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#21 Aug 11, 2012
Save it for low-budget cable tv

Raleigh, NC

#22 Sep 23, 2012
Peyton wrote:
I am really sorry for what happened to you! If you a afraid of what your husband will do, then talk to him about it, and explain to him that it happened a long time ago and he needs to get over it because you have. Just talk to him about it and most of the time it makes it better!
This is past "talk to him about it". This man has at least one foot in a different reality. Obsessive.

Phoenix, AZ

#23 Sep 24, 2012
confused wrote:
Dear annie, I am in high school now and I have a girl freind. Shes great but she is always busy and the only time we spend together is at lunch. I dont know what I should do.

What is she always busy doing. She could be doing doing positive things in regards to getting into a good college . Maybe she playing Sports for the school team and that takes up time.. You don't what's she busy doing?
Mrs Z

Blythe, CA

#24 Oct 4, 2012
unsure if it is worth it wrote:
I have been having some thoughts about breaking the cycle in my home. My husband and I went through couselling and a lot of stuff and mostly things are ok....but not good. It's to the point where my husband ignores me, in EVERY WAY! I get no contact with emotional support, physical, or anything in between. When I confront him he says things like...remember when u said this....and tells me he's still hurt or making me pay. Then tonight he told me this: "THINGS ARE GOING TO GET A WHOLE LOT WORSE BEFORE THEY GET BETTER".....OMG NO HE'S THREATENING ME, well he has done that before but I don't know what to do.....he went from insulting me or talking down to me when we were talking to ignoring me and then when I pushed a question to be answered I got that for a response. I have friends who tell me that it's not worth it.......I'm willing to try but not with a person who is unwilling, abusive or has some sort of medical thing....I don't know if he does but I really think so!!!!!!!!!!
This exact thing happened to me. Your answer is: Get your own life. He will feel left out and come back. Quit begging him to be a father and fiance'. If he sees you are fine without him, he can decide if he wants to be part of it.
Mrs Z

Blythe, CA

#25 Oct 4, 2012
The exact same thing happened to me. My advice to you is simple: Get your own life. Be strong. Do not argue, berate or beg him to be what you want. HE will see that you are someone, doing what you should do and then he can decide if he wants to be part of it. If you sit around being just a mother, he will lose interest. Get a life. If he likes it and wants to participate in it, he will.
diana Lessire

United States

#26 Feb 28, 2013
If a Guy never dresses up for you and suddenly dressed up for the doctor after y
ou caught him two weeks. Before with someone else is he still. Cheating
diana Lessire

United States

#27 Feb 28, 2013
My man has to have porn on to get friendly he doesn't touch me its all about him so when he made a video he was with someone else. No movie he was fine I guess he don't want me only my money
Janet H

Spokane, WA

#28 Jun 11, 2013
It sounds to me that you have a pattern of surrounding yourself around people who are unhealthy, manipulative, and yes, abusive. The flip side is that this manipulates you into the constant role of victim in your life. Stop playing the victim, start taking some control of your life, your choices, and tolerance for bad behavior and step up to running your life in a more healthy way. If this means that you need to put your foot down, and in fact let him go if he is threatening divorce, then let him go!! Who need him? You're better off alone, or at the very least, with someone who can be an EQUAL and emotionally supportive partner.
Samantha wrote:
Dear Annie, I was raped by my prom date, one year shy of 20 years ago. My husband is a really good guy, but, from things he has said to me...has been a bit of a "perv" when it comes to sex. Lately, our love life has fizzled out and he largely blames me because of this rape. I went through years upon years of therapy (which by the way had begun long before the incident as I was and emotionally abused child and teen), and I went through many, many steps to heal myself. It is an ongoing process which I feel I could not have done without my husband. However, when he is drunk, which happens often, sometimes he asks me about what happpened. We have been together since 1994, we were married two years later. I have always been straight forward, but I have left out details. Recently, I felt comfortable enough to tell him what happened, openly, and without restraint. We had been drinking, and Mark, hubby, said he wants me to tell him the person's name, where he lived, and his family's names and whereabouts. I have heard, from others, that this man suffered without my sayso, it just happened. And once I told my mother what had happened, she contacted the authorities and his parents. It got handled...and despite it all...I feel whole. My husband feels that this man needs some kind of punishment, by Mark's hands and by any means and costs, in order for our sexual and personal life to progess. He has even threatened to divorce me if I don't allow this. He is the kind of person that remembers almost everything when he is drunk, but it comes out a little off kilter, if not distorted, when he comes around. He is also the kind of person that would go through with his ideas, no matter how crazy, just because it seemed like a good idea when he was drunk, but now that it's twisted and distorted in his mind, he had rationalized it. I promised him I would reveal what info I could about this man because I felt I had no choice and I love my husband too much to let some old baggage come between us....but, I must admit....I AM SCARED OF WHAT MARK WILL DO. With all do respect to him, he can be an idiot. Please, any advise can and will help me. Thank you. Really, really scared...NewCastle.
Helpful Stranger

