ClientLogic plans to add jobs

ClientLogic plans to add jobs

There are 164 comments on the Asheville Citizen-Times story from Feb 6, 2007, titled ClientLogic plans to add jobs. In it, Asheville Citizen-Times reports that:

The local ClientLogic call center plans to add 150 to 200 or more workers over the next few months following a merger with outsourcing company Sitel Corp., the head of local operations says.

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former employee

Buffalo, NY

#42 Sep 2, 2007
I currently work for the new Sitel and love my job. I have been promoted serveral times and things are continuing to look up. Like with any Job it is what you make of it. Seems a lot of you expect to just be given things in a place that has 100+ other people doing the same job as you. You need to stand out, you need to push above and you WILL get results.
This isn't to speak down to anyone just saying if you enter another type of industry its the same thing (trust me i know). If you want it do things to stand out, thats everything from buying your boss a coffee -to showing them something you did to improve your job. Do it.
complaining just encourages more complaining and that will carry over into your next job. And believe it or not, but EVERY public company has 6%$#$ policies for everyone to follow, welcome to the corporate world.
Like i said, its what you make of it. If you don't want to do it for yourself, then you just have yourself to blame for being in a dead end job.
From what I remember at my location almost everyone who was promoted was either demoted or let go eventually. The only safe place was on the phones until they decide its not profitable to stay in your city.

Albuquerque, NM

#44 Oct 1, 2007
I am or not. I survived only because I stop thinking anyone was going to change. The center them selfs will never be good. Look at the outsource contracts.. it not about happy people .. it is only about money. If company outsource caring about just bottomline and never a moral clause. People who work for these company will just have to have imagination that can take them away... :)
Sitel SUCKED-past tense

Hephzibah, GA

#45 Oct 17, 2007
I work for Sitel, and they suck!! Probably worse then CL. The merge has done nothing on our end either except change the job titles
We got handed out pens and new lanyards! To wear our spiffy badges on.
I hated that place. Sitel is the home of the devil. I don't miss it, and really wonder how I made it the 18 months I did without slitting my wrists.
James Johnson

Talala, OK

#46 Nov 6, 2007
I worked there and when I did not want to work there anymore I went to work at another place that treats me just as bad.
However I am going to join in the class action lawsuit.
Bama Boy

Dothan, AL

#47 Nov 6, 2007
Dag Gummit! I thought ya'lls were talkin''bout the Andalusia Sitel (Client Logic, Service Zone). Ever thang ya'lls done did said applys to us here too!!!!
hey mike lee

Las Vegas, NV

#48 Nov 27, 2007
ATTENTION ALL FORMER AND PAST CLIENT LOGIC EMPLOYEES: email , or call 800-714-0360, or email [email protected], or email [email protected] to join wage and hour lawsuit. Thank you.
hey mike lee

Las Vegas, NV

#49 Nov 27, 2007
ATTENTION ALL FORMER AND PAST CLIENT LOGIC EMPLOYEES: email , or call 800-714-0360, or email [email protected], or email [email protected] to join wage and hour lawsuit. Thank you.

Southampton, UK

#50 Dec 20, 2007
my husbands had to work xmas day boxing day and new yr day and only for single time with a day in lieu...wot a joke!!!

we have a young family and they are hardly going to see him even though someone voulnteered to work his xmas day shift the powers that be refused to let it happen.

my husbands a product specialist and works more than he's at home and even then his mobiles all ways hot cuz people need to know how to do summot.

he got made rudent from their in 2004 and i told him i wasn't happy for him to go bk but we had no choice as it was more money and things don't come cheap!
still on the inside

Quezon City, Philippines

#51 Jan 15, 2008
Riz Mehmood wrote:
Clientlogic now sitel whats in a name. If they can't sort the basics out what good are they to anyone. They are making crates of money but refuse to spend it on the employees instead their happy losing people hand over fist and recruiting people again. The place reminds me of a merry go round. They say they getting new work and then they cut jobs its really weird. Even mamagement dont stay we had 6 site Delivery Directors in less than a year.. CRAZY.. Our centre was closed down due to the wisdom of outsourcing which left many hundreds of employees out on their ear?? and a 1.5 years later their open again at the same site.. Individuals losing their pensions and livelihoods just for an experiment which went horribly wrong.. I really hope things are better now for the people who work there? The people who suffer most are the customers at the end of the day who pay for the place. The employer provinding an enept service with many failings and no one to address their concerns insted being passed from pillar to post. I know i have said alot but i know there are many thousnds of cl or sitel employees who feel the same way...
Not true - the client in this case BT removed the work and off shored it them selves - Due to the loss of the work, CL closed Derby and Bristol, both have now re-opened when the customer dis-sat went up through the roof, and BT started passing different work to CL.

Henderson, NV

#52 Jan 29, 2008
I hated CL (Las Vegas). When I worked there, I was one of only a few people that made it out of the class... and the next class pretty much all got through filling up the floor.

