Nesconset ex-marine arraigned on kidn...

Nesconset ex-marine arraigned on kidnapping charges

There are 237 comments on the story from Oct 20, 2006, titled Nesconset ex-marine arraigned on kidnapping charges. In it, reports that:

After snatching her from her bicycle, Michael Burkhardt handcuffed a 10-year-old girl in the back of his car and taped her mouth and eyes shut even as the child cried for her mother, prosecutors said today as ...

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who knows

Tenafly, NJ

#222 Dec 17, 2007
Not Surprised --

Manchester, CT

#223 Dec 18, 2007
Question --

What ever happend to Mike's father? Please keep in mind that I have had no direct contact with Mike in over 15 years. I knew growing up that he was close to his mom and sister, but his father wasn't always around.

Did they ever rectify thier relationship, and if so do he stand up and support him at the trial?

I always felt that Mike needed a strong father figure in his life. I felt his mother always tried to do the correct thing but the reality is sometimes a strong father figure in someones life can make the difference. I do not hold the mother accountable for this horible situation as each person must be accountable for thier own actions and be able to distiguish right from wrong.
I do know


#224 Dec 18, 2007
Michael's father has always been in his life. You must not have been that close to Michael if you think he wasn't. There was no relationship to rectify. Michael's father was at court every day and through out the whole ordeal. He talks to Michael on a daily basis. Michael also has his stepfather who has supported him always. His grandfathers, his uncles, oh he has plenty of father figures, too.

Sometimes, things just happen. People snap. You don't know what happened that day, you only kow what you read.

You can't hold anyone accountable for anyone else's actions so it was mighty BIG of you to make that statement. People that judge are judged themselves when it's their turn to get to the pearly gates. So try to tread softly.
Not Surprised --

Stockton, MO

#225 Dec 20, 2007
I will take the bait and respond....
First of all -- I never claimed to be close to Mike. As previously commented, I haven't seen him in approx 15 years and would suspect it has been at least 17 years since we were friends. Even then -- I would not say that he was a close friend, just a friend.

That being said -- I apologize to Mike's father in that I thought they weren't close.

However -- I then revise my statement and now do partially blame both his parents for this.

The reality is that parents install morals growing up. From what I remember -- Mike always was looking for trouble. I remember an instance when he was in his late teens (probably 17) when he was working at King Kullen -- where he would pick fights with people he hadn't seen in years. He always thought he was a tough guy -- but the reality was he wasn't. More often than not -- he lost these fights

Parents are responsible for the values of their children. It is obvious that Mike did not have proper values installed in him. With him being as close as you say to both his DAD, MOM and Step Dad -- then it is a shame that non of them was able to recognize that Mike was heading down a terrible path and take the steps to fix them. If children are a reflection of their parents -- what does it say about his?

I am sure I upset the "I DO know" person --- as it sounds like you are close to Mike and possible a family member. But do your self a favor -- ask yourself why you are on this site at all? This is an area where anyone come post anything with out proof or consequences. If it hurts you --- my advice is to stop reading.

Maryland Heights, MO

#226 Dec 20, 2007
he got 18 years + 5 years of parole

Description: ACT MANR INJUR CHILD < 17
TRIED AND FOUND GUILTY, Imprisonment for 1 Year
Law Code and Code Section/Subsection

PL 135.20 00 *** TOP CHARGE ***
Description: KIDNAPPING 2ND
TRIED AND FOUND GUILTY, Imprisonment for 17 Years, Post-Release Parole Supervision (Jenna's Law) for 5 Years


#227 Dec 20, 2007
I have to say this- for all you narrow minded people- this has been a very entertaining ride. If you go back to the very beginning and read how stupid some of the comments are- it is really quite sad. There have been people who think they know it all- and people who claim to know it all- and lets not forget the people who wish they knew it all! It is amazing how little credit people give other people. Were any of you there that day?? yet there are alot of comments to what actually happened...I find this very interesting! I also find it quite disrespectful to target his family and friends because they have chosen to stand behind him! what would you do if it was your son/brother/friend! just because his wife divorced him during all of this really doesn't mean much considering they were having problems to begin with well before all of this took place!Just because he wrote people and said he was not guilty..what would you expect him to do- the prison reads their mail- and i am sure he was advised against admitting to anything- duh! and yet, you people brag like you solved some great mystery! Whatever took place that day was terrible for any young child to go through. It was also quite upsetting for his family and his friends to learn about what he was accused of!It is also quite sad that michael did what he did and has now been so severely punished for it! and, believe me-
if it was your brother/son/friend, you would all be complaining about how unfair the sentence is! so now for all you gossip loving people, get a life now- it is over!I feel real sad for everyone who is truely involved! that does not include you jerks who have had nothing better to do than to bash michael/his family/ or his friends! and, yes he does have people out here that do love him and care about him! you all should be so lucky!

