Poll: Do men prefer blonde or brunette?

Odessa, FL

#583 Feb 11, 2013
Viagra is for brunettes... In other words if have a brunette you need plenty of Blue Pills!!!
With Blondes you don't need a pill just to look at my blonde girlfriend and the passion flowing from her beautiful green eyes my my my somethings happening just thinking about her Oh Baby feels almost as good as it looks don't wake me up if this is a dream she's my dream come true My Dream of Jeannie!!! She grants my every wish and I love it.


Odessa, FL

#584 Feb 11, 2013
Alice get out of wonderland...Remember OZ? The Bad Witch was a Burnette with and awful broomstick..

You no doubt recall the Good Witch was a smoking hot Blonde with a magic wand....

Of Course, those little flying mokeys had brunette hair...

Oh, poor little Dorothy if she had only been Blonde, that old ugly Brunette Witch would not have been able to touch her...

Now Brunettes be like the Scarecrow and get a Brain... Blondes do have brains unlike the Tinman and it takes real Courage accept that Blondes have more Fun... So face the facts like the Cowardly Lion or get yourself a big bottle of peroxide..

Alright, then Alice, be like Dorothy and Click your heals together three 3 times for sure it won't make as hot as a blonde but it will take you home before your Cinderella Carriage turns into a pumpkin...

Salt Lake City, UT

#587 Feb 25, 2013
I havering blonde hair and am thinking about dieing it brown but I feel like people will like me less=\ idk what to do!=[

Rome, GA

#588 Mar 2, 2013
lilmomma wrote:
i think it is just wrong for a man to go for a woman because of her hair color.. i mean come on get real that is plain stupid,, you should go for her personality.. i mean come on i am a girl and i dont get with a dude because of their hair color.. men are dumb as a sack of rocks..
..........you are exactly rite...... Color my hair alot.....so don't get me wrong.....but not trying to make any one happy...just myself

Leighton, AL

#589 Mar 4, 2013
some blondes are very intelligent and lot of fun not all of them are after you for sex and money

Queensbury, NY

#590 Mar 5, 2013
chick wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe you think us blondes are "sluts" because they get more men then you? Just because they can get more men doesn't mean they're sleeping around.
I for one, have gorgeous natural blonde hair with some high lights and brown eyes. Guys love it. But I'm very far from being a slut.
I totally agree. I'm natural blond, and defiantly not a slut.

United States

#591 Mar 9, 2013
Alice wrote:
<quoted text>
Why do you think that black hair is ''shit''?
I have very long shiny healthy black hair and very white porcelain skin with big light brown eyes..people always comment that I'm very atractive..please remember this..what makes the person is not the hair color, is the person that wears the hair what makes the good impresion...
when someone says is the shit their not really insulting it means that its awesome and its all about that so dont take it offensively I myself have black hair and belive its da shit and I agree hair color does not define the person ;)

Plymouth, MN

#592 Mar 15, 2013
Alice wrote:
<quoted text>
Why do you think that black hair is ''shit''?
I have very long shiny healthy black hair and very white porcelain skin with big light brown eyes..people always comment that I'm very atractive..please remember this..what makes the person is not the hair color, is the person that wears the hair what makes the good impresion...
Alice, "the shit" is a good thing lol he wasn't being offensive :) He's saying like...oh, that stuffs the shit! It's slang now a days :) He was saying be likes black haired girls :)

Albany, NY

#593 Mar 18, 2013
chelsea wrote:
i think all blondes are sluts and theyre not more atractive than brunnetes
Are you retarded or
Like honestly blondes are beautiful
Brunettes are beautiful
Redheads are beautiful
To call someone a slut because of their hair color is just.. I don't even know. You're too stupid to insult


#594 Mar 27, 2013
blonde lover wrote:
ive dated blonde and brunettes.. lets face it blondes are sexier. they just are! i'm not saying that brunettes are ugly or anything but as far as what works in the bedroom.. blondes get the fire started
he ment black hair is the best 'the shit' he didnt say its shit lol

