Problems With Some Patients At Mid-St...

Problems With Some Patients At Mid-State Pain Clinic - NewsChan...

There are 325 comments on the Nashville story from Aug 13, 2009, titled Problems With Some Patients At Mid-State Pain Clinic - NewsChan.... In it, Nashville reports that:

A young man died and a mother was grieving. She's concerned about a pain clinic and whether prescriptions for powerful narcotics were written for no good medical reason.

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Clarksville, TN

#23 Aug 14, 2009
I am a patient of this doctor, and I can tell you that he is does exams! He also asks many questions and makes sure that tests have been run! He has always listened to everything I said, asked appropriate questions, and made sure he and I both completely understood my health and all test results, as well as exam results. He is a good doctor that does things by the book. I know that this will prove itself in time.
It is sad that this guy passed away, but I do not believe it was at all the fault of this doctor. We must all take personal responsibility for our actions, and when we take anything into our bodies. No doctor can babysit their patients. They make sure we understand everything. Adults are adults.
I feel sorry for the mom, but false accusations and messing up someone else's life will not bring her son back.
Don't be too quick to judge this doctor, because all the facts are not out. Ask when Mr. Rhea's last visit was to this doctor, then when was it that he passed? Where was he found and in what condition? What ALL was in the toxicology report? ETC
Sad and Upset

Clarksville, TN

#24 Aug 14, 2009
Nikki I do agree with you. People need all the FACTS before going on TV.Their is always more than 1 side to a story!! Thanks
i know the truth

Cottontown, TN

#25 Aug 14, 2009
yes he had a problem but he was still a good man and a good dad the mom of bailey needs to stop trying to get money out of her sons death that is some dirty stuff.LET HIM REST IN PEACE you know who you are
i know the truth

Cottontown, TN

#26 Aug 14, 2009
leave it alone you dont even know what your talking about
baileys friend

Cottontown, TN

#27 Aug 14, 2009
look bailey was a wonderful persons and he leftbehind two great sons i am also a patient of dr.rhodes and there are people who try to trick the dr. just so they can get pills. but dr.rhodes was not at fault cuz bailey only went to him twice and when he passed away he had not seen dr.rhodes in about 5or 6 months. you can get narcotics any where on the streets you know bailey made his own decisions he was a grown man. and i dont believe it was the dr.s fault at all matter of fact the poor grieving mother didnt happen to mention when bailey was 18 how much money she stoled from him . what a wonderful mom huh now shes at it again tryin to get a civil suit against the good dr.just for money ya she goes to the grave everyday thats only to throw away what baileys son and the love of baileys life things away but the mom has her own self at heart she always have thats all i got to say for now but oh theres so much more.

United States

#28 Aug 14, 2009
We as people should look at the whole picture before we place judgement on anybody because these days it is hard to treat patients and know if they are telling the truth or not but hey that is where repeat drug testing has to take place. If people already have addictions they shouldn't be medically treated with anything until they completely stop because any treatment that they receive will be null with the continued drug use. Dr. Rhodes is caught in a hard place practicing in a small country county where there are more drug users and people wanting to make excuse for them than there is good medicine. If I were Dr. Rhodes I would get out of town. I have lived there all my life and it is a raicist town and he isn't going to win. Get of while you can cause I did. To the mother who really lost her son to his own demons as she stated my heart goes out to you but your soon was one of the many that probably said he had a back pain and he did because every time he started to fight the demons and quit his habit all kinds of pain came into his body. God took him home for his purpose so morn no more and don't blame Rhodes for the reasons the demons existed in your son. You know what may caused him to reach out to his addictions or maybe he didn't share it with nobody bt I'm in the medical field and most of the time it is something that happened to them and they couldn't deal with it. Much love but face the truth and move on in the name of JESUS!

Cottontown, TN

#30 Aug 14, 2009
First of all, I can understand the mother trying 2 make up for not being in her sons life when he was a child,from what I understand alot of his childhood was what led up 2 his drug use..Maybee a phsyciatrist can help u work through those issues.If someone has been hurt and really is in pain they should see a Dr.and if the Dr. gives them pain pills I guess hes a Dr. 4 a reason..Secondly, I really dont see the mother of his children lying about someone disgracing his grave,not saying it was u but 4 u 2 be there all the time cleaning it and what not,maybee u would have saw something..It would b a really sad thing if u were lashing out on innocent people just so u could gain some money or fame..Dr.Rhodes is a very kind,smart,and thorough Dr.Im sure he has no control over people abusing their medecine.Hes a Dr. not a caretaker..I wish u would focus more on trying 2 make a relationship with the people that were important 2 him when he was alive.His life partner and their child and the chid fixing 2 b born..That should b the most important thing 2 u write now..If someone else dies from drug use thats their stupidity, their gonna get the drugs from the streets if not the Dr.Stop trying 2 change the world,and focus on fixing ur own family..Dont meen 2 sound ugly seeings how Ive never actually met u,funny how things work,dont even know u and know alot about u,cannot judge u..Everyone has their own reasons 4 doin things..I just hold no respect 4 a woman that does not take responsibility 4 her children.Thats just my way, Im sure u dont give a damn about what I have 2 say.One day it will hit u, and u will want them grand babies in ur life,please go about it the write way..Stop the arguing with the sons girlfriend..She loved him and still loves him,just imagine the pain shs feeling,knowing shes carying a baby and that babies daddy will never know him or her in this life..One day that child will want 2 know his grandma,dont u want that 2?U should try and make imence and b there for this new babies birth..

United States

#31 Aug 14, 2009
Let's just say this MONEY IS THE RULE OF ALL EVIL!