They then proceeded to train two more classes of people so when it was their time to get on the floor (we were pulled in for more training, specifically PSP training[as our department was for Sony]). When we got out of PSP training they pretty much had no place to put us or the new people, so they were pretty much axing people left and right. I was sick and I called out for a couple days and when I got back I was fired because I supposedly "no call, no showed". More like "we need a reason to get rid of you so we're inventing one".
Stephen Baker

Mineral Ridge, OH

#53 Feb 4, 2008
As a former Sitel employee, I have to tell you something. If they wish to get rid of you, they will accuse you of something that you did not do (I was accused to showing off my naked body in the men's room, which is a lie). As their way of twisting their dagger into your back, the managers will say that this decision was made "over their heads". I even threatened to sue them; it was my legal right to do so for they did not bother to produce any evidence against me, they relied mostly on heresay.
I even got a call from one of the employees telling me he knows where my family lives and that I had better "watch my back", as a means of stopping me from pursuing legal action. To this very day, I'm planning my revenge.
Nameless Employee

Asheville, NC

#54 Feb 17, 2008
Save yourself while you can - I work for the Asheville site and you're better off to work at McDonalds or a grocery store even! Management will literally kiss you feet when you first walk in the door, and after training, they want to hear nothing except the sound of your voice taking phone calls. They say they will train you, but if you ask a question during training, they generally ignore it and rush thru the training sesssions so fast you learn NOTHING other than enough to basically answer the phone and get yelled at because you weren't trained properly to do your job in the first place!!!!! Like I said, save yourself and do ANYTHING to keep from working here!

Red Springs, NC

#55 Feb 17, 2008
Dumb Redneck wrote:
Rule #1 - Don't work in the call center sector. Rule #2 - Don't get high off your own supply!
Please people go out and secure a job that requires some skill and will allow you to build your skills. This place exists because real progressive companies outsource a low value function of their core business. Don't work for a place who views you as a light bulb, if you burn out they'll just screw a new one back in.
Good advice, makes sense.
Dennis Justice

United States

#56 Feb 17, 2008
I'll post my name...SITEL SUCKS. Low pay, no advancement (since I do my job, not kiss rings), little respect. We lost the Bellsouth internet jobs to India, were told we were going to handle DirecTV calls (for us, a dream job), during day ONE of training they picked me to man the phones for Bellsouth even though the client was being dropped, meaning I would have been behind everybody else in training, making it harder for me to perform well and advance, frankly almost got fired for my blowup. Kinda moot anyway since "suddenly" DirecTV decided not to have us. Forced to work for Citizens Bank, the most hellish job I ever had. Nearly EVERY day I ask somebody what state they were in and someone said, "Philadelphia." Yes, they are THAT stupid!

Most of the employees were fine, but frankly, way too much PC-ness (I NEVER discuss politics nor religion in that hellhole). I don't mind others views but felt way too often mine were given little respect.

I know for a fact in other cities in this state similar jobs pay at least $2 more an hour.

Fortunately my wife is in an "easy" job and is doing well. But she lucked into it and it's not all sunshine for her, either. Lots of people getting away with stuff neither of us would ever do. The job I'm in now was great when it was 3rd shift and sales, I made some real money and treated much better, but they phased those jobs out and I'm 1st shift for much less.

Frankly, I'm only there at my convienence until I'm hired elsewhere. It's not a secret my resume is at a few places now.

My wife and I take the job of helping others seriously, while this company only takes care of itself.
Dennis Justice

United States

#57 Feb 17, 2008
Oh, and I forgot about the attendance bonus I was denied because I took my son to the emergency room (he was bleeding too much from a tooth removal and the dentist was closed). DESPITE federal laws stating they cannot deny me bonuses like that (Family Medical Leave Act), they refused my $500 bonus. I should have quit then but didn't have anywhere to go and with a family with bills to pay and Christmas season at the time I had to stay. When I finally quit I took a month off to unwind (I came into some money), then a month to find a job. I needed the break after 5 years of hell.
Nameless Employee

Asheville, NC

#58 Mar 4, 2008
One more thing to add to my prior post - If you feel you MUST work at a call center such as this - at least go to CPU2, it's another one in Asheville, but it pays about $2.00 more an hour. The waay I see it, if you're a masochist, at least be a "better-paid masochist"!

West Palm Beach, FL

#59 Mar 13, 2008
my friend lost his job at sitel. he loved it and i think it's a shame
Stephen Baker

Mineral Ridge, OH

#60 Mar 19, 2008
adeel wrote:
i want to work there
You have no idea what in the hell you are in for. I've worked there for two months as a LCR for the XM Radio campaign. Even though I considered myself a good asset, they tried to get rid of me though false charges of exposing myself in the men's room as well as hitting on a married woman. Well, they succeeded. To this very day, I wish that the Taliban would crash one of their planes into its corporate headquarters. If you want to work for Sitel, go ahead. But don't come crying to me once you have met a similar fate to mine. Unless you are a ally or the manager's "bitch", you won't go far. However, at least I kept my honor by refusing to do such things!
Stephen Baker

Mineral Ridge, OH

#61 Mar 19, 2008
tee wrote:
my friend lost his job at sitel. he loved it and i think it's a shame
Your friend has my sincerest sympathy. I'm sorry your friend got fired from Sitel. Don't worry, all good things come to those who wait...and are virtuous!
Stephen Baker

Mineral Ridge, OH

#62 Mar 19, 2008
Do you hear me, SITEL? As long as I'm still alive, I will continue to oppose you until your company goes down faster than a landslide on a mountain range! That goes for all of you who work at the Third Avenue Huntington, WV site, too! I hate you!!!!!!!!!!

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