hannah montana scripts
miley cyrus

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#426 Jul 5, 2009
thax lol
miley cyrus

Belzoni, MS

#427 Jul 5, 2009
hey yall in ms now

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#428 Jul 11, 2009
Now your just coping from hannah montana and if you don't want people to copy your script then don't copy from others. Oh! And look out for my new Hannah Montana script coming soon to topix.com

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#429 Jul 12, 2009
Miley - What is your problem?
Jordae - I know your secret!
Lilly - What secret?
Jordae - The secret!
Miley and Lilly - WHAT SECRET!?!
Jordae-Hush up!!The one that your (looks around ) Hannah Montana!!
Miley - I'm not Hannah Montana!!That was just a game!!That was who I wanted to be when I was four!!
Jordae - Okay then....
( Jordae wals off )
Lilly - We have got to make up better lies!!
Miley - You got that right!!
Amber - Oh great!!
Miley - Listen why are you so mean!!
Amber - Not talking about you I'm talking about her!
Cracker - Who me?
Ashley - Yes you!!
Cracker - Do you know who I am?
Amber and Ashley - As if!Do you know who I am?I mean we are?
Cracker - Yes the goody two shoes washed up highdy tighty princesses of the school!
Ashley - Well it's better than being some gothic chick named Henrietta Lavern!
Cracker - You want to put your make-up where you mouth is?
Ashley - Wow you just insulted yourself!
Cracker -You take that back!
Ashley - Your gonna get it!!
Principal Fisher - Girls!!
Miley - It Was Henrottenia Lavaccum's fault!!
Miley - Oh like it really matters!!
Principal - MY OFFICE!!
( Cracker Exits )
Miley - Oh look at the time if we can escape we can go home sick!!
Lilly - Ooh Lilly likey!!

Redmond, WA

#430 Jul 12, 2009
This is a nice story. Its kinda funny too I think you should make more I enjoyed reading those stories

Toronto, Canada

#431 Jul 17, 2009
i thought your script was really good and if you made even more episodes you would be even better dont feel bad about what other people say its what you think about it.

United States

#432 Jul 21, 2009
That's pretty cool. I think I'll make up a script.

Conyers, GA

#433 Jul 24, 2009
i'm late but that play is stupid hannah you are nuts if you made a tv show they need to shut it down. cuz what you just wrote was STUPID!!!!!!!!!! DAM YOU MAKE ME MAD
brandi cyrus

Belle Plaine, MN

#434 Jul 27, 2009
wow that was lameeeeeeeeee

Whetstone, UK

#435 Jul 31, 2009
all ur doin is commentin and it is makin a story any one can do it u cant stop them coz it isnt ur website!!!!!!!!!

Whetstone, UK

#436 Jul 31, 2009
Hannah: Goodnight everybody hope you enjoyed the show!
Lola: Wow You were great I wish I could sing like that!
Hannah: Yeah like That will happen (Said Under her breathe)
Lola: What did you say?
Hannah: Nothing!
(Hannah changed the subject)
Hannah: Okay lets go to the Party!
Lola: Theres a Party!!!
Hannah: Yeah I Thought I Told You
(Hannah Looked confused)
Lola: Nope
Hannah: Well Beyonce is having a party and she invited us so lets go
(at the party)
Lola:(Shouts) Hey Miley Where Are You?
(The Music Stops)
people at the party: Miley?
Hannah: Lola Who is miley ?
Lola: Donít be silly miley its you!
(Lola Realized what she had said)
Lola: Oh Sorry Wrong person miley must have just left
Beyonce: I didnít invite a miley!
(Hannah takes lola home)
(At Mileys House)
Miley: Lilly How could you do that you nearly blew my secret! How can I trust you with any of my other secrets?
Lilly: Miley Iím sorrÖ(She paused)
Lilly : You have more secrets tell me!
Miley: 1. how can I trust you when you nearly blew my biggest secret ever? And 2. Donít change the subject when I am angry with you!
Lilly: Iím sorry Please forgive me I promise I will be a lot more carefull!
Miley: Okay!
( They hug each other)
Miley: Come on Weíll Go To the beach
Lilly: okay Iíll buy the drinks
(Miley and lilly sit down at a table next to ricos shack)
( Miley Gets a text message)
Miley: Arggggggggg!!! Lilly look who I just got a message off!
Lilly: Oh my god Jake Ryan! Hey Hannah its Jake, just been thinking do you want to come out for diner with me tomorrow like on a date? Bring your friend lola if you like. I really like you Hannah xxx
Miley: Awww Isnt that boy soo sweet?
Lilly: Say Yessssss Pleaseeeee! I want to meet him!!
Miley: He Said if I want to bring you so I might say no!
Lilly: But ButÖ awww Ö
Miley: Joking!
Lilly: yeyeyey!
Lilly: Iím buying what do you want to drink?
Miley: soda please
Lilly: yeyeyey!
Rico: What are you so happy about?
Lilly: Iím going to meet Jake Ryan tomorrow!
Rico: where you going tomorrow ?
Lilly: on a date!
Rico: your going on a date with Jake Ryan
Lilly: No Hannah Montana is and Iím going with her!
Rico: You know Hannah Montana ?
Lilly:Yeah so do you!
Rico: no I donít!
(Miley comes over to see what is taking so long)
Lilly: yes you do you know Miley!
Miley: LILLY!
Lilly: Miley I am so sorry!
Miley: I gave you a second chance and youíve gone and blown it!
Lilly: mileyÖ
Miley: Miley Nothing donít ever speak to me again!
(miley walks off)
Rico: So she is Hannah Montana!
Lilly: Iím never going to open my big mouth again!
Rico: Donít be so hard on yourself youíll be friends tomorrow!
Lilly: no we wont she never forgive me Iíve blown it twice!