Greenbrier, AR

#32 Aug 14, 2009
No, God gives people a choice! God does not cause people to die for no reason. If you walk in front of a truck you will be killed...and God has NOTHING to do with it.....
Hank Rockvale TN

Kingsland, GA

#33 Aug 14, 2009
gunnstar4912 wrote:
You people who take narcotics without EXTREME advised, they wear out and no longer kill the pain..but the craving will take years to go away. So will the damage to your body.
Oxy was made for people who are dying!!! In the last weeks of their life. If a doctor gives it to you for simple, everyday pain...HE DOE NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.
You seem to really know your stuff and the people that we are having to deal with, it's not about anything except for drug dealing doctors. Seems to me the others are trying to hide something. Maybe they are afraid Dr. Rhodes will have his license suspended, which should be what happens, because one day it may be their brother or child ! Thanks

Greenbrier, AR

#34 Aug 14, 2009
Drug addicts will go to any extreme to get high. Drugs control their brain. Bailey had friends that went to Dr. Rhodes too. Maybe they shared their Oxy with him....perhaps. He was found dead in my uncle's house where he lived with his fiance...
and my uncle knew nothing about his problems.
Yes, Bailey was a sweet person...but drugs are not KIND to anyone. Drugs destroy a person's reasoning power...and doctors know better... if they don't they should suffer some consequences!

Greenbrier, AR

#36 Aug 14, 2009
Yes, I went to medical school and then decided to become a teacher.
By the time Bailey died, the drugs contolled him and he could not make wise decisions....bless his poor heart!He loved his little son and I'm sure he did not want to leave him.
Bailey was good to my uncle and treated him better than his younger son did, by far.
I feel sorry for his Mother. Mothers never stop missing their chirdren.... And who has a right to point fingers at her past...we all have skeletons in our closets...but God forgives.
The doctor needs to pay for his mistake and so does Michael Jackson's doctor.
Jesse J Rockvale TN

Kingsland, GA

#37 Aug 14, 2009
to the person that said it had been months since he had seen Dr Rhodes, that's wrong it had been 2 months and 23 days, but his girlfriend got her prescription from Dr Rhodes on January 6th. Oh, so what does that mean, to me he did not have to get it off of the streets ! And if Dr Rhodes can pay fines for malpractice, then he should be able to give my nephew some money for taking the life of his father!
concerned tn

White House, TN

#38 Aug 14, 2009
god will take you when its time .regaurdless if its by truck or drugs. only god knows how and when you are going to die.sounds like moms in for the money and not facing the fact that part of his problem began for parents not caring. it takes alot out a person when you dont have your parents. im not on drugs and dont care for them.but if someone you love has a problem you need to be there and try to help solve their problem. DON'T POINT BLAME IF YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN PART OF THE PROBLEM.
Pain clinic

Nashville, TN

#39 Aug 14, 2009
Dr.rhodes used to be my doctor until I move to far to drive.He is a wonderful doctor and yess he does do testing along with urine test each month,it is not his fault that some doesn't take their medication right.I am sorry for the loss of the young man but that is the reason it is hard on people that are in pain and that also makes it hard for those who do get tenn care.Yes I do take pain medicine but no I am not addicted because I know I am suppose to take it at certain times.Don't blame dr.rhodes blame it on whoever startd him.
Jesse J Rockvale TN

Kingsland, GA

#40 Aug 14, 2009
concerned tn wrote:
god will take you when its time .regaurdless if its by truck or drugs. only god knows how and when you are going to die.sounds like moms in for the money and not facing the fact that part of his problem began for parents not caring. it takes alot out a person when you dont have your parents. im not on drugs and dont care for them.but if someone you love has a problem you need to be there and try to help solve their problem. DON'T POINT BLAME IF YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN PART OF THE PROBLEM.
You seem to be clueless ! If Dr Rhodes is negligent and that has been proven by the TN Dept of Health not by anyone else, he has this fine not because of my brother, but because of his negligence with 9 other patients ! My brother has a child and by law he is the only one who can receive the money , if we do a civil suit, come on he is only 2 years old. If everyone was as intelligent about the law as they were on how to get these pain doctors to give them narcotics, they would all know this. NOTE NARCOTICS MUST ALSO KILL BRAIN CELLS !
concerned tn

White House, TN

#41 Aug 14, 2009
I'm not cluless,i know he had a wreck in 2005 which could have stemmed the problem,but you can't blame everyone else for the problem. sometimes drugs are your only turn around if you think about a past problem.before he pasted he was in rehab.i spoke with him when he came out and he told me his mom was never there for him and he loved his mom.,but she never had time for him as a kid and as an if its not a money thing then let him R.I.P.

Wartrace, TN

#43 Aug 14, 2009
I am a friend of Donna Johnson and am concerned by some of the comments I have read. I had an occassion in the not so distant past to speak with Donna about her son(this was before he had passed). She was very concerned about him and was really trying to be in contact with him. I did meet him once at a family function and he was a very nice and pleasant person. I was so very sorry to hear about his passing.I only hope that his passing and the questions that have arisen from it can be answered and he and the family can be at peace.

United States

#44 Aug 14, 2009
my wife and i have both use doctor rhodes he is very professional and caring the young man choose to take more drugs than he was should have i understand his moms loss but she should not blame the doctor for something her son chose to do

Hermitage, TN

#45 Aug 14, 2009
I have sat here and read all of the comments everyone has posted. I have to say that I am in disbelief. So much disrespect. I don't believe that this is where the fight should be. This is about finding justice. About taking a Doctor out of the mix, who is enabling. But a lot of you are more concerned about discrediting Donna. THIS IS NOT ABOUT DONNA. This is about justice for Bailey, and everytime you post a comment about her to knock her down, you're disrespecting Bailey. Regardless of anything, he loved his mother. You should all be ashamed of acting like children. Grow up!

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