hannah montana scripts

Hudson, NH

#21 Oct 1, 2007
Story line: Amber and ashley somehow find out Miley Is hannah. And makes Miley do terrible things for them. If miley refused-- the whole world would know MIley Stewart is Hannah Montannah.

Hudson, NH

#22 Oct 1, 2007
(at school)
(miley and lilly)

Lilly: Hey Miley how was your weekend.
Miley: Fine (yawns) Im just a little tired because Jakson was playing his sterio all night so I couldn't sleep.(yawns again)

Lilly: oh harsh. Well other than that everything else seems to be---
Interrupted by Amber and Ashley: Hey guys.
Lilly: Hi amber-ashley!(miley to lilly) why are they talking to us? they never talk to us.

miley: Dont worry there probobly only here to diss us or something.

Amber: So miley, umm what are you doing tonight??
miley: Umm nothing that important.(exept a big Hannah concert she said in her head). Why do you ask??


Hudson, NH

#23 Oct 1, 2007

(doorbell rings. Miley answers it)

Miley: Amber nice to see you here!?!
Amber: Hey listen I need to talk to you.
Miley: Ok well lets go to my room and talk.
(goes upstairs to Mileys room)

Miley: So why exactlly are you here??
Amber: You can cut the crap, Miley dont pretend like I'm Stupid!
Miley: what are you talking about??
Amber: I know your secret-- you know that your Hannah Montanna.
Miley: ok how did you find out and what will I have to do to keep you quiet about this?
Amber: Katie told me. And If you want me to keep quiet about this then-- then-
(quiet for a minuite)
You will do whatever i say no matter how stupid with NO question. And if you refuse- your secret will be revealed!!!!!!


Appleton, WI

#24 Oct 5, 2007
I loved it because it was real interesting. I cant wait for part 5
baylee tripp

Dravosburg, PA

#25 Oct 9, 2007
hey that was a good eposide lol i love you milez
baylee tripp

Dravosburg, PA

#26 Oct 9, 2007
hey gurlie i love that eposide it was good lol ily milez hehe bye

Hamilton, OH

#27 Oct 17, 2007
I would like to talk to the real Miley!!!!!!!!!!

Rockville, MD

#28 Oct 27, 2007
Part 5:
Miley:Ok kate now for the lessons.
Kate:alright how about you play the piano and teach me all the right vocal ranges and things like that.
{she starts to play}
Miley:repeat after me...la la la la la la la.
Kate:laaaaaaaa laaaaaaaa laaaaa.
Miley:ok this aint goin well.
Kate:Whats wrong?
Miley:cut the notes short not long.
Miley:lets try again........la la la la la la la.
Kate:laa laa laa laa laa laa laa.
Miley:a bit shorter.
Kate:im sorry miley I guess not all of us can be great singer.
Miley:yeah i guess your right. But dont feel so bad Lilly doesn't sing so well either. You should have heard her in the Kareoke a few months ago.
Kate:I can imagine{laughing}
Miley:I guess I will just see you tommorow then.
Kate:ok bye.
{she leaves Mileys house and lilly comes skateboarding in}
Lilly:so miley how did it go with kate?
Miley:she couldn't sing it with the right vocals but I guess we all arn't perfect right?
{at school}
Amber:so kate I heared you didn't do so well in your singing lessons what happened?
Kate:its not very funny Amber you wouldn't care anyways.
{Amber sarcasticly:awwwww poor kate is sad that she can't sing.
Kate:shut up Amber.
Amber:aww now shes mad.
{miley comes}
Miley:Hey leave her alone.
Amber:oh miley I wasn't saying anything rude I just came here to tell kate about our little singing compition.
Miley:what about it?
Amber:well i just wondered if kate would like to be in it.
Miley:ok she will.
{kate looks at miley}
{Amber walks away}
Kate:what do you mean I will?
Miley:I mean you will.
Kate:but i cant sing.
Miley:sure you can.
Miley:Easy I will just take the remixed song that you sung last time at the studio and turn it on while you lip sync instend of remixing you again. Its better that way because it really look like your singing.
Kate:great idea!
Miley:I know...i always think of something.

Will Miley's plan go well? Wait for part 6 coming soon to find out.

Gaithersburg, MD

#29 Oct 28, 2007
Part 6:
{at the school gym}
Kate:Miley im not sure I can do this.
Miley:sure you can trust me its just the same as last time.
kate:yeah but if i mess up Amber and Ashley will laugh at me.
Miley:they wont because you already know the words of the song all you have to do is lip sync.
Principle:alright everyone give it up for Kate Wilson!
{the audience cheers.}
Miley to Lilly:did you turn on her mic?
Miley:ok good I set up the cd.
{kate starts to sing make some noise.}
Amber:oh my gosh!
Ashley:I know isn't she Amazing...not ohh-
Amber:not now.
{kate is finished and comes off the stage.}
Amber:that was Amazing!
Ashley:yeah what she said.
Amber:but im still better then you.
Kate:then why don't you show us how better you are?
Amber:ok fine.
{She goes up stage and starts to sing awful}
{the whole audidence laughs}
Kate:ha we got her good.
Miley:we sure did.
Lilly:..1..2..3 BAM!

