Mattoon Murders - Cole County

Pana, IL

#451 Mar 5, 2012
I find this discussion so sad. If this horrific crime took place in your family, you would be a little more compassionate and understanding. I have had the honor of knowing a few of the family members, and they are great people filled with lots of hurt.
May we all take a second thought before we grow 12 feet tall behind our computer screens, and realize the tragedy that took place : and let the details rest for the family's sake. It would be a different story if God forbid it happened to you.
Aladd N Sane

Auburn, IL

#452 Oct 6, 2012
Does anyone out there know where I can get a copy of The Mattoon Murders by Sawyer. I would like to have it for research I am doing. A Xerox copy would be fine. Thanks.

United States

#453 Oct 21, 2012
I have tried to find a copy but haven't had success if I get one or a lead on one I will let you know Aladd N Sane.
Cox childrens niece

Quincy, IL

#454 Oct 22, 2012
Aladd N Sane wrote:
Does anyone out there know where I can get a copy of The Mattoon Murders by Sawyer. I would like to have it for research I am doing. A Xerox copy would be fine. Thanks.
I am not sure that any more exist. I have not seen it I have heard of it because it is about my family. Did you try your library? I know they carry newspaper reports regarding things like this that happen. Otherwise I do not know how to help you. Good luck.
Chris M Gaines

United States

#455 Jan 6, 2013
Dave wrote:
There is a truth to come out here.
1. Chuck was sold a .22 illegally, by a wife of a politician...never charged. She worked at the Gaines Sporting Good store. She told police Lucy, Chuck's mom gave her verbal permission over the phone to sell the gun to him. Lucy denies such a call or permission. Makes sense. You have to be 21, as it is today, to buy a gun. Why? so this kind of thing does not happen. This women, if still alive should be prosecuted. Dont get me wrong, Chuck could legally own a long gun, and might of still killed. The lawyer appointed, W. Cherikos was, inexperienced. The states attorney, R. Glen, failed in the matter of a seperate criminal act of the saleswomen. In fairness, they may of been told to "forget" the sale of the pistol. This is reality, and probably out of the control of each, if they wanted to continue to have a career. It would take a strong man of will to surface this. This man was not there.
Both should have trouble sleeping,
2. Chuck's appeal process was taken from him because documents were destroyed/denied to Chuck to kill the chance of an appeal. This, if allowed to follow the law, would of proven his guilt.
Louise had NOTHING to do with the killings. No way, no how.
Chuck actually admitted to fantacy of killing her too.
Chuck, as a child took a nasty fall, split his head open on a coffee table then fell down a flight of stairs. Lucy said he seemed fine after an hour.......probably much worse than she thought. Other killers have had such injuries in their past. It should not take an hour to recover from a simple fall.
This was a serious fall that resulted in no medical care.
yes, there is some truth that needs to come out. Outcome would be the same, but more than one person would be deemed responsible.
This is my opinion, from my reading of the case. It is fact the gun was sold by this women. Permission given, probably not.
My Grandma and Grandpa owned Gaines Sporting Goods store on Broadway. Harry and Emily Gaines. Both are dead now. Im curious to know the name of the person you claim sold this gun in that store..who is it? Does anyone know?

Pana, IL

#456 Jan 15, 2013
I was alive when the Cox children were murdered. I dont care who you are, go to the Catholic Cemetary here in Mattoon and look at the grave stones and the pics. of those children. They never got a chance to graduate, marry, have children, grandchildren. Think of the now famous Sandy Hook School killings. Ask their parents what would they do to keep their childs murderer in prison. It is to bad they have to get petitions to keep the killer of their children over and over. They could have had closure along time ago.

Mattoon, IL

#457 Feb 18, 2013
Cox Oldest granddaughter
worthless dad wrote:
The behavior of the dad was disgraceful. Yes, he did use donated money to buy a new Buick. KC Summers was livid when he found out what the dad had done and said he would never sell him another car. And yes, the monument company had to repossess the large gravestone for nonpayment. Jim Trower of Trower monuments said he had to take the large stone back but couldn't bring himself to take the individual small stones back. The dad wasn't too bright and shamefully used his situation to get attention for himself. He seemed to think he was some sort of a celebrity for what happened. It was almost as if he were bragging. This information is accurate, but I doubt the Cox family can bring themselves to admit the truth of Bill Cox's actions. Fuller is in prison where he belongs, but Bill Cox was nothing to brag about.
If what you claim is true then why did Mr. Summers sell my grandfather another car or two AFTER this was suppose to have happened? I think some people in Mattoon want to cause nothing but trouble and now that my grandfather is gone it has become a free for all. You all need to lay off my family and stop the slander. I am just glad that my grandfather is not here anymore to have to hear this crap coming from idiots like you!
..........i know this is an old topic bt my grandmother (CLAIMES TO HAVE DATED LOUE AT THE TIME) brought up the this case and she was kinda mad at there were so many gawkers at the funeral that knew nothing of the family untilthis time....BT THE THING THAT MAKES HER MADDER IS THAT PEEPS THINK THAT UR GPA IS A CROOK....SHE SAYS SHE KNOWS FOR A FACT THAT THEY WERE GIVIN A CAR/HOUSE AND PLOTS.....

