Jessica mccorkle & Cory
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Warsaw, IN

#1 Apr 26, 2013
What's up with these people?

Fishers, IN

#2 Apr 27, 2013
They're good people. Sucks to be front page though.

New Castle, IN

#3 Apr 28, 2013
Shouldn't be doing that when your 9 months pregnant .. she needs to get her shit together and dump that loser!

Columbus, IN

#4 Apr 29, 2013
Agree, but she wasn't doing anything that he was. Corey's not even THAT bad... just got a little mixed up. Just because this happened doesn't mean they're bad people.

Ps there are tons of far worse things she couldve been doing pregnant. Go check out any bar in the good ol new castle.

United States

#5 Apr 29, 2013
Oh ya, he's not too bad. I'm sure this is his first brush with the law. Not! But hey, I heard pill heads and drug dealers make excellent fathers. Maybe him and the baby can bond over a doobie. As for her, get your head out of your ass and think about your kid. Pretty sure his "rap" career isn't going to take off either lol.

Indianapolis, IN

#6 Apr 29, 2013
What was she doing while pregnant? I'm just curious I didn't see anything in the paper recently

Columbus, IN

#7 Apr 29, 2013
Oh jesus christ. I'm not saying that a pill head would make a good father. I know both jessica and corey personally. PERSONALLY I don't think he would make a good father but that doesn't mean he isn't a good person. Some people just are notttt cut out to be parents, and that's fine. At least he was trying to find a way to make money for the damn kid. I know how many places he applied to and I know how many call backs he got. So before anyone wanta to talk about being bad parents, maybe start with the ones who actually don't care.

So far as I know, jessica wasn't doing anything while pregnant. Even if she was, I know she's smarter than to do anything other than smoke. Funny thing is, my neighbor smoked (weed) throughout her pregnancy and her child is the most intelligent(she's five and has a better vocabulary and sense of sentence structure than most of the 8-12 year olds i babysat) and well mannered child I have ever met in my life and my neighbor is a FANTASTIC mother. Drugs do not automatically mean someone is terrible.

Dyer, IN

#8 Apr 29, 2013
It doesnt mater what you say, this is for people to be nosey and talk about others. They could be great people and someone will feel the need to be negative, asif all tese peple have never did any wrong. Or they could really be worthless, who knows.I had a child with a man that has a bad rap, do most do not know him, just his name, weve been out and people say hey your so and so, youd think you was 300lbs and brutal the way people talk about you..which is embarressing to both of us, people do what they have to to survive sometimes, not always making the best decisions but its the choices they made at that time in their lives. I was told he was going to leave me, not have anything to do with our baby, but he wakes up everyday with her, lets me sleep in an extra hour, feeds, plays, changes her..and never complains. And works. Give em a break, Oh wait, they made a mistake so lets condem them to hell, since were all free of stupidity and never made a mistake.

United States

#9 Apr 29, 2013
So it's ok to be selling drugs if it's to help make money for an unborn kid. Haha. You sound like a fellow drug user. You guys stick together, huh. Well I'm sure he will get plenty of call backs with that wonderful record. Jessica is just guilty of being with a loser. You would think someone would have enough brains to not be out with someone selling suboxone while you are weeks from having a kid, but apparently the baby isn't her main priority. They both know it's illegal yet chose to do it, so have fun in jail. Jackasses

Fishers, IN

#10 Apr 29, 2013
Just a annoyed

Indianapolis, IN

#11 Apr 29, 2013
I agree with she knew what was going on and what he was doing, too risk your freedom and the chance to hold your child,not in a jail cell. My child's life and my freedom would come before any boy(man).
He has got her mind so messed up and has for a while. She believes anything he says, I mean why would you go out and buy supplies to do your drugs just weeks before your child is born knowing you still need a mattress for your crib, and lots of other things? Corey your worthless. Jessica I hope this opened your eyes. I pray you get to be with your baby after u give birth.