The End
To Find Out The Ending Wait For Part Two!


#437 Aug 1, 2009
plz comment if you would like to see a part two!

Conyers, GA

#438 Aug 1, 2009
i love it

Conyers, GA

#439 Aug 1, 2009
and i love your acting skills to louise


#440 Aug 3, 2009
thanks part 2 will be here soon guys xx


#441 Aug 3, 2009
Part 2!
(Lilly is sat on the beach by Ricoís shack)
( Oliver and some of his friend walk over to Lilly)
Oliver: Hey Lilly
Lilly :(sadly) hi
Oliver: whatís up?
Lilly: Miley wonít talk to me!
Oliver: Why not? You two are best friends you never fall out!
Lilly: well It is my fault! I nearly blew her secret.
Oliver: WHAT! No way!!
Oliver: what secret are you talking about anyway?
Lilly: Oliver donít be stupid you know.
Oliver: Oh that she is Hannah Montana?
(Miley walks up behind Oliver)
Miley: OLIVER!
Oliver: Miley I am so sorry!
Miley: I knew I couldnít trust any of you!
Lilly: Miley I am so sorry please talk to me!
( Miley walks away )
(Lilly tries calling Miley but it goes on answer phone)
Mileys answer phone:ďheyĒ
Lilly: Hey Miley thank god you pickedÖ
Mileys answer phone:ď you reached Mileys answer phone please leave your message after the beep and I will call you back, unless youíre a secret teller!Ē
Lilly: I really messed up big time!
Lilly:ďHey Miley itís Lilly please call me back I am really sorry I need to talk to youĒ
( Lillys Phone Starts ringing )
Lilly: Miley!
(Lilly Answers The Phone)
Lilly: Hey!
Miley: Lilly I am so sorry I should have give you more time to get used to it
Lilly: No Miley I am sorry it was my fault !
Miley: So What You Say about catching a movie later and you can come to the concert with me tomorrow!
Lilly: Sure!
( The next day at the concert )
Hannah: Thanks for coming you guys!
Crowd: Hannah Hannah Hannah
Lola: Great AGAIN!
Lola: so any way when is this date with Jake Ryan?
Hannah: Oh my god I completely forgot, it was last night!
Lola: Oh no, rearrange it for tomorrow just say something came up!
Two see what happens with Hannah on her date with Jake Ryan See part 3 be here soon guys!!!


#442 Aug 3, 2009
Miley Cyrus wrote:
Hey guys... I love what you created for a mini Hannah Montana Show... I really appreciate that you would do such a thing. But I was wondering if you can stop making new things adding to the show.. I mean , it's cute and all ... Really it is! But I am sorry. I just dont really like it when people make new ones. Thank you SOOO much! I hope you understand!Hope to talk to you sometime in the future!
Yours truely,
Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana
Omg U Aint even hannah montana coz u dont live in lanchaster

United States

#443 Aug 9, 2009
when i sarted reading the script i thought it was a real episode.loved it.it should be on telivision.

Columbus, OH

#444 Aug 11, 2009
That was an awesome story!
miley cyrus

United States

#445 Aug 13, 2009
thx for writing this about me

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