There is a woman named, Kat, who runs or perhaps ran a pet sitting business called Zen Time LLC. Long story short, she has been using the business as a front to steal from her clients and it has recently come to surface her long criminal history and drug abuse after she lost a local residents dog. The story of "Katie" the dog has been documented on the FaceBook page "Bring Katie Home". In about 5 weeks there are over 300 followers with volunteers searching for Katie and people from all over sharing stories of being taken from Kat.

We want Katie's story to be shared and Kat exposed. Looking for a journalist or maybe an online blogger who may be interested in writing about the whole ordeal. This woman has been stealing for a long time now and pulling at people's heart strings to get what she wants. She is also, now, harassing Katie's mom and making online threats and false reports. We need the publics help.

If someone is interested in helping get the word out in the proper way, please go to the Facebook page and message. We appreciate it!