Tenafly, NJ

#228 Dec 20, 2007
Michael's father has been in his life, but it hasn't been without it's problems. He's been in A Lot of trouble, more than just fighting over the years. Who even knows if the little girl was his first or not? The only one who knows is Michael. Maybe now he will get the help he's needed for so long. I know plenty of people who have had very poor home lives growing up. Much worse than a pair of divorced parents and a stepfather. They turned out to be wonderful, hard working, law abiding citizens. To blame his parents for these actions is a bit short sighted. As parents sometimes no matter what we do, children make a wrong turn. It doesn't mean that the parents were bad. So unless you were there during those years, I don't feel it's right to point that finger. Well, it's 1 plus 17 plus 5 years parole. It's over and it's time to move on.
I do know


#229 Dec 20, 2007
Actually it's 17 years period. The 1 year will run concurrently. Michael spoke at court, quite eloquently and for those of you who heard it and those who didn't, it was moving enough to bring some audience members to tears- some who were on the girl's side even. The victim and family received what they wanted today and the defendant showed what a beautiful person he is inside. This was a lose-lose situation. God bless them all and thier families. I hope they print the speech in it's entirety. News were there filming. Peace to all. It's over.
who knows

Tenafly, NJ

#230 Dec 20, 2007
To I do Know....Obviously you are either a family member or a close friend to Michael. How lucky for him to have such support from you. However, Michael's so called "eloquent"speech doesn't surprise me. He has always been silver tongued and a persuasive talker. What else did you expect him to do with all that time after his conviction? I did not take that as a very remorseful speech. He just read a bunch of words on a piece of paper. I'm glad he has you on his side, he needs people like you. However for those of us who have known him too, he was all too transparent.

Tenafly, NJ

#231 Dec 20, 2007
It's over!!!!Let it go!
I do know


#232 Dec 20, 2007
To Who Knows- You are out of your mind. He didn't read from a paper. It was from his heart. NO matter what he did or said, there will be those of you that will shun his actions. Go to hell.
Of course

New Hyde Park, NY

#233 Dec 20, 2007
"NO matter what he did or said, there will be those of you that will shun his actions."

Of course, this man's actions are being "shunned." Actually, he's being held responsible for the kidnapping of a young child. How would you like your child to be abducted, taped, and then driven away, possibly to a sexual assault and then early death?

This little girl fought back, and the pedophile woke up and let her out. Yes, he's a pedophile. Who else preys on a 10 year old prepubescent girl? What were his plans? I think we all know what they were.

And, that little girl, although she is "okay," she may not be okay. Imagine her feelings of insecurity doing the most normal things. The only thing in her favor is that she is young, and children can be resilient.
he ruined his own life

Bohemia, NY

#234 Dec 20, 2007
To Sad:

You say it’s disrespectful for another people to attack his family, but its okay for them to attack victims in such a manner. Yeah I wonder why he and his wife were having problems for awhile, could it possibly be that he was living a lie and he was fooling around with under age girls and trying to fit in with them, when he should have been a faithful husband and loving son. But yet he lied to every single person he ever knew. I find it to be a disgrace how he could of been an EMT to the community which is something you do out of the kindness of your heart because it’s a volunteer service but at the same time he was probably using that as an excuse to why he was coming home late to his wife, but he was out all night stalking young girls. He was punished severely by his actions, and you know something... I’m glad he was because everything he's ever done in his life people would sit there and say "Oh Michael, its only a mistake... mistakes happen" well when he first did anything and if someone made him pay for his actions we all wouldn’t be sitting here right now and he damn as hell wouldn’t be convicted of 2nd degree kidnapping and serving 17 years on it and the little girl would not of been hurt in this case. He ruined his own life and I don’t buy his apology he made to the court... it was all such bullsh!t. He is also a register sex offender now!!!! So he effed up his own life, no one did it to him, he brought this upon himself. If there were early signs of him going down a dangerous path someone should have stepped in and got him the help he needed? But from the looks of it noone did that. Instead his family can sit there and blame everyone else for his actions, a normal person does not snap and grab an innocent child off a bike and force them into their car, drive off with them kicking and screaming for their mother then duct tapes their mouth and handcuffs them all in attempt to calm her down. I also remember seeing on here awhile back that people were saying on that day of the kidnapping that his wife was in the hospital. Well if his wife was in the hospital then why was he driving around in a neighborhood instead of being with his family if they were sooo close as some of you say?. I know if I was upset I would want to be with the people who I’m close to and who I know care about me, not driving around looking for trouble…. And that day he did get trouble which changed his life forever and the little girl’s life. I’m glad the little girl was unharmed in this case and I hope she can live a normal life.
I do know


