New Concord, KY

#22 Jun 23, 2010
_PINK_ wrote:
I think everyone on here that has wrote something bad about Kelly or has posted all of her business on here and did not list your real name are a bunch of pussies. Wether you know her or not does not give you the right to tell everybody in calloway county her business and what she has done right or wrong in her life. Everybody makes mistakes and has to learn to live with them. If she chooses to be with a worthless person or run back to a worthless person then let it be, one day she will grow up and see that neither one amounts to anything. So my point is let the girl be or grow some balls and list who you are since you know so much about her.
The people who I am posting to know my real name all the other gossip seekers need know futher details Kelly knows my name and so does Jennifer. They on reason you posted to this "Ms. Pink" is so you can get name to run around town to talk about kelly and me screwing.

New Concord, KY

#23 Jun 23, 2010
Jennifer wrote:
Waasuup i dont know who u r but honestly do u think this is gonna help her situation out anymore and i think she would hate u after this bc i know if u posted this shit about me i would hate u and probably never ever confide in u again can u plz tell me who u r bc what u r doing i think is very wrong and u arent thinking about neone else but urself and what if u got kelly hurt or something and u r in the wrong just as much as her bc u knew she was married and if this shit even happened it could all be made up just because u might want kelly and she dont want nething to do with u so u think u have to get on here and slander her name and ruin her life she is going through a very tough time right now and u r only making the situation worse and in the end nobody wins all thats going to happen is a broken home and hurt feelings and u sitting at ur house alone like u obviously do every night but seriously can u just stop and take ur posts off do u not realize her family reads this stuff do u not realize u make everything worse by doing this and if its a joke then its not funny at all and on the one in bardwell u said u was a girl and now ur a guy come on now r u just making this shit up bc u dont like her or just because ur that ruthless and heartless and self centered i feel very sorry for u whoever u r
And Jennifer you know as well as I their home was broken way before she ran to me. And you really a making me laugh at how your acting on here like your so against what your hearing but you were perfectly okay with helping here cover her butt. By the way Hows it looking now?

Murray, KY

#24 Jun 23, 2010
waasuup wrote:
<quoted text>
And Jennifer you know as well as I their home was broken way before she ran to me. And you really a making me laugh at how your acting on here like your so against what your hearing but you were perfectly okay with helping here cover her butt. By the way Hows it looking now?
First of al i have no idea who u r and laugh all u want bc i wasnt helping her do nething and she hasnt done nething and im trying to figure out who u r bc first ur post was in murray and now ur in melber i dont know nebody in melber
steven haws

Wickliffe, KY

#25 Jun 23, 2010
look im tired of games let me know something give me some proof kuz u know as well as i do she'll b back

New Concord, KY

#26 Jun 24, 2010
To steven I am sorry you were used as a babysitter the other nite while I doing your wife. And Jennifer You know I have a house in Murray and an apartment in melber.

New Concord, KY

#27 Jun 24, 2010
You didn't answer about the hair color
steven haws

Wickliffe, KY

#28 Jun 24, 2010
y dont u give me a call waasupp? im sure u have my number we need 2 talk im glad ur honest if in fact u r bn honest call me just too talk not yell and fight. y cant u post who u are lil buddy?

Wickliffe, KY

#29 Jun 24, 2010
Waasuup, it's funny, you say on this post that you have a house in Murray and an apartment in Melber. but on Steven's post you say you mostly live in Murray and a little in Mayfield. Are you lying? Where do you actually live? Your not a good liar, make sure you say the same on both post! So tell me about Melber? What work do you do in Mayfield? Yes, i know EXACTLY where County Line Rd is, what about it? See i think your just a loser who has no life, so they feed off drama. Try and prove to me this isn't so..

Wickliffe, KY

#30 Jun 24, 2010
Btw, Waasuup! I feel so sorry for your ass when Steven finds out who you are! You'll regret all this shit you've caused!

Murray, KY

#31 Jun 24, 2010
Dumb Dumb Dumb first of all u never asked me about my hair and second of all do u stalk much bc im calling the cops for stalking

New Concord, KY

#32 Jun 24, 2010
Go ahead call the cops I'm scared, just like I'm shaking about steven I don't care I know what a pu88y he is

New Concord, KY

#33 Jun 24, 2010
Its funny your trying to turn this off of kelly. And yes I OWN a house in Murray and Rent a place on th graves side of county line rd. cause I actually WORK. I pull overtime sometimes 12-16hrs at a time before getting off. Now I'm done with this shit just wanted to tell her its over.
steven haws

Wickliffe, KY

#34 Jun 24, 2010
are u scared u know who i am. who r u. give me ur initials?
Jerry Springer

Parkersburg, IA

#35 Jun 25, 2010
Why don't all of you ask Kelly? I mean, it sounds to me like you both have enough reasoning to be able to prove she's having an affair. If there are unresolved issues, take it up with her. Remember, it takes 2 (or more) to have an affair.

"Waasuup" might scared to call and talk to Steven, or maybe he really just wants to cut ties and move on. If it's the latter, then I suggest you do just that. Quit responding on here, and just move on. Tell Kelly to leave you alone and to go back to her family. She can pick up and sort out the pieces.

