Teen Challenge Exposed!

Aberdeen, MD

#123 Jan 10, 2013
Carrie J wrote:
To Michael and K: You know TC is not just a program. It is a "Spiritual Boot Camp for "REAL SOLDIERS" in he army of the Lord. TC is, I like to call a training for reighning ground. I am so very sorry that you did not rely on the Word that has been taught to you. I am so sorry, that you worked the program and did not allow the program to "WORK FOR YOU" I am very sorry, you didn't appreciate the opportunity to spend quality time with the Lord.....without the cares of the world. To be honest you could not handle the Sanctification process. It is disappointing to know that you spent 11 months and couldn't allow the Gods Holy Spirit to help you apply all of that word that you recieved. I am a former graduate. I graduated 7 years ago and I Thank God for that Ministry. Don't you know that all things work together for the good for those who LOVE GOD and are called according to his purpose. Do you remember reading about the Israelites who spent 40 years in the wilderness? going in circles You know why? Because they DID NOT KNOW HOW TO PROCESS THE TRANSITION. Do you remember how when the people grumbled and complained against Moses in the wilderness? God caused and earth quake to swallow them up in the presence of the people. Keep YOUR MOUTH OFF OF TC. THAT IS GOD'S ANOINTED MINISTRY.... GOD'S NOT MAN! and I pray that maybe one day you will understand. May God heal all of your hurts, feelings and emotions in Jesus Name;-)
You go Carrie. Let em have it. I too live in Baltimore. Let your voice be heard.

Holland, MI

#124 Jan 10, 2013
So just because it's a ministry, we should not have questions or hold them accountable???
I wonder if thats what Jim Jones said to his "flock" just before they drank the Koolaide.
Remember, our forefathers came here to have religious freedom.

Holland, MI

#125 Jan 14, 2013
There is a difference between grumbling and complaining and stating FACTS!!!
The comment that TC is Gods anointed ministry and you should not question speaks volumes on how people are taught or programmed to think at Teen Challenge.
When bible verses are taken out of context and twisted to a particular relevance or circumstance to support someones particular view----Be very careful....
I believe that Jesus is my lord and savior, I also believe that God created me with this brain, to use it....Look over the history of the Church--Blind faith in man will get you in trouble or in some cases Killed......Use the brain and heart God gave you!!!!!

Warren, MI

#126 Jan 23, 2013
I am in shock by so many of the comments here. I just have to say I am VERY THANKFUL for Teen Challenge, specifically Western Michigan Teen Challenge. They took me in without requiring a dime...they helped me when I had burned every relationship bridge I had in my life. They accepted me when no one else would, they taught me the FULL GOSPEL and gave me HOPE in Jesus Christ. 8 yrs. after my TC experience I am still on fire, still clean and sober...never gone back to my old lifestyle, went to Bible College in Texas, managed businesses and now have gone in to full time ministry. Teen Challenge was perfect for me, and I appreciate every thing that they did for me!!!

Since: Dec 12

United States

#127 Jan 24, 2013
tjj wrote:
So just because it's a ministry, we should not have questions or hold them accountable???
I wonder if thats what Jim Jones said to his "flock" just before they drank the Koolaide.
Remember, our forefathers came here to have religious freedom.
I don't think its our job to hold anyone accountable - except ourselves. If anything we should pray for them if we think they are in error

Holland, MI

#128 Jan 24, 2013
Dear Wow
Now you need to bring a $700 non-refundable induction fee..........
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to hear that it worked and your are clean and doing great. My points have been just to share the truth about the place based on experience.
After I left I went on to a recovery program where I was given tools to stay sober and found that "Christian Program" to be very rewarding, practacal, caring and applicable to life. None of which I found at West Mi TC.

Holland, MI

#129 Feb 8, 2013
Just checked and Now you have to bring $850 "induction fee which is non-refundable and a bus ticket home. Which means, you get there, give them your money and if they don't like the way you act or what they see, they dump you off at the bus station and keep your money.
Now compaire that to the "Life Skills" recovery program at the Holland Rescue Mission. Its Christian based, do not need money or a ticket home, they give you a place to live, eat, learn and true skills to live a healthy, sober Christ filled life.

