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Reno NV

Littleton, CO

#23 Mar 25, 2010
CPS is only in it for the money$$$$$$$$. I have first hand experience in how the system works. They only take and keep children that will make them money. Children who are truely at risk may have too many issues. Those kids are too hard to place in foster care. They will quickly have the case closed if they even open one at all. CPS lies has no morals and works on a buddy system. If they take your kids and you happen to have normal kids. Kiss the kids goodbye. Thats the money maker.

San Jose, CA

#24 Apr 13, 2010
I was one of the children lost in the Nevada system. They put me in whittenburge for encourageable and I was on my own since 14. No one here cares. I will always claim that nothing good ever came out of Nevada, I went through the courts and still no one listened to me. My mother abused drugs and I know CPS was called several times by my friends parents and the school. Still nothing was done. I'm grateful I'm alive however now I suffer from PTSD. Thanks Reno for a handful of sleepless nights and nothing but bad memories. Try going by the river and see all the homeless pregnant teens neglected by there parents. Maybe even speak to one huh! Shameful city indeed.
a thought

United States

#25 Apr 14, 2010
In small counties, CPS is helped or hindered by the District Attorney's office, and the Family Court judges, and the police and sheriff. These are the people who make the decisions. When a department like CPS has to deal with their own hurdles, good 'ol boy attitudes, etc., their job becomes even more difficult. Child abuse is a CRIME and should be dealt with in criminal court not family court.

If you want to see a change in CPS, do something about the elected officials. You can file complaints with the Grand Jury. different state departments, and you can always try to recall an elected official. We vote them in, we can vote them out. EXCEPT, no one is running against the DA or the Sheriff this year, so it will be another few years of the statis quo.
in Nevada County

United States

#26 Apr 14, 2010
The above comments are about Nevada County. No one is running against the DA or Sheriff in Nevada County.
roxanne wynters

United States

#27 Apr 28, 2010
you want to know the real kicker about cps abused children go right back to the abusive homes especially if cps considers them damaged or they go to foster cares thqat are just as worse as the abuser however don't lose hope especially if your in a custody battle they will choose the other parent no matter what if the kids are perfectly fine no problems they send them to foster homes while the parents responsible for these good normal children lose there children. you see they make a profit on kids that dont require services if they require it it is more profitable to send them back to the abusive homes and the worse part is government officials turn a blind eye because people dont care parents who have lost children over this well they figire they did abuse them so they dont help we are all guilty of being blind of the injustice
roxanne wynters

United States

#28 Apr 28, 2010
they should they are a part of it they get cutbacks form it as well
roxanne wynters

United States

#29 Apr 28, 2010
over 85% of cps cases end up with parents being falsely accused because children are easily coached into saying things that arent true to achieve going home yes social workers tell these children that if they do as they are told they will go home i have evidence of this yet all turn a blind eye even the courts
roxanne wynters

United States

#30 Apr 28, 2010
california is no better it is al the same system but yes it is a shame you went through that but under your circumstance you were considered damaged so you were not profitable in your place some child who had a home and a loving family got taken away and placed in the foster system while you had to endure the systenm is flawed and as a nation we ignore it
roxanne wynters

United States

#31 Apr 28, 2010
BINGO you said it in a nutshell and this person is 100% right yet we are powerless to stop the lies and bring home children who should be home and help the children who truly need the help really need the help

Henderson, NV

#32 Jun 5, 2010
My grandson was taken from our home while my son was living with us, after many reports made in good faith about possible child abuse while the little boy was living with his mother and her live in boyfriend. Cps has biased the case from the get go and the little boy still lives with the mother Cps has closed the case ,and has made the father the BAD person. I know that CPS dont care about the children and the system (cps and the family courts) needs to be TAKEN OUT!!! All my son and I want is for our little boy to be SAFE and CPS does not even care. NO body care, because they would lose their jobs over the way that they handled the case. Fathers are NOT always the offenders. Judges must look at this possiblity. Mothers DO lie for their own agendas to gain custody. It is WRONG to use a child to gain custody. Parents MUST take charge and FIGHT CPS and the courts too. CPS turns their ugly heads the other way and always gives the child to the mothers. WHY? This dad and grandmother are very upset at the way that things were handled. I DO pray for others that have gone though the AGONY that we have gone through for over 2 years.

