Nesconset ex-marine arraigned on kidn...

Nesconset ex-marine arraigned on kidnapping charges

There are 237 comments on the story from Oct 20, 2006, titled Nesconset ex-marine arraigned on kidnapping charges. In it, reports that:

After snatching her from her bicycle, Michael Burkhardt handcuffed a 10-year-old girl in the back of his car and taped her mouth and eyes shut even as the child cried for her mother, prosecutors said today as ...

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who knows

Tenafly, NJ

#242 Dec 22, 2007
I'm not either carol or beth.....however I find it interesting that you can hide behind a screen name as we all do and yet not reveal your own. If it were either of them...they would obviously know the things you claim to be true about her. You need to make up your mind I Do Know. You keep stating all sorts of accusations you say you were told and then say that if we knew her all her life we would know these things. If that were as true as you believe how could I be either of the people you claim. Believe me there are a lot more people that know and care for that family than you have ever known. I don't think it's right for you to be on this site abusing people and calling names because they don't agree with you. You have a right to protect Michael, others have the right to state how they feel. You don't have the moral right to drag other people into this because it suits your angle. If you feel so justified stop hiding and reveal yourself. As so many others have stated....this is really not the site for those of you who care so deeply for Michael.If the things stated here bother you so much....why return? This case is over...No matter how you slice it, there is not one justifiable reason for him to have KIDNAPPED that child! You can blame the world if you want, but it will always be Michael Burhardt's fault! Not his ex- wife's, not his parent's, not society, his and his alone.I agree with JJJ....this site has taken a disgusting turn....I'm done and moving on too. It is 3 days until Christmas...time to be in spirit. It obviously isn't here.

Syosset, NY

#243 Dec 22, 2007
I wanted to see who at this company can help me. There is a message board thats is on your site with the address below. I want this message board removed. It does not serve any purpose any more. Here is the story. There was an article posted about a person who was just convicted of 2nd degree kidnapping of a 10 year old girl on Long Island New York. There are some very bad things happening on this board that I feel will cause more harm then good. It appears that family members from all sides are very emtionally devistated by this and are using this board to blame other and channel thier frustration on to eachother. At this point, they have lost the sense of respect and self control and something needs to be done about this. I had had convesation with the right people and they are watching this board already. This case is over, so it is time for this board to end. I am afraid for people involved and think that this course of action is warrented in this case. Please close this board. Emails about this board have been sent to Chris Tolles: CEO and district attorney about the messsages on this board and the request for its closure..
I do know


#244 Dec 22, 2007
I can hide behind my screen name because you can too, and so can a million other people on these blogs. I was told and I have seen and I am presenting the other side. The one no one knows except the people that saw it happen. If you check the visitor's log at the asylum, you will only see Michael's family going to see her. Oh, but she was so close to her mother that she didn't want to even talk to her. I am not family nor did I go see her so don't try blaming Mike's family because you don't want to hear the truth. It is fair. You people say rotten things all year and now when I come on, you don't like it. Tough! There are alot more people that care for Michael's family, too, but did that stop everyone from writing trash and calling names. You don't have the morale right of dragging Michael's family into this, nor to keep it going for a year. The ex-wife and her mother are whackadoos. Let them find someone else to control and ruin their life. And P.S.- I heard she's already shacked up with another "poor slob". If you don't want to hear the truth, stay off the site. It's the free speech act. You exercised it for a year. How did you like it? Big Mouth. You're getting coal in your stocking.

Stroudsburg, PA

#246 Dec 23, 2007
One more thing, can someone plz tell me the real story ! does anyone really know what happend ?

Haledon, NJ

#247 Dec 23, 2007
The way I see it there are numerous victims in this case...the little girl is first and foremost. Michaels wife- regarless if she is sane or not really doesnt matter! She is not responsible for Michaels actions. And Michaels family and friends! They are not responsible for anything he did as a a teenager or now! There was nothing that anyone could have done to prevent any of this from happening other than Michael!
And as far as Michael- there has to be some good qualities in him that made his wife fall in love with him...Make his parents weep for him and his friends care for him. Regardless of what he has done- he made a choice that day- it was a bad choice to grab that little girl, but let us also remember that he then also made the right choice by letting her go- we all are aware of the outcome had he not! So, why dont everyone be thankful that he did make that choice and realize that he gave that littlr girl a second chance and cut Michael a litle slack- he did do the right thing in the end. And to think that his parents shouldn't defend him is crazy- he is their son, and to read what some people say or write about him has to be heart breaking!
As far as the wifes family & friends- People who live in glass houses should never throw stones!
We all know to well, that all families have their own problems! Perhaps spending more time on yours and less on this, will start the new year off right!
Everyine involved here is hurting or angry, but lets not forget that each also has had family/ friends turn their backs on you /michael/and michael's wife-for all of this and how it has made you feel! It is time to let it go!
Deal with it- Happy Holidays!
I do know


#248 Dec 23, 2007
Feliz Navidad and Amen.

