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#22 May 11, 2009
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"The cops know that anybody who claims to "have people after them" is most likely full of crap. 99% of the time it really isn't so. The cops are used to people (tweekers) constantly telling them that "people are trying to kill me"

Now we have access to cameraphones and the like. It seems we will have a better time providing convincing video to the police.

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#23 May 12, 2009
Yes to the above. There are a number of video's on UTube showing gangstalkers in action. Unfortunately, the stalkers make their actions seem normal from someone else's vantage point (usually- tho sometimes the drama and street theatre is obviously faked.)
For example, as a victim of gangstalking/multistalking, you may be followed while you drive by thirty red vehicles. The couples driving the vehicles may be waving handguns at you and smirking.
However, to an outsider, all they see is a clump of red vehicles.....they do not make the same connections as the stalked individual, who may have been followed by the very same vehicles for days.

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#24 May 12, 2009
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#25 May 12, 2009
Sorry, if I sounded a little too "pro cop" in my last couple of posts here. I too was treated unjustly by police. But, it doesn't mean they are participating in the stalking - at least where I live they aren't as far as I know.

Yet, as a gansgtalking and voice to skull victim since 1995, I know my own situation i sdifferent than the normal story of most targeted individuals (TI's). i may have been a target going as far back as 1988, but I'm not sure. I know 1995 was definately the year that way too many odd, scary, and weird events happened to me that were not a coincidence. 2000 was another year for me.

But so many (new) gangstalking victims assume they have been targeted by the Bush administration. But then how could there have been victims prior to that? I'm not the only victim who has been a gansgtalking target prior to Bush taking office - there are quite a lot of us TI's who have been targets before 2000.

But then my story is different. I may not be a victim of "government" sponsored harassment. In my own individual case, I believe that racists or extremists are the ones harassing me. They are also possibly connected to illegal criminal gangs. But, that's not to say that police couldn't be part of their gang, as we all know there is a small % of police and law enforcement officers who are part of extremist organizations. And there are, as we all know, crooked cops and corrupt government officials.

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#26 May 13, 2009
In my case I don't think that the police ACTIVELY participated. However, I believe that they were paid off to "look the other way" when we called them for help both in Connecticut (Norwalk and Stamford) and in other states.

However, thinking about it a bit more, I believe the police officers were not exacly passive observers.

When my late parents' home was broken into (before my son and I left on our trip from h-ll),the police arrived but only talked briefly to us. They wrote up 2 papers- one charging burglary by the individual who broke in; the other charging criminal trespass. However, in writing the report they did not name the perps nor my late parents' attorney who hid his car behind that of the realtor, then ran around the neighborhood handing out his business card and insisting it was a "civil matter"

Baloney. You break into a home; it is not a "civil matter". The attorney even laughed about it later, saying the russians "methods were a bit uncouth.' Why couldn't they knock on the door? We were home..... Then, the police in Norwalk got rid of the hard copy of the burglary report. Then, when I asked them if charges were ever filed, they said no, they were "satisfied" with the resolution.

Why? I wasn't satisfied, and the one who broke in did damage. The attorney was satisfied- that is the truth- plus the perps names were not written on the report or they would have had a hard time buying (stealing) my parents' home.

In Stamford CT they refused to enter our motel room when our cat's leg was shaved and take pictures or fingerprints. They refused to go into the snack area where someone had stuck a gun under the restroom door to terrify my son. Months later I called back to the motel asking for details. An employee told me that he did not work there at the time, but was told of the incident. He said that the cat was quickly shaved- in fact the perp was already in the room hiding- and that the gun used was "fake." The entire exercise was to terrify us. Then they kicked us out with out returning our money.

The other main police incident happened in Thurmont Maryland (just over the PA line) when a Thurmont State trooper shot at us from the side of rt 15 heading south. His name is Daniel Fitzgerald. Others have suggested he used blanks or shot high just to scare us...still- when we called for help the next morning, HE arrived. Thank god my son made a separate call to 911 and another policeman arrived who was NOT involved in the situation. He told us to get out of there pronto- apparently there was a plan to shoot us there the night before and it had failed as we escaped.....

