nightshift you are sick!
Lois Lane

Mount Pleasant, SC

#1 Jan 31, 2012
You aparently did something to porcelain and it's probably the same thing you do to every woman who will pay you an ounce of attention.

You lie and steal from them - right behind fat laura's back. Donald Edge/Nightshift, you probably stole from porcelain too. Or maybe she's the victim who your wife abused.

What a sick family...

Morganton, NC

#2 Jan 31, 2012
Lois Lane wrote:
You aparently did something to porcelain and it's probably the same thing you do to every woman who will pay you an ounce of attention.
You lie and steal from them - right behind fat laura's back. Donald Edge/Nightshift, you probably stole from porcelain too. Or maybe she's the victim who your wife abused.
What a sick family...
nightshift, keep it close. What you and I have to deal with is what happen to my grandson BRADLEY POPE MURDERED. Garden City, SC. 2007.

Youngsville, NC

#3 Jan 31, 2012
I'm Donald Edge and I play with handcuffs.

Irmo, SC

#4 Jan 31, 2012
First of all you cannot talk to a psycho like a normal human being.
Who knows what their mental case might be. Who cares? I pay very little attention to the complaints of the tourist now days being as most of them are fools that do not listen anyway. They come from these back woods hillbilly town with their relevance ways and act like they can come here and do whatever they like. They act like John Wayne and when the law gets a hold of them and they finally pay the fine and get to go home they then live with their resentments. I have been trying to tell them what an un-safe un-friendly place this is ever since 2008, but still they do not listen and they come anyway. Then when things go wrong for them they spend the rest of their immature slow minded days trying to blame everyone in the world other than themselves for the problems.
This guy cannot even spell so you can imagine that his brain function is not much better than your average tourist. Still the slow minded keep flocking to the Grand Strand. At this point I doubt if anything can be done to help these poor unfortunate soles. I am sure that we all wish that they had a life, but in most cases they do not and never will. Sad but true. I cannot save the world, so all I can do is try to pick and choose who I can help and who I cannot.
I have said it before and I will say it again. What I used to try and live by is to try to
In this guy’s case may I should have tried harder to comfort him rather than to disturbed him. But I remember feeling that this guy was like one of those hard headed rednecks that is so set in his way that no matter what the truth really was, if you did not agree with him then there would be no room for anything else. Some people are simply so closed minded and set in there rigid ways that there is no reasoning with them. I recall say that he lives in his own little world where the people, the courts, society, and the entire world must be wrong and only he is right. I believe that is what one calls the definition of being a true drunken redneck.
In which case one must admit that being the case there is no hope and nothing that can be done to change things from being the way they are.
So how is that?
Was it as good for you as it was for me?
One foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow leaves you pissing all over today.
Bottom line is that if you are letting me or anyone else live rent free in your slow little minds then you need to change the way your little mind works. Stop abusing all drugs including Alcohol and call your shrink immediately. Find something positive to live for and do the best you can each day. Make your cup half full rather than half empty.
Other wise you are destine to remain the victim that you always where.

Irmo, SC

#5 Jan 31, 2012
I'm Donald Edge and I play with handcuffs my self and my little sisster. my mom makes me pay so I cant do her any more cause I am a broke as hoodlum.
Ok I beleive it.
a lot of us would say that you play with your self as well.
I say just because you are from a mostly closeted wealthy family that it does not make you special. And you certainly should be smart enough to make up your won screen name and not steal my screen name and yet here we are, based on results you are such a child that you can not come up with anything on your own so you steal my name. now that is somthing only a child, a hillbilly or a welfar monkey would do. So which are you? I get that you are one of lazy people that can not muster up enough talent to create your own screen name, but surly you can not feel very good about that or any of the other childish things that you do. I suppose when you are shallow and empty in side this is the best you can do.
once again, it cleary SUCKS TO BE YOU.

Youngsville, NC

#6 Jan 31, 2012
I like to beat up unsuspecting tourists so that the Myrtle Beach crime stats rise. I convince women to play with me in the back of the cop car in order to get out of traffic violation tickets. I spend hours trying to make myself seem smart on the internet by arguing with people. These same people really don't care but they do enjoy making me angry because I'm semi-retarded.
I'm Donald Edge and I approved this message.

Irmo, SC

#7 Feb 1, 2012
<quoted text>
I'm Donald Edge and I approved this message.
You see that is the difference between a sick low class puppy like you and someone like me.
I have always stood up against injustice just like those perpetrated by the Murder Beach city council when they passed all those illegal city ordinances back in 2008. I am the one that believe in fairness, freedom, justice, the truth and amends where amends is due.
It is I that constantly warns the tourist of just how much things have changed. I am the one that calls all you corrupt people out on your lies and your shameful games. I shine a light on all of you that twist the truth and tell the lies. Now stop using my screen name you immature poser.
I know you live in that dead end no nothing loserville town and this is most likely the only way you can think of to get your kicks besides abusing farm animals but please tell us how wasting your time acting like a immature child accomplishes anything. Grow up.
Nightshift Still Wants Me

Mount Pleasant, SC

#8 Feb 1, 2012
Don't get so angry Donald, the Truth hurts and it makes you feel a wee bit uncomfortable.

Irmo, SC

#9 Feb 1, 2012
I got news for you psycho. No one wants you.
From what I read, you are what they call damaged goods.
Your Karma is coming.
Be sides why would a happily married man like me want some goofy loser ex-cops sloppy old seconds. Sorry psycho, but I really am not interested. You have so many crazy thoughts, that no one would ever be able to find any truth in your psycho rants.
Who knows what is true with you. The one thing that is clear is just how obsessed you are.
A true jaded internet stalker. By now I believe that no one on the internet even cares if you are some kind of victim or a volunteer. Who cares. What we do know is that you are a certifiable nut job.
And your not that good looking either. How old are you now? I bet you prey on drunk men, now don’t you.

I would guess that you are off your medication.
Did your doctor ever imply that you just might be a psychotic codependent looking for love in all wrong dive bars.
Surely being a cheap easy drunk must be bad for business, especially in those uppity type towns.
I suggest you stop with the internet opinion blog sites and get some help.
No more BS

Conway, SC

#10 Feb 2, 2012
Another Dating post?

Cary, NC

#11 May 15, 2013
The gift that keeps on giving!

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