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Is Dixie Youth Baseball Fair to your Kids?

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Mike Herret

Mobile, AL

#101 Jun 19, 2008
I have been coaching in Daphne Dixie Youth for five years. I've coached at every level but Ozone. I have coached both in the fall and All-stars. I started coaching my daughter in T-ball with a team "given" to me. As a newcomer to the system, I just wanted to teach the kids the game. I knew one child, my daughter. We went 10-0 and had a lot of fun. My daughter only played that one year of T-ball. I made a bond with my assistant coach and continued to coach up through the ranks with his son as my "protected" player. The next year, I drafted a player in my first year of coach pitch in the third round who has a father in the Coast Guard. He was not able to commit the time necessary as a coach because his job "kept him in the water" frequently. Subsequently, this young man became my second and last "protected" player. I have had one of these boys for all five seasons and the other for four. I am not an officianado of the Dixie Youth rule book, but I believe the draft system in Daphne is more than fair. Each team "protects" two players(usually the head and assistant coach's sons). Since I don't have a child in the league I am afforded these two players. They are both very good players who put in more than their share of extra work at home before and after practice. They are always rated in the first two rounds. There is no doubt they have been the foundation of my teams, but only an idiot will tell you two players make a winning baseball team. They definitely contribute more than their fair share, but we win because my assistant coach and I know what we're doing and know how to teach the game. We don't throw a tantrum or take it out on the kids when things don't go our way. In every year's draft, we do not get to pick another player until at least twenty players are gone. This past year, when we made our first "open" pick, we were in the middle of the fourth round. You don't see me whining to anyone who will read my four hundred repetitive posts. I am also man enough to admit a mistake. I coached "abideth's" son in the fall league before his first year of coach pitch. I thought then and still think highly of his son and his baseball ability. It's true, I informed him the only way I would be able to draft his son in the upcoming season is if he missed the tryout and "fell" to the bottom of the list. However, there was no "offer" only the thought. That was an error in judgement on my part, but don't believe for a second he took the "high road" in this situation. I believe he wanted to coach his own team. That "loophole" has been eliminated anyway. If a player does not show up to the assesment, we put his name in a hat and the "hat" cannot be picked out of until after the fifth or sixth round. I do not believe any coach has x-ray vision or the names are written in braille. We (our team) have had good drafts and not so good drafts. I have gone undefeated and finished in third or fourth place. After the first four rounds, the draft is a crapshoot anyway. Of course it helps when a coach knows a kid, but there are too many scorekeepers eyes on these kids at the evaluation to "sandbag" their results. Professional leagues spend millions of dollars in scouting and they have "busts" in the first round, so don't give me this B.S. about the draft being rigged or unfair.
Mike Herret

Mobile, AL

#102 Jun 19, 2008
Now, I'm not an idiot and know that any coach worth his salt is looking for that "competitive" edge and maybe a few get away with one player, but an unlikely number of scenarios would have to fall your way to make any real difference. For example, what number you draft in any particular round(the first round sequence is drawn out of a hat and the subsequent rounds are staggered by a computer chart based on the number of teams in the league) or if someone has their eye on a certain player and they pick ahead of you. Coaches are known to drop down a round or two to get a player they covet. The idea of appointing one person or anyone other than the coaches to pick the teams is not only idiotic, but opens the door for a whole new level of cheating. Are you kidding me?! I have always been respectful to you and kind to your son. Since you threw me under the bus, I'll return the favor. All of these redundant rants are coming from an individual who is bitter because he cannot coach in our system because he was thrown out of an All-Star tournament as a coach representing Daphne. To the best of my knowledge, the same rulebook he is so happy to quote states that if you are ejected from an All-Star tournament, you are banned at least one maybe two years from coaching in the regular season. I wonder why he didn't mention that? This is a prime example of someone who is trying to make himself bigger than the game. I'm as competitive and just as likely to blow a fuse in the middle of a game as anyone, but these are nine and ten year old boys. I coach because I love the game and love teaching the game. The next paycheck I get for all the countless hours of my free time I have given over the years will be my first. The opportunity to kick the "butts" of my fellow coaches is payment enough. At least I have the guts to reveal my name rather than throw stones behind an alias. I have never been kicked out of a game and I firmly believe there is no excuse for it. So, if you can't deal with the consequences of your actions Abideth, maybe you should take your talents elsewhere.