Holland, MI

#130 Feb 8, 2013

A link that needed to be posted again

Grand Rapids, MI

#131 Mar 12, 2013
My son went there about 4 months ago, and only had to have $90. He ended up going to jail because of a probation violation. His PO didn't care that he was trying to get help for his problem, she violated him anyway and he had to go to jail. He got out and is going back to teen challenge. They didn't ask him for $700 or $850, just the $40 (they still have his original $50 for the bus fare)to make up $90. So I don't know where you are getting the non refundable induction fee, because my son wasn't required to pay this. He just spoke to them today.

Holland, MI

#132 Mar 12, 2013
I'm just going by their stated handbook that is on-line.
I wish all the best for your son.

Holland, MI

#133 Apr 2, 2013
Hey tww,
How is your son doing?

Holland, MI

#134 Apr 22, 2013
BTW-How does one get to be "annointed" of God?
What does that mean?
And if "annointed" does that mean you are not to be questioned, everything you say is true.
Again-I wonder if Jim Jones, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert were annointed.

Holland, MI

#135 May 27, 2013
I want to commend those of you who have been e-mailing me and for having the courage to ask questions and gain a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into by going to West MI TC.
Ask to see the "study" they quote on success rate.
I've been waiting 10 years and no one can produce a copy.
Ask what tools you will be given and skills you will be taught to deal with your addiction or alcoholism. And what you will learn to cope in the "real" world.
It continues to surprise and sadden me that all I do is ask questions and some people attack me for that.
[email protected]
Mother of one addicted

Lansing, MI

#136 Jul 26, 2013
Thank you so much for posting the Truth. His love is always offered even to those who walk away. Seek HIM and you will find HIM. Men will fail you, but God will not. Stop looking at man and look unto God. Don't be deceived people. Study the Word yourself. God will give you a reprobate mind eventually. Don't let it be too late for you.
Chris wrote:
<quoted text>
First off, I am glad that you had a life changing experience. I have a rebellious streak its true, but that is being dealt with, especially lately. God has made some changes in my life to show he is near. today a friend asked me out of the blue to start a bible study, and a young friend of mine had a life enriching experience at a youth meeting and started talking to me about changes in her life and I talked about the bible with her, something i had not done with her in the past year. If you will read over my quote, I don't judge, I point out various things that did occur. I don't know the validity of any of them at this point, but every jot dash and tittle is to be judged by God and the saints. I dare to say what I did because it happened. Not pointing out the bad parts of my experience is like the people that want to take chapters about slavery in US history out of text books. I am stronger from the experience. I have less fear. I am aware that no place on earth is free of Satans dirty gloves. Yet, it is precious to read that your life was changed by this place, and it proves that Gods hands hold the entirety of everything. So live your life strong and free, but don't tell me that Teen Challenge doesn't have horrible points as well as truthful success. Or, that I can't speak the truth about it, because the truth will set you free.
kathy bennett

Walkersville, MD

#137 Aug 8, 2013
looking at these comments.. the bitterness in them... if this is the christain attitude.. im glad i am not a christain... these statements are not God like in any manner. pointing fingers and bitter accusations ... really .. are any of you seeking God? or is this just another way to satisfy your own need to be better than someone else?.... glad im not a christain.

Holland, MI

#138 Aug 9, 2013
Not bitterness, just relating my experience and telling the truth.
Teen Challenge did more to turn me off to God than anything or anyone.
I beleive in God and Christ as my savior.
However, after TC I would not step foot into and Assemblies of God church if it were the last one on earth.
Dan Da Man

United States

#139 Aug 11, 2013
Do ya for a beer!

Holland, MI

#140 Aug 22, 2013
I have tried to find he study that WEST MI TC always quotes as their sucess rate.
Here is what I found.


When I was at TC my family, friends and myself asked numerous times to see the study. They can not and will not produce it but tey continue to quote it, which leads me to believe they are misleading the public for their own benefit - in other words LYING!!!!


Holland, MI

#141 Aug 22, 2013
Here is another link I found.
I hope everyone who is thinking of going to Teen Challenge does there homework before going!!!!!


Los Angeles, CA

#142 Nov 3, 2013
My Sister is 7 months in TC. Shes a new creation,geared to serve God and others. God changed her life through TC. Although I admit there are many girls there who are there instead of being in prison, they really dont "get it". If you want god and change, its the right place.If not, it will be your nightmare I imagine, but hey, theres always prison! Best wishes.

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