Was John Regan Guilty?
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pool boy

Darby, PA

#1 Sep 12, 2008
I have serious doubts about the official story of what happened between John Regan and Lindsay Ferguson in the parking lot at Saratoga Springs High School on Halloween, 2005.

He had no reason to plead guilty. He had an excellent defense and the DA said there would be no plea bargain, so no reason to plead guilty. But he did anyway.

His lawyer, E. Stewart Jones, should never have concurred with Regan's plea and Jones should have made this known to the judge.

Did Regan plead guilty to "spare" his family or to keep his mouth shut?

Not long after Regan was sentenced, his attorney receieved a nice "retainer" offcially from Dove Interests, but I bet it came from Loeb Partners, which seems to own Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura, or whatever it's called at the moment. I'll bet Loeb/Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtur a had something to hide and that Jones's "retainer" was simply a payoff for making sure Regan didn't talk.

Bascially, it looked like he was framed in Waterbury, maybe with Chief O'Leary's help, in order to make the Saratoga Springs incident look worse than it really was.

DNA from bed sheets 12 years old? The only item that a police officer just happened to take while all evidence was conveniently destroyed by visitors to the victim's house immediately after the crime?

I'm not doubting Mrs. Palumbo, but I think Regan kept his mouth shut about far more than what is publicly known.
pool boy

Darby, PA

#2 Sep 12, 2008
I'll bet there is some kind of connection between John Regan and Jared Abbruzzese. And I think it runs right through Key Air/Loeb/Uniroyal/Chemtura.

Jared "Sherri" Abbruzzese was the nominal owner of Dove Interests, but it looks like Loeb may have controlled it. Dove was an obscure real estate company in upstate NY. Why would a company like Loeb invest in it?

Probably because of Abbruzzese's affiliation with companies like Geo-Eye and Skyterra, which are corporate affiliates of Navistar and other companies associated with Harbert Mgt., Philip Falcone, George Middlemas, and others who certainly appear to work directly or indirectly for U.S. military or intelligence services or DHS. SEC records clearly indicate this.

One of the principals in Key Air/Keystone Aviation Services is closely connected both to Loeb and to a sister company of Geo-Eye and Skyterra - Iridium.

Key Air shuttled many military and civilian personnel and official visitors among the various super secret sites associated with Tellis Air Force Base Weapons School in Nevada. They also probably provided transportation between Hanscom Air Force Base/Lincoln Laboratory and Tellis AFB where much of the Hanscom and Lincoln Lab work was tested and refined.

(more later)
pool boy

Darby, PA

#3 Sep 12, 2008
When Ferguson was attacked, she was near, and had possibly just run past, a well field that supplied public drinking water to parts of Saratoga Springs. The well field is treated on site with chemicals like the chlorine dioxide made by Chemtura at its Memphis TN plant on Pope St.

Chlorine dioxide, in a little different form, is used to disinfect areas contaminated by anthrax spores. It was used to de-contaminate the Hart Senate Office Building after the 2001 anthrax attack - which obviously claimed the life of Oxford CT resident Ottilie Lundgren.

Molly Bish, Tina and Bethany Sinclair, and probably Maura Murray were, like Lindsay Ferguson, attacked near, or they disappeared near, or were last seen near sources of public drinking water. All of which are treated on site.

If a company makes chlorine dioxide that, in addition to being used in drinking water and swimming pools, is also used to combat a bio-terror event, then wouldn't that company have to practice on the real thing once in a while? Does that mean that a Waterbury area chemical company might have had access to the same anthrax used in the 2001 attack?

Does this have something to do with the death of Ottilie Lundgren?
pool boy

Darby, PA

#4 Sep 12, 2008
pool boy

Darby, PA

#5 Sep 12, 2008
pool boy wrote:
Key Air shuttled many military and civilian personnel and official visitors among the various super secret sites associated with Tellis Air Force Base Weapons School in Nevada. They also probably provided transportation between Hanscom Air Force Base/Lincoln Laboratory and Tellis AFB where much of the Hanscom and Lincoln Lab work was tested and refined.
What's interesting is that a few people at Hanscom AFB are intently and ceaselessly interested in the disappearances of Bish and Murray. And they seem to have amazing tools at their disposal. They even seem to be able to let you know what you've just said in a private phone conversation from your home.