“Making it Right”

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#103 Jun 20, 2008
I one hundred percent agree with you, although I do not believe I'm bigger than the game. I'm a baseball coach first, conveniently hiding under the auspices of a doctor, and miss the game very much. I hope you can tell. I personally am very sorry the bus ran over you, but, frankly Mike what you feel you are going through is minimal, at the very least to the hell, I've been put through.

Put yourself in someone else shoes, and have someone take something away from you, a game both you and I love very dearly. Go to the park and feel the humiliation that I do. Why? Because a guy gets tossed? You can't fathom it.

It's a double standard. How many coaches in our league gets thrown out of games? How many sit for two years (it will be around 20 months before I can coach in that league. How many board members hae gotten tossed? Have they sat for even a game? HOW IS THAT FAIR?

You said that I'm hiding myself under the guile of a computer screen. Really, only the fine people in the Natch league don't know who I am. No ones hidng. And anyway, why are you so ticked at me. Tell me what in the heck, have I really done?

I agree this isn't the best method of telling my story, but its about the only one I have.

Why am I so bitter, people ask? The vast majority, the sour people out there, think I think my kid got jobbed and that's why I'm ranting. Mike you don't know me, but you probably can figure out it has nothing to do with that at all. Some will say it's because of my son being on a bad team. Wrong again, but partially true, the coach flat out didn't care. But that's NOT why I'm typing this. And your right again, I did get tossed this time last year.

I did sit out my 1 game suspension. I did talk to the district commissioner and our past president concerning the matter. I thought it was over. The previous president gave no indication that any further action would be taken. Again, I thought it was over. I realize that the local board could further add more suspension if they deemed necessary. I'm fairly embarrassed at that point, however, I've been in baseball for 40 years.

The previous president called me, some three to four months later AND ASKED ME, if I could to coach one of the fall league teams. Would you suspend a guy four months later when you just asked him to coach the fall league? Common sense would tell most of us, no.

“Making it Right”

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#104 Jun 20, 2008
I go to sign up my boy 3-4 months later and told them I'd like to coach. You know the deal. They tell me no, they decided to give me a one year. No one spoke to me, no one asked me one question, and as far as I know it not one board member was there. Am I peeved? I was there I darn well know it. How would you feel if your name was thrown under the damn bus, train and the whole city, for that matter? Has anyone on this board heard of "due process?" I'm a "gym rat" and a teacher of the game and had my license taken away for as far as I'm concerned from people using mere happenstance and conjecture. I'm still waiting for a call from someone there telling me to "tell my side of the story." Would anything change Mike? Maybe, maybe not, but, I would have had, at least, my chance to tell my side of the story, to clean up my GOOD name.

I'm deeply sorry for the "bus incident." Part of the rant was because I was falsely accused of cheating during the draft when a person, I suppose on the board, got her people and names crossed. I'm tired of the false accusations, and, just like you Mike, would want their good name cleansed.

Mike, I'm sorry for the way I handled it. Personally, I understand if you believe I'm a "schmuck". I'm not arguing that I'm not. I didn't always act like one. Just recently. I guess that's what happens when a bus runs over you....and backs up, only to do it again.
Original Sports Guy

San Angelo, TX

#105 Jun 20, 2008
preface - at the risk of upsetting/alienating our eastern brethren 1) I thought this was about "NATCHITOCHES" Dixie Youth, not "DAPHNE"? 2) Abideth, to me, it seems your points (whether valid or not) are being overridden by an extreme over-the-top emotion at YOU missing out on what YOU love to do. This is about the kids, for the kids, not for those of us who are no longer in the game. I now see why the saying "Living vicariously through our players" has taken on a negative meaning. You are too attached to what it is YOU love and not listening/understanding that this forum is about what's best for the kids.
If the rule says, which should be clear and defined long before pitch one is thrown, that you'll sit for a year if ejected - then sit and take it like a man. I for one find NO REASON a Dixie (or any YOUTH LEAGUE) coach should be ejected - it means they are not suited for teaching/leading children who will only emulate our actions. C'mon folks - these are, from what I'm reading, 5-8 year old boys and girls who probably really don't give a hoot a month later anyways. If the parents are creating this mess, maybe the parents (and I mean coaches) need to step aside and reevaluate just why they are in it...
Just thinking outloud
P.S. I coached both my daughter and son, won some, lost more, and NEVER felt the need to harrass the umpires or players to the point that ejection was the only remedy. I officiated as well and maybe because I've been on both sides I am more compassionate, but still, this is a GAME.
Mike Herret

