John Casablancas modeling schools
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Jackson, KY

#21 Jun 29, 2010
FYI wrote:
To Whom It May Concern:
For purposes of this letter I will refer to myself as RH. I would like to make some things clear about John Casablanca's (JC). If the modeling world were a family JC would be the family member who has a different "the greatest business opportunity" for you everytime you see him.
About six months ago I attended an open call session with Manhattan Modeling Search. These people were totally up front and honest. They did not claim to be anything other than a scouting service and made know that they did not hire for jobs, rather scouted for other agencies. They also made know that in order to attend their regional show where you would meet their clients, their would be a cost. No biggie, at least they were honest and truthful, kudos to Manhattan Modeling Search!
Now that was my only encounter ever with anything to do with modeling, ever.
So three months down the road I get a call from a guy at JC in the EASTON Town Square in Columbus Ohio. He said, "Yeah, company X referred you to us so I would like to set up an appointment with you and discuss some things, remember to bring a photo of yourself."
First of all, company X was not Manhattan Modeling, so I knew that was a lie, because Manhattan was the only other company that I had ever dealt with.
Second of all, I knew that JC had never seen me before, because one, they wanted me to bring a picture, two, I never worked as a model or had ever been photographed.
So this guy is not starting off on my good side at all; I didn't say it, but I knew the only reason they were calling me is because JC had bought my name off a mailing list somewhere, so at best this was a waste of time.
Still, I had my doubts as to how much of a farce JC was. So I decided to do some extensive research and cross referencing. I found much more negative material than good about JC.
Now, I'll admit, the gentlemen on the phone never made any promises to me; however, in most of the complaints I read about JC, said that they really didn't let "the cat out of the bag" until you where in the office.
exactly right...and the "cat won't be let out of the bag" until u arrive there, and i also attended a center in Ohio...i know they are liars and CONS!!!and i drove from Kentucky... but you live and u learn. and i learned them real quick like!

Ann Arbor, MI

#22 Jul 8, 2010
PB Lover wrote:
I paid out of my rear for my oldest daughter to go to JC's modeling school and what a total waste of money. They're a scam and only out to take your money. My daughter went to another school and has had no problem getting modeling assignments.
what school did she go 2 cuz my mom just paid 200 bucks to get me in
I am an LA agent

Columbus, OH

#23 Jul 21, 2010
FYI wrote:
We discussed the photographer one more time and finally agreed to use one of her photographers as long as my cost was no more than $75. She agreed to call the next day. Well, several messages later, and I didn't hear back from her for a week (8/30). Now, she had talked with other people in the industry and t\ey said my daugher didn't need prof. head shots or comp cards, that I should submit snapshots by that Saturday.
I overnighted the pictures on 9/2, called to let them know they were on the way, called that Saturday (9/3) to find out if they were received, got a message from someone in the office saying she was sure they got there, but I wasn't able to confirm they were received until that Tuesday (9/6).
I then left three or four more messages between that week and the next and at least one more message on her cell and have never heard back since. The whole experience screamed "[...]"! All of a sudden, my daughter was not as valuable to them when I refused to shell out $375.
I would strongly caution any parent considering signing a contract with JC to think twice, as their practices were anything but professional.
THIS LADY IS NUTS!! I am an agent in LA now, we ALL need photos to market people. Otherwise, how can we do our jobs of marketing your child. I don't blame the girl at JC, I wouldn't work with you just because you are difficult. Don't you spend money on photos of your children anyway?? Not to mention on other types of lessons. You just enjoy the drama. It is parents like you that make working with your children miserable! Stay out of the business.

Union City, GA

#25 Oct 26, 2010
can anyone give me the name of the modeling agencies that actually did find work for their models.

Nashville, TN

#26 Oct 29, 2010
When I was 14 (13 years ago) I joined John Casablanca. I found that it gave me some self confidence. Otherwise that was all. I think you can tell by looking at the people in the classes that they will take just about anyone. I know that sounds mean, but it is what it is. You're not going to get modeling or acting jobs from this. You will however learn about make-up, nutrition, and self image. So for those things it's fine, but don't get your hopes up for starting a modeling career. You should NEVER pay for an agent! Only pay for head shots.
Get Real

Madison, TN

#27 Oct 29, 2010
Julie wrote:
When I was 14 (13 years ago) I joined John Casablanca. I found that it gave me some self confidence. Otherwise that was all. I think you can tell by looking at the people in the classes that they will take just about anyone. I know that sounds mean, but it is what it is. You're not going to get modeling or acting jobs from this. You will however learn about make-up, nutrition, and self image. So for those things it's fine, but don't get your hopes up for starting a modeling career. You should NEVER pay for an agent! Only pay for head shots.
Thank you for stating that. If you have the right look then you should only have to shop around your portfolio. Ask anyone who's really been in the industry. Over the years I have had two modeling agencies located next to my business. And trust me they will take anyone. Our Saturday entertainment was watching the line of potential "models" parade through our parking lot. By the way the recruiters are commissioned sales people who must meet quotas for enrollment. I dated a girl who worked for JC and they do not even try to place their clients because they know it's futile to try. It's a huge joke to them also. Just because you think that your child is cute/pretty does not mean the fashion industry is going to take them. Teach your child something other than getting by on their looks as you are only setting them up for failure and a vapid existence.I may live in Nashville but I certainly know what the "look" is as I am a photographer who has shot for Vogue,Elle,Cosmopolitan and many major artist's album covers. If you really want to know if your child has it we have to very accesible super models who live here...Karen Ellison and Niki Taylor. Both own stores and are easily found. while you're at it ask them how very terrible the fashion industry treats models. If your child does make it be sure to save back plenty of money for rehab and shrinks as they will need them. Good luck!

