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#1 Aug 2, 2007
was the murder of Tim Mitchell in his home on fish hatchery road ever solved?

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#4 Aug 2, 2007
Can you refresh us on this event?


#5 Aug 2, 2007
curious wrote:
was the murder of Tim Mitchell in his home on fish hatchery road ever solved?
No this murder still has not been solved. The FBI--at the request of family members-- was in town last summer interviewing residents on Fish Hatchery Rd. Nothing more since then...
just curious

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#6 Aug 2, 2007
where wrote:
Why didn't the police protect him like they claim they do. He should still be alive. They say we should be thankful they are out there to protect us. I'm sure they were doing something more important like seatbelt roadblocks.
Why do you ask this? Was he a witness or something?

Atlanta, GA

#9 Aug 2, 2007
where wrote:
Here is you one quote that didn't take long to find.
Tihs is from morethanenough on the what's wrong with the SO topic.
"hope you enjoyed your vacation. And I'm happy to know that you made it back safely (which I may add you might not have if it wasn't for the S.O. the State Police, and the City Police keeping you safe in the area that you were in.)"
Now back to my question.
Why didn't the cops keep this man and his son safe? Why did they die if the police are out there to keep us safe. If this could happen to them it can happen to you. Why do they expect us to put our lives in their hands when they can not protect us.
I'm sure if you believe they are going to protect you then you believe in the tooth fairy. It aint gonna happen.
What else I can't believe is they want to get on here and make that claim. We are here to protect you, if not for us you would not make it back from vacation alive. If we got paid more we could stop people from breaking in your house, raping your wife, etc.
Please, please tell me just how it is the police can protect us? When you find the answer to this you will also find next to it the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
your resentment toward law enforcement has nothing to do with my question there your wasting my time and have no information on the topic of this forum. try looking for an "I hate police" foram or "need peiple to take my anger out on." yes it would be niceif police had the ability to read the mind of all killers so they track them all before the gun is fired. this man and his family didnt even know they werent safe how in the world can you expect the police to. their Police not superheros. try living in the reality of the real world. I new this family and his wife she never saw the killer and was not raped. thanks for all your help. good thing your not a cop.
Hate Mail

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#12 Aug 2, 2007
Rumor has it that there was something not quite right going on between the man and the son, and "someone" decided to put a stop to it. Unfortunately, the kid was hit in the process.

Atlanta, GA

#13 Aug 2, 2007
you see I tried to warn you about what would happen if you were a close family friend and you put this on the internet.
They might have removed my posts but you know I am right. This is a kiss the cops ass forum and if you know what you're talking about they will have your posts removed.

delete this one too.
just curious


#14 Aug 2, 2007
I don't know about everyone else but as for me, I think if it starts with "Rumor has it" it's someone trying to cause problems not looking for answers.

Since: Jun 07

Natchitoches, LA

#15 Aug 3, 2007
Excuse me you wonderful people on this thread. I wanted to say "thank-you" to the ones that are defending me against the ignorant lil man/woman "where". I don't know anything on this subject, simply because I'm in the dark about some things that go on so I can't help as far as information goes. But I am on other threads and would love to hear from some of ya'll on those. But once again, thank you for your helpfulness in providing me protection from thats idiots words. Hope ya'll figure this one out.
Hitek Redneck

Dillon, SC

#16 Aug 3, 2007
Ya know, curious, sumtimes dey say dey gots a rumor, cuz around dees here parts, the truff is purty dern near da same as da rumor, but den dey sweep da truff unda da rug an make up sum udder story fo us'n you to listen to. Me is jest sayin, dats wut I tinks afta readin all da udder bull hocky dat gits served to us'n you frum da mountian top.
just here

Saint Rose, LA

#17 Aug 3, 2007
"rumor has it" is exactly that...a RUMOR! a cruel one at that! Mr Tim was a man of God and all the stuff going around was and is ridiculous! I knew him and his wife VERY well and they were so strong in the Lord and influenced me tremendously. I could not believe all the crap going around after his murder. But to the people who like to spread rumors and lies about things they know nothing about...thats their business and they will answer to it eventually. No one who knows and loves the Mitchell family believes any of it and we all hope the killer is one day found soon. The funeral was beautiful and we know he is in Heaven looking down on us all. We miss him very much and wish this horrible thing would never have happened, but the Lord has plans for us all. To my knowledge nothing new has come up but I do know from Van Keyser himself that all the rumors are not true and the police and DA firmly believe that!