Toronto, Canada

#595 Mar 27, 2013
Ann wrote:
Blonde men never date or married brunette women why ? many brunette women are very atractive and intelligent, why is it that those handsome blonde men never married a brunette woman ?
i agree most blondes are not very bright. Every blonde I know has trouble with math
Brunette Gal

Cape Coral, FL

#596 Apr 2, 2013
To me, well in MY case guys prefer brunettes. I'm a girl and everything but I think they like dark hair better. In my school everybody is always going for the girls with dark hair and I myself get many guys attracted because of my hazelnut brown hair. But Im Latina and I guess guys like that too(idk why really)! So maybe I'm a bonus!But that's only my outside! I think its really my KILLER PERSONALITY! Lol from the opinions of guys in my school,BRUNETTES ARE PREFERRED.

Houston, TX

#597 Apr 2, 2013
Brown hair is the stuff

Mesa, AZ

#598 Apr 4, 2013
I'm going to dry 1/2 my hair blonde and 1/2 brown and you can look at me from what ever side you prefer.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#599 Apr 9, 2013
Anne wrote:
<quoted text>
Americans always believe that their own people are the best in the world..Marilyn Monroe was an artificial product typical american artificiality, and americans they like to promote only their own people, if MM had been born in argentina or brazil americans movie moguls they would not have worry about her at all not at all..to call MM the most beautiful woman ever is an insult to womankind, what about Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida they were more beautiful and sexier than MM..americans they deliberately chose not to promote these really beautiful ladies too much, europeans dedicated their magazines to these beautiful women..and there are a lot more european actresses very beautiful that americans they do not want to mention..if Sophia Loren had been born in america she would have been more famous than MM and Marilyn she would have been forgotten, everybody knows that americans believe that they live in a different world to the rest of mankind, and americans know how to brainwash people to believe what americans believe..Marilyn Monroe is the tipical artificial american product like Coca Cola is sent all over the world for people to repeat that she is the ''more beautiful'' I can assure you thet everyday I seen women in the street that they do not need their hair bleached and lot of make up in their faces and they look better and prettier than MM..
I agree Marilyn Monroe is totally over rated. Of course she liberated women to be sexy but she is not that hot. I think men just follow the fad of thinking she is sexiest because it is easy to follow a legend of beliefs than to step out of a certain way of thinking. People that label blonds or brunettes as prettier than the other are uneducated because what attracts two people is genetic attraction which is biological for survival in human nature. Opposite genetics means healthy offspring so it is much more than hair color.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

#600 Apr 13, 2013
the truth is that most blondes are brunettes who dyed their hair,and is a fact that actually men are preffering brunettes.
White men mostly are fascinated with brunette latin gals,they find us exotic and more natural and interesting that the tipical artificial blonde,wich is also a product of the media that brainwash people with da stereotype of the blonde sex symbol.the ironic thing is that most of hollywood blondes are nt natural!
always brunettes


#601 Apr 13, 2013
have dated both as well as redheads but all the real loves in my life have been brunettes.
a true blue dude

Bethany, OK

#602 Apr 13, 2013
Ok personally I myself prefer blondes. why? Because people underestimate them! I mean half the chicks on here are complaining about blondes. well think of the blondes who aren't sluts or as smart as a box of crayons. Other girls toss away blondes because they are jealous! So smart and sophisticated blondes on this particular question: Gentlemen prefer blondes!!!

Upper Tract, WV

#603 Apr 13, 2013
Bright Eyes wrote:
<quoted text>
um cum Laude, right?
I bet Im a lot prettier than you vomit head, or should I say, baby shit head, blondes haire is the color of baby shit, or pee.

Upper Tract, WV

#604 Apr 13, 2013
Really? I bet Im prettier than you, piss- head.

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