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=*= THINK 'about' IT =*=

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Hoosier Hillbilly

Roy, WA

#1 Feb 21, 2012
Romneys' campaign burned through $18.7 million in January, only to win primaries in New Hampshire and Florida.

Principals, morals, & values excluded, how much would it have taken to just \ buy/ the votes needed to win those 2-primaries?
What would you sell your vote for?$100,$200 - reallly! how much - what's it take to \buy/ your future or your kids?

Now think about this; ...is the country in the shape it's in because
you never even bothered to vote in past elections? Are you still
happy with the way things are going?

Anyone that would spend millions to be president, do-you-think,
has your "best interests" in mind? To take that a step further,
do you suppose their salary and 'budget'(Air Force #1, health
benefits, retirement, etc) will be appreciated using "OUR" tax
dollars to cover it? Spending 50 to 100 million or more to become president and then taking 'our' money during his rein in office
and for the rest of his life,..does..that..make..sense ..to..you?

By the people, of the people, for the people...sounds to 'me' like
we're getting the first two from (or for) him...but the last one should be changed to F**k'n [used as an intensive] the people!
Hoosier Hillbilly

Roy, WA

#2 Feb 21, 2012
Start Making Sense/government

StThe rules governing members of Congress. I'm pretty sure you can hold a week-long conference in Hawaii, fly out an important tax committee member first-class or in a corporate jet, put him in a luxury suite, have golfing outings each day and fancy dinners each night, hold ongoing "seminars" that are essentially lobbying sessions, make large campaign contributions, etceteraa (number of unspecified additional persons or things),and not have a concern in the world apart from some minor tax planning issues (e.g., what can you deduct, or alternatively should you run it through a tax-exempt organization).

Tribute to Jeans' buddy!
Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#4 Feb 21, 2012
See what you get, Hillbilly, when you begin a thread that suggests anything out of context with sweetness and nice things? Your posts are rated as clueless and nuts by the thought police. As least your's aren't labeled as being vulgar, like mine.

But don't say you weren't warned....
Nobody Important wrote:
Last week I was roasted for being "clueless, nuts, and vulgar," so I've endeavored to publish sweet and nice things that are pleasing to the eye and tickle the ear.

Why? Its what is wanted by the powers that be. They won't have anything that is controversial. They want nothing that might cause John Q. Citizen to think. They've gone to great length to recruit the publisher of the Greensburg Daily News, so they can keep Greensburg a sleepy, serene, little town. They've gone to great length to ensure their hand-picked candidates appear on the election ballot and that a WTRE commentator will expound (on election night) upon how it is a great thing that John Q. Citizen doesn't really have a choice in city affairs because there aren't any real differences among the political parties.

Yes. Everyone goes along to get along, and isn't it nice?

Surely, I'm not the only one with sweet and nice things to publish so John Q. Citizen can be pacified into a stupor.
M Jean Johannigman

Batesville, IN

#6 Feb 21, 2012
RUSH: What's the waste of taxpayer dollars?

CALLER: The battle on marijuana.

RUSH: Oh, the battle on marijuana. I saw a story, by the way. There's some Swiss, Swedish, French, some outfit that has made a marijuana spray for multiple sclerosis.

It's been approved in some European countries. They're gonna ask the FDA to approve it here. They hope to get it proved by 2013 or 2014, and it's got THC and the cannabinoid, cannabis, whatever the ingredient is, but it doesn't give you the high.

You spray it in your mouth like a breath spray, and it's supposed to have all the wonderful medical benefits of marijuana without the high, and it's primarily being used to treat multiple sclerosis in the European countries where it's been approved.

I wonder. We'll see. By the way, it also does not -- from what I understand, what I read, it does not -- enhance the appetite, which marijuana does. So it would be interesting to see if the medical marijuana gang in this country would support an oral spray of marijuana that doesn't give you a high, does not increase your appetite, but effectively deals with a medical problem.

That would be fascinating. Jacob, thanks for the call.

M Jean Johannigman

Batesville, IN

#7 Feb 21, 2012
Does Ron Paul know about this Hillbilly?!?!

