Maggot Found in Local Restaurant Meal

Maggot Found in Local Restaurant Meal

There are 13 comments on the ISurfHopkins story from Jun 16, 2011, titled Maggot Found in Local Restaurant Meal. In it, ISurfHopkins reports that:

The couple, who have requested anonymity, were dining at the La Casa restaurant at 3295 Hanson Rd when they noticed the movement on her plate.

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reckless journalism

Madisonville, KY

#1 Jun 16, 2011
I am very concerned of the manner in which isurfhopkinsco presented its story on the la casa debacle.

The article is blatantly nonobjective, written more like a cross examination of the restaurant manager. The articles' nonobjective approach presented a slant of irrefutable and blatant wrongdoing. The article assumes the restaurant is at fault, without questioning the persons whom lodged the complaint with the same interrogative approach.

This article is a poor attempt at investigative journalism. The recklessness of it's presentation immediately tarnishes the reputation of the business (one of the few new restaurants that has achieved success and sustainability in Madisonville) and it's proprietor.

A good reputation is hard earned. An article like this undercuts that good reputation in a few keystrokes. If the outcome does exonerate the restaurant isurf owes (yes, owes) the establishment the same degree of positive exposure as the negative it has allotted it.

This article was more fit for a Topix forum than a a news site that has been clawing tooth-and-nail to be considered a legitimate news source.

Owensboro, KY

#2 Jun 17, 2011
Really? Don't blame it on the article. Did it cook the food? Focus blame where it due. Sounds like you got beef with isurf. Do You work for another news sourse? I enjoyed the way it was laid out and wish more were like it. Don't hate.
you sound reckless

Morgantown, KY

#3 Jun 17, 2011
It stated that a waiter also saw the maggot. So the maggot was there. Regardless if it was an infestation or an abberation. It sounds to me like you have an axe to grind with Isurf as well. You actually had to start a whole thread to bash Isurf about writing an article? I mean come on THERE WAS A MAGGOT FOUND IN SOME FOOD THAT WAS SERVED TO A CUSTOMER. The waiter validated that point by admitting he saw it. Jamie validated live maggots come in with produce. Outgoing food plus incoming produce could easily equate a meal going out with something like a maggot in it. Isurf never claimed they were infested. They said that the a patron was served a meal that had a maggot in it. The waiter saw it. Jamie admitted the produce comes in to the kitchen area with maggots in it. I think you do work for some other news source and are using this as a platform to bash Isurf. At least they let us know it happen. By looking into we also know that it is standard protocol to wipe maggots off produce and send it to patrons to eat. That was by Jamie's own admittance. If it was up to other news sources we would have never heard of it. Funny you jump on a digital format to bash a digital newspaper lol. Whatever your beef is with Isurf let it rest. At least stop repeating the same phrases over and over again "This article was more fit for a Topix forum than a a news site that has been clawing tooth-and-nail to be considered a legitimate news source." I read it the first time and repetition does not always make it sink in. Ooh I just did you a favor. That was the 3rd time. Three is the key in advertising isn't it? lol
reckless journalism

United States

#4 Jun 17, 2011
I am in no way affiliated with any other news outlet and I do not have a grudge against isurf. I am however part of a locally owned small business and I know the ramifications negative publicity can have on the integrity of the company which translated into financial losses.

Furthermore, I am disgusted by the way the manager was questioned and quoted verbatim. I am suggesting this was done purposefully in a manner that highlighted the managers use of grammar. The persons lodging the complaint were not quoted verbatim, as their speech was not found to be 'funny'.

Also want to point out that the health department did conclude there was no wrongdoing on the restaurants part and strongly implied maliciousness on the part of the persons lodging the complaint.
reckless journalism

United States

#5 Jun 17, 2011
I also did not start this or any other thread.
you sound reckless

Morgantown, KY

#6 Jun 17, 2011
So you want Isurf to manipulate what Jamie said? You want a processed version. I don't see a problem in quoting verbatim. I would rather hear what he said than a translation or "Our Version" of what he said. I think you sir are racist and the way Jamie spoke spurred your psychological racism and that is why you have a problem with it. I also think that is why you perceive it to be "funny". I found no humor in the article whatsoever. Furthermore I think you ARE associated by friendship at very least with another news association and you have a grudge against Isurf as well. You are intentionally trying to drag Isurf through the mud and using your own racism to do so. I am appalled! What do you see as humor in that article? Do you think Mexican Americans talk funny? Your racism is as obvious as your grudge against Isurf.
reckless journalism

Madisonville, KY

#8 Jun 18, 2011
Amazing, the names of the persons lodging the complaint are not made public by the health department, yet the article on isurf requested anonymity from having their names used in the article. "The wife told surf" as quoted from the article. It appears the persons lodging the complaint did not want to be completely anonymous, because one of the first two places they contacted upon leaving the restaurant must have been isurf.