Le Roy, IL

#458 Feb 28, 2013
We lived about 3 miles across the river from the Cox family when this happened. I was five at the time. It has been with me my whole life. I wrote about it in my blog. Read it if you are interested.

United States

#459 Jul 5, 2013
The gun which was used was owned by the Cox family.
The Wolf

United States

#460 Jul 7, 2013
John wrote:
The gun which was used was owned by the Cox family.
Who sold that gun to them? Gaines sporting goods store on Broadway in Mattoon? What was the name of the clerk that sold it to him? Anybody know? Just curious of my family history.
Garth Brooks

United States

#462 Jul 9, 2013
John wrote:
<quoted text>
I have no idea who sold the gun, would there be any paper records from the store?
I would assume the state required records to be kept and maintained for gun sales in a public business like that..even back in them days, right? But as i was told one time.."we dont keep records of that type sh*t around here" The political infulence concealed this this day, right?Unless someone has first hand witness testimony of it. Now days unless you got video/audio evidence of a crime..the corrupt justice system(GOB) will protect their own for obvious reasons. Does anybody know anymore details on these murders or how the murder weapon was purchased from Gaines Sporting Goods? What was the sales clerk name who sold it? Was it Harry or Emily Gaines who illegally sold the murder weapon to the murderer? Did they know about the illegal transaction and covered it up or had help concealing this crime from politicians locally or statewide? Why? Just curious of my true family history. Is the Gaines family corrupted now or were then?ANY Criminal acts committed by any of them NOT prosecuted? Why not?h

Baton Rouge, LA

#464 Aug 12, 2013
A relative wrote:
<quoted text>
This is bullshit if you knew the truth... you would know he is not innocent I am a very close relative of chuck and I know for a fact he did it. Hell he even told me he did himself. god you people are so dumb!!!!
The truth Charles Fuller is a killer. The girlfriend/children's sister was a big part was there and knew what was happening. 6 months later there was a baby left on the steps of the only Catholic church in town. I went to school and worked with the Cox kids who survived. The one sister had burnt her hand and was at the emergency room at the hospital when the killings took place. I will always believe that the girlfriend should have been in jail too. They did spend all the money and did not pay for the burial and the stone.
The Wolf

Chicago, IL

#465 Aug 14, 2013
The "girlfriend" huh? Women...cant live with em. Cant...what? Murder them, only their siblings?
Why? Needs more details before im sold on that one. Can you provide those? Evidence? Or just rumor? Did you report it?
The Wolf

Chicago, IL

#466 Aug 14, 2013
Charles Fuller is a convicted MURDERER, a felon...not a killer. Killers are in wars(military),dometic law enforcement SWAT TEAMS.. Not civilians. Right? They dont murder do they..they are trained killers right? Right..fact.
US Armed Forces

Chicago, IL

#467 Aug 14, 2013
Or fiction? Are killers and murderers the same?
Thou shalt not murder ..or kill? Umm..murder?
Killing is accepted in some situations? Or not?
US Armed Forces

Chicago, IL

#468 Aug 14, 2013
Rules of engagement. Shoot to kill orders.
Drone attacks with "collateral damage".
Friendly fire. Sound like war? Or hell?
You decide. Peace not war. Duh.

Staunton, VA

#469 Aug 25, 2013
Ha ha wrote:
No it was not a cover up. You people are way too suspicions.<quoted text>
I'm not suspicious and who told you that?
Mickey Garlock

Champaign, IL

#470 Aug 25, 2013
Anonymous wrote:
<quoted text>
It should happen. Release this innocent man!!!
Innocent my butt
Cristina C

Charleston, IL

#471 Aug 26, 2013
I am not family and guess what it is just horrid about the way the family is being portrayed. If it had been my family this man who did it would never have seen the light of day and a cell would not have been where he went. I would have killed him with my bare hands. So if you are so sure he isnt guilty prove it. If you cant then shut the hell up and leave the family alone.
satans helper

Ottawa, IL

#472 Aug 28, 2013
i have all their souls and soon to be yours u vile pigs.these children shall never rest in my arms till his death .bye

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