Georgia provocated Russia
At first: Georgia the first attacTed peaceful citizens who live in town Tshenval and its surroundings (about 1 o'clock at night 08/08/2008. And no one of your channel told about what happened in Tshenval ). Look at this fact more that 2000 PEACEFUL PEOPLE WERE KILLED with bombardment (including 15 peacemakers from Russia).

At second: Russian armed force can be in South Ossetia according the mandate of U.N.O.
This mandate was verified with the agreement between South Osetia and Georgia in 1992 year.Any qUestions?

But if Georgia is right why are the Georgia Internet's recources closed? Why did your chanels keep silence about Georgia's attacks on South Ossetia in the day of the begining Olympic Games? Why Do your channels not transmit cadres from destroyed town Tshenval? There are a lot of 'WHY', aren't there?

Watch this video. There is an American citizen who was in South Ossetia during Georgian's attacks. No comments.

Look at the chronology of developments and you'll understand everything!
[url= iki/War_in_South_Ossetia_(2008 )]To see!!![/url]