Denver, CO

#28 Dec 22, 2010
Are thay a scam idk Im just want to know cuz image in it and I don't to get scamed

Mill Spring, NC

#29 Jul 13, 2012
Thanks to everybody who posted comments on here! I was just about to confirm an audition with JC over the phone. I'm so glad I researched this before I did. Thanks y'all!

Antioch, TN

#30 Sep 28, 2012
I took my son to John Casablancas a couple months ago, and he did the Preteen Modeling and Acting course. It cost nearly $1800, and then we still had to pay for his pictures. I do not feel that this was beneficial to him at all, and feel that it was a huge waste of money. The Brentwood office is extremely unorganized, with instructors constantly not showing up, the director not having time to deal with parent issues, and is just ultimately a disaster. I do not think my son learned much at all, and it seemed as if it was more of a daycare than a modeling and acting agency. He was supposed to be signed with the agency there afterwards, but I put a call in to the agency director and it was never returned. I decided to seek representation elsewhere, and found a great agency that offers packages for way less than John Casablancas, INCLUDING pictures. My son has already booked 3 jobs with this new agency, and I wish that I had found them before agreeing to waste money on John Casablancas. Please do your research before making the same mistakes I did.
N Murray

Nashville, TN

#31 Jan 14, 2013
Hey,so I as well have an interview/audition for John Casablanca on Wednesday and I'm not sure what to believe,if they are a scam or not.i don't want to spend money I don't have so is this a good idea? I really want to start an acting career but don't know where to look!

Nashville, TN

#32 Jan 26, 2013

Huntington Beach, CA

#33 Feb 19, 2013
im so glad i just decided to look into this john casablancas agency after just receiving a call from one of there secretaries asking for my daughter to attend one of there meetings in pasadena cal.well the reason i decided to look into their reviews is that the young lady i just spoke to seemed very agresive and eager for me to give her a "yes or "no" answer on the spot of whether or not my daughter was goingto attend the seminar,so when i said i had to look into my daughters schedule she got ather annoyed ,which i found rather odd.nowi can see why,they need so badly to recruit people over the phone ,their company must be going broke due to all the scams they have been pulling on all these people .im so sorry to hear,and glad i found out on time,for it would have sucked if they had taken us for a daughter is very beautiful and i know she has modeling potential,but i know we couldnt afford a loss of money like this.and it justplain sucks that there are agencies out there scamming people and ruinning there hopes nd dreams this way,what a shame!!!!

Elmhurst, IL

#34 Mar 27, 2013
I feel that I am being scammed by them... I pay all this money to get nothing out of it...

Elmhurst, IL

#35 Mar 27, 2013
Can someone please tell me where I can look for a better Agency than John Casablancas?? I don't want to waste my money on nothing but scams……

Mckees Rocks, PA

#36 May 27, 2013
FYI wrote:
Tell me if they are a scam or not. I just paid $1,725 to get my daughter into modeling school.
I attended John Casablanca's Modeling and Career Center in Pittsburgh, PA, and "graduated" in 2002. I would like to get my money back or at least some of it. They have not fulfilled their promises to get me into the [...] agency and I believe it was a big [...]!!! Can I do anything?
they are a huge scam! I used to work there...
Been there done that

Rochester, KY

#37 Jul 21, 2013
I attended JC's back in the late 90s when I was in highschool. Of course, me and my parents were suckered into it and they shelled out the cash for the classes. I graduated and never did anything with it other than the fact I can do my hair and make up like a pro. I signed up with some "modeling agency" recently and apparently it was JC...the girl called and was saying "Oh our director really wants to meet you, blah blah blah." They hadn't seen my picture! I also work and they weren't very willing to work around my work schedule. I said screw it, they're not getting another $2k outta me. It was extremely disorganized when it was in the old location too. It was amazing some of the people they suckered into the actual "modeling" classes...I know models come in all types, sizes, shapes, etc but some of the students were extremely overweight etc. I just think they're another racket to get folks money.

Detroit, MI

#38 Dec 2, 2013
Back in 2010 I attended an audition for the mall in was an American mall model search , I auditioned and made it I did runway and many other things. Then I got a call from jc in the Easton town center they told me I was recommended and they wanted to to interview me bc they were interested in me. So I went to the interview and brought a photo and the thing they mostly talked about was the money.... My parents decided not to put me in it so 2 years later passed and I got another phone call they said they were looking for models and actors who are interested and that the director was interested in me I was very excited ! So I went to the interview and I met this very pretty and nice lady and she took pic of me and asked me questions and I did a little commercial she ranked me from A-C a being very good only needing an agent B being good but need practice and C being sorry not interested . I was ranked a B she told me they would call me back in 2 days the next day they called me back and told me I was accepted and the directors were very interested . I was so happy & thought my dreams were becoming true! I went with my mom to jc for a meeting with the lady and I payed two thousand something dollars I forgot but it was alot... So then I began to start the training every other Saturday and the classes were going alright you met alot of people I liked it . Months passed and I kept going to the classes but I noticed they would always call in for the payments every month I was beggining to frustrate BC it was alot of $$ my parents are paying. They train you very well but what they do is make you get your hopes up .. I would defdenitly not reccomend John casablancas my thoughts now are its a east of money !!!

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