Doctor seeks consent for marijuana spray for MS

Submitted by Amit Pathania on Fri, 01/15/2010 - 09:58 Featured Health TNM

An unnamed Melbourne-based doctor at the Royal Melbourne Hospital's neurology department stated that marijuana might be effective in easing the symptoms and pain of MS for sufferers.

British company GW Pharmaceuticals, which specialises in developing cannabis-based prescription medicines, manufactures the spray called Sativex, which the doctor wants to push for trial.

Reports state that the doctor will soon seek permission from the state and federal to use the mouth spray.

Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#8 Feb 21, 2012
A marijuana mouth spray that doesn't induce stupor?

The very thought of it is clueless and nuts ... and perhaps even vulgar.


It allows people to think, and might be the cause of controversy.

Quick. Laura Welborn. Sit on this. This information mustn't get out! And another thing ... make sure both political parties are staffed with anti-medical marijuana use candidates.
Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#9 Feb 21, 2012
Following is a translated article from a French periodical....


The French son hidden Adolf Hitler (part 1)

Hitler had a son with a French! It wanted to recognize his terrible descent. Before renouncing on the advice of his counsel and his children

[An excerpt] "Master, I am the son of Hitler!" "Tell me what I need to do." Francois Gibault, Parisian lawyer, did not believe his ears. Man he has before him is rather large, speaks a French perfect without an accent, and is not a hurluberlu. His inspiring story is not less true.

Entered the German army in 1914, corporal Adolf Hitler's battle against French troops near Seboncourt in Picardy. From time to time, soldiers are sent to the rear to recover, regain forces and sometimes... fun. Fournes-en-Weppe, a small town located west of Lille, Hitler met Charlotte Lobjoie, a young woman of only 16 years.

"One day, I was doing Hay, with other women, when it saw a German soldier, installed across the street, reveals it to his son many years later." He had a kind of cardboard and seemed to draw. All women found interesting this soldier and were curious to know what it was shaping. "I am designated to try to approach it." The unknown shows, then warm, and even friendly with the young peasant woman. Began a relationship that will last for several weeks.

"When your father was there - very rarely-, he loved take me on walks in the countryside." But these walks ended in general rather. Indeed, your father, inspired by nature, began a speech that I did not understand much. Unable to express themselves in French, haired proclaiming it in German, addressing an absent audience. If I spoke German, I could not follow him, as the history of Prussia, the Austria or the Bavaria was not familiar, far from it. "My reaction was your father angry seeing me stay marble in its oratory effects!" Under the small corporal already broke the illuminated Tribune....

One evening in June 1917, returning a little hung over an evening with a friend, he very enterprising with Charlotte. In March of the following year was born a son. In the eyes of the children of the village, the small Jean-Marie is a "son of a Boche". Often, the blow it with his comrades to wash this infamy. The years pass and Charlotte refuses to speak to the mysterious circumstances of the birth of his son. Worse, depressed and vaguely shameful, she abandoned her son and the entrusted to the custody of a couple more easy with one of her sisters is used. This "new family" will eventually adopt the child in 1934. His "true father" for its part does not, refuses to see, but still far far to take news from his mother. Extraordinary thing in the early twenties, his family of adoption is owner of a building in Frankfurt that it does not pay.[End of excerpt]

Continued in the next post.
Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#10 Feb 21, 2012
Continued from my last post...

The French son hidden Adolf Hitler (part 2)


[An excerpt] A few weeks before his death, in the early fifties, Charlotte says to his son the true identity of her father. The shock is terrible. "To not fall into anxiety, I worked tirelessly, taking never vacation, never of distraction: 20 years without returning to cinema", told Jean-Marie Loret in a book (**) he published in general indifference in 1981 to the editions of the University and modern education.

Because in the 1970s, become adult and father, Loret wants to formalize its sad descent. He was Assistant services of a historian, returns to the scene of his childhood, queries a few rare witnesses and diligent a series of inquiries: expertise in method of identification by the comparative physiognomy, another of the Institute of anthropology and genetics of the University of Heidelberg, which shows that father and son have the same blood group, a study comparative psychographologique between Adolf Hitler and Jean-Marie Loret and a comparison of the handwriting of the entries of the two men. All lead to the same conclusion. Jean-Marie Loret is probably the son of Adolf Hitler. Photos argue for this position, and there are "family resemblances" between two men...