Further, I'm wondering whether Key Air uses the services of a Hadley MA PI who is clearly investigating, or recently has investigated, the Bish and Murray cases virtually as one case. And he seems to do it in association with, or at least parallel to, a sometime employee of Key Air who has extensive military background.
pool boy

Darby, PA

#6 Sep 12, 2008
So I can't help but wonder whether Bish, Sinclair(s), Murray, and/or Ferguson were also victims of an extended anthrax attack.

Maybe someone drew a little inspiration from Waterbury's Mad Bomber (1940-56), George Metesky.

I also noticed that a number of the anthrax victims or intended victims were swimmers: Lundgren, Daschle, Leahy, and Brokaw. Not sure about Nguyen and Stevens.

Which means that at least one or two of them may have been inhaling in a very weak version of chlorine gas from a swimming pool - possibly just before exposure. I know that Lundgren swam at the Naugatuck YMCA, but I don't know whether it was days, weeks, months, or years before the 2001 attack.
pool boy

Darby, PA

#7 Sep 12, 2008
Another thing I noticed is that the PI Stevens probably works, at least occasionally, for the Amherst MA law firm of Allison, Angier, which represents Richard Johnson, a local businessman and officer/director of the radical opponent of abortion group, Birthright Amherst Area, Inc.

Stevens was a detective sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police and leader of MSP’s behavioral sciences unit when he retired in 2000, around the time Molly Bish disappeared. He had worked with Angier when Angier was assistant DA in the Northwest District Attorney’s office.

By itself, that doesn’t mean that Stevens has any connection directly to Birthright, but his old state police detective buddy John Delmolino does. Retired from the state police, Delmolino deals in antiques and has become a first-class house painter – for David Angier and for Richard Johnson at Johnson’s Echo Village in Amherst.
pool boy

Darby, PA

#8 Sep 15, 2008
I don't see how the whole story about John Regan of Waterbury, Connecticut has been told. There are certainly some questions about the Palumbo case of September 11, 1993, and the case where he supposedly assaulted an employee.

But regarding the attempted abduction of Lindsay Ferguson from the Saratoga Springs High School parking lot... It was reported that Regan was working on a roof in Saratoga Springs when he was charged with the crime - October 31, 2005. Was Regan using roofing materials made by Uniroyal? Was there any kind of employment or contractual connection, even an indirect one, between Regan and Uniroyal or a Uniroyal subsidiary?

If so, it becomes important that Regan's attorney, E. Stewart Jones, apparently received a retainer, after Regan was sentenced, from a company, Dove Interests, in which Loeb Partners and Sun Capital held a substantial stake. Loeb Partners appears to own or have some kind of controlling interest in Uniroyal (aka Crompton, Avery, Chemtura, and other business names). Sun Capital may well have been the real source of the $60,000 donation to the Molly Bish Reward Fund ostensibly (at least) donated by Prestley Blake.

Since there is no clear reason for Regan's having pleaded guilty, it makes one wonder whether by pleading guilty he simply kept his mouth shut, perhaps at the urging of attorney Jones, who was possibly rewarded by what might, ultimately, turn out to have been Regan's employer, in one sense or another.

Did Regan work for Loeb/Uniroyal and botch the alleged abduction? And then have to keep his mouth shut about the details by pleading guilty? Did Regan's attorney, Jones, urge Regan to plead guilty even though Regan had every reason to plead not guilty and stand trial?

Maybe there is a connection between the Ferguson and Molly Bish cases, after all - but on the corporate level. The whole thing certainly bears much closer scrutiny.
Pro Keds

Eastham, MA

#9 Sep 17, 2008
Mr Pool, in order to unravel this you need to start at the begining tell the whole story. You have already made a number of correct guess's some not so correct. More keys would be good, other have fallen, are they linked?

You are dealing with powerful people.
pool boy

Darby, PA

#10 Sep 17, 2008
Pro Keds wrote:
Mr Pool, in order to unravel this you need to start at the begining tell the whole story. You have already made a number of correct guess's some not so correct. More keys would be good, other have fallen, are they linked?
You are dealing with powerful people.
Yes, they are powerful. I'm in way over my head. I can only hope, naively, that some day the law will catch up to them. Right now, I console myself with the old belief, the articulation of which is often attributed to Edmund Burke, that the only thing required for evil to succeed in this world is for good people to do nothing.

