Hello, my name is David Shurter. My father, way back when I was a child, was a performing high priest in a cult that was practicing in Omaha NE during the 60′s and 70′s, and I built this site in order to investigate the activities that he and his friends were involved with.

Much of what I am speaking about also deals with men who were involved in a failed financial institution here in Omaha, NE called the Franklin Credit Union. Drugs, child trafficking, and murder where all a part of this ring, and I wanted to further expose the crimes that were happening here in Omaha.

Before my father died- he told people that he had “skeletons in his closet” and that he had “committed crimes against children”. I wanted to dedicate this site to exposing those skeletons, in order to bring peace to the families that my family hurt.

In the summer of 2006, a man in Muskegon Michigan was arrested for being in a satanic cult and ritually killing children in the area. I don’t remember his name- or the details- but I know that it was on the CNN website the summer I tried to find out about my father’s will, as I saw the article sitting in my lawyer’s waiting room.

This is significant because Michigan has a history of four children being satanically ritually murdered in the state,(OAKLAND CHILD MURDERS). Now, since my father grew up in Niles, Michigan- I am left to wonder, knowing what I do of my father, if there is a connection to this and my family as well.