Illuminati talk and kid cudi

Pacoima, CA

#44 Jan 9, 2011
I really doubt cudi is in the illuminati. i mean listen to his songs, he talks alot about god and just real life..its like hes telling a story rather than singing another song. i have doubts though, he does work with kanye alot..i just hope hes not sucked into that cuz he doesnt need it..hes good just the way he is and he can get fame by singing his own songs.
illuminati or illumiNOTi

Chester, NY

#45 Jan 13, 2011
now i dont know if kid cudi is a part of illuminati or if Kanye is (he probably is though) but i think that the thing with the illuminati is that they offer money and power throughout the world. so maybe that's their thing but hopefuly cudi isn't a part of it.

Colleyville, TX

#47 Jan 19, 2011
Stuck in my hell
Lie to my mom and I ain't doin' so well
Lord, let me in
I feel like he's my only friend

These Worries- Kid Cudi..
I strongly believe hes not a part of the Free Masons/illuminati.. His lyrics say that they follo him.. but he fights back he wants God's help..

Colleyville, TX

#48 Jan 19, 2011
I see the devil linger on
Stuck in my hell
Lie to my mom and I ain't doin' so well
Lord, let me in
I feel like he's my only friend

Linger on means to slowly die..

Sorry for posting alot but i keep finding evidence..

Wayland, MI

#49 Jan 23, 2011
Bee wrote:
I really liked this dude, something new, fresh and I could feel what he was saying. But until (pursuit of happiness video) i had questions on this dude. holding the (A-OK sign with Drake) then i knew they got him.
look at 0:36 (two pyramids with eyes on them) you be the judge.
In the same video, if you look in the backround when it shows him and drake, theres a checkered wall with the goat head in the litte tiles. That represents the baphamet. D:

Saint Marys, GA

#50 Jan 24, 2011
You guys are dumbasses.

This is why nobody takes the Illuminati serious. Because the stupid people who actually believes there are some go around thinking EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is Illuminati related.

Thus making Illuminati look like a big joke and a crazy mad theory. And they just laugh and point at how stupid you guys are being for helping them round their plans.

I honestly think half these music artists aren't related? Reason being, why would they have a bunch of nobodies know such important information? Theres plenty of artists who come and go. If they ain't selling millions they probably don't even bother making them join let alone letting them know they exist.

These guys are way smarter then you think. You think they don't go on those little conspiracy websites? They probably mapped an entirely new plan for all we know. But then they have to?

Most of the people who know the truth end up looking ignorant for thinking damn near everything is Illuminati related. Congrats for helping the new world order.

Kid cudi voice in this world isn't NEARLY as powerful as Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z and Em are. Pac started to slowly speak about in his he was eliminated. They couldn't let him get people rebelling in such early stages of their plans. Biggie was probably slowly finding out...had to get rid of him after they rigged both their deaths and blamed it on east coast vs west caost beef.

So don't think every artist is related. If we start to see EM or Jay talk about it and something happens...we will know.

On the other hand. Continue to spread the message in a more mature fasion rather then think everybody is in the Illuminati.

Saint Marys, GA

#51 Jan 24, 2011
Hey rokmex, just totally forget about the fact at the end of that chorus he's asking the lord for help to get out of this hell called earth.

You're an idiot, people like you is the REASON why the Illuminati will be successful in their plans.

You make us look like a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorist

Union, NJ

#52 Jan 27, 2011
I think that the illuminati is completely REAL. I've watched videos on youtube about it and it makes a ton of sense.
I have my suspisions for Kid Cudi recently joining the illuminati because of his latest album "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager" it songs are very weird to me and could possibly have a secret meaning. esp. "Mr. Rager" don't get me wrong, I'm in love with the song but its lyrics could possibly be about the devil, who knows. The only reason I am not positive he's joined it is because he hasn't really blown up, and become a "main stream artist" but I've heard that he is making a movie, starring in a show, coming out with another mixtape and a rock album, so who know, he might just blow up.
I just really hope he's not, I admire him so much.
- Watch this series of videos and it'll give you a better understanding of EVERYTHING.

