Temecula vs Murrieta

El Centro, CA

#21 Mar 10, 2010
Old Town Temecula wrote:
Cops and bars are nothing to brag about. Saturday traffic in Faux Town is a nightmare. How about the illegals that hang out by the Stampede looking for under the counter jobs? Now lets look at the mall, hordes of metro sexual teenage males who wear skinny jeans (probably thier little sisters) and dream of Joey Ramone and teenage girls who dress like Vegas hookers, they had to put full time cops there to handle all the teenage crap going on ....Yep gets better and better in Temecula.
Wow, more excellent observations. More like Freudian slips....

Still, you couldn't answer any questions.
Jelly Yelly

Yorba Linda, CA

#22 Mar 10, 2010
Too many cliques in Temecula and Murrieta.
Uhhh yeah

Chino, CA

#23 Mar 20, 2010
So all that is made up? I see you did not refudiate it ... get over yourself there custodian.
Jelly Yelly

Yorba Linda, CA

#24 Mar 21, 2010
waigurl19: I can't put this any clearer. Complaints/negative comments = needs not being met. Needs not being met = a need for more. A need for more = finding something that meets ALL the needs. So...if you believe I think negatively at times, you need to stop talking to me and find someone new. End of story. And yeah, go ahead and just leave, come back, and act like nothing ever happened...it's what you're good at. Since I think negatively of you, apparently, you shouldn't even bother to respond. Go find someone who will baby you and sugar coat every single thing that's said, cause that's what you need.

Moreno Valley, CA

#25 Mar 21, 2010
blah blah blah blah
yeah the custodian

United States

#26 Mar 22, 2010
believes he lives in utopia. Amazing he only sees the good, point out the bad so people can make an educated decision there brush boy.

El Centro, CA

#27 Mar 23, 2010
Really I need to "refudiate"? Well I'm going to cross out english teacher as your profession. What is it exactly that you do again? You can't seem to answer that. Oh and no I didn't refute your points because they were points that made no sense. I'm discussing southern Temecula and your talking about day laborers near old town. Or kids at the mall.(Which I might add is a little creepy that you sit, watch, and fantasize about the kids at the mall.)

No of those points have any bearing on the topic. Just like the people driving to the desert.

You still can't tell me what Murietta has to offer other than what you seem to notice most. The kids at the mall, the tweakers that drive down 79 and the laborers I think they are coming from north anyways, Murietta, Wildomar, Hemet etc.

Try and answer my two questions next time so I can "refudiate" them.

And San Francisco, I never needed to point out the bad, The Refudiator has done so with the day laborers who are over at old town and the emo kids at the mall. As you can see this place is crawling with filth.(rolling eyes)
It wouldn't hurt to work on sentence structure for you too. It's pretty easy for someone to make decisions about a topic based on the intelligence level of the poster. If they have poor basic skills in writing, their post can carry only some much credit.
Get Real

Chino Hills, CA

#29 May 31, 2010
[Fallbrook used to be and possibly still is the West Coast Headquarters for the KKK, a.k.a. Ku Klux Klan! who="PottyMouth"] Retiring
The "Friendly Village" (Fallbrook) is not as friendly as it once was but is still not bad. Core population is in town. A few appartments, moble homes and small houses occupied by the people you would expect. Two supermarkets plus a couple ethnic markets. Small town feel. Outside town its great. Stunning panaramic mountain views, avocado farms, large lots, large custom homes and easy golf access. My parents retired here.[/]

San Diego, CA

#30 Jun 3, 2010
We miss Tommy

Westminster, CA

#31 Jun 5, 2010
We moved to Murrieta from Northern CA in July and my husband who grew up in Lake Elsinore said the only place he would move was Murrietta. We are off the 215 and absolutley love it. Could not be a better place. The school system is awesome (I have a son with learning disabilites and he has done amazingly well this year!) I am really pleased with Murrieta.
Get really

Chino, CA

#32 Jun 5, 2010
Metzger moved to Washington state... you racist. La Raza can have offices, CAIR can have offices, NAACP, any # of minority groups but YOU are a racists against a White group. How about Casa Latino in Murrieta? It is okay for some hate groups but not others to exist..... You Hypocrite.