Also in Virginia 4 cop cars stopped us, pulled us over and accused/arrested me for "public intoxication." I was not in public- I was in the pas

A friend of mine who is an officer now tells me I ought to drop suing the attorney as he (the attorney) will arrange to have me "offed" if I stand up for myself and tell the truth of what was done. That is why I am seeking a very public venue for telling my story.
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#27 May 13, 2009
correction above: In Virginia I was in the passenger seat drinking a diet pepsi.The reason that the police wanted me held was because the attorney wanted me held so that I could not attend my father's final meeting nor raise any issues there. I got out exactly when the appeal period was over.

Gotta give it to him- his timing worked out impeccably!
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#28 May 13, 2009
Part 1:

You know there were a lot of incidents for me too, that involved the police. I was treated pretty unfairly as well.
here was the time I was involuntarily locked up for telling the police I had "people after me" who I thought were trying to kill me. The cops assumed I was a "tweeker" and charged me with suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance. They took me the county hospital in handcuffs. They checked my blood and urine - both negative for any drugs.

At that point the cops knew they had made a HUGE mistake! They knew I would have been able to sue the crap out of them for wrongful arrest. So, instead of letting me go, they charged me with a 5150 to "cover their tracks" of the wrongful arrest.

After spending 3 days in the psych ward and being locked up with some real crazy looney-tunes people, I was allowed to leave. But, I was forced to sign a waiver that alleviated the police from any wrongdoing, while I had to change my story. On the record, I had to "admit" that I had a "nervous breakdown" when I originally told the police that I had people after me. It was all completely false. The doctor at the hospital threatened to have me committed to a state mental institution against my will for 18 months if I did not agree to "change my story" and admit to just having a "nervous breakdown" instead of the real reason I went to the police in the first place - the fact that I did have people following me around for real.
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#29 May 13, 2009
Part 2:

Another time, in 1999, my upstairs neighbors looked like Latino gangsters - it was real obvious. They looked like thugs with all the tattoos, and they wore folded bandanas in their pockets and around their foreheads, and drive low-riders. They all looked like vatos or chollos and they had loud parties almost every night - 7 days a week. They were using meth (and probably selling and maybe even manufacturing it) right directly upstairs from me. I used to smell strong odors of chemicals all the time coming from their apartment from time to time.
Anyways, after a few months, more and more of my neighbors were moving out. I began to see more and more riff-raff everywhere in that apartment complex. After a while, I realized that the gangs were taking it over by having all their people move in. Ever see that movie "New Jack City"? Well, that's what was going on in my apartment building.
They had a drug operation going on in most of the apartments, and my upstairs neighbors began harassing me because I think they wanted me to move out so they could cook more meth or something if they had their "own people" living in my apartment instead of me.
On of them threatened to steal my car. So, I called the police. They came and the cop REFUSED to write a report and said it was "hearsay" and that he couldn't do anything.
A few days later, my car was broken into. The door was forced open, the lock was "pushed in, and the steering column was destroyed from them trying to "hot wire" it. The stereo was also stolen, which I had spent about $1,000 for.
When I found my found broken into, the same cop came. Again, there was nothing he could do! He wrote a report, and the cop even admitted that it looked as if they were trying to steal my car.
But when I told him that the upstairs neighbors had threatened me of stealing my car a few days earlier, he told me that there was nothing he could do! He then accused me of "vandalizing" my own car!
There were many, many more times that I was done wrong by the police. But, over the years, I have realized that the cops really haven’t treated me any different than they would have treated anybody else.
You have to realize that let's say (given the benefit of doubt) that 95% of the time somebody goes to the police and files a complaint for "people are after me," it never turns out to be true. Almost always, the person is either delusional or tweeked out or both. In that sense, the cops really didn't treat me any different than they normally would have treated anybody else.
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#30 May 14, 2009
TI, you have certainly been through it! How long have you endured being followed and tracked?

