Shooting and stabbing at Hooterville ...

Shooting and stabbing at Hooterville Bar?

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Pocahontas, AR

#1 Nov 14, 2009
Who was it? When was it? What are the details?
interested says what

Doniphan, MO

#2 Nov 14, 2009
yes PLEASE some details, have people over your way and would like some info.
dont know

Faridabad, India

#3 Nov 14, 2009
I heard someone got gutted, opened the whole stomach from one side to the other.

Ridgway, PA

#4 Nov 14, 2009
When did this happen?

Greenbrier, AR

#5 Nov 20, 2009
The guy's that done this are from poplar bluff.Robert master and his brother Chuck.Robert lives behind doctors hospital on kinzer street in a yellow house just so everyone knows thats looking for the suspects
family member

Ford City, PA

#6 Nov 29, 2009
they caught em both
i know robert

Saint Louis, MO

#7 Nov 29, 2009
he wouldnt do that hes a pussie

Rimersburg, PA

#8 Nov 30, 2009
You got that right,but chickensh!ts like them will catch you offgaurd and gangup on you and then cut you.They wont fight fair,trust me i've already whipped robert years ago and know the whole family,worthless and his mother and father should of been fixed cause no parent wants idiots like that for kids.

Poplar Bluff, MO

#9 Dec 5, 2009
you all are one to talk....asked who it was that got hurt. it said shot and stabbed. are they ok now?
Robert Master

United States

#10 Dec 28, 2009
exnaylorresident wrote:
You got that right,but chickensh!ts like them will catch you offgaurd and gangup on you and then cut you.They wont fight fair,trust me i've already whipped robert years ago and know the whole family,worthless and his mother and father should of been fixed cause no parent wants idiots like that for kids.
I heard that Mike Langley was the cutter! But I don't believe it because the only people he has ever beaten up was his ex-wife, his daughter and his mentally handicapped step son. If he was as tough as he says he is, he wouldn't be hiding behind a screen, he would be at my house acting on it. I guess he still has his tail between his legs from the last time I beat his a$$, and his daddy's, too.

Summerville, PA

#11 Dec 29, 2009
it is in mikes nature to do that, long ago he had about 8 kids all with knives screwdrivers to help protect him from one of his buddies after he punched his buddies girlfriend in the nose when she refused his advances. it was a big ordeal over at naylor years ago.

his dad has been dead for quite awhile now so you all must go way back.
Robert Master

United States

#12 Dec 30, 2009
yeah, i'm the father of the handicapped son. Mike is a worthless piece of crap, his nick name for my son was "retard". he used to knock him around because he wasn't smart enough to read his mind. he won't work and even ran over the family dog because his wife was trying to leave him. but she's no better, she kept taking the kids back to his dumb a$$ so he could keep beating on the boy. my son lives with me now, for the last 3 years. he is divorced from jonya. for a while he was having an affair with Rema Birdsong but i heard she got tired of paying his bills. for the record, i never cut anyone and neither did my brother. so whoever is saying it was me needs to get that straight. everyone else, but mike, have a happy new year!

Rimersburg, PA

#13 Dec 31, 2009
Check casenet fucktard...warrant for assault!!!

Rimersburg, PA

#14 Dec 31, 2009
What's the warrant for 2nd degree felony assault for? Check casenet and see for yourself!
mike langley

Rimersburg, PA

#15 Jan 1, 2010
Hey robert,You sure like to talk the sh!t dont ya.For 1 you never whipped me ,if i remember right i was the one who stomped your goofy ass in my driveway and had you all begging me to let you go,and when i finally let you up ,you took off running down my gravel road cause your punk friend david collins got scared also and took off in his hooptie. And about cody,yeah i made him mind because he had issues because you were on so many drugs and it affected him at birth,cleft lip,pallet,heart defects,all because of your ignorant ass.And you have alot of room to talk ,you beat jonya ,whipped her with a antenna off her truck that she cosigned for you.Never was around for cody never called,nothing so what a lousy dad you were.
mike langley

Rimersburg, PA

#16 Jan 1, 2010
And let me get something else straight,it's none of your business who i've been with over the years,See you forget i raised cody and finally got him settled down enuff that he could function but now look at him,you choke him,beat him and keep him from his mother.It's kinda funny cody told kara that you were the one who used a boxknife to cut someone at hooterville because your such a chickensh!t.Anytime you wanna try to whip me ,im not hard to find,im always in poplar bluff and i dont run.Thats you buddy.Oh and by the way,Im going to check sunday night bingo out because i heard you was calling there,and i want to see just how bad you've become since i kicked your fatass.And about my dad,he slapped you upside the head and you wanted to get smart with him but thats when i took care of you.,do you remember when you were running down the gravel road,you got a mean streak in you and said come down here mike,i can whip you,well it's real funny if you couldnt whip me in my yard,you damn sure couldnt down the road.But thats a master for ya,inbred and touched in the head.You also need to watch your back fatass cause my brother and his son are looking for you too.And you wont like it when they see ya chump.One more thing,I've never whipped jonya,we argued yes but i never in my life hit her,so thats just rumors your trying to start.Anyways when you get enuff balls tell me where to meet you,and you alone and i guarantee you that you cant whip my ass,never have,never will.
mike langley

