Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins an...

Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term

There are 23479 comments on the El Paso Times story from Nov 2, 2010, titled Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

Republican Gov. Rick Perry has defeated Democrat Bill White to win a third four-year term as Texas governor.

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Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX

#20777 Oct 18, 2013
he knows and waco suck eachothers little [email protected]

Wichita, KS

#20778 Oct 18, 2013
My point exactly Defiant1. Let's hear it for Santa and the Easter Bunny! Just say no to every incumbent in Washington!

Hondo, TX

#20779 Oct 18, 2013

Hondo, TX

#20780 Oct 18, 2013

Hondo, TX

#20781 Oct 18, 2013

Corpus Christi, TX

#20782 Oct 18, 2013
On Tuesday, the 33 veterans and military groups of The Military Coalition stood together at the World War II Memorial to demand that Washington end the shutdown. And last night, Washington finally listened. The shutdown is over -- but our work to support vets and their families is not.

For IAVA, the end of this shutdown means preparing for the next one. Because, unfortunately, Washington could be back to playing political games again come January. We must ensure that veterans are never vulnerable because politicians can’t do their job. That is why we are urging Congress right now to pass advanced funding for the entire VA, so that VA services never again are interrupted by political posturing. It’s also time to get back to work to end the backlog, which still affects 435,000 veterans.

But we can’t do any of this without you. Help us fight against another shutdown. Click here:

https://secure.iava.org/donate-now ...

to donate $20 or whatever you can today.

For 16 days, Washington used the men and women who serve this country as pawns in their political games, putting at risk the disability and education benefits that are a lifeline to veterans and their families. The progress made on reducing the VA disability benefits backlog stalled. Critical VA services were suspended. And families of the fallen were forced to rely on charity to be able to travel to receive their loved one. The impact of the shutdown was so far-reaching that demand for non-profit veterans assistance programs like our Rapid Response Referral Program increased by as much as 500 percent.

It was -- and still is -- disgraceful. Give what you can today to help us fight for veterans every day.


-- Team IAVA


Since: May 12


#20783 Oct 18, 2013
Defiant1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Sounds like business is good. I like reloading. I use mostly Hornady and Sierra for revolver loads and Barnes for rifle. Have yet to take that 460
Rowland that I put together out on a hog hunt, but I have some pretty hot
Buffalo Bore ammo for it.
They've taken two black bears here in the last two days.Got a 350 pounder myself.

Hondo, TX

#20784 Oct 18, 2013

Hondo, TX

#20785 Oct 18, 2013

Deer Park, TX

#20786 Oct 18, 2013
Bernard Forand wrote:
<quoted text>
Very good defiant but not totaly accurate. Lets take a step further. Republicans are still in denial. Viewing future negotiations and debates with tainted ideologies.
Presenting demands for debt reduction when there is debt reduction evolving. Thus far Obama has cut deficit annual debt in half from the 2008 deficit that was consuming our nation. This they fail to recognize.
Obamacare as an investment for expanding employment and health to the nation. This they can not and will not comprehend.
Inequality of our laborers productivity distribution. This they fail to recognize.
Starving the middle class dynamo of its fuel to produce has been demonstrated by their desires on more than one occasion. This they comprehend. How that relates to the financial destruction of our nation is what they fail to comprehend.
Leveling the fields of financial inequality? Dogmatically objecting while feeding the top of the pyramid, increasing ever further the inequality and reducing available fuel for the middle class dynamos. This they comprehend !
Americans have voiced their concerns on these issues on several occasions that republicans have continuously ignored. As they gather themselves up from the recent failed debacle of their invention, what is it they seek?
Not a replay of the bruising defeat of their archaic tactic of hostage / ransom but to once again return to square one and start over again. All the time wasted in-between is to be forgotten? Failing to bring up bills for debate on issues that are pressing our nation. Illuminating how failed leadership can not proceed to progression as they are preoccupied with redundant strategies of restart, restart, restart. Subject-ting our congress to the least productive in our nations history.
We The People are not appreciating that intelligent leadership is using our congress for mere hands on education for unqualified candidates in authority. A means to identify and expel incompetent leadership within congress should be called out. Just as teachers must identify the child that is failing to comprehend their education and take the necessary steps to rectify that problem that benefits all concerned. So should it be to our leadership and those that distract our capabilities to progress.
An employer that does not address the failing of an employee’s productivity, is compromising the integrity of the employer’s establishment. How can we ask anything less from those in authority?
"Obamacare as an investment for expanding employment and health to the nation. This they can not and will not comprehend."

Investment my ass. It has and will continue to be a job killer.There is so much wrong with your post, but I don't have all night to waste oon it.

Deer Park, TX

#20787 Oct 18, 2013
waco1909 wrote:
<quoted text> They've taken two black bears here in the last two days.Got a 350 pounder myself.
Bear is good eating if it's cooked right.

Hondo, TX

#20788 Oct 18, 2013


Since: May 12


#20789 Oct 18, 2013
Defiant1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Bear is good eating if it's cooked right.
Ran into the bear accidentally, shot it with a .243 .My girlfriend is an excellent cook.The.243 is underrated,I think.

Hondo, TX

#20790 Oct 18, 2013
new black panthers

United States

#20791 Oct 18, 2013
we use a 7.62x51 on ar platform to do white pig hunting.

Shreveport, LA

#20792 Oct 19, 2013
new black panthers wrote:
we use a 7.62x51 on ar platform to do white pig hunting.
Good for you, BOY.
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#20793 Oct 19, 2013
Winds of change, as natural as can be, is being demonstrated by our leadership state on politics, California.
Oh how they emulated our nation with partisan paralysis and government dysfunction. A place where runaway deficits, gridlocked budgets and voter initiatives suppressed.
Slashed by the power of their legislators. Circuses of recalls sprang up and climaxing with recalling a governor with but 10 months in his second term.
Presently California has once again taken the lead of leadership.

