Illuminati talk and kid cudi
plain breezy

Long Beach, CA

#24 Oct 10, 2010
i will shut everyone up proving kid cudi sold out by stating he does wear a gold "JESUS" piece like of some sort of mockery.
Lone Wolf

Kearney, MO

#25 Oct 15, 2010
Yeah, he's most likely committed to them. All the times he's used terms such as "god", he's refering to the god of this world, not heaven. Deception is key, just as the Bible says it will be. I enjoy his music still, as well. It's helped reality come to my attention. Everyone's been saying for years, "The rapture could happen tonight, even!" But you put it in the back of your mind after a while. It's clearly upon us soon, I'd say. You can see so many things in the works, if you bother to do some research and not buy into the lies the government feed us. I've recently gotten into watching lots of documentaries on Netflix about many things I see tying into the end times. Stay informed.

New York, NY

#26 Oct 15, 2010
Christ, anytime someone spits a cryptic verse it's gotta be illuminati now?

Tinfoil hat.

Temple City, CA

#27 Oct 20, 2010
Man on the moon?
Kid Cudi's music is music to get high too
the whole cd of man on the moon is set in stages of high or levels of high
have you ever heard the expression I'm high beyond the sky?
Or how bout so high feel like I'm above the clouds.
The moon man meaning to say up on the moon which means he is high.
He even says he was high when he wrote the album.

United States

#28 Oct 27, 2010
listen to his new song maniac. i think he finally gave into the illuminati

Edinburg, TX

#29 Oct 30, 2010
I dont think he is listen to DO IT ALONE and he states very emotional lyrics there. And Eminem IS Revolting He will Win the Battle.

Sterling Heights, MI

#30 Nov 3, 2010
Listen to: "Soundtrack 2 My Life" by Kid Cudi

Huntsville, AL

#31 Nov 10, 2010
White Rabbit wrote:
What do you guys think about the symbolism appearing in the Day 'n' Night music video?
Day n Night was written before he got big, and the video is just some trippy stuff dawg, any illuminati stuff is coincidental.

Since: Nov 10

Anaheim, CA

#32 Nov 12, 2010
Its true that there HAS been symbolism in his lyrics, videos, etc, but they might have came to him as an unspecified organization, offering him $ and fame, he just has to take an oath, and let THEM put these subliminal things in his music themselves

Henderson, NV

#33 Nov 18, 2010
cudifan wrote:
this is part of a verse from Cudi Zone
"And the devil with the harpin dress tryin' ask me for one dance,
He think he slick but my guardians protects me from his wrath,
So in my place no hate shall enter
livin high up there, up there
Hopin', Hopin', Floatin', I will find peace somewhere"
hot pink dress, just sayin

Henderson, NV

#34 Nov 18, 2010
chaserman wrote:
listen to his new song maniac. i think he finally gave into the illuminati
Cudis talking about giving into his coke addiction, thats what the whole album is about. "Mr rager" is Scott on coke, which is what he is talking about in the song maniac, i dont see how everyone can interput his lyrics in such a skewed wat.

Longmeadow, MA

#35 Nov 20, 2010
Kid cudi is apart of the Illuminati look,
"Tried to fight it
And soon I gave in
Down a road with no lights on
Can't describe it, and you don't move like them
You've become their worst nightmare
You remember the things that your parents have said
You'd rather find out the hard way
You should tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend
I keep with my stroll, I'm not runnin' or hidin' in
See things
And make sense eventually
And some things still trouble me"
Think about it , makes perfect sense.
imagine that

United States

#36 Dec 2, 2010
Imagination is the best. Music is life to some. Merging the two is bliss. Make some music yourself! See the stuff y'all can come up with.

You get to a point where you start googling and searching for things to rap/write off and make stories about.

Listen to Wale's mixtapes etc. You can't tell me he doesn't google some of his lyrics. Put your spin on some unfamiliar topics, words, imagery and stories etc. Its called artistry. That's why their on top.


Yucaipa, CA

#37 Dec 6, 2010
i think he is if he wuznt den howd he bcum famous so fast??i meen i takes da real deal to build to da top not jus appear dere ya no
TheGreatPretende r

Nottingham, UK

#38 Dec 7, 2010
Don't you think you're just over thinking these qoutes? A lot of CuDi's material seems to be supernatural and about drugs etc. Sometimes when you want to see something THAT badly you will pick things out that might insinuate.

Pickering, Canada

#39 Dec 22, 2010
insight wrote:
i think kid cudi is in the illuminati...but these lyrics from his song "Soundtrack 2 My Life" is sketchy
I've got some issues nobody can see
And all these emotions are pourin' outta me
I bring them to the light for you.....
and this part also
And I tried to piece the puzzle of the universe,
Split an eighth of shrooms just so I can see the universe,
I try to think about MYSELF AS A SACRIFICE,
Just to show the kids they ain't the ONLY ONES UP AT NIGHT,
now in my opinion any who needs to do drugs to be able create music, isn't a real artist...they've got something deep troubling them.
everything is a substance. how that substance is classified is up to you. though cudi has been known to use cocaine , his use of mushrooms and marijuana are huge positive influences on his music. before you judge whats inside a box go inside the box and experience it. Humans have been blessed by god with thc and canabinoid receptors for a reason.(Dont Mind my poor Spelling)

And listen to the doors, pink floyd, red hot chilli peppers or even wiz khalifa all users of ''Drugs'' and all different types of music and your going to tell me their not all real artists. and cudi tops em all. i dont care if you agrre or not ''Drugs'' make music amazing.