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#18 Aug 3, 2007
I am not even going attempt to speculate or pass rumors. No, cops can't be everywhere before crimes occur but why can't they investigate them after they occur. Seems like alot of serious crime goes unsolved in this parish. But do not litter or kick the seat of a police car. I don't expect law enforcement to be superheros I just expect them to do the job that my tax dollars pay them to do. I firmly believe that with improved leadership and aditude some of the crimes could be resolved and the rumours could stop. Law enforcement makes an immediate assumption that they know exactly what happened and then they collect evidence to support their theory. This is assbackwards investigating. All of these posts to the threads recent indicate what a great job law enforcement is doing. Count down the threads at the unsolved murders and several missing persons. Solve these guys and then I will post what a good job your doing. You want the public's respect and confidence then stop bumping your gums and earn it.
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#19 Aug 3, 2007
Like it or not, that is the story that has been passed around town. That is fact. The topic, I THOUGHT, was about the who, what, when, etc... No one can prove or disprove anything right now (and probably never will) because there isn't anything going on in this investigation. Chalk up one for the cold case files.

Of course, there is always the possibility that there are people that don't want the truth to be told.

Just here... I don't blame you for expressing your feeling and knowledge of the family. But, just like everyone else in this world, unless you live in the house and are part of the family inside the home, you can't ever be sure of what type of exterior the family put on for the public.

And that, my dear readers, is my OPINION.
just here

Saint Rose, LA

#20 Aug 3, 2007
everyone is intitled to their opionion...its just sad some go so far out there to make things up about good people because they have nothing better to do. I dont believe though that melinda and the kids would put on the act of the grieving family if the rumors had any truth whatsoever to them. i know i wouldnt. no i did not live in the house but just because of that does not mean i do not know the facts of the case...the facts that the public do not know...because not too much has been said about it. it was in the paper what? twice if that...the story did not get enough attention from the beginning. if it had the killer would be caught by now. im not going to defend what i know to anyone...

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#21 Aug 3, 2007
maybe the killer got a free pass
just here

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#23 Aug 7, 2007
just saw this on ! THANK GOD!!!! This is what our police are for!!! Im so glad they got him!!!

8/7/2007 1:15:00 PM

Natchitoches Parish Deputies have concluded a 2 year investigation into the murder of Natchitoches reisdent Tim Mitchell, and the attempted murder of Mitchell's 15 year old son, with the arrest of 21 year old David G. Sarpy.

According to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor E. Jones, Jr., Sarpy was charged with 1 count of 1st Degree Murder and 1 count of Attempted 1st Degree Murder for the invasion of the Mitchell home on Fish Hatchery Road, during the early morning hours of June 26, 2005. Sheriff Jones said during the break-in, the 15 year old boy was attacked while asleep, but struggled with Sarpy, causing a commotion that alerted his dad. Sheriff Jones said that when Tim Mitchell ran into the room to help his son, he was shot 3 times at close range and killed. Then the youth was shot twice as Sarpy fled the scene. Fortunately, the youth survived his wounds. Sheriff Jones said Sarpy was free on probation for burglary convictions at the time of the crime. Sheriff Jones said Sarpy chose to break into the Mitchell home because it is located along a sparsely populated area of Fish Hatchery Road. Sarpy did not know the Mitchell's, or have any connection to them.

Sarpy, a life long resident of Natchitoches Parish, is currently being held in the Rapides Parish Detention Center.
grande queso

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#25 Oct 5, 2007
hey this was really fun reading.i am Tim's youngest son and i had nothing else to do. it is really great to know that my family has influenced people i don't have any clue who they are though.i appreciate those of you.also please don't judge the police system or anyone for that matter.not even Sarpy, please remember to show love to people like this.he needs our help.any way we look at it my father was saved and he wasn't.i personally would rather accept the fact of my father dead in heaven then him dead in hell with my father alive.this has been a fun experience and i hope you all have a blessed day!:)
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#26 Oct 5, 2007

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