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Muskego Citizen

Waterford, WI

#1 Nov 22, 2010
Who is running for mayor in April? I heard Mayor Johnson isn't running again?
Muskego Tom

Brookfield, WI

#2 Nov 28, 2010
We a Community Organizer running! Electing a Community Organizer worked so well in Washington!
moT ogeksuM

Milwaukee, WI

#3 Nov 29, 2010
Hey Tom,

How about you run? You seem to have all the answers. Course it is easier to shout out from the peanut gallery. Maybe Suzi would be your running mate...
Muskego Citizen

Waterford, WI

#4 Nov 29, 2010
Anyone else running besides Chiaverotti? I have heard rumor that Werner, Buckmaster, Fiedler, or LaFeber may run?
Suzi Link

Germantown, WI

#5 Nov 30, 2010
With all due respect to "Muskego Tom", the more correct description of Kathy Chiaverotti’s day-job is "Full-time, paid Lobbyist for a special interest group", more specifically the Muskego Chamber of Commerce.

What confuses (and alarms) me is that I was under the impression that Lobbyists, by definition, were not permitted to hold an elected office which interacts directly with issues affecting the same special interest group(s). The formal term for this condition is “Conflict of Interest”. It is the legal obligation of all people choosing to hold public office (both elected and appointed) to avoid situations where personal interests (both professional and personal) are placed in potential conflict with the interests of the legal constituents of that public official.

Just this month, as "Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce", Ms. Chiaverotti applied for and got approximately $18 Thousand Dollars from THE CITY OF MUSKEGO for Muskego Chamber merchants affected by the WAUKESHA COUNTY Janesville Road Project. This is a very slippery slope for a first-term Waukesha County Supervisor and could already constitute a conflict of interest.

While she is clearly an extremely effective advocate for her primary employer, approximately 90% of Muskego is RESIDENTIAL. The concern is that the 90% have significantly different concerns and preferences which often conflict with the interests of the 10%. In these instances, who would Kathy Chiaverotti choose to represent?
Rick Petfalski

Oconomowoc, WI

#6 Nov 30, 2010

It's clear that "90%" of people in Muskego are not anti-business, in fact I would feel it would be safe to say that most residence of legal voting age are very pro business. It follows our communities demographics. So your assertion that 90% of the residences in Muskego have "Significantly" different concerns is quite the stretch.

Mrs. Chiaverotti's job duties are not one of a lobbyist. A lobbyist is defined by state law and must be registered. Her position is both as a advocate for its members as well as a manager of the organization and it's day to day operations. She over sees staff, creates a annual budget, prepares agenda's for board meetings and organizes many community events, etc.

Before you start tossing terms out like conflict of interest, I suggest you check with the Government Accountability Board. I suspect you will find no conflict.

Just like you are free to advocate for what you feel is best for this community (or yourself) individuals and organizations are free to do the same for themselves. I'm guessing the latter mentioned is just better at it than you have been.

Regarding your last question, I would argue it is her job to represent what is best for her district. You and I do not get to decide what that is. We are welcome to give her our opinion on what we feel that is, but in the end, she gets judged by the voters on election day.

As of today we have no official candidates for Mayor. I would guess by the beginning of January we will have 3 to 5. Elections are weighing the contracts between one or more candidates. Before you assassinate this potential candidate, let's see who all throw's their hat in the ring. Let's make our decisions based the contrasting candidates. The way I see it we could (and in times in the past, have) done a lot worse.
Large Pizza

Plymouth, WI

#7 Dec 1, 2010
Obviously, Petfalski is Kathy's little pitbull / attack dog - good boy, now sit.

He seems to be real defensive too - I wonder why???
Rick Petfalski

Oconomowoc, WI

#8 Dec 1, 2010
Mr Pizza,

Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as a "Pit Bull."

My point was to simply disagree (respectfully) with Ms. Links assertion that citizens have completely different concerns and preferences then the Chamber of Commerce members do. Most members are citizens and I also believe that most Muskego citizens are pro-business. I also disagree that the position of Executive Director of the chamber is that of a lobbyist.

