I just looked at some of those running for public office next week; who to vote for? Abramowitz looks good, Vollmer is a solid long term citizen with good judgment; do not vote for the "nice" people like Penny Young, John Engel, the dot com millionaire and sleazebag who like a lot of that ilk, tap dance away from their ripoffs by appearing to be "nice" and "good". He's a no good manipulative, soulless fake, phoney, two-bit fraud! Don't vote for him or the other political hacks and parasites who seem to need a cause to justify their lack of intelligence and due diligence when it comes to New Canaan town finances. That goes double for Mr. Hersam who should have been put out to pasture long ago as treasurer. "None of the above" would not be a bad idea as for those incompetent hacks that expect a term in political office when they have little to justify their sorry, greedy little lives for the last 50 years!