United States

#249 Jun 25, 2008
You know what I think is interesting is that Mexico can find a trained killing machine Marine in a week but cant seem to ever put there hands on a kidnapped victim or kidnapper in Mexico. Regardless of how many years its been taking place. Why is all of this so one sided? I see Mexicans and Mexico getting to break laws all the time and walking but Americans get punished on both sides to the extremes? Talk about a one sided affair. And now there trying to get us to pay for all the people who have came here illegaly and give them benifits and health care? What the heck is that all about?? "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country".... I think they were all absent on that day of class.
Uncle T

Hauppauge, NY

#250 Sep 15, 2008
Michael Burkhardt should burn in hell!
Uncle T

Hauppauge, NY

#251 Sep 15, 2008
Sad in Selden is an idiot! Your comment that he gave the girl a second chance is absurd!! Gave her a chance, what is wrong with you. Do you even see what you write? We should all be grateful that he gave her a second chance. How about he's lucky to be in jail right now, cut him a little slack... how about cut his little d*ck off!

Tenafly, NJ

#252 Sep 22, 2008
Uncle T wrote:
Sad in Selden is an idiot! Your comment that he gave the girl a second chance is absurd!! Gave her a chance, what is wrong with you. Do you even see what you write? We should all be grateful that he gave her a second chance. How about he's lucky to be in jail right now, cut him a little slack... how about cut his little d*ck off!
Well hopefully him being in Attica will let that little girl and her family sleep better at night.
no name

West New York, NJ

#253 Dec 28, 2009
victim wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess you never met Lance Corporal Joseph Ventimiglia of Kings Park?
No doubt this US Marine is a seriously sick and disturbed man who requires extensive therapy.
what did Lance Corporal Joseph Ventimiglia do??

Key West, FL

#254 Sep 27, 2010
OMG.... I was this guys roommate in the Corps. He didn't seem to be this type of guy back then.

United States

#255 May 8, 2014
victim wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess you never met Lance Corporal Joseph Ventimiglia of Kings Park?
No doubt this US Marine is a seriously sick and disturbed man who requires extensive therapy.
I may have grown up with this guy, googled his name and saw this post, can you clarify or provide more info please?

Mastic, NY

#256 Jun 1, 2014
Stop wrote:
this guy isn't some monster...he has a wife and should all stop making judgments on a person/situation you know nothing about. you don't know this person, nor any of the evidence in the case. last time i checked, our justice system operated by the premise of innocent until proven guilty. if you have something to say to the police, then take care of it. otherwise, stop pretending to be the moral pinnacle of society. you have no business posting garbage on a blog, just to smear a person's name for the sake of gossip.
Yeah he is a monster but guess what that little girl isn't te only one he tried anything with unfortunately we couldn't pursue anything he attacked a friend and I way before he got to that poor girl we made police reports and got to sit in and watch them sentence that monster to jail 17 year isn't good enough.... And sadly he tried to console me when I was crying my eyes out he tried pushing us into woods to do god knows what.... We got away....... He is disgusting and I hope he gets beat the hell up in jail

Mastic, NY

#257 Jun 1, 2014
bella wrote:
One more thing, can someone plz tell me the real story ! does anyone really know what happend ?
I actually know what happened because I myself along with a friend were attacked by this monster prior to this little girl..... In ronkonkoma ny we sat in and watched thi monster leave in handcuffs for 17 years

Mastic, NY

#258 Jun 1, 2014
Not Surprised -- wrote:
I will take the bait and respond....
First of all -- I never claimed to be close to Mike. As previously commented, I haven't seen him in approx 15 years and would suspect it has been at least 17 years since we were friends. Even then -- I would not say that he was a close friend, just a friend.
That being said -- I apologize to Mike's father in that I thought they weren't close.
However -- I then revise my statement and now do partially blame both his parents for this.
The reality is that parents install morals growing up. From what I remember -- Mike always was looking for trouble. I remember an instance when he was in his late teens (probably 17) when he was working at King Kullen -- where he would pick fights with people he hadn't seen in years. He always thought he was a tough guy -- but the reality was he wasn't. More often than not -- he lost these fights
Parents are responsible for the values of their children. It is obvious that Mike did not have proper values installed in him. With him being as close as you say to both his DAD, MOM and Step Dad -- then it is a shame that non of them was able to recognize that Mike was heading down a terrible path and take the steps to fix them. If children are a reflection of their parents -- what does it say about his?
I am sure I upset the "I DO know" person --- as it sounds like you are close to Mike and possible a family member. But do your self a favor -- ask yourself why you are on this site at all? This is an area where anyone come post anything with out proof or consequences. If it hurts you --- my advice is to stop reading.
He obviously had no clue what he was doing because prior to him doing that to that poor girl he tried to attack a friend and I and was so unsuccessful he had duck tape and orange scissors in his back pocket he ran in back of my friend and I he grabbed onto us I immediately started crying and my friend thankfully kept pushing him away from us as he kept trying to push us I to the wooded area he finally got fed up because I was crying so much that he pushed us and said run run before you can't he made mistakes many of them because I got a good look at him and we went straight to the police and filed at the 7th precinct we than weeks later saw his face planted on the newspaper and what he did to that girl we went straight to the police stating that this was the idiot he will rot in that jail in hopes that the mothereffer gets beat up by inmates amongst oter things

Mastic, NY

#259 Jun 1, 2014
nameless wrote:
yes he did... u def need to go to the police asap if u havent done so already.
We went to the police weeks before when it happened we got called as soon as thy caught him actually and we sat in and watched him get 17 years

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