#235 Dec 21, 2007
His family attacked no one- least of all the victim. Secondly, why don't you try living with the psycho and let me know about the poor victim wife. She immediately left college and moved in with him because she didn't want to be a part of her own family. She wanted out. She also kept him away from his family. When I was invited to several functions, she always caused a stir for attention. You go live with her and we'll visit you in jail next.
The only reason he is a registered sex offender as per Channel 12 news, is because it is madatory. They even made a statement that there was NO sex crime involved here.
You were in court, you know damn well that he didn't sleep for 3 nights because his wife tried to kill herself twice. It's in the statement they read.
And yes, he did ruin his own life. He completed the action. He realizzed right away per his statement and came to his senses and everything he did from the beginning was geared to letting her go. He wasn't going to hurt her and he truly is distraught and sorry. Not because of his own life being ruined as you think. But because of Denny. He can't forgive himself for hurting her. So take your theories and your I know this and I know that and get a life already. You will never know Michael and the man he is and always will be. An honorable person that made a mistake.
Not Surprised --

Manchester, CT

#236 Dec 21, 2007
To I do Know ---

Why do you keep comming back to this site? Why are you tourturing your self by reading these post?

You are as guility as everyone else on this site for allowing these postings to continue. If it bothers you -- stay away and people will stop posting items.

That being said -- I have a legit question. Based on your last post -- are you implying that part of this unfortinate event was his ex-wifes fault?
I do know


#237 Dec 21, 2007
I only just got to this site. I don't keep coming back as you put it. Read back. Next- coming only has 1 m. I figured you might as well learn as you go. At your age, you should be able to spell. Next, I was answering "he ruined his own life". She mentions the wife. I am saying that as a man, if I went through the torment he did, I would snap, too. She implied that he volunteered to get out of the house and then went carousing at night. You women should look in the mirror. You cause stress, you chase us away and then you wah wah about it. Oh poor me. Mentally, we can only stand so much abuse and sure, what we do, we do, it's all on us, but the underlying reason is women like that. She should have stayed committed. As soon as she got out, she had a boyfriend anyway. She is a nasty, controlling, phony, lying, self-centered.......or am I describing half the women on here.
who knows

Tenafly, NJ

#238 Dec 21, 2007
To I Do Know...I know about family better than you think. He cheated on his wife 3 months into that marriage!!! FACT!!!!! He even admitted it to her. We have known his wife most of her life. She was a bright wonderful person who never had any problems with her family until Michael.She didn't run away from them, they actually helped her move. The problem was that her family opposed the marriage because ALL of them saw the abusive personality he possessed! All of her friends saw it too. But like any controlling and abusive situation, Michael played that whole family.Did you know that he threatened them that they would never see her again if they didn't stop opposing the relationship? Guess not. people don't become pedophiles at 30. They get caught. His EX-wife was obviously his cover. She is well rid of him! Maybe now he'll get put in his place. They're not gonna take his crap where he's going. His Ex wife has never commented on this site. How dare you slur her name. And air their problems on this site! It's obvious you just speak without knowing the facts. The fact need to face the facts. People all over the world have terrible home lives. They don't grab little girls off their bikes! Open your eyes. To Not can anyone blame his ex-wife? It's obvious that if he was half the husband he should have been he would have been with her.

Tenafly, NJ

#239 Dec 21, 2007
To all....this site has taken a disgusting turn! It's obvious that people are talking just for the sake of talking. The trial is over. Everyone will have different opinions about his speech. This isn't his parent's fault, this isn't his ex-wife's fault. The fault is his and only his. If you believe one word of his speech, you know it's true because he admits it. He blames no one but himself. As who knows said...Plenty of people have bad home lives, they don't use it as an excuse to abduct little girls and then claim they snapped. If he really snapped and was so remorseful, why didn't he admit his actions as such right off and spare all of his loved ones and that little girl over a year of agony? Think about it....'s one (except the DA's office)won. Christmas is just about here and this site is so very far from the spirit of things as you can get. Goodbye all. I'm done with this place.....I suggest you do the same.
I do know


#240 Dec 21, 2007
To Who Knows- AKA Carol or Beth- not sure yet- You are severely misinformed. It was she who told his family that she was getting a job out of state so she can have him for herself. She was controlling and sick like her mother, your friend. She pushed for the wedding despite her parents being pissed. In fact, truth be told, it was Michael who wanted to call things off and not marry her because he saw what type of person she was. His parents, not knowing this paid for the wedding. He told me and the rest of his friends he didn't want to get married to her and that she was crazy. So if you know her all her life, how come you didn't know this? How come if you're so close you didn't know she was threatening him 3 months into the marriage to stay with her or she'll kill herself. This is a sane person? You are a jackass.

Gilbertsville, PA

#241 Dec 21, 2007
There are obviously two sides to the story and no one is ever going to know the truth. Everyone should stop blaming people and get a life.

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