Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81784 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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D arse

Houston, TX

#57463 Jun 17, 2012
bye bye bye wrote:
Je suis all� rendre visite � ma m�re et mon p�re � cematary today.It l '�t� une mauvaise journ�e.
Bonne nuit et Godbless.
it's:I went to visit my mother and my father[AT THE] cematary today.It 's been a bad day. Goodnight and Godbless.

ya stupid arse

United States

#57466 Jun 17, 2012
Jamie Lynn Spence wrote:
I think Bird and RoamingInsomniac are homosexual lovers.
you read posts

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#57467 Jun 17, 2012
Jamie Lynn Spence wrote:
I think Bird and RoamingInsomniac are homosexual lovers.
No, sorry. I ONLY sleep with MY husband. Bet you can't say the same, can you?

United States

#57468 Jun 17, 2012
Jamie Lynn Spence wrote:
I think Bird and RoamingInsomniac are homosexual lovers.
You read post

Vine Grove, KY

#57470 Jun 17, 2012
water. post connusulm. i feel 4 ls sid u 2exp.2m bs.

United States

#57471 Jun 17, 2012
RoamingInsomniac wrote:
<quoted text>No, sorry. I ONLY sleep with MY husband. Bet you can't say the same, can you?
you say the same

Pelion, SC

#57472 Jun 17, 2012

United States

#57473 Jun 17, 2012
<quoted text>hey BIRD fly over here and licmabals my fine feathered freind
You're a friend

Vine Grove, KY

#57475 Jun 17, 2012
post stop.

Pelion, SC

#57476 Jun 17, 2012
stop drop n roll


Since: Apr 09


#57477 Jun 17, 2012
danalovefeel wrote:
water. post connusulm. i feel 4 ls sid u 2exp.2m bs.
What kind of jibberish is that? Are you a pew jumper?

Nashville, TN

#57478 Jun 17, 2012
Hello to my regular friends/posters and decent folks. I see nothing changed while I was off at the lake with family the last few days. Hope all the Dad's had a Happy Father's Day. Don't have time to go back and read or address any comments. From the looks of things the Scottsville trolls called in some backup trolls. Same trash talk I see and talk about missing Abeliever. Hahahaha I guess they didn't have enought to ridicule and hate on. They sure LOVE the regulars. Sad little trolls never take a break do they, guess no one loves them enough to invite them out to enjoy the summer. Must not have any family or friends outside their fellow trolls. What a group of foulmouthed misfits. Anyway, I will post all their favorites and mine to so maybe Ancient Wolf, Hempburn, kevin, Blueminer, Godsmack, YAY, I seen Betty and OJG were here, will all have something to read after they scroll through the sewer trolls.

Did you read about the bones they discovered they think is John the Baptist?

Nashville, TN

#57479 Jun 17, 2012
Oxford University

Bones claimed to be of John the Baptist that were analysed by the research team. Clockwise from top left, the knucklebone, ulna, part of cranial bone and molar (together) and rib.

A small handful of bones found in an ancient church in Bulgaria may belong to John the Baptist, the biblical figure said to have baptized Jesus.
There's no way to be sure, of course, as there are no confirmed pieces of John the Baptist to compare to the fragments of bone. But the sarcophagus holding the bones was found near a second box bearing the name of St. John and his feast date (also called a holy day) of June 24. Now, new radiocarbon dating of the collagen in one of the bones pegs its age to the early first century, consistent with the New Testament and Jewish histories of John the Baptist's life.

"We got some dates that are very interesting indeed," study researcher Thomas Higham of the University of Oxford told LiveScience. "They suggest that the human bone is all from the same person, it's from a male, and it has a very high likelihood of an origin in the Near East," or Middle East where John the Baptist would have lived.

Mysterious bone box
The bones were found in 2010 by Romanian archaeologists Kazimir Popkonstantinov and Rossina Kostova while excavating an old church site on the island of Sveti Ivan, which translates to St. John. The church was constructed in two periods in the fifth and sixth centuries.

Beneath the altar, the archaeologists found a small marble sarcophagus, about 6 inches long. Inside were six human bones and three animal bones. The next day, the researchers found a second box just 20 inches away. This one was made of volcanic rock called tuff. On it, an inscription read, "Dear Lord, please help your servant Thomas" along with St. John the Baptist's name and official church feast day.