These "powerful people" have infected my family and dishonored the good name and hard, honest work of my (deceased) parents. I know I will probably fail or simply give up, but maybe someone else will pick up where I leave off. Maybe. Hopefully. Maybe not. I don't know.

Just for the moment, even though its role may not be viewed as central, it does illustrate your point regarding the extent of their power and reach.

Kingdom of Jordan >>>

Carlsbad Waste Disposal
(444 GMD
Longboat Key) >>>

Loeb Partners

This is a perfect example of how Jordan connects covertly with Loeb and presumably Israel: through Carlsbad Waste Disposal in Longboat Key, Florida.

More later.
pool boy

Darby, PA

#11 Sep 18, 2008
Stock in Dove Interests seems to have been held by two or three chiefs: Sun Capital (thru Millennium), T. Boone Pickens, and Loeb Partners. I would count Pickens and Loeb as one, since they often work together, as in the case of Penn Virginia, to buy just under either 5 or 10 percent of the stock of a company, which they then together control as one investor. Furthermore, I'd guess that Pickens fronts for Rockefellers; and Loeb obviously has invested for Rockefellers for many decades (previously Kuhn, Loeb).

It appears that Loeb has a substantial interest in, if not total control over, GeoEye, the spy satellite company based in Virginia. Abbruzzese's Skyterra was absorbed by GeoEye, if I recall correctly. GeoEye was or is a sub of Iridium, which at one time was chaired by a Key Air principal. Key Air certainly seems to be another Loeb biz. Which seems to make Abbruzzese something of a lieutenant for Loeb. Sound about right?

It seems that either a big reason, or maybe the sole reason, for putting Dove together was to snare NY Sen. Joe Bruno in a crooked land deal of some kind or something to do Evident Tech. Nevertheless, Dove was a convenient way to funnel money to Regan's lawyer, E. Stewart Jones, after Regan effectively kept his mouth shut about the attempted abduction of Lindsay Ferguson by pleading guilty when he didn't have to. Which means he must have had something to hide. He wouldn't do hard time for no reason.

Since Regan is from Waterbury, and Uniroyal Chemical/Chemtura (a Loeb biz) is basically located in Waterbury (Middlebury), and since chlorine dioxide, a chemical made by Chemtura at its Memphis plant, is delivered very near to where Ferguson was abducted, and since Loeb's lieutenant, Abbruzzese, was intent on gaining control of Saratoga Race Track at the time through his Empire Racing, it seems to make sense that there might be some connection between Loeb and the Regan/Ferguson incident. Anything to do with abortion or stem cell research?

Also, Sun Cap seems like it was the source of the $60,000 donation to the Molly Bish Fund, made, ostensibly, by Prestley Blake. It seems the first donation of $40,000, credited mainly to Ebersold, came from either Raymond Ruddy or Carl Lindner. Lindner was Debbie Ebersold's employer at the time. Raymond is an intense opponent of abortion and, presumably, embryonic stem cell research. Dr. John Diggs, who is close to Ruddy, is a military style opponent of abortion himself. Diggs practices at Wing Memorial Hospital, not far from where Bish lived. The well field next to the pond from where she disappeared receives regular deliveries of chlorine dioxide to treat Warren's drinking water. Is there a connection here?

Maybe it’s pure coincidence, but it seems like the unifying factors here include Birthright Amherst Area, Inc., Birthright’s MD warrior, Diggs, and Loeb Partners. Not to mention that Loeb looks like it has two of its own investigators on the ground looking into the Bish and Murray cases as if the disappearances of Bish and Murray, separated by over 3.5 years, were one case.
Pro Keds

Eastham, MA

#12 Sep 18, 2008
pool boy

Darby, PA

#13 Sep 18, 2008
pool boy

Darby, PA

#14 Sep 18, 2008
“It’s just a leap of faith you’re taking, just like every day in life people take leaps of faith,” said Annie Dauer, who is pregnant with her second child since having her ovarian tissue re-implanted in her body.“This is just giving cancer patients a hope that technology will catch up by that time and they will be able to have children.”

