Help with trespassing neighbor

Help with trespassing neighbor

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#1 Jan 31, 2012
Hello Folks, I am bringing a problem I am having with a new neighbor to the forum to see how I should proceed. The problem is of a trespassing nature.
The problem requires a detailed explanation, so I have supplied a link to a page that provides further information.
If after reading it, and you have any advice, please post it here. Thanks
Thor Cummings

Mascoutah, IL

#2 Feb 2, 2012
You may want to seek some professional help with this one. I'm talking about legal help, I'm talking about mental health help for yourself. Are you serious? I feel sorry for your neighbors. Wow!!! Get a grip!!!
A Neighbor on Dogwood

Valdosta, GA

#3 Feb 2, 2012
After reading the detailed analysis that was provided all I can say is WOW! If your going to state facts you need to do it correctly:

1)Backboard faces south, away from your yard.

2)The main child who would play is 5(!)and if he can throw a ball hard enough to go over his 4 ft of yard and another 15-20ft to your flowers...I want to see that!

3)I saw the sign to your north and didn't realize you and your wife look like the child catcher from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". But hey what do I know?

And you state that you believe in being then:
1) Why are you bringing a lawsuit against your previous neighbor (the elderly lady) for the way the rain from her yard allegedly ruined your fence? Does the rain not fall in your yard too? Have you thought about maybe suing the company that put your fence in too close to the ground?
2) Why does your wife stand in your garage with binoculars? Is that your way of "watching our house" even when we're home?
3) Why has your wife on several occassions flipped other neighbors off? Is that your way of saying hello?
4) What truth is there to the rumor that your wife was run out of Stew-Straus for exactly the same behavior?

Did you realize that there are now 2 young children (3 & 5) that because of you are scared to play in their own yard?

The main fact here is that we live on a street packed full of kids. If you really dispise kids that much buddy, you're living on the wrong street.
Neoga Resident

Lancaster, IL

#4 Feb 2, 2012
Wow! Were you ever a little kid yourself, or were you born a grumpy old person? Children are to be enjoyed and celebrated! I know the little boy that lives next to you. He loves sports and is crazy about basketball! I would enjoy being his neighbor and watching him learn to play. I really doubt your plants would be hurt if the ball really did reach them. Your street has several families with children. If you truly are that worried about "trespassing" maybe you should move to the country somewhere. I think that involving the police was absolutely ridiculous. If a 7 year old missing the backboard is a crime, then we are all in a world of hurt. Lighten up and learn to enjoy life! We are blessed to be here!
Another Neoga Resident

West Valley, NY

#5 Feb 2, 2012
What in the WORLD is your problem?????? I can NOT believe that you are considering police action because a basketball OR a little kid comes into your yard!!!! It sounds to me like you should move to a deserted island somewhere so that you can be happy in your own little world.
Proud Momma of 3

West Valley, NY

#6 Feb 2, 2012
Holy Toledo what a trainwreck! I heard of the sign you put up and was way! We have soldiers fighting a war, babies dying of hunger and disease, meth addicts stealing to get their next fix, elderly people praying for a visitor to curb their lonliness for a day and you post this? Rediculous but probably most of all sad! Your life needs a good solid dose of PERSPECTIVE!! Oh and last time I checked.....talking to people civil'ly was an ideal way to bridge a gap of simple misunderstanding.......not calling the police!
Mother of two from Neoga

North Liberty, IA

#7 Feb 2, 2012
It appears to me you have way toooo much time on your hands. Did you ever consider giving your time by helping at the local nursing home, or hospital. I told my children that it is too bad but you and your wife obviously do not know the Lord. We will pray that your heart will soften towards your neighbors. I would like to encourage you to read the Bible and spend time with God. There are several churches in Neoga. Would you like to go this Sunday?

North Liberty, IA

#8 Feb 2, 2012
I want to thank everyone who has made a comment about this problem. What I canít understand is the reason for the verbal attacks. I have nothing against children having fun. I didnít even mention children.
The main point was that I went over to talk to the neighbor about my concerns and left thinking we
had made an agreement about the backboard. I didnít tell him to take it down, just move it to another location, of which he had at least 2 others. When he set it back up 3 months later he could have put it on the other side of his driveway or in the middle of his garage, but chose to put it back where it was.
I canít believe any of you would stand for such underhanded behavior, and I doubt you would be so generous with your property.
Proud Momma of 3

Canton, NC

#9 Feb 3, 2012
Who is paying the property taxes or the owner of the basketball hoop?
Dogwood neighbor

Champaign, IL

#10 Feb 3, 2012
To: Garmil (secret code for the Millers)

It is agreed in the neighborhood that your problem is not with children. Based on past experiences it is apparent that your problem is with everyone on the entire street.