Mobile, AL

#106 Jun 20, 2008
I personally have no problem with you. In fact, I've always thought of you as a good coach. You don't go undefeated without knowing what you are doing(no matter how good your team is). When we worked together in that fall season, I could see that you knew what you were doing. Your son's ability is a reflection of your coaching. I had a player on my team this year that you had on your team last year. His parents had nothing but good things to say about you and I concurred. However, alienating the very people who have control of your fate is probably not the best way to go. I remember having a conversation with you this year and offered some unsolicited advice: Be remorseful, be a model parent, keep quiet from the sidelines and you will be back in the "game." Up until last night when several people told me to check out this sight, I figured you were doing just that. The only reason I responded was to defend myself and the league, which quite frankly, does not engage in a fraction of what other leagues do. Why do you think there have been only one or two teams in twenty years to win the district tournament in All-Stars? Daphne could do more to be competitive in All-Stars, but once you start down that slope, it is a slippery one. Having said that, I am not a board member and have no authority to reinstate anyone, but I do know that the people who run the league are stand-up people who are willing to give someone another chance. I know coaches who have been in the same situation and did their "time" quietly,respectfully and are now back. But, blasting the board members and the league on a forum like this is a death sentence. I know your passion for the game because I have seen it first hand, but sometimes a little humility goes a long way. P.S. No hard feelings.

Natchitoches, LA

#107 Jun 21, 2008
Let me say this for all of you out there. I have been involved in sports for many years. It doesnt matter what group you play in - Dixie, Pony, USSSA, etc., politics run the show... The people who suck up to the directors are the people who get the most gimmes. All because these people know that without sucking up to the BIG DOGS (haha) their kids couldnt get it on their own. so they coach, they become staff, they are directors and they are LOSERS!!!!!!!They sit back and ridicule others and cheat kids that truly deserve to be there all so their own egos are fed and they feel fulfilled for once in their sad lives! The deal is when they get to high school ball - the joke is on them....Unless of course like some people in this community - they decide to assist and coach in high school ball so their kids can continue to play in spots they still dont deserve!!! Are you getting the picture?

Sweetwater, TX

#108 Jun 21, 2008
You sound pretty bitter, i take it your kid sucks at baseball. no big wig here, just workin folk with kids who CAN play ball and work hard at practice. As for high school ball, the vast majority of St. Mary's ball players are former dixie players, no joke on them, they're just talented boys. I can't think of any big wigs that made my kids allstar team either, one parent is a welder, one is a secretary, one works shutdowns, one works in logging, another parent is unemployed, one dad is disabled. Why don't you give us an example of what you're talking about.
baseball coach

Sugar Land, TX

#109 Jun 25, 2008
There is a problem or 2 with this idea.

1. What are you going to use for your "fan base" ? Most parents only see the kids of other teams when they play the team there son is on.