When I was working in Psychology with abused children and adolescents,and later with adults, our tentative "diagnoses" had to be confirmed by a license Psychiatrist. He told us to NEVER give a person a diagnosis involving paranoia or delusions until you have thoroughly checked what is going on in the person's environment. I will never for get that. Some people are paranoid for a very good reason...not mentally ill. He also taught us to look for physical problems too before deciding on a psych diagnosis. For example, a certain kind of adrenal tumor can cause what looks like panic attacks/anxiety.

The police are somewhat peripheral in my current situation, but I always have to monitor my "area" and belongings carefully to make sure that no one has set me up to be arrested (put drugs in my stuff) or thrown out (put contraband like cigarettes in my stuff---they already did that one). There are 2 people at the shelter who are plants. One is a Haitian cabbie who used to drive my son around (when the attorney would not let us purchase a car so he could know exactly where we were going as well as drain my father's account).
The other is a white female who stole money from me while I was pretending to be "asleep".

The attorney did this to us in Wyoming as well. When we went to Casper Wyoming, on our first night there we stayed in a raggedy motel that took pets. Our vehicle had audio monitoring as well as gps, but we did not know it at the time. Well, the first AM there, a fellow about my age came out of the motel, smoking a "rollie" so I offered him a real cigarette.

He told me (initial story) that he had been to Vegas, lost all his money, and his buddies had dropped him off at the motel. He gave his name as Neil Schaefer. He said he was going to have to live at the homeless shelter until he could obtain his ID and a job. It seemed realistic and we became friends.(My son was basically leaving me in the motels while he ran around the town with some undesirables.) Well, I confided in Neil quite a bit.

The woman, Kate, that my son was spending time with was closer to my age and was using meth (was everyone in Wyoming using meth? It sure seemed like it!) Anyway, Neil seemed very concerned, and at one point we went to the woman's "home" entered it and threw away a huge box of needles.(You could buy them at Walmart there.) Kate was shooting up meth in one arm and Dilaudid (sp?) in the other. Neil showed concern for my son's safty. However, his stories changed. He said that he was a member of AA for many years, but now wanted to know where he could buy some coke!

He now said that his wife had put him out for using drugs, and he could not return home until he was "clean and sober." Then, and this was mindboggling- he said he was from Darien Connecticut (which this topix discusses) and had left about 15 years ago.
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#31 May 14, 2009
Anyway, Neil claimed he had not been back to Darien in some 15 years, but could name some of the stores which had not been there but a few years prior. He obviously was lying and not doing a great job of it. Since he stayed in the "homeless shelter" his tenure there was confidential. So I could not ask the staff there is he was really staying there.

Soon, his lies piled higher. People I knew at the motel told me they saw "Neil" riding around in an expensive vehicle and- sure enough- a few days later I saw him on same. The rusty bike he usually rode "for effect" was no where in sight.

By that time, it was apparent that he was in regular contact with the attorney, giving him daily updates as to what my son and I were doing.

When we abruptly left that town, someone had disconnected the wires inside the smoke detector and had poured gasoline outside of our (open) window. There was also a person with a green night vision gear on the second floor, zeroing in on our room on the first floor. I had stayed there alone over a month with no problem. As my son was due to return, all these things took place.

Additionally, one of the receptionists there got "interested" in my son when I faxed a letter to attorney number 2 (hired to challenge attorney number 1). She read about the money he inherited, weaseled herself into his life and took a trip with him to CT while I stayed at the motel. He then realized that she was in contact with the attorney and had offered to "off" him. He heard some of her calls to the attorney and to her husband (she left hubbie and kids to follow my son, professing instantaneous love.) He wanted an extra driver so said sure she could come- and left me stranded at that motel.

One night she said to him "if I wanted you dead all I would have to do was to strangle you in your sleep." She (Chris) started sleeping in her clothes at night and making surreptitious calls.

So I talked to my son one night and told him to leave her the money to get back home and depart. He had already decided to depart but had not planned to leave her any money. Later we found out her husband had wired her the money to come home, so she had twice what she needed.(And she did not return it).

