Former Plastic Surgeon Christ Koulis ...

Former Plastic Surgeon Christ Koulis Found Dead - ...

There are 77 comments on the Nashville story from May 27, 2010, titled Former Plastic Surgeon Christ Koulis Found Dead - .... In it, Nashville reports that:

A former Nashville plastic surgeon convicted in the death of his model girlfriend has died Friday morning.

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Winnipeg, Canada

#45 Feb 17, 2011
I really think that Koulis wasnt convicted of more because of something called evidence. My whole time up here in Canada watching this I just thought...everyones in denial about this womans addiction. My brother is a crackaddict. Thats not my fault. I acknowledge it. When he DOES die, its not going to be any crack dealers fault. Lesa left her child to pursue a career in Hollywood, she wanted her back when she failed. I would never leave my child. You cant say im victimizing the victim either because there's no proof she's a victim. She woulda been dead with or without Koulis there and was just a high paid live in. Its sad because in the end, a child is left without a mother, a mother without a daughter and a sister without a sister. I'd like them to open their eyes, acknowledge that she was sick and forgive themselves for not seeing how she was!! And, if I was on the jury, it would have been hung. Of course, thats only from the evidence I heard. Oh and ya im an intelligent fat chick who hates men and is in love with one in a normal, drug free relationship. No, i dont hate skinny blonde women either!
RN recovr addict catholic

Burlington, KY

#46 Feb 22, 2011
After reading Bryan's post I decided to write something. Who the hell do you think you are to pass so many judgements on so many different groups of people?! I am catholic and a RN, who is in recovery. The death these two people met would probably be a walk in the park compared to living your life. We can all respectively disagree, but you should not even be able to post anything. Someone with your issues could end up being a drug addict to escpape the hell you live. So, before you make all these judements, you never know what life is going to throw your way. We all could say "I would never do that", but who knows what we will decide to do in the future. Obviously both of these two people had issues in the first place to risk what they had going for them for the sake of getting high. I feel for both of them and their families. So, Bryan one of these days you may end up all wet when all of a sudden you do not walk on water! Get some help! These two people needed help just like you do, so dont judge.

United States

#47 Feb 23, 2011
Didn't this guy have H.I.V. as well? How many people did he indirectly kill that way?
Eva RN

San Antonio, TX

#48 Mar 8, 2011
Arlington Heights, IL

It seems that most of you missed the point. Here we have two nice persons who unfortunately got addicted to drugs. From my personal experience Dr. Koulis was a very kind man and doctor.
You know very well that any addiction is hard to break (alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc); Especially with drugs the end results often are tragic. Instead of being so judgemental of others, and hurting thus the families of these people, pray to God and teach your family members to never-ever get involved with drugs

Just curious how you knew him

Pensacola, FL

#49 Jun 13, 2011
Educated opinion wrote:
"The only thing retarded and moronic here is all the recriminatory accusations going on the threads of this discussion. The deceased doctor suffered from some sociopathic disorder that caused him to be excessively possessive. He got Lesa Buchanan addicted to (1) assuage this own consciously over being an addict himself; and (2) to keep her under this constant control. He used the power of intimidation and drugs abuse to maintain his mastery over her. May he burn in hell.
That... about covers it.

Jonesboro, GA

#50 Jun 13, 2011
retarded, retarded, retarded. Get over it. Your child has a mental handicap or is mentally challenged. I can use retarded any way I chose. I am sick of this pc world and the people who have taken over words as if they own them. The poster did not make ref. to your child. You did that all on your own. retarded
Kharmachameleon wrote:
Good riddance to Dr Khoulis who was a predator and would have continued to find women to victimize and control. As his own lawyer stated he was an emotionally immature man who was a sociopath and should never have become a doctor. Thankfully no more women and children will be exposed to this pathetic little wannabe doctor who could only maintain a relationship with women by dominating them with drugs...... Kharma Dr. KJoulis....Rest in peace Ms. Buchanan.
Oh and by the way please don't gratutitously use the term "retarded" my supposed "retarded" child has more emotional intelligence than the self important indulged man child Dr. Khoulis.

Since: Apr 11

Location hidden

#51 Jun 13, 2011
The point may be moot but it is not mute....
Phil McGroen wrote:
Isn't the point mute? They are both dead and I am sure reaping the reward they have earned while on this earth.

United States

#52 Feb 23, 2012
I agree with get a life. Both of these adults were human beings with families who cared about them and loved them. No one is perfect, and they both made extremely bad mistakes, and Lisa did not need to keep going back to him, that was her biggest mistake. But who are we to judge them? Both of them are gone now and it is left to God to do the judging.

United States

#53 Feb 23, 2012
@Bryan. You sure have shown that you are a Yankee! People in Tennessee are not inbred. Just stay in NY where you belong. I would rather be in Tennessee where people actually know their neighbors names . I agree with RN, who are you to be so judgmental on so many groups of people? I bet your lifestyle is just as bad as those you are judging. Stay home and sweep around your own doorsteps.