Steven, I respect that you posted under your real name. However, I suggest taking what you've seen here, and showing it to Kelly. Maybe get counseling for the both of you if you want to resolve the issues. Your other option is to attempt to get custody of the child (who seems to have been ulitmately forgotten in this entire situation), and move on with your life.

My final thoughts: The children should come first, though sometimes they are forgotten quickly when it comes to marital affairs. When they aren't forgotten, they are often used as pawns in the hurt and revenge of the parents, leading to a lifetime of issues. Also, remember that while 62% of adulterous women have affairs on their lunch break, when it comes to affairs of love and hurt, you have to wait for your heart to learn what your head already knows, then you can break free.

Jerry S.

Clifty, KY

#36 Jun 25, 2010
waasuup wrote:
<quoted text>
The people who I am posting to know my real name all the other gossip seekers need know futher details Kelly knows my name and so does Jennifer. They on reason you posted to this "Ms. Pink" is so you can get name to run around town to talk about kelly and me screwing.

I don't know who any of you are, but this shit and fckn gossip needs to stop! Everyone one knows Steven is a douch bag. Postin all this shit about Kelly's life and personal business is childish and uncalled for. Find someone else to gossip about and forget about Kelly! She doesn't need you or anyone else stirring shit or starting anymore than is already goin on. Right or wrong none of this shit should be on here. Its just a pussy way to start drama. And not get the ass beatin you need.

Murray, KY

#37 Jun 25, 2010
Wow r u accusing steven of writing this stuff or r u just saying hes a douch bag bc im confused now and do u know them personally just wondering not trying to start an argument

Wickliffe, KY

#38 Jun 26, 2010
WOW!!!!!!!! This is crazy. all u ppl talkin shit. for one i hav NO fkn idea who u ppl r! waasuup ur a fkn pysco!!! for real man. i hav no idea who the fk u r. y r doin this shit. by the way u talk it sounds lke u kno me. but i hav no clue who u r. i hav NEVER cheated on steven. not one time. i love steven wit all my heart. weve bn together for 2 yrs. and not one time hav i bn wit another man. steven and i hav problems yes but wat couple doesnt. u hav no idea wat u hav caused n our life wit ur stupid childish fkn game. or u kno exactly wat ur doin and ur a sick bastard!!!!! its funny everybody can get on here and judge me for wat sum unknown person is sayin. i really dnt cae wat ANY of u ppl think or wat u think u fkn kno. u kno nothing wen it comes to me and my marriage. i love steven wit all i hav!!! u kno i havnt posted anything on here bc i was jt lettin it go but it has gone WAY to far!!! u ppl r on here sayn tht i hav forgooten bout my childern and sayn tht all im thinkn bout is myself. thts bullshit. first im not havin an affair. sec my children always come first!!!! i jt want u to kno waasuup that u r the lowest of the low! i sit here and wonder wat ur doin as ur writtin all this shit in here and wats goin threw ur fkd up mind! who gives a fuck if u wrk or not. u obviously hav nothing better to do if ur sittin atthe computer talkin shit all the fk time! I wonder how and y ur doin this shit? i dnt understand how ppl can jt run their mouth about other ppl but if i was n front of u wld u say the same thing?!!! probly fkn NOT!!!!! i wish tht i knew who u were so icld see u face to face and tell u up front wat a piece of fkn shit u r!! if any of u knew me and really knew me then u wld know who i really am and tht im not some fkn whore tht runs around on my husband. family is all tht matter to me. i love my children and my husband. i wld nver go and fk up something like tht. waasuup i hope u eat all this plus a lil more and choke on it!!!! ur nothing and if ppl really paid attention thy wld kno tht. u cant judge ppl by wat others say. any grown mofker wld kno tht. so everybody keep talikn ur shit bc u too will eat ur own fkn words. waasuup u say all this bullshit yet u cant back it up. y ddnt u call if u know me so fkn WELL!!!!! FUCK U ALLL!!!!!!!! and thts from the botttom of my heart. u ppl mean nothing. i wish i cld meet evrysingle one of u and steven does too. so u can see wat ur wrong bout. steven is a good man wonderful father and better n his heart then any of u.oh and by the way. to MY OTHERSIDE i kno who u r and u hav ALOT of rom to talk. mayb u shld call and c how ur GRANDKIDS r every once n awhile!!!! or r u to busy with UR other women?!! FUCK U TOO!!!! PLease to ALL of u leave me and my family ALONE!!!! PLEASE?!!!!!

Madisonville, KY

#39 Jun 10, 2011
yall r all making me lmfao she a meth whorea tht does not take care of her chilred last i heard she's a home wreaker!!!! and tlks about a fight with amy stephens tht happen 9 yrs ago yeah u go girl ur the shyt. self says all 4 kelly "NASTY"

Murray, KY

#40 Jun 13, 2011
and if it ain't pink, is it yellow or green?
back in the day

Murray, KY

#41 Sep 6, 2011
kelly use to b a METH head and a bi slut...and didnt give a shit bout her kids!! ur mummy and daddy too care of them..and ENABLED her too!! plus her ex is gay and a child molester! jus sayin

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