A grotesque gift
The findings paint a story of a man named Thomas charged with bringing relics, or body parts, of St. John to the island to consecrate a new church there. It was common in the fourth and fifth centuries for wealthy patrons to pay for new churches and to give saintly relics to the monks who staffed them, Higham told LiveScience.[8 Alleged Relics of Jesus]

"We can imagine that the construction of this church was predicated on the basis of this very important gift, perhaps from the patron to the monastery," Higham said.

The human bones in the box included a knucklebone, a tooth, part of a cranium, a rib and an ulna, or arm bone. The researchers could only date the knucklebone, because radiocarbon dating relies on organic material, and only that bone had enough collagen for a good analysis. The researchers were able to reconstruct DNA sequences from three of the bones, however, showing them to be from the same person, likely a Middle Eastern man.

"Our worry was that the remains might have been contaminated with modern DNA," study researcher Hannes Schroeder, formerly of Oxford, said in a statement. "However, the DNA we found in the samples showed damage patterns that are characteristic of ancient DNA, which gave us confidence in the results. Further, it seems somewhat unlikely that all three samples would yield the same sequence considering that they had probably been handled by different people."
Schroeder added that "both of these facts suggest that the DNA we sequenced was actually authentic."

Strangely, the three animal bones (one from a sheep, one from a cow, and one from a horse), were all about 400 years older than the human bones in the reliquary. Those three bones all seem to come from the same time and location, Higham said. They may have been placed there as a way to desecrate the human bones, he said. Or someone may have just been trying to make the bone box look a little more impressive.


Nashville, TN

#57480 Jun 17, 2012

"It is very curious," Higham said.[8 Grisly Archaeological Discoveries]

Elusive identification

Historical research by Oxford professor Georges Kazan suggests that relics supposedly from John the Baptist were on the move out of Jerusalem by the fourth century. Many of these artifacts were shuttled through the ancient city of Constantinople and may well have been given to the Sveti Ivan monastery from there.

None of this proves that the bones belonged to a historical figure named John the Baptist, but researchers haven't been able to rule out the possibility, Higham said. Their study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, but a program detailing the research will be aired on the United Kingdom National Geographic Channel on Sunday. National Geographic funded the research.
Even if the monks of Sveti Ivan believed the bones to be St. John's, they may not have been. Fake relics were and still are common. For example, at least 30 nails have been venerated as the ones used to keep Jesus Christ on the cross (biblical scholars debate whether three or four nails would have been used). Likewise, French theologian John Calvin once noted that if all of the supposed fragments of Jesus' cross were gathered together, they'd fill a shipload. Even Joan of Arc has been the subject of forgery. A 2007 study found that alleged pieces of her body kept in a French church actually belonged to an Egyptian mummy.[9 Famous Art Forgers]

The Sveti Ivan box is not the only reliquary said to hold the remains of John the Baptist, Higham said. If the researchers are able to test other bones said to be the saint's, they could build a circumstantial case for their authenticity. Nevertheless, a positive identification will likely remain out of reach.

"Definitely proving it, I think, is going to remain ever-elusive," Higham said.

Nashville, TN

#57481 Jun 17, 2012
Billionaire pledges 90,000 acres for conservation area in Colorado

National Park Service
The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, seen here from the Great Sand Dunes National Park, are the backbone of a proposed conservation area announced Friday with a billionaire's pledge to protect 90,000 acres from development.

A billionaire hedge-fund manager on Friday pledged to protect 90,000 acres of his Colorado ranch from further development as part of a much larger planned conservation area. The Obama administration said it would be the "largest single conservation easement" ever provided to the federal government.

The easement, which would include tax benefits for New York-based Louis Bacon, provides "the foundation for the proposed new Sangre de Cristo Conservation Area," the Interior Department announced.

Should the conservation area happen, Bacon said Friday, "I will place approximately 90,000 currently unprotected acres of the Blanca portion of Trinchera Ranch into a conservation easement."
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who grew up in the area and announced the deal with Bacon at his side, said the ranch "is in one of the most beautiful places in the country" -- and home to three peaks above 14,000 feet that are in the center of the longest U.S. mountain chain.
Conserving the land will protect the region's water and wildlife, Salazar told reporters. The region is used as a corridor by bison, cougars, black bears, bighorn sheep, elk and deer, and borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The proposed conservation area -- which would be much larger than Bacon's ranch -- "remains largely unchanged and is a place where wildlife can migrate between the high prairies of eastern New Mexico and the high mountain valleys of central Colorado," an Interior team that scouted the area last year reported.

