KIRBY VACUUMS SCAMS-ACE company in mu...

Longview, TX

#22 Nov 24, 2008
Oh, and one more thing to add...when they were trying to finance this vacuum for us, they sat down at our table and starting eating our fajitas! I guess it's rude that me and my husband WERE cooking in front of them but we had no other choice because they stayed all night long and I couldn't wait anymore considering I'm pregnant. For some reason my husband was very nice to them, but they ruined what was supposed to be our night out and now we're stuck with monthly payments for YEARS for a VACUUM!

Riverside, CA

#23 Nov 25, 2008
If someone won't leave your home. Do what I did open a can of whoop a..!!!!! They'll leave. Their sales tactics are to some degree intimidation. Some crackpot showing up in the dark to sell a vaccum. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME." If your a woman home alone you might say yes and buy the vacuum just to get them out of the house. My wife knows the the drill now. She opens the door, yells,"honey someones at the door". I walk up say, "no thanks" and slam, really slam the door shut.

Evansville, IN

#24 Dec 22, 2008
No one is forcing you to buy anything. If a homeowner chooses to let someone in their home, then that is there own fault. the people selling the Kirbys are just doing there jobs. If you want them to leave , then just tell them. I dont understand why people make a big deal about this. No one is forcing you to buy anything, if you sign a contract then you as an adult are responsible to read and understand what you are signing. Grow up.

Covina, CA

#25 Dec 22, 2008
cjp wrote:
No one is forcing you to buy anything. If a homeowner chooses to let someone in their home, then that is there own fault. the people selling the Kirbys are just doing there jobs. If you want them to leave , then just tell them. I dont understand why people make a big deal about this. No one is forcing you to buy anything, if you sign a contract then you as an adult are responsible to read and understand what you are signing. Grow up.
Your full of crap. That's the same thing the banks kept telling people about sub-prime mortgages. It's all "tough nuggies" when it's the buyer that's been ripped off, but let the company start to fold because so many people can't pay....can you say economic rescue plan for Kirby? I say let em all fold.
kathleen - Nurse

Los Angeles, CA

#26 Dec 24, 2008
i'll give you a dollar for your kirby!
and by the way, i have an acre of land for sale: location - planet mars.

Los Angeles, CA

#27 Jan 4, 2009
Had a girl show up at my door last night. I had seen her a year before and she would not take no for an answer until I turned the tables.

First of all never, never let them in your house, even to use your restrooms (she aked that)! Last year when I spoke with her at the door and she tried to do everything to give me a free carpet cleaning. I finally resorted to one of my favorite tricks (I do this with pushy sales people) I told her that I run a business too and I would be willing to trade (barter) my computer services for her vacuum. She kept telling me she did not barter and was not interested in selling me anything. I asked her to put me in touch with her Boss immediately as this is a win win for both of us. I turned the sales push around and incessantly pushed her my awesome computer services. I kept the sales pressure on her until she left. She told my kids I was a nut on the way out.

This year I did not have the energy to do the same thing. I just shut the door on her after three polite no's.
kirby guy

Jeffersonville, IN

#28 Jan 5, 2009
to all of you all i am sorry that you had a horrid experience with kirby. but i would respectfully ask that you all only judge that business and not the whole kirby business its self. there are bad salesmans out there and you do have to watch out. as far as getting a kirby on line yes it may be cheaper but you will not get a life time warrenty and the machine you buy may be stolen. not that i want anyone to go out an let your next kirby salesman in your home, but if you have to point out scams there is one to. thanks

Los Angeles, CA

#29 Jan 7, 2009
People need to learn how to say no! Just say "ok thanks for the carpet cleaning now you need to go" and if they start talking about some other sales pitch, just keep saying "ok you need to go now" not even responding to their questions at all. Just keep saying "ok, bye" etc. If they do not pack up their stuff, start packing it for them. It really is not hard, grow some ...
rick c

Torrance, CA

#30 Jan 7, 2009
i have just been given an oppurtunity to work for icor engineering does anyone know how they pay
i was fooled lol

United States

#31 Jan 19, 2009
thats funny!i was fooled but wat can i say i let them in my house!now i get to make payments for tha rest of my life!he!he but love how it works! I BEEN OFFICALY HUSTLED!