This thesis has always been the object of a major dispute between historians. Germany and the Japan it seems, while in France, it has never been seriously discussed. Yet other disturbing elements emerge: it is established that, during the Occupation, the Wehrmacht officers brought envelopes of cash in Charlotte. On the death of his mother, Jean-Marie Loret discovered in the attic of the House of the paintings signed "Adolf Hitler" while that in Germany there will be hands on a picture that looked like to stroke his mother...

"When he comes to see me in 1979, remembers master Gibault, I have before me a somewhat paumé man who does not know to be recognized as the son of Adolf Hitler or to clear it of a stroke of a pen." It has that feel many natural children: the urge to find a past heavy matter, but the fear of return of old sludge. I greatly spoke with him, more playing the role of a psychologist to counsel. Certainly, he could claim a share of the copyright of Mein Kampf and, why not, bank accounts that the Führer had perhaps opened in Switzerland, but at 60 years was it reasonable? "After having conversed with me and with her children, it has himself decided not to reveal sulfurous civil status." A few months later, Jean-Marie Loret publishes a book that will go unnoticed. In the France then, Maurice Papon is Minister of the Budget (from 1978 to 1981) while Francois Mitterrand elected in May 1981 René Bousquet at his table. The Japan public television will receive in its studios this curious character present as the son of the nazi dictator.

Ironically, Jean-Marie Loret 1939 enlisted in the corps who fought in front of the Maginot line. The following year, his unit leads a violent battle against German troops in the Ardennes in 1940. During the Occupation, he is even contacted by the resistance CMO (civil and military organization) network in which he wore "Clément" name. Then unaware of its origins, it is naturally resistance to Hitler armies. Good blood could lie...[End of excerpt]
Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#11 Feb 21, 2012
Having published the original story from a French periodical in my last two posts (above), then following is an article published by ABC News ...


Did Hitler Have a Secret Son?

[An excerpt] Until his death in 1985, Jean-Marie Loret believed that he was the only son of Adolf Hitler. There is now renewed attention to evidence from France and Germany that apparently lends some credence to his claim.

Loret collected information from two studies; one conducted by the University of Heidelberg in 1981 and another conducted by a handwriting analyst that showed Loret's blood type and handwriting, respectively, were similar to the Nazi Germany dictator who died childless in 1945 at age 56.

The evidence is inconclusive but Loret's story itself was riveting enough to warrant some investigation. The French newspaper Le Pointe published an account last week of Loret's story, as he told Parisian lawyer Francois Gibault in 1979.

Le Pointe retells Gibault's reaction to Loret's claim:

"Master, I am the son of Hitler! Tell me what I should do," Gibault told Le Pointe.

According to Le Pointe, the "Paris lawyer, does not believe his ears. The man before him is rather large, speaks perfect French without an accent, and is not a crackpot. His inspiring story is no less true."

Loret claimed that his mother, Lobojoie Charlotte, met Hitler in 1914, when he was a corporal in the German army and she was 16. She described Hitler as "attentive and friendly." She and Hitler would take walks in the countryside, although conversation often was complicated by their language barrier. Yet, despite their differences, after an inebriated night in June 1917, little Jean-Marie was born in March 1918, according to Loret.

Neither Loret nor the rest of his mother's family knew of the circumstances of his birth until the early 1950s when she confessed to her son that Hitler was his father. She had given her only son up for adoption in 1930 but stayed in touch with him, according to Loret.

After this realization, according to LePointe, Loret began his journey to find out if the story was true, researching with a near-manic determination. He enlisted geneticists, handwriting experts and historians. He wrote a book, "Your Father's Name Was Hitler," that details that journey. It will now be republished to include the new studies that Loret believed confirmed his claim.[End of excerpt]
Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#14 Feb 21, 2012
Have you ever heard of this festival in Ohio County (Rising Sun)?...

Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#15 Feb 21, 2012
There is a drive to stop Snapperfest 2012....