Los Angeles, CA

#40 Dec 26, 2010
Kid Cudi is NOT part of the Illuminati.
And for you people that don't believe that the organization is real....ITS VERY REAL.
The Illuminati are 'the invisibles'. Meaning you never see them. but they control you...mentally using psychology and philosophy. They are so powerful, most music artists even don't know they're associated w/ the Illuminati. They use the subconcious mind to control humanity. The Illuminati isn't our government. though maybe some might be associated.
in his new album he has a song called WAKE YOUR MIND UP!
he also has a song called REVOFEV. which is short for the revolution of evolution.
The Illuminati are trying to reach the next stage of evolution to literally become God. Kid Cudi's lyrics in the REVOFEV are
"Wake up, life does get rough, no need to stress, keeps you back too much.
Wake up, i heard they found a solution on where YOU'll be for THE REVOLUTION."

Raleigh, NC

#41 Dec 31, 2010
TEEL from incthemedia wrote:
DISPELL THE ILLUMINATI BULLSHIT. THESE PEOPLE ARE REINCARNATES OF ANCIENT TIMES OF ATLANTIS AND EGYPT. kAYNE IS horus THE GOD OF THE SKY AND KID CUDI IS nOT FROM eARTH. hE TELLS YOU ALL THE TIME hE IS FROM THE moON. ASTROLOGICALLY, THE MOON IS cOOL AND CALM IN THE dAY AND COMES OUT AT NIGHT (EMOTIONALLY)... If Kanye is the God of the sky (horus) and there is a story about Horus eyes, one was considered the Sun and the other the Moon. So study the relationship these artists have. Also study Egyptian times and Atlantis times and the Planets and you can stop scaring Yourselves about Illuminati. if you use your godly talents you will be "illuminati" as well. And ignorant ppl will call you illuminati...
But since the majority of us our scared of God (like when ppl say they are God fearing) You are basically saying you are scared of yourself being as powerful as God. We all have this Power to be OF God and thru God we are EMPOWERED` As we can see Kanye just discovered you can be successful and have alot of money and all that is required is you BE GOOD to people. Show compassion and spread Love.
i am pretty sure horus is a greek good also know to the romans as helios and to the egptian`s as rhah.i personly never seen anything sunny about Kanye and i have hear all his songs

Nashville, TN

#42 Dec 31, 2010
God is actually spelled "gad" but pronounced in the ancient hebrew language as "god". It was an ancient diety of fortune. You can worship "gad" aka "god" or "lord" which means "ba'al". These are some of the many pagan names and titles, of the advesary. The true NAME of the FATHER, and the Son, are YAHUWAH and Yahuwshuwa. Yahuwshuwa means YAHUWAH is salvation. YAHUWAH was originally placed in our scriptures as "YHWH" which was taken out and replaced with the pagan titles and false names such as "god" and "lord" these are false and are some of the many names and titles of the advesary. The YHWH stands for YOD HEY WAW HEY, the YOD makes the Y sound, the HEY makes the "AH" sound and the WAW makes the U/OO sound and the HEY makes the "AH" sound =YAHUWAH!Acts 4:12 tells you that there is only ONE NAME given for salvation! John5:43 Yahuwshuwa tells you that He came in His FATHERS NAME. Yahuwshuwa tells you the importance of a prophets NAME, bcz they came in the NAME of YAHUW. like YerimiYAHU ( Jeremiah) MattiYAHU ( Matthew ) YAHU channon ( John ) you can find this in Matthew10:41-42. If there is only ONE NAME GIVEN ( Acts4:12 ) then everyother name is FALSE and of the advesary!
TEEL from incthemedia wrote:
<quoted text>
This is bullshit! Stop seperating people as Illuminati we are all of GOD. If you are brainwashed by the Media than you are WITH the same group who believes in the ILLUMINATI as being some type of group of elite or "pawn for illuminati". We all have FREE WILL. So USE it! The SEPERATION is the IMPORTANT PART. I WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW TO BE APART OF THE ILLUMINATI. DO YOU~ AT ALL TIMES. MAKE YOUR DREAMS REALITY. ASK GOD TO GUIDE YOU. PRAY AND TRUST IN GOD'S GUIDANCE. IT'S ALL THE SAME THING.

Beardstown, IL

#43 Jan 6, 2011
Well personally I think people read into things too much. So what I think about Cudi and the illuminati... It's always a possibility but I highly doubt it considering as to how he always makes references to God. Oh well I guess we will never know but honestly, the more you read into anything, the more questionable things you will discover

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