Illuminati talk and kid cudi

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#127 Sep 2, 2012
I dont believe kid cudi is down with the illuminate at all. You would have to interpret his lyrics and really understand him as an artist which most of u seem to lack. He is fight the demons that want him to join. Even tho he is with G.O.O.D Music he is different. Just listen to him music i depth. REVOFEV is about breaking free from this backwards society we live in today. His music is for the kids (like me) who aren't accepted by society for being "different" dont judge this man at all. His music helps ppl thru the worst parts of the day/lives soeties

El Dorado Hills, CA

#128 Sep 19, 2012
loserkidd wrote:
i think he is if he wuznt den howd he bcum famous so fast??i meen i takes da real deal to build to da top not jus appear dere ya no
It took him A DAMN LONG TIME to get this famous I don't know what yoire talking about.. Even in dose dopeness, he said, "So fucking underground, barely on youtube, till Day and Night now they all got a clue who, took me a minute man, took me a while....." I have no idea how you think he just made one single and become famous fast..

United States

#129 Oct 3, 2012
The end is never the end. A new challenge awaits. A test no man could be prepared for. A new hell he must conquer and destroy. A new level of growth he must confront himself. The machine in the ghost within.- kid cudi up up & away
seems like he's speaking of the new world order ..that's soon coming.
Cudi the kid

London, UK

#130 Oct 8, 2012
My theory going by his lyrics is he is in the illuminati, but isn't proud of it so he writes song of redemption, for instance the song save my soul.. So to conclude this he is a massive G and is tell us about his real beliefs

London, KY

#131 Oct 12, 2012
Taylor Swift IS Exposed "ILLUMINATI" that blows those black negro men.
Nick Adams

Portland, OR

#132 Oct 13, 2012
listen to the new music cudi is putting out, like the songs rain, just what I am and do my do, you'll see

Central Point, OR

#133 Oct 17, 2012
I don't think anyone realizes exactly what Cudi's mind is like. He explains it in every song, you just need the same mindset he has to understand. Listen to "Mr. Rager", it's literally dedicated to kids like he used to be. He has a free spirit, it's honestly the best feeling :)

This man's music helps me sleep at night.


Pasadena, MD

#134 Nov 8, 2012
Yancy wrote:
I'm scared. I was just fine until I heard all the people I look up to worship the devil. I'm still having a hard time believing it
you shouldn't look up to anyone but jesus

Neskaupstadur, Iceland

#135 Nov 8, 2012
Man, you just blew my mind. I'm high on some good stuff right now, but you must have been trippin' balls sacks when you wrote that. Kudos!
TEEL from incthemedia wrote:
DISPELL THE ILLUMINATI BULLSHIT. THESE PEOPLE ARE REINCARNATES OF ANCIENT TIMES OF ATLANTIS AND EGYPT. kAYNE IS horus THE GOD OF THE SKY AND KID CUDI IS nOT FROM eARTH. hE TELLS YOU ALL THE TIME hE IS FROM THE moON. ASTROLOGICALLY, THE MOON IS cOOL AND CALM IN THE dAY AND COMES OUT AT NIGHT (EMOTIONALLY)... If Kanye is the God of the sky (horus) and there is a story about Horus eyes, one was considered the Sun and the other the Moon. So study the relationship these artists have. Also study Egyptian times and Atlantis times and the Planets and you can stop scaring Yourselves about Illuminati. if you use your godly talents you will be "illuminati" as well. And ignorant ppl will call you illuminati...
But since the majority of us our scared of God (like when ppl say they are God fearing) You are basically saying you are scared of yourself being as powerful as God. We all have this Power to be OF God and thru God we are EMPOWERED` As we can see Kanye just discovered you can be successful and have alot of money and all that is required is you BE GOOD to people. Show compassion and spread Love.

Waukegan, IL

#136 Nov 13, 2012
kudi has illuminati symbols in his new video didnt notice any other before illuminati exists look all over people its even on the back of our dollar bill ok? i loved kid cudi but if he is in that organization i refuse to follow his new music look through 3:33 to 3:40 see a skull a pyramid with an eye a letter nine with writing on the wall and then a wadjet (antoher type of eye) i loved this guy but evidence proves he is turned into one of them.
In Decisive

Miami, FL

#137 Nov 19, 2012
TheGreatPretender wrote:
Don't you think you're just over thinking these qoutes? A lot of CuDi's material seems to be supernatural and about drugs etc. Sometimes when you want to see something THAT badly you will pick things out that might insinuate.
. Exactly
help cudi help himself

