It is really a good restaurant that has different and delicious middle eastern meals with good prices. The service is so clean and fast. And, as I am a student in the University of New Haven, I found this restaurant has two great options for me: near to the university and also suitable for my budget. They have many choices of dinner and lunch meals: falafel, chicken/lamb shawerma and chicken/lamb kebab, and of course I will not forget the delicious appetizers/sides, like hummus, baba ganouj, sambusek, foul mudamas, and grape leaves, with the mediterranean salads: fattoush, lebanese, tabouleh and greek. For me, I always switching between a normal meal ($$) and sandwiches ($) depending on my wallet :) This place has the charm of the oriental design with good workers' attitude. To my friends, I called this restaurant as a second classroom, that I must attend it every day.