Is it cruel, or not?
Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#16 Feb 22, 2012
Spam, clueless, and nuts ... for what? Questioning whether stretching a turtle's neck around one's wrist as pasttime, is humane treatment of wildlife? For that matter, I question the sanity of contestants. Who thinks up this nonsense?

Open the link and view the video, dumbass.
M Jean Johannigman

Batesville, IN

#18 Feb 22, 2012
Santorum Has the Republican and Democratic Establishment on Edge
at 12:58 PM
Posted by Al Garcia

Santorum’s conservatism says if we have strong families, churches, synagogues, communities, we will not have to depend on Big Government, Big Finance, Big Business.

Maybe it’s because, as David Brooks has noted, he represents a “viewpoint that is being suppressed by the political system,” a system that has worn out most Americans.

What kind of viewpoint is that? Jon Ward, a senior political reporter at the Huffington Post, says that Santorum espouses “compassionate conservatism [with] a libertarian twist.” It’s essential to cut taxes and slash the size of government—but that’s not enough, Santorum argues.

He suggests that this election is a turning point:

Do we want to reclaim our independence, or will we continue our march toward increasing dependence on government, bureaucracy, and big corporations?

The establishment, which relies on dependence, is desperately grasping to maintain control: Mitt Romney, the creator of government-mandated healthcare in Massachusetts, is calling Santorum a liberal, saying he was a big government proponent.

But the facts are otherwise: The National Taxpayers Union ranks Santorum as among the most fiscally conservative senators during his time in that chamber.

M Jean Johannigman

Batesville, IN

#19 Feb 22, 2012
check out this video and remember:

Perhaps that should be the slogan of many in our current media .


Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#20 Feb 23, 2012
National Enquirer runs cover picture of Whitney Houston in a coffin


[An excerpt] The National Enquirer, the scandalous US supermarket check-out weekly, has acted true to form by publishing a picture of Whitney Houston (allegedly) lying in an open coffin. Its cover picture, purports to show her in a gold casket in a funeral home.

The cover picture has prompted a storm of protest, with people claiming it is, variously, shocking, intrusive, disturbing, in poor taste, offensive to her family, and so on. A line has been crossed said a Washington Post writer. Not really. The Enquirer has form for this sort of photo. In 1977, it famously published a picture of Elvis Presley in his casket. The issue caused outrage - and then sold a record-making 6.5m copies.

More recently, a photo of Michael Jackson's lifeless body was republished by many newspapers after it was shown to the jury during the trial of his doctor Conrad Murray.

There has been an intense interest in Houston since her death. Her funeral, which was held on Saturday, was live streamed by the Associated Press with permission from the family. It got 2m unique visitors. CNN, one of the cable networks to broadcast the funeral, averaged 5m viewers in the course of the three-and-a-half hour screening.

Other outlets, including Entertainment Weekly and ABC News, live blogged the service. Wire services, like Getty and the AP, took photos of guests outside the funeral service and of Houston's casket as it was carried in.[End of excerpt]

Is it beyond the bounds of decency?

Or will my post to be judged as spam, clueless, and nuts, without comment?
Hoosier Hillbilly

Ashburn, VA

#25 Feb 23, 2012
12:35 PM Nopo still shows in the top 7 on the board and 'my' post are over 1 hr. old.
He or no-one else knows I posted.
Hoosier Hillbilly

Ashburn, VA

#26 Feb 23, 2012
Kitty still shows as last poster on Quotes12:38 PM
Hoosier Hillbilly

Roy, WA

#27 Feb 23, 2012
12:31 PM Nopo still showing on 'top7' board
'my'post are an hour old now and Nopo still doesn't know (or anyone else for that matter) that
I posted back.
Nobody Important

Plymouth, IN

#28 Feb 23, 2012
Nobody Important wrote:
Is it beyond the bounds of decency?

Or will my post to be judged as spam, clueless, and nuts, without comment?
F*ck you.
Hoosier Hillbilly

Ashburn, VA

#29 Feb 23, 2012
There you go again letting "HIM!" get under your skin. It makes me feel good to see *judged* symbols
because I know he's read it!
((( AND ))) if it's getting read-it's better than not getting 'red!'((double meaning))

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