Houston, TX

#53 Feb 8, 2011
The Prayer- that's not a song a member of the illuminati would release. and i don't believe kanye was always illuminati. i think somewhere around 808's and heartbreak he changed.
seventothethirdp ower

Virginia Beach, VA

#54 Feb 13, 2011
ayoo is a couple people in it they got drizzy kanye obama rihanna nas obviously jz but kid cudi? now lemme ask u sumthin.... if they got everyone bigger than him why do u think they cant get em aint got em ordont want him cuz they all ready got em
Cudderswitgodn2p ac

Lebanon, PA

#55 Feb 14, 2011
Cudi talks about how hees distint to everyone way hes in the illuminati. listin to the prayer. KiD CuDi is a very religious man. Theres no way. Second the illuminati is bullshit according to most everyone is in it its random shit. 2pac died cause of east coast west coast shit.

Helensvale, Australia

#56 Feb 24, 2011
Man. This is messed up!! At first I thought this was such bull!!! and then I read some of these comments and u guys mak some really good points. And the lurics that you guys have posted on here really relate to the points u are making abou him being a part of illuminati. When I read what u say, then read the lyrics and verse that u pol have gathered, they back it up soo well, almost like real proof or evidence, I'm actual starting to think it all males sense. Soo many of kudi's lyrics havnt made any sense to me before, and know I know why!!!

Helensvale, Australia

#57 Feb 24, 2011
plain breezy wrote:
i will shut everyone up proving kid cudi sold out by stating he does wear a gold "JESUS" piece like of some sort of mockery.
wow man, as soon as i read that, it reminded straight away of the lyrics of 'the Game's' song 'My Life'
He says,

"Suicide, I'm from a Windy City, like Do or Die
From a block close to where Biggie was crucified
That was Brooklyn's Jesus, shot for no fuckin reason

man i though of that last bit straight after i read your comment, think bout it. kanye is also rumored to be illuminati. and maybe hes saying thats y he wears crusifixs. like your saying. and i started listening to the song and i heard some other bits that clicked in my mind as possibly being related to illumintai theories. like when game says,

"We are not the same, I am a Martian
So approach my Phantom doors with caution"

wow, when i heard that verse, it made sense to me for the first time, and ive listened to this song alot. next was these lyrics that made me suspicious.

"My life used to be empty like a glock without a round
Now my life full, like a chopper with a thousand rounds"

i thought maybe he meant that his life felt empty, but now that he is illuminati he has meaning nad now his life feels full. maybe. and also these lyrics wer suss as well.

"Walk through the gates of hell, see my Impala parked in front
With the high beams on, me and the devil sharin chronic blunts
Listenin to the Chronic album, play it backwards
Shootin at pictures of Don Imus for target practice"

that verse seemed real sketchy, the whole devil thing definately seemed like it may have relation to illuminati because they have some belief with satan dont they??? and when he says, "listen to the chronic album, play it backwards" maybe this 'chronic album' has some hidden meaning that can be heard when played backwards. like subliminal messaging. isnt all this illuminati music industry stuff related to the possibility that the illuminati use musicians to brainwash listeners. wow. then he says "shootin pictures of don imus" i didnt know who don imus was but i thought maybe he had some rumors relating with illuminati so i looked himup. nothin with illuminati but hes a football commentaer who apparently is a well-known racist. illuminati believe that all races equal n stuff like that. and maybe it means him being illuminati would, with satan, destroy racists. or maybe game just hates imus because game is black. i don know. but in conclusion from breaking down this song and the realtionships that i may have found, im lead to belive that maybe game is illuminati as well. wot are ure thoughts???????

More lyrics:
All about Game The:

Kingston, Jamaica

#58 Feb 26, 2011
Many of you guys have some really valid points. As a Kid Cudi fan myself, I had to remove myself from my bias to observe Cudi's involvement in the Illuminati properly.