Well, I've gone on a bit too long here. I guess the point I am trying to make is when you are a victim of gangstalking, it becomes difficult to know who to trust. People who seem completely benign and helpful can be placed in your life like Neil was, or the cabby.

Both were/are there as information gatherers for the instigator (the attorney) and are in a position to do some "gaslighting" if needed. Also,depending on your circumstances they cause great difficulty such as the neighbors who vandalized your car and the "plant" who put burned cigarettes under my mattress.

What happened to you in the guise of "mental health" is unconscionable. I'll share my lovely experience here when I get a chance to use the computer again.

The fellows you describe sound an awful lot like the LK's who were waiting for us in a motel in West Virginia---I'm sorry- they were not waiting- they arrived soon after we did. I speak a little spanish and when I heard "muerte" I was not too thrilled...
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#32 May 14, 2009
Correction: This is the Norwalk Topix forum. There is similar information on the Darien CT topix forum.

Mental Health...hmmmmmmmm

While my son and I were still living in my late parents' home in Norwalk, as I mentioned above, their probate attorney would not release the funds for us to purchase a vehicle.(Wish we had gotten rid of the probate attorney when he first went to be approved....I was so naive and trusting. Should have kicked him off the case then!)
Anyway, my son was going through alot of depression, as I was, losing both parents and being present when they died. My son had also broken up with his girlfriend of some 10+ years and was distressed about this. Additionally, his father would have nothing to do with him, would not even answer phone calls from him.

The Attorney told my son that a psychiatrist would help him, and he just happened to have a friend who was a shrink and would see him for free. Not only that, but his office secretary would provide transportation to and from appointments! Wisely my son refused. It was an effort to discredit him with a psychiatric label that would make him "incompetent" and unable to inherit from my father. Then, once they had my son out of the picture, I owed 2 months of probation in PA- then they would call PA and have me picked up. Then the Attorney could do as he pleased with my parents' assets.

The attorney knew from the start that I owed PA probation 2 months as I had left PA to care for my parents several years prior. He had told me in our meeting "We'll just pretend you're not supposed to be here. What is said here remains confidential."

He tried another route. In December of 2005, he and one of the other attorneys gave my son a rather large sum and told him to go to PA and never return.(Then, they would call PA probation on me. One member of the firm did make a call to PA probation in December, and we were billed.) I asked the attorney why he called PA probation, was he planning on turning me in? He said absolutely not- he "just wanted to know what I was facing". Yeah. And cows fly.

My father had written a long letter to PA county probation about how he could not survive without my care. I knew PA probation could care less. They had not let me visit my parents when Dad's doctor called me saying things were getting critical. So I decided to go without their OK. I believed I was doing the correct thing morally, albeit the wrong thing legally. I fully expected to be "punished" after my parents passed away and I was no longer needed in CT.

Well, my son and his girlfriend broke up in the middle of December 2005, ruining the attorney's plan for us.(Interestingly- the attorney also sent bills for meetings with my son and checks issued to him when HE WAS IN PA AND NOT CT.)

So that is when the gangstalking of us in the home and around the vicinity started out- slowly but surely.

My parents had many friends and had belonged to a beach club called Roton Point for some 30 years. What troubled me as time went on was that none of their dear friends would talk to us and that the Roton Point Management would not answer any calls or letters from me (they still have not- and it is almost 3 years). I now suspect that the attorney trashed us to my parents' friends and to the Roton Point Management. He was supposed to take us to a members' meeting and went without us.

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#33 May 14, 2009
Anyway, I believe that my parents' friends were contacted by the attorney or one of his minions and told lies about us.

Back to mental health. I became very ill after eating a poisoned pizza in South Dakota the night prior. The restaurant "delivery man" turned out to be the motel "receptionist". The food was supposed to take about an hour- it took 5 minutes. My son said the pizza smelled vinegary and refused to eat it. Stupidly, I did.

