Hi everyone; I want to alert all Joanna Newsom fans that I am putting together a book of writings about the original Milk-Eyed Mender herself to be called ďVisions of Joanna NewsomĒ(yes, the reference to Bob Dylan is intentional). Iím looking for art, essays, poems, true stories, insightful readings of songs, anecdotes, and all things brilliant and bizarre related to our favorite harpist. Iíve already secured a contribution from the famous novelist and Joanna-acolyte Dave Eggers, and the book will be published through a small press that I will soon be starting up here in Sacramento. This is not just a pie-in-the-sky project; itís real and will definitely happen. I'm also not looking to dig up dirt; instead, I'd like to produce something Joanna herself would enjoy and appreciate.

Who am I? Well, my name is Brad Buchanan and I teach English Literature and Creative Writing full-time at the California State University, Sacramento. Iím a kind-of poet and sort-of scholar; you can read some of my poetry at my now-lapsed blog: www.miracleshirker.blogspot.com or verify my existence at the CSUS English Departmentís web page: http://www.csus.edu/engl/ . Iím also a board member at the Sacramento Poetry Center, where I co-edit The Tule Review, and I have a few published articles and a book to my name as well.

My email address is buchanan@csus.edu and you may send hard copies of submissions to Brad Buchanan, P.O. Box 160406, Sacramento, CA 95816.


yours, Brad Buchanan
Assistant Professor of English
CSU Sacramento