If conditions are so bad on Dogwood maybe you would be best served by moving. There are several people that would help you.(approximately 100%)
tlake mattoon residen

United States

#11 Feb 3, 2012
Get a grip! I heard you threw trash down in your yard to bait your kind neighbor to pick it up. You need serious help.

Canton, NC

#12 Feb 3, 2012
I think you should check out the villages in Florida, no kids and only other old grouches waiting for the end!

Valdosta, GA

#13 Feb 3, 2012
Really??? You should consider yourself lucky that your neighbors have handled this so gracefully. Who cares if the ball rolls in your yard. Maybe you should hurry that house hunt along a little bit. Find a neighborhood with no children so no one else is subject to this craziness.
in town neighbor

North Liberty, IA

#14 Feb 3, 2012
Wow, You people are nuts!!!!!!!!!! Are you seriously worried about a basketball being shot by a 7 year old??? I can't believe how many people in Neoga are talking about this. Should provide for alot more traffic on your street to check out the loonies and their sign and trash....Your neighbors are all good people who would like to live in peace.. I am sure Neoga's finest have more to do than police your yard!!!!! Mattoon has a fine mental health care clinic that you could check into, maybe they can help you... Why don't you learn to live and let live and love thy neighbor cause life will be a lot easier making them friend not enemies.
Long Time Neoga Residence

North Liberty, IA

#15 Feb 3, 2012
I happen to know the family that you are upset with. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who it is by the picture you posted. Have these children done any damage to your property? Have their parents done any damage to your property? No, I didn't think so. You know you just might need some neighborly help someday. The family that has the basketball hoop up would be the first ones that would help you. They are a Christian family. The little boy has a super sweet smile and a very kind heart. He doesn't understand why someone would act like you. The little girl wanted to make you some cookies. You see they know who God is.
It seems to me that you cannot get along with any of your neighbors. I think the best thing for you to do is move out of the neighborhood. Maybe you would be happier in the country.
You asked for the advice. Now be a responsible adult and take it.

Taylorville, IL

#16 Feb 3, 2012
You and your wife have way too much time on your hands. Get a life!!!! Anyone who spends that much time to put a diagram on here, needs help! I grew up playing ball with other kids in the neighborhood and we were scared to death of an elderly women who was always looking out her window waiting for us to get our ball out of her yard. I am 43 now and still remember that woman. I had nightmares over it when I was young. If you can't be neighborly, then move somewhere where you don't have neighbors. Nothing is worse than moving into a new house and having to deal with dumbasses like both of you.
in town neighbor

North Liberty, IA

#17 Feb 3, 2012
I can't believe that with all the people in town that are less than desirable you would cause so many problems for some of the nicest church going people as your neighbors are. You asked for advice and then can't understand the comments you are receiving.Do you have children and grandchildren??? How would you like it if the mean old people next door treated them that way. That dam hoop is not hurting you or your stupid grass. Grow a pair and admit that you are way out of line.
in town neighbor

North Liberty, IA

#18 Feb 3, 2012
Well, you asked for advise and now where is your big mouth! I would think by the comments (all negative) that you would be smart enough to realize that YOU are totally out of line and WRONG. Let's hear from you now..........
seriously again

Taylorville, IL

#19 Feb 4, 2012
You said "I can't believe any of you would be so generous with your property". If you think being "generous" is allowing a little boy to retrieve his ball from your property, you need to understand what generosity is.
A Neighbor on Dogwood

Valdosta, GA

#20 Feb 4, 2012
Holy crap! Look what you started over 5 ft of yard. But wait, with your history if it wasn't the basketball hoop I'm sure it would be something else...the noise their children make, the way they cut their grass, etc. Which I'm sure is still to come!
No you didn't mention children, but somebody had to because that is whom your craziness has affected. And I can assure you that if any child on our street was victimized, you WILL hear our roar!
As far as them moving their hoop, you can ask but they don't have to do squat. And after this I'll bet that hoop is NEVER moved!
Underhanded behavior?? Really, because you didn't get your way? Welcome to life buddy. There have been several other "disputes" on this street that have never been nor will they be resolved (yours now being one).
Generous with our property...absolutely! That's part of living in a "neighborhood". We share grass, pools, playsets, toys, etc. We meet in the street and talk, we have fireworks, we give Christmas gifts...sadly none of which you have ever been a part of.
And here you thought it was bad before, good luck living here now...

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