You are correct I was defensive, but no more than if she were to have attached the Moose Lodge, Lions Club, Woman's club or any other service organization in Muskego.

Hope that gives you an idea as to my response. I try to keep my responses civil, and I believe for the most part I do.


Brookfield, WI

#9 Dec 2, 2010
Don't worry Rick we need more Pit Bulls supporting us on the left. I am so sick of these right wingers complaining about us.

Thank you and keep up the good work!
Muskego Blue

Chicago, IL

#10 Dec 2, 2010
Yes Rick thank you for supporting the Progressive movement. It is time that real Progressives stop being afraid to come out of their homes in Muskego. I applaud your courage as a Progressive school board member in a traditionally conservative area.

This April Vote Progressive Vote Chiaverotti for Mayor Vote Werner for Alderman Vote for a better Muskego!
Rick Petfalski

Milwaukee, WI

#11 Dec 2, 2010
Sorry, I'm the wrong guy to help your cause. Contrary to your cynicism, I challenge you to find actions on my end that would put me on the left.

Have a great week.
Muskego Blue

Chicago, IL

#12 Dec 2, 2010
I would say your support for Chiaverotti would put you there and we welcome you!

No need to hide anymore Rick the others don't seem to have a candidate so it's smooth sailing baby.
Matt Johnson

United States

#13 Dec 3, 2010
You are correct Rick. My dad had ideas and dreams for Muskego, built a coalition and got to work on achieving those goals when he became mayor. We now have GE, Walmart and a brighter future. The other side would have you believe that attempting to draw business into Muskego is a bad thing (or makes them liberals--which is the very thing a true liberal/socialist would never want to do).
Muskego Blue

Chicago, IL

#14 Dec 3, 2010
No, but liberals do try to decide winners and losers, reward their own buddies, think they know what is best for everyone else, believe they smarter and better than everyone else, prevent debate, and shout down anyone who has a different opinion. So if the shoe fits

Brookfield, WI

#15 Dec 6, 2010
Blue is True!

We are smarter! Correct Rick!

To get Muskego moving we need government helping us. Rick you came to my door back when you ran for School Board stating you are a Democrat.
I said I was member of the Democratic party and you said you knew that and you drove away. I think you a list of us democrats.

Do NOT back down from the right!

Be strong! Your fellow dems will protect you!

I heard the talk at the Chamber Xmas Party this weekend. We expect you to run as one of us!
Muskego Blue

Dallas, TX

#16 Dec 6, 2010
The Muskego Democratic Revolution:
Kathy Chiaverotti
Keith Werner
Rick Petfalski

Hope and Change we can believe in!

Milwaukee, WI

#18 Dec 7, 2010
To Muskego Blue-oh my god.
Muskego Blue

Dallas, TX

#19 Dec 7, 2010
To Observer
I am tired of only having Republicans to vote for in local elections and is why I usually don't vote in the local elections. I am so happy that we have successful democrat and progressive leaders in Muskego now that i can actually vote for in Chiaverotti, Werner and Petfalski.
Childs Play

Milwaukee, WI

#20 Dec 7, 2010
When is someone going to make a substantial comment on the topic of Muskego's next Mayor? All the "You're a democrat, no you're a democrat" nonsense is a waste of time, specious at best, and flat out meant to be misleading I suspect.
If you have some problem with the candidates for Mayor then please let's hear it. Otherwise quit wasting everyone's time. Aggravates me when I think there's going to be real discussion here and I see more of the same stupid name calling.'Blue,'XYZ, etc you've got no real argument and it's apparent by your comments....
Muskego Blue

Dallas, TX

#21 Dec 7, 2010
I like the candidate for Mayor, if she wins Muskego will finally starting raising taxes even more to pay businesses to stay and come here like should have been for a long time. Our taxes are way too low! And I am confident she will fix that! Look at other communities where taxes are higher they have more development

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