New York, NY

#32 Jan 19, 2009
i dont understand you people... my family has brought kirbys for three generations consistently. they're very reliable products. the salesmen get paid purely on commision.(i know, my cousin sold kirby's) so like CAR (which you people buy) or any other kind of salesmen, they're trained to take no for an answer. sorry, but if you dont want it, dont try and "scam" (yes i said scam) them by getting a free shampoo. you're smart consumers, you know nothing is really "free".

Warminster, PA

#33 Feb 2, 2009
I just had the Kirby Distributor leave my home. Boy, I'm glad I didn't fall for this one. The machine is great but worth $1799 - I think NOT!
Beware - I told the young guy that did the demonstration I'd send him a gift in the mail because he was very nice and obviously unlearned and I could tell the Sales guy was so pissed that he didn't make a sale he is probably was going to get rid of him.

Vista, CA

#34 Feb 9, 2009
The vacuums work great, but the tactics are rude and annoying. As others posted, if you think you'll be getting a free carpet cleaning and nothing need to wake up...nothing is free. If they'd stop using force sales tactics, they might do alright. We had these guys in our neighborhood a few weeks back and my rule is no sales person allowed in the house at night...period. I asked if they could come back Saturday morning...and of course they said No. When i asked why, the girl (Kim i think was her name) couldn't give me an answer, so asked for a store location and a phone so i could call and make an appointment....she promptly turned and walked away.
Stacey Wylie TX

Flower Mound, TX

#35 Feb 10, 2009
I cannot locate the guy who sold us this terrible machine. He left his cell # with us and said to call him anytime we needed anything. It's been 2 months, and I want to get rid of it. I HATE IT !!! His cell has been disconnected and he also stated that he was opening a store right here in Wylie. Well, there is no store. On my paperwork, it says Danco Distributors from Garland, TX sold it to us.. and when I look them up, there is no phone number. The salesman I am looking for is Jeff Young ( I wouldn't even believe now that thatis his real name) If anyone knows of a way to contact soneone within the company, please let me know. I don't want to pay a dime and its ruining my credit!!! I feel for all of us the suckers!!!

Eddyville, KY

#36 Feb 14, 2009
I have been a faithful Kirby user since 1978. I sold them during the summer when I was in college. I sold one to my Uncle and he still has the same one and have loved it. Sorry to hear your bad experience with the cleaner. My Mom always bought Hoovers when I was a kid and you had to pick the stuff up and shove it in it. She bought one about every 6 months because they broke so often. I had a trade in I got from a customer for 15 years and then I bought another one and have had that for over 15. Try one, if you know how to use it and clean it, you will never have to by another.


#37 Feb 15, 2009
hey, I bought a Kirby, works great just like they say and doesn't loose suction the the Dyson (Dyson lies) One thing though, I bought the WHOLE system at Good Will for $50. LOL Kirby Gen. 3 with the power assist drive and all. Fort Myers, Florida
big s

Fairfield, NJ

#38 Feb 15, 2009
WOW u people are freeking idiots!!!!!!! i have a kirby and i kno it is the best vacuum on the planet. ill admit it is not cheap ( i paid $1800 for my Kirby) but the best is not cheap and u get what u pay for. It just really amazes me that u people would choose to live with the dirt in ur homes that the hoovers, dyson, rainbows, and bissells leave behind. all of ur homes must be absolutely filthy. its very simple... if u vacuum ur carpet and u r still pulling up alot of dirt right after ( like the kirby salesmans show u) THEN UR VACUUM IS NOT DOING THE JOB ITS SUPPOSED TO DO!!. so anyone who would by a machine knowing that is not going to do the job right or keep a machine thats not doing the right is simply an idiot! i bet if u fat nasty dirty poor white trash people were to have ur frig start acting up you would be in sear buying a new kenmore in no time flat to hold all ur snickers bars and coors light. u peaoly are just dumb, nasty, dirty people

Kent, WA

#39 Feb 16, 2009
Well I am not stupid - I did not invite them in, I said no thank you and the man refused to get off my porch point blank. Seriously - I had to call the police.

United States

#40 Feb 25, 2009

United States

#41 Feb 25, 2009
I used to work for these morons they are liers and cheaters they say 400a week not that I ever saw I sold 5 vacumes for these scam artist and I received a $25 commision on it but nothing for giving the in home promos so i would not buy anything from these people they dont take care of the people they do the work and usually worked about 16 hrs a day and my largest check was 175.00 so think of the people selling these products and getting ripped off you cannot even feed your family.

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