Grass Valley, CA

#33 Jun 23, 2010
Excuse me, but I wanted to add my "two cents" to this board. I actually work at Nevada County CPS and have seen firsthand what goes on behind the scenes and after hours. The social workers that are currently at Nevada County CPS ARE dedicated to the children of this county! They work very long and very tough hours dealing with people that are angry, and too strung out on drugs to care about their chilren. Not all clients are this way, but they get their fair share. They go the extra mile to help the children AND the parents get the services they need to reunify and become whole again. Please do not blame the social workers for the system that they have to work in. Many times they have to make hard decisions based on the laws and rules of a system that is held back by budget problems, lack of funding, and/or like you say "red tape". It is not their fault and they do the best that they can with what they have got. There are many children out there that are not in the perfect situation and not enough workers or resources to take care of them all. Instead of complaining about CPS "not doing their job" why don't you all help out in your own way for your community and see what can be done on YOUR end? There are many ways you can help, from becoming a volunteer advocate at CASA to donating needed supplies to just being a mentor for a child or family that perhaps needs some accountability. Lashing out at people that have dedicated their life to helping the families of this county is not going to get anyone anywhere. Please educate yourself on the issues you are complaining about before venting to the public.

Las Vegas, NV

#36 Oct 8, 2010
When I read the comments and the pain people are going through becasue of the incompetency of CPS I was honestly sick. I had a similar case where I took in as a baby my gr.gr. nephew who later called me, "Gm'ma.' The Father took off for the military (four years) and Mom was on drugs, in and out of jail, prison and for the four years I did have legal custody of the little boy. I grew to love him and no one in the family seem to care that I was raising him. While the father was in the military he paid me nine time $250 and that was it, and while the mother was to pay child support also, she paid nothing. The father after the four years came out and did get legal custody of the boy, but, did not take him. I continued caring for him, my husband died, and for six years longer I received little child support. By this time I deeply loved this child. However, to get to know his father, the child visited with him Wed., and Thurs., after school and came home on Friday. On one such occasion the father abused the child, and he in turn told his teacher and counselor at school. By law the teacher reported this to CPS and the nightmare began. A case worker came up asked questions and left saying, "I want to know why the father did not take the child six years ago?" In the meantime, the father blamed me that somehow I was behind everything. I called the case worker and no response. I had to find out through an organization (Ombudsman) that she no longer was on the case. So, now was a new case worker who didn't want to talk to me, and I never saw her. All that mattered was the legal paper the father had for custody. I had so many people write in on my behalf and even the gr. grandparents called this lady, and she only responded to me when she wanted to know the child's pediatrition so she could close the case. The father was so angry, he took the boy out of school that he has been in since Kindergarten (fifth grade at the time) took no clothes, no toys, nothing. Then, lies were said about me when I did not even ask him for child support money. I read a newspaper article from channel 8, in which a reporter stated that half the children in L.V., sent back to their abusive homes were today dead. It has been an entire year now and the child I had for close to ten years I have not seen. I worry everyday and I don't know if I can afford an attorney. I have proof that child support was practically not given to me, but then I worry would the father take it out on the boy who is now 11?
I feel so much for all the comments I have read above. I am just one person with a similiar story, and I honestly feel for each and every person who is caught up in a system that a piece of paper is more important than the love given to a child or children.

Baytown, TX

#37 Nov 14, 2010
this post is nonsense if you want to break up happy homes move to texas they are experts at that and they dont care about you the kids or the parents so you can call them all you want and they will break up every happy home you call them for. SO YOU WOULD BE PERFECT HERE........
Disillusioned wrote:
I’m responding to the letter of frustration written about Child Protective Services in Nevada County. I too have recently had to deal with them and felt like I was talking to a lifeless, unemotional robot who was more concerned with the law than she/he was for the safety of a child. I was under the impression that CPS was the organization that fought for a childs rights and safety. We’re always told to report a situation we have knowledge of but from a recent personal experience of trying to do so, I hit a solid wall of unconcern from CPS. They said they had 10 days to respond to my report of possible abuse but said that in all honesty they probably wouldn’t even pursue it or have time for it.
I think it is absolutely terrible that a child gets lost in ‘red tape’ and ‘the law’ and cannot be saved from a life of abuse and drugs and neglect. In the time it could take for the law to work, this child may have to endure things that no child should ever have to experience! This particular child has lost his/her joy and innocence and is only 5 years old!
It absolutely breaks my heart but what can be done??? It sounds like new laws should be made that put the childs welfare first, perhaps? Or possibly find people who actually care about children and will fight to protect them and will put some real effort into getting them out of horrifying living conditions!
Needless to say I was very upset and disillusioned with CPS and the Court System in Nevada County. It’s sad to say but it’s our young children who are suffering and forgotten because it seems easier for CPS to hide behind laws and ignore the real problem of helping innocent children who cannot help themselves! Is CPS being negligent in dealing with this situation? Who can we turn to for help if not “Child Protective Services”?
signed: Disillusioned