Wait for part 7.

Los Angeles, CA

#30 Oct 30, 2007
BOO wrote:
omg,,, this is so dumb why would lilly keep a secret about herr moving when everyone will find out anyway? BOO!!
HEY!! I think it's pretty good! And I wouldn't be saying that because I vet that you would write something even mor STUPID! E ven though this isn't. So I suggest you try writing something like this and see how stupid yous is! Miss OMG!

Saint-jérôme, Canada

#31 Nov 1, 2007
it is so good i love this story about hannah montana

Abington, PA

#32 Nov 4, 2007
my friend knows lilly. i give it to her.

u be famous;)

Abington, PA

#33 Nov 4, 2007

Abington, PA

#34 Nov 4, 2007

Lodi, CA

#35 Nov 6, 2007
these are really good!i cant wait for the next script!!!!!!=]]
shelby rolfes

West Chester, OH

#36 Nov 8, 2007
hey hannah can you make more of these scripts with miley, lilly, and kate
shelby rolfes

West Chester, OH

#37 Nov 8, 2007
hey you are really go at make these

Washington, DC

#38 Nov 9, 2007
{At music class}
Music teacher:Alright class for homework I would like you guys to record yourselfs on a CD and bring it to class I will grade you on your vocals.
Music teacher:yes Amber?
Amber:What if our vocals are REALLY good? Do we get an A+++++?
Music teacher:An A+ is okay for now. Class dismissed!
{in the halls}
Miley:Lilly I can not do that assinment the whole class will find out im Hannah Montana what do I do?
Lilly:Miley calm down I don't really have an idea anyways of what you should do because im too excited!
Lilly:using the remixer in the studio!
Miley:well im not going to let you if you dont help me out!
Lilly:fine heres an idea....DEAL WITH IT.
Miley:Lilly I can't belive your being so selfish.
Lilly:Miley what can I do? I have done enough already.
Miley:wait a minute Hannah Montana is performing at our school on the day that assinment is due right?
Liily:right.....where are you going with this?
Miley:well I can get away with the assinment!
Lilly:you still will have to make it up.
Miley:yeah I know but ill figure that out later.
{Music class}
Music teacher:ok class we have a very special guest today.....please welcome Hannah Montana!
{Hannah Montana appers on stage}
Amber:Lilly where Miley?
Lilly:she is absent today why?
Amber:because she is never here when Hannah Montana is. Isnt that strange?
Lilly:not really.
Ashley:yeah Amber your right Miley isnt even at the concerts.
Lilly:well maybe she isn't a fan of Hannah Montana.
Amber:oh yeah sure Lilly I mean who wouldn't be a fan of "Hannah Montana"?
Amber:yeah well not including her.
Lilly:I dont know.
Amber:come on Ashley lets go sneak backstage and check whats going on.
{Amber and Ashley backstage they see Miley taking off her wig.}
{Miley quickly turns around nervously.}
Amber:What are you doing here?
Miley:im just....um........im.......
Amber:just admit it already we already know.
Miley:sweet nibblets.
Amber:Miley you should go out there go tell everyone.
Miley:I can't
Ashley:why not?
Miley:me being Hannah Montana is a secret.
Amber:why would you keep it a secret?
Miley:because if everyone knows im Hannah Montana then when they see me....miley they will be all over me and then my life will never be the same.
Amber:ok then we won't tell right Ashley?
Amber:yeah I mean your Hannah Montana! And I always thought of you like a no one.
Amber:And besides if everyone got all over you when your Miley then Ashley and I wouldn't have a time to tease you.
Amber:its true without you and Lilly Ashley and I arn't really popular. We have no one to tease. We just never wanted to admit it.
Miley:Thanks Amber.
Amber:But we will still tease you at school.
Miley:Lilly and I can live with that at least.
Amber:Come on Ashley lets go to the Mall and get some Pizza.
Ashley:sure Amber.
{Amber and Ashley leave and Miley goes out from backstage to talk to Lilly.}
Lilly:Miley I am so sorry I let them go back there i-
Miley:No Lilly Its fine we worked it out.
Lilly:Thats what took you 40 minutes?
Lilly:did they find out your secert?
Miley:Yeah but its fine now.
Lilly:oh thats good.
Miley:come on lets go to the Mall thats where Amber and Ashley went.
Miley:when we go lets go play a prank on them!
Lilly:ok but you better tell me the story of what happened backstage with you Amber and Ashley.
Miley:sure I'll tell you.

What prank will Miley and Lilly play on Amber and Ashley find out on the next part. Part 8.
Alissa and Bryanna

Richmond, IN

#39 Nov 10, 2007
we loved it we even acted it out its so much fun i hope you write some more scripts so we can have some more fun thanks for the fun
Alissa and Bryanna

Richmond, IN

#40 Nov 10, 2007
us again really cool were bored so we go on here and have fun do write alot because it does seem like it

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