This 'news' article is nothing more than one local small business raking another local small business over the coals for a cheap shot at gaining exposure.

If you read the article posted by The Messenger you will find that the health department cleared la casa of any wrongdoing and went on to say the story did not add up. It is clear that whoever lodged the complaint did so with malicious publicity in mind.

...and for the ones on here with the depth of a mud puddle: I do not work for, nor am in no way related to anyone who works for any other news outlet in the entire world/universe.(wanted to tie up any loose ends) I also do not hold any grudge toward isurf. I have never had any sort of relationship with isurf. My comments and posts are out of concern for the type of black-eye journalism and piss-poor discretion that was used in this article/story.

La Casa has been cleared and is owed (yes,owed) an apology from isurf news
Isurf is a joke

Toledo, OH

#9 Jun 18, 2011
Isurf puts as much thought, preparation and research into their reporting as a 5th grader trying to rush through a history report... Just like the madisonville messenger, isurf pilfers random information found on other news links, local gossip, police and health reports tosses in some format and plops it out onto the net without researching to see if what they are reporting is based on truth or rumor. They have as much credibility as this topix site and by printing this INSULTING pile of garbage that was obviously focusing more on making fun of someone that is new to this country and still learning the language rather than taking the time to think about the fact that someone found a live insect larva in COOKED food and how that was even possible maybe they would have not reported something that was obviously a hoax or prank and possibly ruined someone's livelihood just to get attention to their site... It I embarrassing to me that they would print such an obvious blatant mockery of this poor interview... I bet that poor mans English is a Heck of a lot better than your Spanish! I hope they are ashamed of how this was handled an learn from their mistakes!
Isurf is a joke

Toledo, OH

#10 Jun 18, 2011
And I agree that isurf owes La Casa an apology! Completely agree!!!
Oh No

Madisonville, KY

#11 Jun 19, 2011
Did the Health Department clear this restaurant?
Why did this couple contact a news outlet?
What is the history of the monthly inspections performed by the Health Department at this establishment?
Is there any credibility to the thought that this could be a prank?
I don't know the answer to these questions. However, I do think that due to the ramifications of such a story that these questions and others should be answered. This story leaves the restaurant with little recourse to defend there position as they don't own a news outlet. If I-Surf simply wants to be fair and informative, they should do a follow up story. If it comes out positive or be it.
There is

Dunmor, KY

#12 Jun 19, 2011
A follow up story.

Also....if I remember correctly, a few years ago when a finger was found in the chili at the Madisonville Wendy's....The Messenger was quick to write about it.

It is news. The good, the bad, the!

Just like child pornography, molestation, rape, murder...would you like for the news to not report any of that and you send your child to this place where these people work? I think not. Or if they live right next door to you and you don't have the access to this information and your child or loved one is wanting to go over and visit? I think not.

I believe it has been blown way out of proportion. Everyone make a wrong call, a wrong decision, it is what it is. Funny how people love to hear bad things that happen to people in the community....but when it really hits home to us all....we are appalled. This is life...the good and the bad.

Now this may give other restaurants an opportunity to up their service, wash their fruits and vegies better, keep an eye out on their service to patrons....It makes me glad to know we are being told about these things whether it be a set up or a mishap. It is what it is...
sad but true

Franklin, OH

#13 Jun 19, 2011
yes people are looking for shocking news but there is a difference between reading "News" and reading a "tabloid". I wouldn't pick up the enquirer and expect anything I read in it to be any more reliable than something I read on Isurf or one of these other sites and sadly most of the news papers around here Messenger included because yes they do just go for the headline attention getters... the situation with La Casa is a good case in point. Every one jumped on this poor place without even thinking about the facts. Just like the other person wrote how would a Live maggot be found in cooked food? I bet that couple planted it there to get a free meal. Of course Isurf didn't even bother to explore that possibility because of course that wouldn't have gotten readers attention... And YES they owe la Casa and that waitor that they made fun of a huge apology. The way they wrote that article was pathetic! hell I'm a huge supporter of if you live in america you should learn to speak the language but making fun of someone that is trying to learn is completely uncalled for.... Isurf just lost a reader in me with that one. Jerks...

White Plains, KY

#14 Jun 19, 2011
I agree,to make fun of the way that someone speaks is uncalled for,childish and just rude that was a very unprofessional article and the whole story sounds fishy to me. I mean how could the maggot still be alive after being cooked in the food and another thing if the waiter saw the the maggot before he served the food why didn't he say something or take it back to the kitchen instead of serving that to someone. Also anytime I have saw maggots I have always saw more than one not just a single maggot.

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