Tequilla Johns' in New Johnsonville, TN

Tequilla Johns' in New Johnsonville, TN

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#1 Mar 8, 2011
has anyone been to the new restaurant in town? you sure have to wait a long time for mexican food. there is a long wait because thay do not have enough tables and seats for the customers. the food is just regular mexican food. who would wait that long fo rmexican food? oh and the waiters messed up my order anyway and I had to wait another hour.

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#2 Mar 9, 2011
I was in there a couple of days ago. I ordered chicken enchilladas. One red and one green.
The sauce taseted just like the sauce I buy from the store local here. I thought that was strange. I thought the stuff would be home made from scratch but its not.
lala girl 22

Camden, TN

#3 Apr 21, 2011
that places does take long but its food is the best!
Dickson Thunder

Dickson, TN

#4 Jan 4, 2012
Food is just barely better than Taco Bell. If you have 2 hours for lunch "enjoy."
dont thnk so

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#5 Oct 13, 2012
I was there for lunch last week. One spindy little mexican boy serving nothing more than tex mex food. It took for ever to get our food. It took forever to get refills. The place is ridiculous. The screaming brat in the back ground was enough to unerve any customer. Oh and a ton of little flies all along the window sill. There menu is way to long.
Oxy Redneck

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#6 Nov 27, 2012
I wanted to copy and post my thoughts here on the J'Ville topix site for my pals to review. This all started on the Camden Site under "Cowboys Restaurant"

Its my understanding that Chef John Revelis is from the Dominica Republic a Supposed "World Renowned Culinary Chef" and was awarded top Chef over there. I heard his commercials on the radio. Tequila Johns is supposed to be a five star restaurant right?
So, okay lets get this straight. Regardless of the loop hole that the owner has, to NOT pay someone for work. How can or does a "World Renowned Chef" from anywhere have the guts to just let his employees leave with 20 bucks in their pockets EVER after serving HIS customers for 4 to 5 OF SERVICE?? One server during the lunch hour plus one teen manager? If this is the truth, and he really does not care about the condition of his employees and is only capitalizing off the stupid and week rednecks (which is why he most likely started up shop in J'Ville of all places in the world) How could ANYONE ever patron such a place? Its one thing to make minimum wage, its another thing to not getting it regardless of the Labor Laws protecting the employer. I work for Occidental Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, and I for one will be sharing this little bit of information with some of my co-workers tomorrow. I am sorry I can not support a business that does not support their own employees enough to make sure that they make at least minimum wage EVERYDAY they work. For the price he charges for some of the simplest foods like a burrito he could do better. What kind of person does that? Now that is EMBARRASSING as an owner. Yeah I wonder if his investors know how he is LEGALLY shafting his employees. He needs to send his ass back to the Dominica Republic and treat his compadres like that. Not my people.$2.13 is not enough money to pay any human being to do three or jobs at one time. Gonna make a call to my friends at the DuPont plant too. Would be interesting to know who his financial backers are. This makes me sick, no wonder it easier to be on welfare.
Oxy Redneck

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#7 Nov 27, 2012

Its fair for simple Tex Mex. "Chef" John Revels that runs the place thinks hes gods gift to the human pallet.

It is NOT AUTHENTIC MEXICAN CUSINE. He uses five ingredients for almost every dish. Made into different things. Look closely at the menu. From quesadillas, taco, burritos, chimis. All prepared with the same five ingredients (other than your choice of (chicken pork or beef). All just wrapped up in different "packages"

Example 10.95 dollars for two tortillas, with a little shredded cheese, a little bell pepper, a little onion and 2 or 3 of oz of meat. Then you have to wait a hundred years for your food or refills on chips or drinks. 10.95 plus 1.95 for drink. If you want a little cheese sauce, kick in another 1.95 to 3.95 depending on size, tax and tip: 10.95 + 1.95 + 1.95 = 14.95 + tax (1.50)= 16.45. gratuity for slow service at best at the tune of 15 to 20 % 2.46 (if you use 15 %) 16.45 + 2.46 = 18.91 ish. So in my opinion a Tex Mex Quesadilla and soda to me is not worth almost 20 bucks for ony one person, plus add a guest. Ha again.$40.00 for Quesadillas? No thanks.