Reno, NV

#38 Jan 2, 2011
Angel_17 wrote:
I am responding to this because I am getting run arounds and hitting nothing but brick walls. Can any of you tell me if it is true that a child in the state of Nevada can not share a room?
<quoted text>
it is fale...reno housing authority allows up to 6 people to live in a 2 bedroom house and they are like perole officers so many and to many rules/inspections but it is a fedrial programe...now i head in new york,ny the same sex can not share the same room luckly its nothing like that here becase i have 4 kids:} hopfully info is helpful:}

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#39 Mar 28, 2011
I have been fighting with cps to do something their in Vegas as well. Years with no avail I have finally written to congress in hopes they will step in. How can someone get away with beating a child with a mop handle and JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE NO BRUISES GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!! Where are the children's rights??? How far will they let this go on before they can not speak anymore because their in a coffin!! I'm tired and wish there was truly something that could be done!

Las Vegas, NV

#40 Mar 29, 2011
We should all know how much CPS cares about children. Whatever became of the 2 year old baby that just happen to get up in the middle of the night and walk out the door, never to be heard from again. How does something like that happen and nobody is accused of anything. How can you just sweep something like that under the rug. We should lift our voices and march for our children. Of all the things that have been demostrated before this is one of them. Let's show our children we care.
Me -Me to 6

Reno, NV

#41 Apr 1, 2011
Cps does really suck, they dont give a shit about ANY child in Reno- probably not even their own as far as that goes...
former foster youth

United States

#42 Apr 17, 2011
when i was is the cottages 4 per room and i believe 4 this privilege i was paying 1,300.00 a mo o until i turned eighteen then i was told about the 1,300 each mo since i was 12 i moved out apartment with job 1 block from my high school now if i stay in school i would get my dead dads military eared money but i was call to the office ware it was explained to me i ether move bake in and pay or i was ward of the state a runaway address on file cant come back to school so no more school. a bit much when all the case worker should have done was tell her i was in titled to this u see she came in because he died and was conceded ware the money was gonging to come from o now the state has pulled anther one well a few went a little to far don't feel alone they are predatory and i was housed in more then one home with the state and all i had to share with a least 3 others. just had a baby girl and cps tried to pull something about me but keep harassing my wife by phone and when i answer o my name i have been tiring to get a hold of u i have left messages no u have not i work on the phone i received 0 calls and i can tell she is deceptive and with a name like joiner evil is all good when you put them side by side our children are put with the problem kids like Putin a crook in jail they all meat in jail but Innocent kids influenced and life disrupted and as a result of a blatant falsification i grow up with this stuff and she told about 10 blatant lies before i spoke and when i aced a very humble request i was threated hung up on and its always a private number that calls her phone so we don't even know is the call is real

Minneapolis, MN

#43 Sep 2, 2011
I can't believe CPA in Las Vegas turns against those who report the abuse. When they find there is abuse and neglect. They end up reversing the finding because the father claims he's the victim of lies to take him from the child. My wife and I can't do anything to protect my step son because the system is so corrupt. We need help. We need others to join the fight against the lack of concern that cps has here in Las Vegas. Don't let Dustin be the next child to die here in Vegas because the system failed. Pray for Dustin and fight for change. Thank you.

Las Vegas, NV

#44 Sep 9, 2011
I too just went through an ordeal with my kid. She goes to therapy every week and she told her therapist that at her weekend visitation with Dad, he slapped her head and nocked her down and had a bruise on her era. CPS got involved, went through all kinds of hoops and interviews and doctor interviews, etc. She doesn't want to go see him anymore, she is scared of him, she told the CPS worker too and yet they unsubstanciate the case.
What are they going to wait for? For her to end up in the hospital? The reason I left him was because of him beating me up. I don't understand this.

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