Quakers Hill, Australia

#29 Apr 22, 2014
Try getting her alone. Message her online or just arrange to talk to her in private. Explain what you know about the guy she likes and if she doesn't want to hear it; try a different angle. Get your mutual friend to talk to her, they probably care about her, too. When that's been sorted out (or when it hasn't- that's up to you), tell your mutual friend how you feel about her, or even tell another friend who knows her, they might know how to approach her. In the end, the worst that can happen is you get rejected, and while that's painful, most people go through it.
Hopeful Guy wrote:
Dear Annie,
Recently I saw this one girl that I feel for. She is one of my friends friends. However she likes my brothers friend. However she likes to talk to me and smile and say hi to me in school. However the brothers friend is somewhat of a manwhore. His whole thing for a dating relationship is sex. I want to talk to her but everytime I do, shes with him. What do I do?


#30 May 13, 2014
i dont know wrote:
okay, i need some advice. i have been with the same guy for about 2 1/2 years and we broke up awhile ago. and since then both of us have moved on. Anyway, i was having sex with the other guy for those 2 yrs and i lost my V to him. and he had a bigger size down below. well the guy that im with now doesnt have that and that doesnt bother me. but im just worried that i will be wayy too loose down below, and im afraid it wont feel good for him. Any Suggestions on what to do?

Al Ain, UAE

#31 Jan 14, 2015
Dear Annie,

I love this one guy who I think loves me too. I have a major crush on him but I havnt told anyone about it, as Im scared theyll make fun of me. I havent talked with him either because I feel ashamed that Im fat. What should I do?

Waiting for a reply,

Oroville, CA

#32 Mar 19, 2015
my friend needs help. she has been dating this guy for a while, he's a total nerd, socially awkward , but she really likes him and he's sweet and likes her back. next year, we are going into high school, but he's going to a different school than us. recently, we went to visit the schools, and she met this guy, we call him "red" and my has totally fallen for him, even though she has a boyfriend. this guy's a total charmer, quarterback on the football team, and has never been turned down by girl. she cant decide who she wants to be with, and needs help. these two are completely opposite, and she doesn't have much dating experience. please write back.

Oxford, UK

#36 May 22, 2015
Dear Annie,
I am about to leave high school and I have a boyfriend who has been with me for almost four years now. I am in love with him and he is incredibly caring and supportive and I wouldn't want to loose him. However we started going out when I was only fourteen and since then I've realised that apart from him I have no interest in men. I have a best friend who I have known for years and I know that even though I have a boyfriend I am in love with her too and have been for about two years now. I am going away to uni soon and I want to tell her how I feel without making her uncomfortable or ruining my relationship with my boyfriend. I just feel like I need to let her know how much she means to me and be truthful otherwise I can't move on with our friendship without feeling guilty when ever I spend time with her. I'm not looking to start a relationship with her I just don't want her to look back when I do come out to people and think that I had other intentions than friendship when we did things that were close. I want to keep in mind my boyfriends feelings as well because he is very important to me and if I thought that saying something to her about this would hurt him then I wouldn't do it. What do you think I should do?

United States

#38 Aug 18, 2015
what do you do if you are in a classroom setting and someone is popping their gum loud and you are studying taking a test or trying to listen to the instructor.

United States

#39 Aug 18, 2015
what do you do if someone is yawning over and over making a noise as a young with their mouth open wide as can be.

Baltimore, MD

#40 Aug 25, 2015
Dear Annie, I caught my husband locked in room clearing his browser history and he became scared and defensive making up real dumb, nonsense excuse, when he was caught, should I be concerned and is there away for me to access deleted browser. Please advise as this is bothering me.
mary fleming

Kearney, NE

#41 Oct 24, 2016
i am writing in reply to the two men who after their wives died found out they had had affairs. Come on men. You can't tell me you didn't suspect something like smell of sex or aftershave, making excuses to get out like meetings etc, yes she was interested in sex with you because it was her way of throwing you off, keeping fit and thin, hair done, clothes, phone calls where no one answers. Why would women stray? I will tell you because til death do us part was my lover of52 years, he died. IDon't tell me it's infactuation. My stomach would ache when my family and I were out of town. I would get goosebumps hearing from him. Even tho we broke up for 10 years we found ourselves back together again and believe me it was a mature form of love. we were growing old together. We knew we couldn't be together unless we outlived our spouses. We both had children and couldn't think of doing that. back in my day women got married because she had to. I don't mean being pregnant. There was no guidance for education. I'm not even sure I loved him. There was someone else at the time who asked me not to get married he loved me. But nothing about getting married. So you choose the one waiting. Life was hard. We moved alot. e Spare time. In fact this affair wasn't my first. I was pregnant with my third child when the first one occurred. I couldn't believe that a man would want a pregnant woman. I didn't fall in love. IIt was the excitement. You guys knew about the affairs, believe me my husband knew of both. So girls if you are keeping a diary be careful. I am and don't care who reads it. My daughters know of the last affair anyway. Now they will know the facts about everything.

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