The next day we drove to Wyoming. We stopped at a minimart. Here is where the car broke down from the kitty litter going down the clutch assembly.(When the car was put on a life- a gps monitor was discovered taped to the rear wheel well- that had been placed there back in PA when we bought the car)

Well, I was so very sick I could not stand up. 911 was called and I was taken to the hospital. In the ambulance, the medics were arguing about what to do with my- my BP was in the stroke range 200/110 or so, but my heartrate was 30 and dropping. They gave me a shot to speed up my heart.

At the hospital, the doctors once again argued. However, I was admitted. I could not control my bowels (gross) and could not even make it to the bathroom.

I confided 2 of the episodes we had endured to a nurse who seemed kind and sympathetic. I told her only 2 incidents- and mild ones at that. Within minutes, here came 2 mental health workers and a cop. The workers talked to me, then wrote down that I was "extremely anxious" with "racing thoughts" and could not perform my ADL's (activities of daily living.) So I was to be committed to the psych unit for 72 hours. If I refused, I would be put in jail.

I was very angry. Of course I could perform my ADL's if not sick! I had cared for my parents, myself and my children for many years.

Anyway, I had no choice but to go. Since I had worked in the system for so many years, I well knew if I told the truth I would be staying more than any 72 hours. Unfortunately I had kept a diary which they made "part of my chart." When I asked for it back, I was denied and told, "it is part of your confidential chart"- I responded "I WROTE THE DAMN THING!" However, they said, it was "policy."

So when I went to see the psychiatrist, who turned out to be a "visiting psychiatrist" I told him I had been very sick with fever and had nightmares. It satisfied him, and it got me out of there.

However, he told me that my initial diagnosis was rule/out delusional disorder and that the delusions were "shared" between my son and I.

I am still angry about the doctor's stupidity. I would have loved to be able to confide in him and receive real help, but the system would have rendered me "diaabled" and that label would stick for life.

So that was my lovely experience with the mental health system. I dread to thknk what would have happened if I insisted I was telling the truth.

Now I keep a camera with me at all times, so I can document incidents. I also keep a notebook with me, and usually have one of the men with me as a "bodyguard".

The attorney has nothing more to get from me. I am homeless and own nothing. The only thing he has to fear is the truth. The fact that I continue to be harrassed reinforces to me that he well knows that I AM telling the truth, and will do anything in his power to keep things under wraps.
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#34 May 16, 2009
Sorry for not getting back sooner CT. I have had a really hectic schedule lately. for the next two weeks I am swamped in my studies (final exams, etc).

It does sound like you have had a similar "psych ward" experience to me. I think the way the whole system is run is crappy. Too much special (for profit) interest involved in the mental health industry.

The way a lot of those hospitals are run are deplorable. They are Hell-holes that are as bad if not not worse than being in a regular prison - minus the gangs.

I believe you were treated unjustly by the Dr's (quacks) who worked there - the same way I was.
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#35 May 16, 2009
RE: "how long I've been a victim"

Although I believe my own situation does not involve government harassment, I was actively gangstalked from 1995 to about 2000/2001. I was also v2k'd during those years on an irregular basis - a few hours a day here and there. I really didn't pay too much attention to it.

But, in Feb. 2000, the v2k took a whole new twist. The perps began doing it to me 24/7, and I was able to hear it EVERYWHERE I went (in my car, at home, at work - literally everywhere). at that time, the v2k harrassment was coordinated with street theatre skits involving ganstalkers who were physically following me around, bumping into me, deliberately starting fights with me while I was at work (for no reason), video taping me without my persmission, threatening me, deliberately causing accidents with me while driving (staged accidents where I got blamed for accidents they created),...etc the list goes on and on.

The v2k stories also got really scary - they constantly made me think that my life was in danger 24/7. They made me afraid to sleep in my own house - I had to move from a residence and break a lease which cost me a lot of $$ and screwed up my credit.

They also made me afraid to go to work. Car loads of gang-bangers driving low-riders would park across the street from my work and sit in their car and watch me for hours. If I called the police, they would leave a couple minutes before the cops came. Then they would be right back 15 minutes later - after the cops left. I was being told by the v2k perps that those gangsters were going to kill me.

