You people are the most horrible social workers I have ever seen.I know as a whole your whole division is horrible.I know of a case of an abusive mother whose first child is in state custody and is a vegetable because of the horrible things she done to know who you all are that helps her get by with all she has done to the first child and now a 5 year old boy with cerebral palsy.That caused by his dear mommy not going to the hospital when her water broke(too busy partying?)You cover by lying about investigations because this family has been on welfare for at least 30 years.Some of you have been very close even exchanging gifts(HUM).You all do very well at covering for each other at all levels(no complaints heard).You all sleep well tonight as you know who you are and are protecting.Be sure and tell the lord at the pearly gates how good of a social worker you were and tell it also to her sons,one who is in bolivar in a state facility and the other she is and has abused in many ways and still is.She threatens him that he wont see the family that loves and adores him if he tells on her.You all make me sick.