Further, I know people that work there. Some days they were so slow maybe five customers during lunch hour. John Revels does not meat the minimum wage standards. He does not make up the difference to meat the minimum wage of 7.25, because he told another employe he does have to. The reason??? He makes under 500 thousand a year and is not required to meet minimum wage standards according to labor laws. Can you imagine slaving a food server 20 dollars a day? I would not eat there ever again simply because of his pay wage practices. I'm sure my friend will kill me or exposing him. But I'm tired of employers taking advantage of people. Slave labor and he legally gets away with it. Call him or apply for a job. Ask him, what happens If you don't make minimum wage in a seven day period. will he make up the difference? He will say no. "I don't have to" He even charges for the employee meal. So if are lucky enough to make any tips he deducts it from your wages. No other benefits.

The one and only server during the lunch hour, is required to handle all customer needs, carry there own cash money to make change because there is no cashier and if someone does not pay the check the server is responsible, required to check and clean the toilets every 30 mins, bus, clean and set up tables, mop and sweep floors, vaccume floors, wrap silver, refill the entire servers station, scrape plates into bins. The list goes on. No, serious, just call him and apply for the job, find out how much he wants you to work for so little.

His son that is also slaved to the point of insanity while he tries to go to school full time. So when all your fancy people eat there know he does not care one iota for his employees. They put on a good face.

People know that John Reveles is the worst employer in all of Humphrey county. And every worker he has ever had, he talks crap about them behind there back.

So to recap, for 2.13, if you work at Tequilla Johns, you will be server, bus boy, cashier, toilet cleaner and slave for 2.13 and no hope of getting a complete payroll week of minimum wage. Never to meat minimum wage in a seven day period.

One more thing. He lives for positive feed back response on the web site Urban spoon. Mostly only good ones are on there. You know why you never see bad reports about his reputation and bad service practices? Because he signed up with Reputation.com to make sure no negative complaints show up on the internet. So all the negative reports that were on the "Urban Spoon" site for evaluation are gone. Its to bad his investors don't know the real deal about his rotten money hungry soul. He even puts down other restaurant owners like Jeffs Place. My friend worked there too.

So think about the next time you want some mexican food. Better of to go taco bell or Mazatlans.

When you eat a Tequila Johns you support slave labor.

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#8 Nov 27, 2012
What I think is especially nice, is how Senior John Revelis acquired a REAL EDUCATED WOMAN - an actual real live breathing "Attorney" (Mrs Hernandez) to leave her beautiful tropical land (Dominica Repulica), leaving her law firm, instead o cutting up the prosecution and swapped out to cut up salsa. Bwhahahah, Bwhahahaha, bwhahaha. I can just imagine her slaving away in the kitchen as a lowly prep cook...chop chop chop....no life day in and day out. Seven days a week not stop year after year. Never at home to enjoy her family and children all for for her Man!! Warms the heart to know there are great and mighty leaders like you senior john. Now, that is what I am talking about. I'm not surprised he doesn't pay his employees, especially if he did that to her. Gave up everything to cut up salsa ingredients!! What kind of power do you have senior juan? Please teach me your mighty ways. Nothing better than a man using his woman to further his gain. YES!! I LOVE IT!! More power to him!

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#9 Dec 7, 2012
SERVICE TERRIBLE!! MANAGER LIED!! FOOD ORDERS WRONG!! I have read the other reviews and they do have true statements in them; the decor is beautiful, nice atmosphere. My experience was terrible. Four of my colleagues and I went for dinner just before 6:30 pm on a Tuesday night (12/05/12). When we entered there was only one other couple already eating in the restaurant. We ordered drinks (that were often empty) and food within 10 minutes. Three of people asked the waitress to clarify menu items. They asked about what came with certain dishes and which sauces. They were out of the verde salsa this particular night. We had to ASK for chip and salsa refills twice because the food didn't arrive until 7:43. When it did come 4 of the 5 orders were wrong. 3 of the orders that were asked about during ordering for clarification were wrong. The waitress told us that "some times they add guacamole and sometimes they don't". I said it was on the menu and asked for the manager. While waiting for the manager I retrieved a menu and indeed we did not get the dishes as explained on the menu; each dish had items missing. When the manager came to the table he made excuses then threw the waitress "under the bus" when I said I had asked specifically about an item. He told us she shouldn't have told us that. She was our "expert", she instructed us on what to expect and made clarifications about what we would receive. He said he would "fix it" and left. The waitress did bring additions for two of the dishes but the others were never fixed. When the bills came we all paid full price. Nothing was "fixed" as the manager said. There were no credits (even small ones for wrong food) made and neither the manager nor the waitress came back to check on us. When we finally left it was 8:08!! Really! This is a small city SERVICE MATTERS!! My recommendation to people will be to not go unless they have HOURS to spend, don't mind getting something they didn't order and don't care about having to ask for chips, salsa and drinks when the waitress shows up.

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