Then I would go home at night, and the same cars that parked by my work were parked across the street from my apartment complex - I know because I checked some of the license plate numbers and they were a match. I worked about 35 miles away from whgere I lived too!

But, in 2000, I was literally "running for my life." My v2k perps scared the crap out of me so bad, that I became homeless for about 6 months - living in motels and sleeping in my car - scared out of my mind. I developed sleep disorders where I was not able to sleep for 2 or 3 days on nothing but pure adrenaline from being so scared. I couldn't hold a job down during that time because I was being told by the v2k perps that I was going be a "drive-by" shooting victim if I got another job.

It was very scary. At that time was when I tried to get help from the police. I told them that I had been "on the run" for a while and that I was really scared. All they wanted to do was what they do to everybody else who "has people after them" - book me under "suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance (meth)"

That is what the cops do to everybody not just me or you because we are TI's. The reality of the situation warrants them doing so, in my case at least, becasue 99.9% of the time the cops are right. People that go to the police to complain about having "people after them" are almost always either tweeked out on drugs (coke, meth), or are paranoid, delusional and schizophrenic - or all of the above.

This is the "cover" that the perps use. The perps know about what I just said and they use it to their advantage to get TI's "labeled" in the system as nutcases, or to get their victims falsely diagnosed with a mental illness. Once that is accompleshed, the harassment can continue on an even larger scale, and the TI's credibility is gone.

This is what I mean by the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" nursery rhyme. The boy's credibility was lost by crying wolf too many times - too many "false alarms" Then, when the wolf really came to eat him, nobody listened becasue he cried wolf too many times.

That is the same method used by perps. Although, in my case, my perps may not be "government sponsored," they have used the same techniques on me that other TI's have been subjected to.
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#36 May 16, 2009
Forgot to mention, I have been a v2k victim by the same perps since 1995.(part time 1995 to 2000, and full time from 2000 to now) I am still a v2k victim of the same people since 1995.

But, outside of a few "suspicious" incidents, the physical gangstalking has not been done to me since 2001 - just the v2k.

In my case, the gangstalking was a "precursor" to the full-time 24/7/365 v2k.
CT lady

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#37 May 18, 2009
"Car loads of gang-bangers driving low-riders would park across the street from my work and sit in their car and watch me for hours. If I called the police, they would leave a couple minutes before the cops came. Then they would be right back 15 minutes later - after the cops left."

That sure sounds familiar! The same thing happened to us many times.
I mentioned the Myrtle Beach incident- here, after the other people staying in the motel (The Sportsman) went in from their balconies, the drama unfolded. A stationwagon drove along the sand behind the motel(s) and let out carloads of young hispanic males. They congregated in the cabana behind the motel next to us and had those stupid green and red lights. The first night we stayed, the owner remained til 11 (his regular hour) the second night, he left at 8. The third night, he left at 6 AND the motels to each side of us were virually emptied out.
On the third night, in addition to the carloads of hispanic males, a couple pulled up into the parking lot of the motel adjacent to ours and took out a shotgun.
There were a few of the green lights in the adjacent motel, but not many. The motel to the left was completely empty. Management must have been warned there would be "trouble." Anyway, every time was called the police, they came very slowly and "saw nothing". They just drove along the beach. They did not stop and search where we told them the men were hiding. When we called more frequently, they told us to call the FBI.

It was terrifying, and I still want to know what those darn green scanning lights are! They started using them against us while we were still living in Norwalk CT, months prior to our "trip from hell".

Just think of how much money the attorney must have used on planning and executing this endeavor- and he is not done yet.
CT lady

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#38 May 18, 2009
to Naive Victim:
To read more of an account of what happened to me, go to "Gangstalking Connecticut and Beyond"- it is either on Norwalk or Darien Topix- I believe the latter.

Yes, all I can tell you is that it is very real indeed. I was a psychologist prior to this (Masters not PhD) and I had never heard of it before. It is now becoming an area of new research in "Social Psychology."