The Dauers were on TODAY previously — in 2005, when Annie learned that she was pregnant. Watching that show was Stacy Trebing, whose 2-year-old daughter, Katie, had a rare form of anemia that prevented her bone marrow from producing any red blood cells at all. Katie was kept alive through monthly blood transfusions until her baby brother was born with a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant.

Happily, that procedure saved Katie’s life; she’s now a healthy and completely normal 5-year-old. But it carried a high risk of rendering her sterile, and before the transplant, Trebing wondered if there was a way to allow her daughter to have her own children when she grew up.

“I was watching the TODAY show,” Trebing recalled.“And this woman was on, and she started to talk about how she had her ovary frozen prior to her chemotherapy. And I thought,‘Well, I wonder if I could do that for Katie?’”

As it happened, she could. Dr. Kutluk Oktay, one of just a handful of doctors worldwide who perform the procedure, agreed to preserve Katie’s ovarian tissue.

Prepubescent boys who are rendered sterile by chemotherapy and radiation have no options to preserve the possibility of fathering their own children, because they don’t start producing sperm until puberty. But a girl is born with a lifetime supply of eggs — AS MANY AS A MILLION OF THEM [emphasis mine]— in her ovaries. Theoretically, the ovarian tissue can be frozen then implanted back into the girl when she grows up.




Current average baseline price paid by IVF clinics for a harvest of about a dozen donor eggs is around $10,000. Even several years ago, donors with sterling credentials, such as demonstrated intelligence, great looks, athletic or artistic ability, were commanding nearly $100,000 for a single harvest.

If a black market has existed for years in other kinds of stolen body parts - mostly from the deceased, but an increasing amount from the living - then wouldn't eggs be perhaps the most profitable body part imaginable? Macabre? Yes. Horrific? Obviously. Medically impossible? Not any longer.

The otherwise unexplained disappearances of young women need to investigated in a way that includes the very big business of reproductive medicine. If people will peddle on the black market kidneys harvested from involuntary live donations, then why not ovaries? If the demand is there, which it is, there will always be someone ready to cash in on it. Whether or not it's legal.
pool boy

Darby, PA

#15 Sep 18, 2008
Maybe someday someone else will move the topic forward a little. Maybe not. If there are any honest and brave cops, prosecutors, or judges left on this planet in five or ten years, maybe one of them will start to look at things a little differently than they do now.
Pro Keds

Eastham, MA

#16 Sep 18, 2008
PB, I go back a long way, back to the days of 99 cent Pro Keds on Rubber Ave in Naugatuck. I have some info that goes right to Regan problems in Waterbury. Problem is I have some wild but consistent stories from several that have some large gaps. They are far out and i won't print till I can better source.

I will tell you this... Key Air had a major role in taking Gov Rowland down, Go Google. Why and how is this related.

My health is not good so my ability to do the research reguired to get to the bottom is not quite there. More to come
pool boy

Darby, PA

#17 Sep 18, 2008
Thanks for your interest.

How is Rowland’s case related to Regan’s?

I have the impression that Regan had little or no criminal record, drank some (maybe a lot), and was generally well liked. Is this true?

Did Regan have any connection to Uniroyal, Naugatuck Chemical, Key Air, USCO, or other associated companies?

Did Regan use a roofing product made by Uniroyal?

Regan pleaded guilty in the Ferguson case in order to keep his mouth shut about something. Any ideas? Hints?
Pro Keds

United States

#18 Sep 24, 2008
Regan went grammar school and high school with Rowland. Regan sold roofing supplies and yes Uniroyal one of the products. Rowland was Governor when he approved the clean-up of some of the former Uniroyal sites. Rowland was forced to resign when he failed to pay taxes on several services given to him, the laregest flights to Las Vegas on Key Air. Rowland 23 year step son recently was found in his home and was having a great deal of difficulty breathing. His was rushed to the hospital and several days later after failing in to a coma, died.

Regan may have been the pawn in this game.... google away... gotta move on.. later

Houston, TX

#19 Sep 4, 2009
This guy was the lowest of the low. I cant imagine the shame he brought to his family and the pain he inflicted on so many othhers.

Bolton, CT

#20 Sep 4, 2009
You guys are pathetic. Regan pleaded guilty because he grabbed a Saratoga Springs high school girl in front of witnesses. Nobody made that look "worse than it was", it was what it looked.

But of course by saying that I must be part of the conspiracy too. Did you know I'm also 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon?

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