese phonebook.

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#46 Jul 1, 2012
Unincorporated wrote:
<quoted text>
That's because your stupid. Probably fat too.
It really depends on how you're measuring intelligence. If you go by standardized testing scores, I'm pretty above average in intellect. If you go by IQ score, I'm again, pretty above average. If you go by high school grades, I'm bordering on mentally handicapped as my gpa was only a bit above 2.

As for being fat, I'm 6'1 and weigh 171 pounds (checked just for you (;). So does that make me fat? I'm really not sure. You tell me.

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Naperville, IL

#47 Jul 1, 2012
An Anonymous Student wrote:
<quoted text>

As for being fat, I'm 6'1 and weigh 171 pounds (checked just for you (;). So does that make me fat? I'm really not sure. You tell me.
Typically no. But it also depends on what percentage of that weight is fat or what is muscle.

Wilmington, IL

#48 Jul 1, 2012
hmm wrote:
Are you both perfect looking? Who are you to judge? You wouldn't say why are people so black these days or why are people so gay these days. Get lives and worry about your own appearances.
You cannot control the color of your skin or your sexual orientation, however you do have the power to put down the fork.

Joliet, IL

#49 Jul 1, 2012
Uni, if you wanted to know why there are so many fat people then why didn't you start taking a survey at the track? John Force and Warren Johnson are both overweight why not ask them. You might be surprised by some of the answers you get but you would have to actually want to know rather than just come on here and insult people.

United States

#50 Jul 1, 2012
Everyone is fat because the great free obama care will take care of their health issues for free! Hoooooooooooray for Obamacare!!!!!!!

New Lenox, IL

#51 Jul 1, 2012
Like WJ or Force would talk to me. We all know why people are fat. It's because there is no self control left in society. I'm not perfect by any means. Just goofing around. I got a rise out of a lot of people. LOL! And yeah, dejesus is right, I'm immature. So what? I'll be skinny in the morning. Don't even get me started on all the tattoos I saw over the weekend. Now there's another trend that is startling. dejesus, sorry for the ribbing. You fat bastard.

Wilmington, IL

#52 Jul 1, 2012
Tats are disgusting

New Lenox, IL

#54 Jul 1, 2012
Before I forget, STFU Joe and AAS. Your not welcome on here. Your posts suck like the liposuction machine you both obviously need.
STFU Unincorporated

Wheaton, IL

#57 Jul 2, 2012
Unincorporated wrote:
Before I forget, STFU Joe and AAS. Your not welcome on here. Your posts suck like the liposuction machine you both obviously need.
And of course you are the sole arbiter of all that is acceptable and unacceptable on here.

"Your" no paragon of wisdom.

Many of us have read your droplets of verbal sh** over the years to know what a douchebag you are.

PS And you don't show many compositional skills, either.

New Lenox, IL

#58 Jul 2, 2012
What's going on? Did you run out of pork rinds or something? I know a bag of shit when I see one and you're it. Your post sucks too.
I am a paragon of wisdom compared to the likes of you.
My compositional skills are better than yours, that's for sure.
Do you remember your and you're, as in "your no paragon of wisdom"? LOL! You have been dipped in shit, you dipshit. Thanks for coming on and flaming me, it's been fun.

Frankfort, IL

#60 Jul 2, 2012
Unincorporated wrote:
Went to the drag srip tonight and couldn't help but notice EVERYBODY is a fatass! Since when did America become so damned fat? Is it the corn syrup in EVERYTHING? Is it the portions? Is it the sedentary lifestyle and all around sloth? What is UP!
Everything is processed. A lot of people don't know what's good and bad anymore (aside from fruits and veggies), but yes people are expanding A LOT.

Frankfort, IL

#61 Jul 2, 2012
Chris wrote:
the reason americans are fast is pop is cheaper than water fast food is cheaper and faster with both parents working who has time to cook. I seen a sign at speedway that said buy a diet coke get a free candy bar free.
Then you have all the gas stations selling food thats full of fat and calories.
I could go on but whats the point.
Pop is not cheaper than water....There are plenty of free water fountains. A 24 pack of water is cheaper than a 24 pack of pop also.

New Lenox, IL

#62 Jul 2, 2012
Twinkies !

New Lenox, IL

#63 Jul 2, 2012
Fatty McGee wrote:
<quoted text> But he does try to be serious when talking about how his wife has been "gone" for three years. After reading his posts, I can see why his wife either left him or offed herself.
Man that's cold. You fat bastard!!!! LOL!!!
Carbs are the debil

Oswego, IL

#64 Jul 2, 2012
Carbs are killing us, making folks huge/fat, giving us heart disease, type 2, bad eyesight, high bp, skin problems, cancers, everything and anything that can go wrong etc. Breads, pasta, cereal, grains, potatoes, soda are all carbs which turn into sugar which destroy are bodies and kill. High Fructose is the devil also.
Folks need to eat vegetables, fruit and meat!
Research a Paleo diets folks - that is the answer!
Also - fats are not bad for you. Good oils and fats are crucial/essential!
Carbs are the enemy! Quit fighting with each other and calling each other names like seven years olds. We were all intended to live into our 90s with good minds and strong bodies, no meds, no surgery etc. Paleo diet/lifestyle is the answer! Research it now folks! Your life depends on it!

New Lenox, IL

#65 Jul 2, 2012
I read up on the Paleo diet and it looks good for me. I am going to try it. I could use to lose 10 pounds. Pretty cool. Great post, full of great info. Thanks!
BTW, I am 7 years old!

Wilmington, IL

#66 Jul 2, 2012
No carbs=no beer which is Impossible.
Fat Bastard

Frankfort, IL

#67 Jul 4, 2012
I love being fat and pissing off you people who bitch about crap that is none of your damn business. Be careful because I may put you in my belly. I put it all in my belly and I love it baby. Then I go to wallmart every week to get bigger sweatpants to hold my belly and cover it up. I do love the jiggle when I wiggle and the ladies just love the fat folds. It is a real turn on for them.----Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby back Ribs. Nine pounds at a time. Give it to me!!!!!!

New Lenox, IL

#68 Jul 4, 2012
Your shoes and feet are still there. You just can't see them. Keep eating, you're doing everyone a favor.

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