Celebrating with parades of bill signings that were never the norm before are becoming common place. Sharp difference from the National political agenda, that have so much difficulty in addressing any issue and finding a solution.

California is now the acrimony of our national shameful dysfunctional congress. California has moved on school financing, immigrations, gun control, and abortions. California has moved on to new frontiers of political problems as they arise

Striking a tone for fiscal issues and productivity moderation under a one party rule of the democrats. Only 3 years ago a republican governor held power. Presently the republicans have been dismissed to a point of irrelevance. House, Senate and Executive branches are now completely under democrat control.

Sacramento is presently demonstrating the benefits of on party rule under democratic rule. Eliminating partisanship rule they have republicans now voting on immigration reforms ! Democrats voting for streamlining environmental regulations ! Something unheard of before, as stated by Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California. How you may ask?

Nonpartisan commission drew the lines for districts voters representations. No longer under the biases of a calculating political party.
Voters approved of removing stringent term limits on their representatives and senators. Increasing experienced lawmakers who are not always ruling with their eyes on the horizon for the next election cycle. Adding experienced politics with focused senators and representatives.… Results..

Republican Anthony Cannella co-sponsored a bill with Democrat Governor Brown on permitting unauthorized immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. Stating that he is no longer stringently held to the republican base, as a result of the independent nonpartisan commission drawing the lines for district voters.“It’s given more courage to my Republican colleagues,” he said.“They were afraid of getting primaries. Now, it’s not just their base they have to appeal to.”

Adam Mendelsohn a senior republican advisor championed the ballot changes.
“It gives Republicans the chance to break from their caucus on certain issues,” he said.“It is very different than it was four or five years ago.”

Democrats are also feeling the changes. J. Stephen Peace head of Independent Voters sites an example; “Look at the Chamber of Commerce job kills list — every measure on it was defeated except the increase in the minimum wage.”

Kathy Feng executive director of Common Cause analysis ; “They have already started to create a more functional Legislature ”“In light of the shutdown on the federal level, what happened in California has provided even more of a contrast.”

Sam Blakeslee {R} head of the California Reform Institute ; “We can already see that these reforms are improving the function of the Legislature and forcing people to come out of their partisan boxes and talk to the broader electorate,”“We’re seeing, almost against the odds, a more centrist Legislature, at least when it comes to jobs and budget issues.”
Once again California has discovered the political leadership to eradicate us from the dysfunctional by partisan party ideology that plagues this nation.“As California goes, so does the nation”….
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#20794 Oct 19, 2013
Right Wing Zealots are going under investigation for human rights violations through out the world. One more example is with Greece who has just lifted the immunity on all extreme right wing personnel. They are now subject to criminalization, fines and civil law suites. Emulating other nations that are fed up with their right wing zealots.
Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, etc., etc,
Let us all gather at the river and follow the flow for eliminating this hatred plague from our humanities here in the USA.
new black panthers

United States

#20795 Oct 19, 2013
we gonna kill some whitey today. it will be the day of reckoning for some whitey peoples. they dont deserve to live, whitey or the babies he has. thats right we need to kill the white babies too. as you can see we will neva be charged for this. if oj simpson can do it any black man can do it if cought. we will kill some whites today.
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#20797 Oct 19, 2013
The Myth of America.
Nixon to Bush 2008 and all republicans in between have advocated support to policies that serve to increase inequality within our financial institutions. Results are not supportive for a nation that had one time been the leader of the free world. America the land of opportunity has faded into the realms of Myths. Inequality has grown. Emulating similar depths of financial inequality to the Great Depression’s. Republicans maintain and advocate redundant failed ideologies. From the least of them to the greatest, all promote in one measure or another, to increase our inequality. Sweden’s , for one example has already demonstrated their success in stabilizing their inequality problems. USA continues to increase inequality and their affects are divesting to our democracy’s security.
Observe our Health Care and how long it has been suppressed by republicans as they continue to do so. Children in poverty in the USA have reached third world standards. Lack of health and escalating poverty, compounds a higher probability for collapse, ruin of our nation. How do we measure up through the eyes of the World Bank?
World Bank merits may not be acceptable to the some but I‘ll take their word over callow comments, any day... Never the less, you can take this to the Bank.
Health Care policies has been evaluated by the “World Bank” No doubt to determine our risk factors.
Medicaid programs have been scaled back.{“Poison Pill”} as one example. Increasing our losses to health issues.“Especially among the elderly and the impoverished. Life expectancy in the USA is 78 years, lower than Japan’s 83 years or Australia’s or Israel’s 82 years…. 2009 “World Bank” USA ranked fortieth overall, just below Cuba.
Infant and maternal mortality rate in USA is greater than Cuba, Belarus, Malaysia, to name a few. Impoverished USA civilians have a 10% lower life expectancy than those at the top.
1st in overall health care expenditure and
2nd in total health expenditure as % of GDP...but
37TH in the WHO ranking of the world’s health system performance...and
72nd in overall level of health!
44th of 224 countries in Infant mortality
121st of 223 countries in overall death rate
50th of 224 countries in life expectancy
Sources include the CIA Fact Book, the World Health Organization, and the United Health Foundation
Indicates its time for a cool, cool change in our Health Care systems.
http://neweconomy.net/content/wealth-inequali... video chart USA wealth Distributions. Its all about laborer’s productivity distributions.

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