Benton Harbor, MI

#12 Apr 30, 2013
I am related to Jessie and the whole family is disappointed in her. She was raised better then that and should quit embarrassing her mother.
Jessica McCorkle

Toledo, OH

#13 May 3, 2013
Weird how this is about me. First, you all don't know ANYTHING about what happened clearly. Did you even read the article??? There were NO distributing charges if you all are too ignorant to comprehend what the article actually said. My child does come first and I wish you all had the balls to put your real names so I could contact you personally because you can all come see me and say something to my face if you have something to say. As for me being a "dumbass" "brainwashed" or whatever you all want to call it, I will never deny my child's father to see him. If things do not turn around measures will be taken, as anyone who KNOWS me would know. I do not do any drugs while pregnant, for the record. And Corey is not trying to have a "rap" career. As for you all, I will pray for you tonight and ask Corey to do the same and hope that you will all learn your judgement does not matter. Also, if any of you grow a pair you can visit me or contact me with all of your "knowledge" of my business that you just read in the paper ha. Also not sure what relative commented on here but you obviously dont know anything about what's going on either so don't claim to and you should know where I live so pay me a visit today. Since I'm not in jail. Duh.

Cedar Rapids, IA

#20 May 3, 2013
If people can't even spell his name right, then they obviously have no idea what's even going on. Jesus people are so stupid. Ignorant if you ask me. I mean come on. All anyone knows is what is posted in the paper. Which most of it is bullshit 99% of the time anyways. All this does is make us feel better about ourselves because you guys have nothing better to do than sit around and talk about people and their lives as if you know what is even going on. Lets get real. People obviously don't take time to think about if the tables were turned before they speak obviously. If you have opinions or questions why is it so hard to man up and confront the person yourself. PEOPLE SCREW UP. Are y'all perfect? No. Judging people is pathetic and caddy and it just makes you look dumb.

New Castle, IN

#21 May 3, 2013
Shouldn't be around such things when you are pregnant, hopefully you do not get time when your June court date comes around. And if your so smart why would you stay with corey rector of all people? Hope you both change for your childs sake.

United States

#23 May 3, 2013
Well it's reassuring to know the baby's dad is just a pill head and not pill dealer. Whewww, what a relief! Don't be mad because you weren't smart enough to not put yourself in those situations. People were just amazed at your complete stupidity and of course are going to talk about it. You should know better. Tell Corey good luck with the rap career if popping pills doesn't work out.
situationally enlightened

Rockford, IL

#24 May 5, 2013
so if there wasn't distribution charges, that means he was snorting/ popping all that suboxen?? that's so much better than selling it.... wrong. maybe if you thought about what you do/say before you do/say it, you wouldn't be in this situation. i also know for a fact that they WERE selling it. and for the record, rectors whole family has a pretty bad reputation, and corey is also known to be a thief and compulsive lier. that's someone i would want around my kid..... wrong, once again. if you don't like people talking about you, then quit saying you're going to change, and actually do it. Jessica's mother doesn't even approve of rector. jessica used to be such a nice girl.

New Castle, IN

#25 May 5, 2013
State vs. Jessica J. McCorkle, 22, 419 N. 17th St., New Castle, possession of a controlled substance, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia.

New Castle, IN

#26 May 5, 2013
Oh...that must be the house the cops threw the "flash bang" into. Could hear it for many blocks. Good job NCPD!

Columbus, IN

#27 May 6, 2013
Love how she thinks Corey is a changed man, I mean boy. How can you see the change while your out here and he is there? Still there. For someone who is so intelligent I think you would also read your charges again. Do you really think they are gonna let you both off with just a smack? Controlled substance is serious and it's what is removing people in our lives. Perhaps you haven't lost a loved one to it.
Your pitiful Jessica, if you did put your child and yourself first you'd NEVER let Corey have such things near or around you. Watch who you tell to come see you cause you may not like what they really have to say. Anyone who knows that boy knows he only thinks about hisself. Your so blind.
Lets also add you and Corey will be the first I refuse to feed off what I pay the government, I will make it a point to write my local agency to make sure while your on assistants you both get drug tested monthly!

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