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Buena Park, CA

#1 Oct 3, 2007

I just moved into this community in Greer Ranch off of Clinton Keith Road. I just have a few questions/problems. Seriously... What is up with this road??? I've never seen a road so poorly designed in my entire life.

1) The 15 offramp/overpass is the most useless pile of crap I have ever seen. Almost unusable!!

2) The 215 offramp/overpass is the same unusable piece of crap as the 15.

3) And tell me why again CKeith does not connect to Winchester road??

4) CKeith going through Wildomar goes from two lanes down to one twice!! WTF?? Just keep it two lanes all the through?? Makes no sense other than to confuse drivers.

5) CKeith through Wildomar by Inland Medical center is a complete blight on the community!! It's poorly designed roads and trailer trash look is embarrasing on my way to Murietta.

I realize that some widening projects are being planned for the overpasses, but this project needs to start, like.. NOW! I can't believe how horrible this road is in all facets! There is only one section of it from Nutmeg to Greer Road that is nice. West of the 15 isn't too bad also. Murrieta seriously just needs to take in Wildomar and fix that god-forsaken town up! It's embarrasing to live so close to that blight! I know, I know.. the flamers here will say I should have picked another place to live. Well, I love my community... which is why I care so much to see it get fixed up. Coming from the OC where everything is clean and manicured, this is culture shock! Cmon Murrieta... Fix Clinton Keith already!!

“Take It Easy, It's Only Me”

Since: May 07

Menifee, CA

#2 Oct 6, 2007
Clinton Keith is going to connect to Winchester, this is already in the planning stages.

Wildomar is not a city, it's county. The county has no impetus to make communities look nice. Any beautifications projects are performed by developers, and only as part of a development requirement by the county.

Welcome to the IE! Where the county moves ever so slowly.

Redondo Beach, CA

#3 Oct 25, 2007
If you did not like the way this area looked why didn't you spend your 750,000$ some place else. You bought an expensive overpriced house in a country town. What did you expect? When your first mortgage payment came in did you expect all the curbs to be planted and nice and clean like the OC. If you liked that area so much why didn't you stay there. Wildomar has no obligation to make anything "pretty" for the snobs who had to move down here because they could not afford to live in other cities. You bought here, guess you should have looked at the area before...not to worry pretty soon your arm loan will mature and your home will foreclose, at that time feel free to move back to San Diego or OC.

San Bernardino, CA

#4 Oct 25, 2007
I work in OC and live in Murrieta. I grew up in SD, and have also lived in OC. I just don't get the animosity between the two areas, folks I work with using '909' as a put down, and people here often sporting a 'go back where you came from' mentality. The first poster here using inflammatory terms like 'trailer trash', when much of OC is painfully balkanized and unlivable. Our area is growing and improving, and from my perspective, its nice to appreciate the improvements as they occur.

“Take It Easy, It's Only Me”

Since: May 07

Menifee, CA

#5 Oct 26, 2007
Brian, I'm with you. I grew up in San Diego and Orange Counties. I've even lived in the Bay Area for a short while, and even Hawaii and Japan for short stints. I don't understand the animosity either.

Jacksonville, OR

#6 Oct 26, 2007
I agree with everyone else, if you dont like the roads and their designs why did you buy there? Or did you inherit the place and had no idea what you were getting into. I moved to Southern Oregon from Wildomar 14 years ago, you should have seen the roads there, but alas, we all knew what we were getting into so no complaints!

Buena Park, CA

#7 Oct 31, 2007

What I paid for my home or what kind of loan I have wasn't the point. Such animonsity! I would have thought being out here "in the country" that people were a lot more down home friendly. I guess you too were transplanted from elsewhere. I am perfectly comfortable in what I have for a home. I am not an OC snob or any other type. But, these are observations that I have pointed out that make absolutely no sense in regards to planning out a community, regardless of what city or county they are in. I absolutely loved the area that I came from, but couldn't afford what I have out here. Just because I came from somewhere else, doesn't mean I cant expect something better here. Why should I have the mentality that I should know what I'm getting into so I can't complain?? With that kind of 'bury your head in the sand' attitude, the roads will NEVER get fixed. Please, if you have nothing constructive to say except to wish that I forclose on my house, keep it to your self. You are not contributing anything but wasted time and space.