What confounded me for the longest time was : why would ANYONE- including the corrupt attorney- pay a fortune to have people tracked and terrorized and sickened across the country? The motive always seems to turn out to be greed- no matter who initiates the gangstalking.

The attorney has an image to uphold. He is on various "ethics" boards and "help the poor" etc. He LOOKS good and is a smooth talker. He conned my elderly parents into believing that he was giving their wishes his utmost attention.

Sad to say, he was planning even before they died how to grab their assets. He refused to allow my son and I to remain in the home, although my parents' specifically requested this in their will. The attorney was so sloppy that when he responded to a grievance I made- he used the wrong address of the home!
He had the Norwalk and Darien and Wilton cops in his pocket. My late parents' home was BROKEN INTO!
He had the audacity to laugh about the break in and say "their methods were a bit uncouth". Then he lied in response to my grievance and claimed he never met the "buyers". Yeah, right. And the two men were working in his office building on numerous occasions that my son and I had to see the attorney.

I recall meeting a man leaving the attorney's office who was practically in tears. He said to us "I hope he does not do to you what he did to us." I will never forget that. I know there are other victims.

I know he was dipping into "peter's" funds to pay "paul". He equalized it out in the end, and in his mind, the ends justified the means.

when he responded to my complaint, he left out the entire final section of the will he had had my father (in the final stage of kidney failure and pre-dialysus) sign. This "section" was not on any other of my parents' wills. It basically said he could not be sued anywhere by anyone for anything.

So why did he not give that copy to the grievance panel? Unfortunately, even with all his lies, he "won". I found it very hard to believe that the panel did not investigate his lies. At the same time, I knew from the start it was an "old boy's network"....

I sure hope you are not up against the same amoral,sociopathic,narcissisti c individual!
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#39 May 19, 2009
I'm sorry that you are getting screwed over by a dirbag attorney CT. It sounds like he had you and your parents coming and going.

I think most attorneys are snakes. They are nothing more than professional bullshit artists that took the time to learn enough legal "gobbely-gook" to slide their way through law school.

Don't ask me how any of them pass the stupid bar test - it seems like they wouldn't be smart enough, but that's just my opinion.

Needless to say, I don't think very highly of attorneys - or our crappy legal system for that matter.

It's like 99% of all attorneys are nothing but arrogant, money grubbing a**holes! They think they are above the lawl, and they think they can get away with (amost) anything and go unchecked. Then, when they screw you, they say "sue me."

It's almost impossible to sue an attorney and win.
So, I feel for you in the lowsy situation you are in.

I have finals the next two weeks and I'm really cramming now. Things are getting "desparate"! LOL!!!(can you say "pulling all-nighters?)

I'll write more in a few weeks when my schedule loosens up.
Good Justice

Edmond, OK

#40 Jun 11, 2009
With all this electronics and cooperation with law enforcement agencies this could not be done without the FBI being involved. Whoever is being followed or watched this closely is on the government watch list which has been compiled heavily over the past 8 years. Prove me that what I'm saying is incorrect.
Target Inidividual

Stockton, CA

#41 Jun 12, 2009
Good Justice wrote:
With all this electronics and cooperation with law enforcement agencies this could not be done without the FBI being involved. Whoever is being followed or watched this closely is on the government watch list which has been compiled heavily over the past 8 years. Prove me that what I'm saying is incorrect.
I have been a gangstalking/voice to skull target since 1995, so your "last 8 years" theory that all you anti-government, liberal Bush haters use is incorrect in my case of me being a victim. As I am not the only TI who was targeted prior to 9/11, it suggests that the 9/11 events may have had nothing to do with SOME of us being TI's.

No one is able to prove you are incorrect - the same goes for the fact that YOU cannot prove that you ARE correct.

Sure there are "cherry-picked" examples (taken out of context) that pop up all the time that could suggest what you say may POSSIBLY be partially true. And, sure there has always been corrupt public officials, and corrupt police officers since the dawn of time. What else is new?

However, put you cherry-picked examples back into context and you will reach a dead-end, then you have nothing but "opinions, inferences, and theories."

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