2. You stated that every team should have an "all star" your reasoning was ( I guess ) is that if the draft was done correctly that every team would have an "all star " .
The problem I have with this is it assumes that the best "PROJECTED" 12 players at the beginning of the year will be the best 12 at the end.
I do not believe that system works out.If it does find yourselves some new coaches because everyone is drafting and no one is building.
I do believe someone who follows your program should be able to project 6 or 7 maybe up to 9 beond that you are quessing.
To build a good "allstar team, as you know, you have got to have lots of good pitching. 2 good catchers and after that go with the hot sticks. The hot stick in week 1may not be the hot stick in the last 3 or 4 weeks of the season.
The defence will normally take care of it self by useing this proccess.
If an allstar team is not made up of the best 12 players as judged by the coaches then you have just another team ( with better uniforms ) I know when you get to the bubble kids that politics will be involved thats hard to get around. I said it once and I will say it again , take the kids that will lead your allstar team and get there input before you go into the room to cast your votes.
Abideth wrote:
MLB has players from all teams.
The All Star Selection Process
Here is the way, the most fair way, to select teams for an All Star squad, and, here is the way some Dixie Youth Baseball leagues select theirs. You’ll notice fan voting, player voting and managerial selction are the three main processes and that every team has a representative.
Major League Baseball Selection of players
Here is the way, the most fair way, to select teams for an All Star squad, and, here is the way some Dixie Youth Baseball leagues select theirs. You’ll notice fan voting, player voting and managerial selction are the three main processes and that every team has a representative.
Fan voting: Baseball fans vote on the starting position players for the All-Star Game, with ballots distributed at baseball games before mid-season and, more recently, on the Internet. When the game is played at an American League park, the designated hitter for the AL team is also selected in this manner.
Player voting: As of 2005, pitchers and one back-up player for each position are elected by the other players. If the top vote-getter at a certain position is also being voted in via fan voting, then the second-place finisher in this category is chosen for the team.
Manager selection (first): The manager and the Commissioner's Office will fill the roster up to 31 players.
Final vote: After the lists of 31 players for each league is announced, fans will vote for one additional player, chosen from a list of 5 players provided by the manager and the Commissioner's Office.
Manager selection (second): After the final vote, the manager and the Commissioner's Office will replace players who are injured or declined to participate. Each major league team is guaranteed to have at least one player selected to participate.
child of god

Sweetwater, TX

#110 Jun 25, 2008

Huntsville, AL

#111 Jun 26, 2008
Child of God...that is very touching and God was looking out for your son when he put him on that coaches team. I think a lot of the coaches start coaching, because they want to be involved on that level with their own children and they don't realize, until it happens, the positive impact they can have on all the children on their team. Then, it is those children that truely need and appreciate that coach, that makes all the time and efforts that coach puts in worth it and keeps them coming back each year. Not only is your son blessed by the coach, but your son is a blessing to the coach. I am sure your coach feels pride in watching your son learn, grow and enjoy his time playing baseball.
Amy Smith

Bakersfield, CA

#112 Jun 26, 2008
Dixie Baseball isn't fair to kids - they don't learn how to play REAL baseball. They should be playing PONY Baseball - PONY plays by MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Rules (tapered age appropriately).


#113 Jun 29, 2008
I have had the opportunity to coach two years running (7&8 yr. old, Buddy Ball). I do not have a son on the team, but I started coaching when my brother-in-law asked me to help with my nephew's team. Some ask why? Why continue to help coach when there is no direct connection to the kids. My answer is ...."nothing gives me more joy than to see those kids make it to base and then score. Nothing better than a kids face when they catch a fly ball in the outfield. And even more than that... a parent aproaching me after a game or the season and telling me thank you. "Thanks for taking the time out your busy day and spending it teaching my kid about leadership, dedication, listening skills ,and passion. Thats why I do what I do, its for the kids. Someone did it for me when I was growing up and I am paying back the favor. Just can't wait till next year!!!! Columbia, MS {See ya'll at the World Series}


#114 Jul 3, 2008
Well our Dixie Youth is fair sometimes in the Spring they do a blind draft/ The All Stars is picked by the best players on each team. But my son just got done with 7&8 All Stars. They practiced every night for 3 weeks. They played about 8 scrimmage games. Then we get to the tournament and there are two full competitive teams in Dixie Youth. Well needless to say we placed 3rd. We were the best out of all the Rec Ball All Star teams. So what is the point of getting into the all stars if you are going to get slaughtered. Those two teams slaughtered everyone they played by the slaughter rule. Those teams have played together for years since t-ball. We practiced together as a team for about 3 weeks. So how is that fair?

Pittsburgh, PA

#115 Mar 2, 2009
my son play and he like the sport
i seen a coach for this season practing already with his white playeers

Tyler, TX

#116 Mar 4, 2009
Our organization, Chapel Hill Baseball Association, if joining the Dixie organization after spending many years in Texas Teenage. The same complaints that many of these folks are listing are the same that I have heard through my children playing in TTA and in Little League. You always hear the ones who complain about how unfair things are, but as has been pointed out in several posts, these same parents are not the ones who volunteer their time to see that their child has a good experience. As a former league president, and current coach and umpire coordinator, I have had the opportunity to speak with many on the "unfairness" of the baseball league in which they belong. However, when I present the opportunity for them to meet with me or to actually do something other than gripe, they do not show. I have found that it does not matter how "fair" you try to draft or run your organization, there will always be those who can think of nothing better to do. They do think we are a babysitting service. Parents have responsibilities too--and,that means making sure that their children behave and act as they should. I am a coach who takes my duties to heart and will not hesitate to tell a parent to control their children or to even take them home if they are disrupting the practice or game.