Apex, NC

#8 Nov 1, 2007
I have to agree on both sides... I like the country feel of Murrieta, but face it. Murrieta is growing up and the roads are not growing up with it. I see more and more home being built. More business making there way to Murrieta, but little improvement in the roads. I have kids that go to Vista Murrieta HS and a child that goes to Lisa J Mails Elementary. The only was I can get from Vista to Mails in time to pick them all up is to take Los Alamos which is a dirt road for a good portion (and ruining my car). I have been hearing for a few years about Clinton Keith opening up to Winchester. STILL WAITING!!!

Redondo Beach, CA

#9 Nov 10, 2007
The down home "country" feeling left right about the time our area has been overpopulated with transplants wanting to change every aspect of our towns. To answer your question I am not a transplant I grew up in Wildomar. I do believe you threw the first stone as I quote "It's poorly designed roads and trailer trash look is embarrasing on my way to Murietta." As for clarification the correct spelling of your town is Murrieta (two R's one T). I am not trying to wish foreclosure on you. In actuality I hope that you are an asset to our community. I tend not to understand why anyone would move out here and spend your hard earned dollar knowing what the streets were like then complain about them. When I went to purchase my home I looked at the roads and used that as a way to determine where I wanted to live. As far as Murrieta taking Wildomar, Murrieta can not keep up with their own growth why would you want to add another town onto it. I am not saying Clinton Keith is a great road but you should have seen it 5 years ago, the county has made a lot of progress. As for the trailer trash, most homes on your commute were nice farms and horse ranches, most of the ranches were sold in the last five- ten years. The housing tract buyers choose not to build on the land thus renting out what homes were left of them as you know renters tend not to take pride in the properties they live in. It is not that we have a "go back to where you come from attitude" but after recent years the quality of people moving into the area is less ideal. Constantly locals are hearing complaints and demands onto the city and homeowners from people who have recently moved in. Give it time and both Murrieta City and Riverside County will work everything out. The same thing happened about 15-20years ago, once the building slows down they will address the streets and roads. Lastly, I know you commented on living so close to that "blint" known as Wildomar, have you ever once thought of the community from here, we have grown up with large open lands of farms and ranches, to be replaced by rows and rows of tract homes built on top of eachother. To us that is the "blint" at least back then we have lot of open land and trees. Now we have interchangeable tan houses.

Canoga Park, CA

#10 Nov 12, 2007
I to live off CKeith in the Greer Ranch comm, & I am soo dissapointed in the quality of people that are in this area,I can deal with the roads but the bitching & complaining. I find that most of the homeowners here come with a "snob" attitude. This comm doesnt make you better than anyone else here & the nerve to bitch about the roads, please are you blind? Did you not drive the area before purchasing?? My only complain about ckeith is the traffic jams to get to the 215, I dont think they planned out very well where they built VMHs, there is to much traffic congestion. I am sure the roads will improve, but we have to be patient, the IE has improved slowly maybe but it has improved.

Buena Park, CA

#11 Nov 13, 2007
Ok, I'm not trying to attack anyone nor do I think the greer community has a 'snob' attitude. I'm sorry you feel that way. Everyone I have met has been wonderful. However, my point is that I don't think it is too much to ask for a little common sense when developing these communities. I believe that if you are going to expand and build these communities, you MUST build some sort of infrastructure first. It just doesn't make any sense why your building these new shopping centers (at the 15 CK junction and the Orchard 215/CK junction) yet no work has begun on the overpass widening or the two lanes down to one lane and back to two lanes anomaly? That should be done FIRST!! Burying your head in the sand and 'hoping' that things will improve does not get the problem solved. Also Jacqueline: If you are going to spell check people, maybe you should try and figure out what a "blint" is first. I believe the correct word I used was "blight". After further consideration, I do believe the word I chose was a bit harsh. I can understand your point about the country feel and all these houses and people moving into your more laid back atmosphere. I, too, might be a little bothered by someone such as me bitching up a storm and not knowing the history of the last 5-15 years. I can only speak for myself and my feelings, though. I will agree with you, however, that taking over Wildomar would be a bad idea. I am learning that Murrieta has a hard enough time taking care of its own costs and projects let alone taking on those of another. I enjoy staying in this community for a long time and watching it grow. I hope that it grows to be a very succesful area and I think it has the potential to be. I believe I've made a good investment. Only time will tell.
Old Timer

