Who are the richest people in town?

Atlanta, GA

#22 Nov 15, 2008
syphlis johnson has so much money he started getting his hair cut like donald trump. he has his shoes flown in from the same place as bill gates. but his wardrobe is from the j h williams collection. as I understand it he as two gas wells in desoto parish, one in sabine and they have two sites ready on his property around lake end. he's going to have his own line of spinning wheel condoms.
Mayor Wayne

Campti, LA

#23 Nov 15, 2008
Charmin wrote:
I don't have reconceived sterotypical notions of anybody. I have worked with and been in the company of some of the so called rich people of this town. They think because they have money, they can get away with anything, treat people like shi#, and do whatever they please to the "common" person.
But I will say one thing. Not ALL rich people are snobs. Just the majority.
And I am NOT jealous of anybody. Just an observer of the rich and the famous and what money can do to people. Nitey nite now.
If you recall, I had you screaming for six bits. You weren't faking, were you.

Seaside, CA

#24 Nov 15, 2008
New wrote:
I wish I had money like that. Anyone know what these people do?
sounds like someone wants to rob some rich folks.
sounds like someone is being a little too nosey if you ask me. and people on here are eating it up.lolololol.. i doesn't matter how much money a person has its what you do with the amount that you have. just be responsible and when you get a little cash invest it. but chasing money can make you turn in to something that you dont want to be and frankly if you dont have a lot of money it might be a blessing. why? most people with money act funny as hell look at m. jackson lololol.
Open your eyes

Natchitoches, LA

#25 Nov 23, 2008
Anyone who has GOD in their heart!

Clovis, NM

#26 Nov 23, 2008
Open your eyes wrote:
Anyone who has GOD in their heart!
This right here is the very same words that I was fixing to type. God's Children
God Bless

United States

#27 Nov 25, 2008
blue collar wrote:
look it really does not matter who has money or wealth. because MOST of us work 2 or 3 jobs to keep living and no matter what the more you make the more you spend. i know alot of people in this town who claim to have alot but they have all kinds of finacial problems. and there is alot of old money in this town that was passed on to there kids that is how they have homes and cars and such, BUT IT WONT BUY HAPPINESS OR LOVE....
the people who go out everyday and work hard to provide for their family is the ones who are the richest because they have what you need most unconditional love for their family and happiness.
You can't take it with you. But, it is the only place you can go without it!
If yu knew

United States

#28 Nov 25, 2008
I know some of these wealthy families in Natchitoches. If you knew the family history, and how they got wealthy you would not think so highly of them. Some of the richest people I know do not have wealth. They have clean hands and a pure heart!

Farmerville, LA

#29 Nov 25, 2008
Frown wrote:
There are people who have more money than anyone in this town and you would never know who they are because they don't flaunt it. Some people who look like they are well off are not as well off as everyone assumes.
This is so true. I know of a family that is fairly wealthy and you wouldn't know it by the way they dress, shops at Wal Mart. And I don't blame them for not flaunting their wealth. Too many nut cases out there that would want to try and take it away from them.
sounds like someone wanted their name included in this list to make them look good. OR someone that wanted information so they could try and rob those folks.

Since: Nov 08

Seaside, CA

#30 Nov 25, 2008
really irked wrote:
monetary wealth does not automatically mean someone is snooty or mean. Most of the time it comes from plain old hard work and using your head. a lot of people I know who are well-off are very pleasant, caring, friendly and kind. but then again I am not jealous of them and have no preconceived stereotypical notions of them.
God, no kidding, right? I love how people just make these broad, sweeping generalizations about certain groups of people. You know, it's looked down upon when you do it to racial groups, or homosexuals, or the disabled, but no one seems to see the error when it's rich people. Guaranteed, that guy who made the comment about how rich people are all snobs would be on me like stink on S-H-you-know-the-rest if I made some blanket generalization about Mexicans, or lesbians, or some other group of that ilk.

Ah, good old double-standards ... keeping the Democrats employed for who knows how long.

For the record, the answer to the question about who's the richest in Natchitoches: Not Me (and I'm okay with that)

Since: Nov 08

Seaside, CA

#31 Nov 25, 2008
RJJ JR wrote:
syphlis johnson has so much money he started getting his hair cut like donald trump.
Wait. There's someone in this town named SYPHLIS?!?!?! That's just way to close to syphilis. Seriously, if I had all that money, I'd buy myself a name that wasn't one letter away from a venerial disease.(sorry, I guess I'm the only one who either noticed it, or found it curious enough to mention)

Houston, TX

#32 Feb 14, 2013
Don't forgett the Kittler's

Houston, TX

#33 Feb 14, 2013
Kittler family
If it does not matter

Lufkin, TX

#34 Feb 15, 2013
Then why do all the welfare people want more of the monies of the rich. If it doesn't matter. Leave their money to them and go make your own

Natchitoches, LA

#35 Feb 15, 2013
I think the richest people are the welfare recipients who sit at home and draw a check then are able to take their fancy la purchase card and swipe it when they are hungry. Then there is the luxury of Medicaid which enables them free medical care to run to the doctor every time they have a cough or sniffle.
These are the rich folks! Most people have to work hard their entire lives and plan and save smartly for retirement to attain anything like this.

Jonesville, LA

#36 Feb 15, 2013
Me Mr Edwards

Marthaville, LA

#37 Feb 16, 2013
who cares? lol
you know

United States

#38 Feb 18, 2013
Most of the 'rich' people in this town would be considered poor or middle class if they moved out of this little village and to a real city

Natchitoches, LA

#39 Feb 19, 2013
If you look and find the most dysfunctional family...you know, the ones who have the most messed up marriages, messed up children, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders....you'll probably find the richest people. Most people lose sight of what's important while they are amassing their fortunes. I know that some of the names that have been mentioned have had more than a few major problems. Takes a lot of money for rehab and treatment. Very sad really.

United States

#40 Feb 19, 2013
The Evans do have money. Wife owns 2 daycares and the husband is a teacher. Success is flowing in that family!
brother brother

Olla, LA

#41 Feb 20, 2013
I rather have Jesus than Silver and Gold try that you will be the Happy person in Town rather than worrying about other people when you have Jesus you have everything this message do not require a insult response

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