Department of Interior
The circled area of interest represents the 3,000,000 acres studied by the Interior Department for the Sangre de Cristo Conservation Area.
"Maintaining such an open corridor is important for species survival and overall ecosystem health," the team added. "There are few other places in the southwestern United States where such an open and unchanged landscape exists."

Bacon, ranked by Forbes as the 312th richest American with a $1.4 billion estimated net worth, bought the 172,000-acre Trinchera Ranch from the family of billionaire Malcolm Forbes in 2007 for $175 million -- which media reports at the time called the most expensive single property ever sold in the U.S.

The Forbes family had earlier placed more than 80,000 acres of the ranch in a conservation easement.

Easements allow continued ranching and hunting but no construction of significant structures. They also provide tax incentives to property owners.
"The conservation incentives are incredibly efficient ways of conserving land," Greg Yankee, policy director for the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, told .

Colorado grants a maximum $375,000 tax credit for any easement, he added, and a property owner who meets all the criteria could also list the easement as a federal income tax deduction.
The Interior Department did not immediately respond to a request for how much Bacon could expect.

Billionaire Ted Turner, founder of CNN, owns the largest parcel inside the proposed conservation area -- the 600,000-acre Vermejo Ranch.

Salazar told the Denver Post that while he's had conversations with Turner, there were no specific proposals in the works.

"It'll happen over the next several years," Salazar said of the larger conservation area. "It's important that, as the conservation efforts move forward, that it be done with full cognizance of the need to honor water rights and property rights on the valley floor."

Glad they are willing to do this. Bravo to them.

Pelion, SC

#57482 Jun 17, 2012
What do you get when a mule eats an onion?
An ass that'll bring a tear to your eye!

Since: Sep 11

Scottsville, KY

#57483 Jun 17, 2012
Awww yes the Cods-Vine is back...

Nashville, TN

#57484 Jun 17, 2012
any minute now, slither, slither, yeah here they come....this reminded me of them when I read it, especially the unatroll:

'Bubble Skin Man' Chandra Wisnu Seeks A Cure For Condition Before It Hits His Kids, TLC Documentary Show (VIDEO)

Mutant Pig-Dog Scare: Pink, Hairless Dog Found In Xinxiang City

A pink, spotted four-legged animal that looks a bit like a pig -- or maybe a dog -- has the people of China's Xinxiang city more than a little confused.

The creature sports a coat of pink skin and dalmation-like spots. The animal is hairless, save for a small mane of white tufts on its head.
Local residents don't know what to make of it. One witness said, "The pink skin makes it look just like pig gone wrong [sic] in some sort of genetic experiment," the Daily Telegraph reports.

Police stepped in and confirmed that the animal, is, in fact, a stray dog -- a Chinese Crested Hairless, to be specific.

The hairless variety of the Crested is more susceptible to skin irritations and sunburns, according to the American Kennel Club. This attribute may explain the dog's unusual appearance.

this has to resemble his lickunasball or I REALLY CARE side kicks...hahahaha disgusting as they are huh? I know they missed me. I should copy and paste 3 days worth of earthquake reports and news.

Especially GODvines.

Sure didn't see much bird talking. hahaha


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#57485 Jun 17, 2012
today wrote:
okay , just to let you know , I am very smart at times.. ha ha.
I choose to copy and paste things that touch my heart simply because I think others might get some sort of pleasure out of it also.
I tell you what I do know, so many in this world are too narrow minded to put others first. They choose to see only the word me and never you. I see that some wish only bad for others and thrive on their pain.
So if that means I know nothing , then stupid I may be. But I still have a heart and would be proud to give it to anyone in need.:)
If you like copy and paste, keep it to yourself. That crap is worse than stupid chain letters. If people want to read that crap, let them look it up for themselves. Think for yourself, don't copycat.

Nashville, TN

#57486 Jun 17, 2012
Albert Cadabra, Magician, Can Swallow A 3-foot-long Balloon Whole (VIDEO)

Ugliest Baby Animal Ever? Nelson The Kea Parrot Just Wants To Be Loved (PHOTO)
Nelson, the baby Kea parrot, was abandoned by his parents for supposedly being too ugly -- never mind the fact that he was the only of his mother's three eggs to survive, MSNBC reports.

Freak of nature: 2-inch bat has 3-inch tongue!

These stories are for the freak trolls to enjoy and get excited about. There's unatroll's pet bird. So chalk that up to 1 BIRD reference. hahaha

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