Long Beach, CA

#12 Jan 4, 2008
I'm an old timer in Murrieta and was here before the malls and Starbucks on every corner - back when I could ride my horse down any street in town and not worry about some self absorbed city slicker honking their horn at the "horsey". There was a time when I felt blessed to live in Murrieta, but now I have to say that I hate what all the Soccer Moms have done to my town. I remember not so far in the past when you knew just about everyone here and when you came to a stop sign in town, people actually motioned for you to go ahead of them. Well, not anymore! My kids are in high school now and believe you me, I'm marking time until I can get the hell out of this once beautiful town that you all have ruined.

We were here first, and we didn't ask for you yahoos to move to our town and change it into "Soccer Mom Hell". Did the thought ever occur to anyone of you people that we liked it the way it was, and that we didn't want you here in the first place? Probably not, since all I've heard from the snobs and too-gooders that have moved here is nothing but complaints and holier than thou attitudes. Oh yeah - the crime rate... you new people brought it. There were years on end when I never locked my door and didn't have one problem. Ever. I wouldn't dare try that now!

For the record - my land has been directly affected by all you city folk - I fondly and longingly remember when my kids could safely play in the fields that are now Vista Murrieta High School and did so on a regular basis - way back before all the problems moved into MY town. You newcomers have no rights whatsoever to complain. Try thinking of how others who were here before you feel before you open your big fat mouths. When you've been here 15 or 20 years, raised your children, and watched your beloved town become something unrecognizable, maybe then you will have earned the right to complain.

Yucaipa, CA

#13 Jan 6, 2008
Way to go Old Timer. Give it to them! Believe me when I say you have my deepest sympathies. What has gone on here in the past 15 years is a horror. As for the trailer trash comment, OP, I'm embarrassed for you making such a comment. And you do sound like a snob, whether you are one or not. I can remember when Orange County was mostly orange groves. Suburban sprawl is a "blight" on the earth :(

Buena Park, CA

#14 Jan 8, 2008
This world is built on change. We can't all live in the past on "how it was." The world changes, and usually you change with it. While I can understand your dismay for how us 'soccer moms','snobs', and 'city slickers' just ruined your city, just because you lived here for 15-20 years doesn't make it YOUR city! We have moved into your city and hope to bring with us the greatness and success that other cities have enjoyed. While I respect that you want to keep it a rural town, that is just not the state of situation. We have outgrown LA and Orange counties and now must expand further out in order to accomodate all of the growth. I, for one, feel lucky that I am able to afford a beautiful brand new house and become a homeowner. Murrieta is changing and growing. To you.. it's unfortunate. To us, it's exciting and we look forward to having the amenities and sucess that other great cities have.
Oldtimer: I could respond with disdain and hatred such as you have, but I will show you the respect that you have earned and just nod politely and not let you push my buttons.

Irvine, CA

#15 Jan 17, 2008
Just a quick question...why did people sell off their land if they were so excited to be living in a country town?

United States

#16 Apr 7, 2008
Help!! I just returned with some friends from a golfing trip in El Cajon and went past the Clinton Keith Road off ramp. None of us had ever heard of Clinton Keith. Can someone be kind enough to tell me who he was and/or how he got a road named after him?

United States

#17 Apr 7, 2008
Help!! I just returned with some friends from a golf trip in El Cajon and went past the Clinton Keith exit. None of us had ever heard of Clinton Keith. Can someone be kind enough to tell me who Clinton Keith was and what he did to get a road named after him


Trabuco Canyon, CA

#18 Apr 11, 2008
Question not answered.
When you purchased your Greer Ranch home, did you look at the surrounding area? Were you promised by your developer that the changes you mentioned would be done?
If you didn't recognize aspects in the area you don't like BEFORe you bought your home, then you have no right to complain.
If any promises for change were made and not addressed, different story
Oh boy

Moreno Valley, CA

#19 Apr 12, 2008
All this bickering and name calling is unneccesary. Obviously you cannot stand change and it is out of your comfort zone. Instead of throughing around all this hatred/name calling try getting along and spread some love. Change happenes and the population is growing....face's out of your control. Get used to it....changes are on the horizon.

Garden Grove, CA

#20 Apr 17, 2008
Come on everyone---who is Clinton Keith?

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