Provo, UT

#54 Feb 23, 2012
I saw this story on dateline on ID. I have seen other cases like this where a blatant sociopath cons his or her way out of a life or death sentence. The random 12 people these hick states pick are pathetic. They must all be simpletons; never knowing when someone is saying what they think YOU WANT to hear. I suspect half of these schmucks are either obsessive Catholics or repulsive Mormons. If this case was tried in New York or the Tri state area, where we have more experience with sociopaths and liars, and drugs, he would have been convicted of first degree murder. It is states and people like the jurors and the advocates of this horrifying creature named Koulis that give our judicial system a bad name. I contend that a 10 year old child could follow the facts in this case more closely and astutely than you SOBs. Actually, a brain dead computer could give you a better probability of guilt than you in-breeders.
Let's face it, no one wants to be responsible for putting a man to death for something you didn't yourself witness. But that it what society asks of us when another member of our society commits a crime. It is a small price to pay for all our freedoms.
Another thing, man of you mid westerners believe that it is not the job of the state/court to punish people. But that is EXACTLY what it is for! We punish people to make EXAMPLES out of them, in order to DISSUADE others from doing similar crimes! You people need to wake up, our society is festering from within.
Listen to this moron... Pompous pr!ck... look at us..we are smarter than other states, our criminals are more sophisticated. Lol you're better with sociopaths and criminals because you are one dumbass. get off your soapbox. I barely got to the end of this thread... It just goes on and on blah blah blah.. Shut up and go watch your your forensics files and keep on pretending you're smart and the world really cares for your stupid ass opinions.. Lololol you're a [email protected]!
Big Black Dick

Naperville, IL

#55 Feb 23, 2012
I think koulis should get a break cause he took care of his girlfriend and her little girl for years.And she had an overdose and he just tried to cover it up....Damn you people from Nashville are some slow hicks...
Big Black Dick

Naperville, IL

#56 Feb 23, 2012
Mamma Jamma wrote:
<quoted text>
You're a moron. His name is pronounced Chris with a t, idiot. It is not pronounced Christ as in the religious icon. Get a brain before you decide to post on a public news forum next time.
looks like a hick talkin zhit!!!

Walnut Creek, CA

#57 Apr 11, 2012
She was an addict. We all have the ability to make our own decisions. If I was offered crack, I wouldn't try it. If I was dating a gorgeous man, who shot up, I would leave. At some point, we have to stop blaming other people for our mistakes. Taking ownership and responsibility is the first step.

Dallas, TX

#58 Jun 15, 2012
I fill sorry for both,my son and girl friend are going through the same thing.i blem his girl son do it because she do it.Im scraed that im going to lose his girlfriend will kill her self be,aise they lovee each other so much.but I prey.i fill bad for these two.god bless them.they now are togather

United States

#59 Jun 15, 2012
ME ME wrote:
She was an addict. We all have the ability to make our own decisions. If I was offered crack, I wouldn't try it. If I was dating a gorgeous man, who shot up, I would leave. At some point, we have to stop blaming other people for our mistakes. Taking ownership and responsibility is the first step.
you are right she chosse to put those drugs in her body

Houston, TX

#60 Jun 15, 2012
Why didnt christ koulis give his,girlfriend narcan it would,have reversed the opiates in her sysyem an ptoably saved her life knowing she was on opiates he should,have been prepared an had narcan with him or told the pstamedics her life wa lost due To negligrnce an lack if knowledge by the paramedics,,all christ,had To do was tell them do she could,have been given narcan an saved,her life what,a,waste ,she was,awesome

Since: Jun 12

Location hidden

#61 Jun 16, 2012
Big Black Dick wrote:
<quoted text> looks like a hick talkin zhit!!!
No, actually it looks like a moron named Big Black Dick talking shit! Not everyone in Nashville is a hick. It would take an idiot to think that.
Tension Breaker

United States

#62 Jul 15, 2012
Who Farted?
Come On Now

Rising Sun, MD

#63 Oct 14, 2012
Okay - I've been a prescription drug addict and I can tell you that no physician in his right mind would write scrips or put his/her patients life in jeopardy of addiction by giving her the drugs he gave her. He certainly was a sociopath and controlled her through narcotics but she had CHOICE and painful as it would have been to ask for help it would have been better than being dead. As for Narcan and simply being honest with the EMT's-then yes he was guilty of murder.

Aurora, OR

#64 Nov 11, 2012
No one wins here. This is an absolutely sad situation. My heart goes out to both familys. This is clearly a wake up call to what drugs can do to people.This was a couple who I believed loved each other, yes drugs and exciting sex played in the role. And it just got out of control.

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