We have a board of 13 who serve without pay, most coach, we do have a check and balance system on funds, and, most of us spend several months doing this. We have a single season, but our time still runs from late November to August.

As the saying goes, "Step up to the plate." When one serves, one will have a different perspective.

By the way, this will be the third season that I have served, along with my wife, without having a child playing. This year, I return to coaching for a team that I have no connection other than my son, who is a senior in high school, and, wants to help coach. FYI, I was his coach for several years, he did get to play where I thought he helped the team. His talent got him the position, not being a coach's son. On his high school team, he is the starting shortstop and one of the starting pitchers. These are the same positions that I "allowed" him to play when I coached. His hard work has paid off as he has received many college offers to play baseball and been selected for All District and All East Texas baseball teams.

Again, I say stop talking and get active.

Texarkana, TX

#117 Jun 8, 2009
seesall wrote:
It's written in the DYB rules that every child has to play at least 3 innings (use to be 3, maybe it's changed now) so, don't sit there and say that they NEVER play. We always taught our kids to do whatever the coach said, if the coach thought it best to sit it out, then be the best cheerleader that you can be and support your teammates.
The ones who always complain, never get involved. Try joining the ones who spend months on end to run the organization, and do not get 1 penny for it. Do you think you could spend 10 months out of the year for a project that didn't pay you to do it? Most don't, but don't bash the ones that do, because they're doing the best they can. I suggest you get involved more. Have your phone ring off the hook, people flag you down in traffic, and always have to hear every complaint from everybody....then, you'd see a different light.
Everytime someone is critical of the coaching or the running of a youth organization they get the same old response, "why don't you get involved". The truth is you don't want them involved because then chances are good your son or daughter would not be playing the position YOU WANT THEM TO PLAY!
I coached my oldest son when he was playing youth sports, he is now 20, and I cannot believe how much parents have changed in the past few years now that I am coaching my 11 year old. Between Daddy Ball, Coaches not following the rules when it comes to the draft and the comments you hear through the fence from parents now is sad. I coach for a couple reasons; to make sure the kids on my team get playing time, attention in practice and most importantly continue to enjoy the game so that when they move into middle school the kids want to participate in sports.
All you guys say what you want, but I am very involved and do get the calls at odd hours, and do have to pick up and take home kids and do deal with the uniform problems, running the concessions, scorebooks and everything else that goes along with youth sports. Just do the right thing guys and stop firing back "why don't you get involved" because you have no idea how stupid you sound.

United States

#118 Jun 26, 2009

Since: Jun 09

Plainview, TX

#119 Jun 26, 2009
Simply not true. I don't consider myself "popular", and didn't coach my kid this year, but he did great! Can you explain that?
Have you considered the possibility that your child may not be the athlete you think he/she is?
Some kids are talented in other areas...academics, arts/music, etc. If you want your children to excel on the field, here's a novel idea. Work with them at home! Coaches at this level need parents to cooperate. There are some great coaches here, but they aren't miracle workers.



Since: May 09


#120 Jun 26, 2009
nolafan wrote:
Simply not true. I don't consider myself "popular", and didn't coach my kid this year, but he did great! Can you explain that?
Have you considered the possibility that your child may not be the athlete you think he/she is?
Some kids are talented in other areas...academics, arts/music, etc. If you want your children to excel on the field, here's a novel idea. Work with them at home! Coaches at this level need parents to cooperate. There are some great coaches here, but they aren't miracle workers.
Once That Kid Got The Hell Away From You He Probably Did Do Better! He Didn't Have To Be So A Shamed! Your Big Fat Rolly polly A$$ Out Their Acting Like You Know Something! I Bet You even Have a Hard Time Trying To Get Your Husband To Fuk You! but At Least You Understand That Kids Can Mean Security For Ugly Fat Big Split Women Like You!!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha

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