Melbourne, FL

#138 Jan 18, 2013
Okay people how about we stop bringing this up with eachother and bring it up with good ol scott himeself. maybe he is maybe he isnt but if enough people try to bring him out maybe he will come back maybe he will take up that rock and roll stuff and continue to tell us of the lord and of his life we have to help him not give in im sure if there is an Illuminati i bet you more than anything they were making his life a living hell because he wasnt joining making him struggle everyday and showing them that only with the alluminatti will his life get better we need to show him that he dosnt need that i belive all he needs to do is except jesus not the devil

Hollywood, FL

#139 Jan 27, 2013
Everyone go and look up mr rager meaning on YouTube it'll tell you the truth sadly


#140 Feb 22, 2013
glynn wrote:
You guys are dumbasses.
This is why nobody takes the Illuminati serious. Because the stupid people who actually believes there are some go around thinking EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is Illuminati related.
Thus making Illuminati look like a big joke and a crazy mad theory. And they just laugh and point at how stupid you guys are being for helping them round their plans.
I honestly think half these music artists aren't related? Reason being, why would they have a bunch of nobodies know such important information? Theres plenty of artists who come and go. If they ain't selling millions they probably don't even bother making them join let alone letting them know they exist.
These guys are way smarter then you think. You think they don't go on those little conspiracy websites? They probably mapped an entirely new plan for all we know. But then they have to?
Most of the people who know the truth end up looking ignorant for thinking damn near everything is Illuminati related. Congrats for helping the new world order.
Kid cudi voice in this world isn't NEARLY as powerful as Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z and Em are. Pac started to slowly speak about in his he was eliminated. They couldn't let him get people rebelling in such early stages of their plans. Biggie was probably slowly finding out...had to get rid of him after they rigged both their deaths and blamed it on east coast vs west caost beef.
So don't think every artist is related. If we start to see EM or Jay talk about it and something happens...we will know.
On the other hand. Continue to spread the message in a more mature fasion rather then think everybody is in the Illuminati.
^^^^ illuminati informer? Fs the illuminati does have power in 90% of things to do with financial gain. There for your talking shite, ps he is clearly illuminati, soo much relavence in videos ect, your right about 1 thing, that be the 2pac and biggie, that's comman tho Hinding in plane sight, ps Internet will stop illuminati! LOVE IS THE KEY! Meditation also key!


#141 Feb 22, 2013
WANT A GREATER INSIGHT MEDITATION, CONTROL BREATHING AND MIND SETTLING! Close eyes, say rise when breath in and fall when breath out, say this only in your mind., when thoughts pop up these are unconsous thought, in your mind push them aside, this effectively clears the sub consous. After 6-8 weeks of 1 hour a day, an inor love is developed, ad this point advance meditation can take place, also well meditating say in your head hear heart , you'll feel it, then feel heart in fingers , you'll feel it, this directs blood flow!

Savannah, GA

#145 Apr 21, 2013
recently saw him live on 420 and the video that was playing while the song Immortal was being performed,was subliminal as hell. what I got from it was that HAARP was used to make a hurricane and something big is going on with the eiffel tower... possibly another false flag. I found this video on youtube and u can see parts of what im talking about. All in all the music makes it seem like a revolution is coming soon.

Little Rock, AR

#146 Apr 26, 2013
In his song "Just the Way I Am" just listen to the verses, the lyrics.. It's a cool song. I love the beat and everything, but Kudi's verse is talking about seeing a shrink and gettin pills that aren't helping him keep himself under control. A lot of mind controlled people have this issue is real life, so why would he talk about it like that when the song is about partying? Also him and Hot Chip always refer back to God.. "I'm just what you made God".. "Take that faith wherever you want"... Just think about it.

Dickson, TN

#147 Apr 27, 2013
Yancy wrote:
I'm scared. I was just fine until I heard all the people I look up to worship the devil. I'm still having a hard time believing it
Illuminati are not devil devil worshippers. Go to Wikipedia

La Vergne, TN

#148 Apr 27, 2013
thats true

Norfolk, VA

#149 Apr 27, 2013
crckrjck96 wrote:
<quoted text>
Illuminati are not devil devil worshippers. Go to Wikipedia
The illuminati will help the Messiah set up her one world government in Jerusalem and they have been watching her since 1969 along with the CIA, the KGB and the Mussad. A major biblical prophecy was fulfilled in a government/naval hospital. There were witnesses and word of it went all the way up to President Nixon. He said, in 1973 "The future ruler of the world will have an X in the center of their name". Everybody thought he was talking about himself but I knew better. It was the same prophecies Christians apply to the crucifixion of Jesus, Psalms 22, 69 and Job 16.

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