San Diego, CA

#33 Jun 6, 2010
I thought he moved to Indiana? I dont believe in his stand but I dont feel it is any different than minority radical groups.

Banning, CA

#34 Jun 7, 2010
I think you are confusing Murrieta with Hemet or Fallbrook. Murrieta is a very nice town which is why I moved here from Carlsbad. Don't down a city that you don't reside in.
PottyMouth wrote:
Murrieta is kind of a dump. My brother and his family live there. I know his wife and mother in law are trash. During the housing boom scum from LA that had an income of $40k were able to purchase a home and bring all their inner city problems to the country. I am sure there are exceptions to the rules. It is over developed for the available job market. Temecula is nice.

Artesia, CA

#35 Aug 22, 2010
And I've told you before NO clones that it sends the message that the person you're talking to isn't good enough, and yet again, they appear
Murrieta Resident

Phoenix, AZ

#36 May 9, 2012
PottyMouth wrote:
But they are trash (section 8, HUD, any government hand out they can get) transplants and they talk down about their neighbors. The city may be safe but the other items you talk about are a bunch of crap. Why dont you get a clue moron? I see you don't even live there.
Potty, you are obviously ignorant and trailer trash yourself! I'm one of the law enforcement you call crap. Jason is correct about Murrieta having it's own police and fire department and Temecula cannot hold its own and hires from different cities for rentacop to patrol the streets. Look closely how many murders have occurred in Temecula before you talk about Murrieta. Better be careful with your words there potty mouth!
FlushJerryBrownD own

Temecula, CA

#37 May 9, 2012
Link below shows Temecula 2nd safest city, not too shabby.


Both Murieta and Temecula are similar and you couldnt tell one from the other. For some reason there is a rivarly between the two cities, like from the douche bag comment above. Schools are good, crime is low(for now).

Atwood, CA

#38 Mar 5, 2013
Too me they are much the same, Murrieta and Temecula.

Cole Canyon on Murrieta gets 900+ API scores and so does Alamos in Temecula. Some areas off Winchester on the border of Temecula and Murrieta you cannot tell the difference with exception of a entering the city sign. Both are safe, even parts of French Valley are okay but hear they have to go to Hemet middle and high schools.
Murrieta Resident

Temecula, CA

#39 Mar 7, 2013
You are more likely to get raped or murdered in Murrieta, check the stats, its true. But really, they are both safe and you couldnt tell the difference between the two. Good place to raise kids, school are ok. Not sure how long that will be with Obama letting all the illegals take over.

Canyon Country, CA

#40 Nov 16, 2013
The Temecula WalMart is much nicer than the one in Murrieta.

Temecula, CA

#41 Aug 19, 2014
This is an old thread..

Murrieta: good income housing and also really safe to live. Not a whole lot to do, city organization and urban planning is not as direct and hasn't been planned out for a larger population. Nice homes and certain areas are nice but its pretty boring. The colony is a nice retirement community, it really is. You have all your essentials but nothing exciting in this town. A lot of really right winged people I guess, like old school and maybe a little racist. Oh, cops are way to extreme, I know its safe but I get a ticket for everything and they just spend their days giving tickets because the city is pretty safe as it is and they are bored.

Temecula: bigger city feel, somewhat like orange county feel but of course the OC is waaay nicer. I think the city was trying to go after the OC feel. Planning is good, larger streets, there is traffic but honestly we live in CA so this traffic is nothing (unless you lived in the midwest your whole life). Temecula has all your necessities and has a beautiful wine country and fun little Old Town and a mall.(it actually has something of interest whereas Murrieta does not)

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