In many of Cudi's lyrics it is very evident that 'the devil is tempting him, but he's asking the lord of help' no one, who's heard Cudi's songs can deny that. You can interpret that to mean literal temptation, drugs or the Ilumanit. Even though Cudi constantly sings about drugs, it has become clear to me after much research and through playing his songs constantly that drugs isn't what he's talking about, and I doubt he'd be rapping about every day temptations either.

So i'm forced to conclude that Kid Cudi, like many other rappers, was approached by the Illuminati. I get a sense that he joined, without fully joining. None of us (I assume) here really know what joining this organisation really means, but it was clear that he was affiliated with them but he was still asking the Lord for help.

Around the time the "Pursuit of Happiness" video with drake came out, is when Cudi fell. The fact that there are two Pursuit of Happiness videos is a sketchy thing in itself. I recently finished listening to Kid Cudi's newest album (which is why I started researching if Kid Cudi was illumaniti orignally) and there is without a doubt way to many "coincidental/Illuminati/ double-meaning" innuendos in an album that originally seems to be just about getting high.

I know Cudi tried to get out before and got thrown in jail, but I really hope he keeps trying. On another note, Em seems to be out of it listen to his newest songs. And if someone as big as Eminem can get out without being killed, maybe Cudi can be freed as well

Sorry for this being so long.

Clayton, NC

#59 Mar 3, 2011
boom wrote:
this is from kid cudi's song "embrace the martian"
Licensed to ill
I promise I won稚 turn the whole world to Cloverfield
On the real, yea I will. I値l destroy it and then rebuild
Just for thrills, sometimes you got to do it
Sometimes to show the tough love
No one is above, what you are hearin now dude
No matter who else included, I知 saluted
I知 saluted
No matter who else included, I知 saluted
I知 zooted
Oh, whether you appeal or not
This is the real
Real recognize real
You. You are me
Like it or not and I
I am you oo oo
personally im a huge fan of cudi; however this is a sketchy verse
yes that is an extremely sketchy verse and also in one of jay zs songs backwards hes says until they air bomb us, idk its all trippy to think about is our whole government illuminati ran?? is america doomed?
ConverseChuckTay lorsOnMe

Avalon, NJ

#60 Mar 8, 2011
I don't think the illuminati is devil worshiping. I think it's just making a pact with the devil to get fame and success, and in return, you have to do things that's not you. You have to act and basically be like the opposite sex (gay) and do things that you wouldn't normally do. This also includes advertising the devil as well. Now, I'm not sure if this is true, but it's what I've heard. If it is true, seriously? Is it worth it? It just shows how family values and morals are today. Please people, if you have kids or want them, make sure you teach them right!
TruthisLiesisTru th

United States

#61 Mar 22, 2011
just because artists say "god" or "lord" doesnt mean theyre talking about the same God and Lord YOU believe in. think about it. for example the word "dad"... my "dad" isnt your "dad".... or is he? lmao jk but in all seriousness think about it.

United States

#62 Mar 22, 2011
embrace the martian... embrace the reptilians lol

United States

#63 Mar 22, 2011
mr. rager..... listen to the song. it talks about his "travels" now read Job 1:7

Menomonee Falls, WI

#64 Mar 29, 2011
Illuminati controls the entire music industry. I don't think you guys realize that. Cudi is in it for sure. That gold jesus piece he wears is a mockery of Christianity. Those gold pyramid rings with the eyes on them he wears? Well that's obvious enough. Him constantly throwing up the A-ok or 666 hand sign. Saying "Tried to fight it, soon I gave in." and also in the song Marijuana "My soul's been fed tonight". How much more obvious could he be? And also his best friend in the biz in Kanye. And the whole man on the moon thing? I personally believe that there's gonna be a fake alien invasion in 2012 to scare people into accepting the NWO and one world government. What better way to brainwash people into accepting these aliens than the celebrities we worship claiming to be from other places than earth?

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