Rimersburg, PA

#17 Jan 1, 2010
To interested,wish you would post your real name and not be a chickensh!t either.I remember the incident very well,and it went like this here.Beth liked me and i was friends with her boyfriend at the time and i wasnt interested in her at all and when i refused her she got mad and slapped me for no reason.So yes i boxed her head and then she went running back to frankie and he thought he was so mean,brought his cousin david james and a few others out to my house wanting to fight,but guess whatmall of them wanted to fight me,and my dad came out of the house and said they best get gone before he slapped the punks around.Still to this day i've not talked to frankie and dont care if i ever do,his brother mark,sister and dad i get along with well and i hate that it happened but we were all young teenagers then.But anyways i was alone and didnt need a screwdriver or any other weapon to fight him,and wouldnt use one today if it ever happened.And u must not know me too well cause i dont scare easy plus i dont run like most or bring help with me.
gone but not forgetten

Summerville, PA

#18 Jan 1, 2010
hey mike, its me, beth, you see i may not be around as much but people still keep me updated. and when my name hit here my phone went nuts.....

whatever you all got going on here aint my business nor do i want shit to do with this thread!!! keep my name off here in the future.

you may remember THE INCIDENT your way but i was there too and without dragging other people into this, I couldnt stand your ass!!!! EVER !!!!! you are a legend in your own mind. i recall it like this,
that night the torino was acting up and frankie rode out to a party in the hills with mark and a girl in her red truck. i stayed at home you acted like you were gonna follow them when you showed back up on my porch drunk wanting to come in i said no frank wasnt there go away.... you came at me to kiss me and i was pushing you away when another fellow that drove the only other torino in town seen what was going on and stopped and made sure you left..... OH YEAH!!! you also showed up at your uncle KORKS house later that night more drunk and buck ass naked,was korks own words.

it wasnt til the next weekend that shit hit the fan. and i wasnt even the one that told frank dumbass someone seen you harrassing me!!! and yes you had maybe 4 boys that was in marks age range with you and told them you had shit to protect yourself and for them in the car as you drove over to neelyville to a party, seem like when they figured out who you were expecting to have shit with they all bailed on you.
i happen to be out with 3 or 4 girls when we heard frankie was heading to your house to whoop your ass when we drove up on you and i was sittin in the car when you punched me in the nose, yes i tried to swing on you and have never been sure if i even made contact but you sure did. right about then is when frank drove up on all of us and chased you into your house and hid behind you dad and i do recall there being quite a crowd in your front yard and lined up down the road so no shit your dad freaked the hell out. he had no clue what happen til the next day when we went out there and sat at your parents kitchen table and told him what all had happened. i do recall his exact words were he didnt know what he was gonna do about old fred there.... but you deserved an ass whooping for your part in it.

shitty part dude seen you not that long ago and you never mentioned any of this to me then why do it now? you wont use me for any kind of excuse to play billy badass over our bullshit promise you that!!!!!! some one still owes you one and i wouldnt push it here.

c ya, beth rigdon
mike langley

Rimersburg, PA

#19 Jan 1, 2010
Well Like i said i remember what happened like yesterday and nobody came to my parents house to talk to my dad because my dad and big frank talked about how unmature all of us were after it all happened.And i never asked or told anyone to help me out cause i wasnt afraid of him,now or then.But this was years ago and we were all crazy,And by the way everyone has a side to every story and whichever it was we were all drunk and running here and there doing this and that.Im not trying to start anything with you at all,this robert master retard was my ex wife's 1st husband and we had a runin years ago and i whipped his ass ,and now he wants to run around saying he whipped me,im not hard to find at all like i told him and anytime he wants to try it im avavilable cause he doesnt scare me any.Anyways maybe all of this will go away cause this topix site isnt nothing but trouble.
gone but not forgetten

Summerville, PA

#20 Jan 1, 2010
i agree its all bullshit and dont expect this to be brought up again..... and you remember it your way and i'll keep to my version. anyone who was involved knows what happened and how, enough said, just dont like being brought into the bullshit that dont have crap to do with me....

i dont see frank much either and sure his side would be different if he was reminded of all of it. still a sore spot for him, kinda like, the fish that got away, know what i mean?

and ya, as far as topix goes, its good for some and sux for others....... c-ya......

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