Murray City clerk fired
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#25 Sep 14, 2012
SPD88 wrote:
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No u can not pull the sticker off ur plate without it tearing.....
Thank you for letting everyone know what I suspected. Now if Harla's sticker was destroyed because her daughter tried to remove it and use it on her own plate, how could an investigation prove that Harla's sticker was on her daughter's plate? The sticker would
not exist to stick on her daughter's or anyone else's plate. The question I would have is who's sticker is on Harla's plate because
another sticker bought for a dollar would do her daughter no good if Harla's sticker was gone. Duh!!!!
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#26 Sep 14, 2012
SHe changed her story, she now says that she didn't put it on her license plate, she got caught in one of many lies she has told. You can only get away with doing dishonest things for so long until you get caught. She got caught.....
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#27 Sep 14, 2012
She would of gotten away it BUT she changed her story.....
jutst me

Benton, KY

#28 Sep 14, 2012
Dollar Store wrote:
Oh I guess that means she took her license plate?
Oh, I see... She REMOVED the city sticker from her
moms plate without destroying it. Then she got pulled over at a city sticker checkpoint and they ran the sticker number and saw that it was not hers.
Please...Can you peel your sticker off and let me put it on my plate so I can come work with the wizard in the Emerald City? and Toto too??
All you have to do is take a lighter to the back of the plate and heat it up and it comes right off. Any criminal knows this and I know because I have had my registration sticker stolen when I lived in Graves County. The police told me how they do it.
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Sedalia, KY

#29 Sep 14, 2012
jutst me wrote:
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All you have to do is take a lighter to the back of the plate and heat it up and it comes right off. Any criminal knows this and I know because I have had my registration sticker stolen when I lived in Graves County. The police told me how they do it.
Wow sounds like Harla's daughter is slicker than the investigator.
So I guess that Harla's registration sticker would be on her daughter's license plate and Harla has the 1.00 sticker on her plate. So why didnt her daughter "stick" up for her mother to the
mayor and say "I heated it up like a criminal to save my momma 50
dollars" Shit... get over your crap and quit "sticking" up for a
story that is too good to be true.

Murray, KY

#30 Sep 15, 2012
Is no other news outlet besides WKMS covering this?? I wish I could say I am shocked.

Murray, KY

#31 Sep 15, 2012
I heard that there was something in the Murray State News, either from, or quoting, her lawyer. Anyone know if this is the case?
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Sedalia, KY

#33 Sep 15, 2012
nope wrote:
<quoted text>
Just google WKMS and you can read all about it. It would seem her
complaint is that other people have gotten away with things so why cant she? Good luck with that.

Murray, KY

#34 Sep 15, 2012
My bad. ML&T had a small story on page 2 about it in today's edition, 3 days after WKMS first reported the story.

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#35 Sep 16, 2012
I don't know if she knew her daughter had taken it or not but I do know I look over my daughters car from time to time. I would have noticed she had a sticker & would have asked her when she got it especially if we'd been talking about the need for her to have it. Plus I would have been worried about the extra cost if she waited too late to get it before penalties were imposed & probably would have been reminding her to get one. As far as her getting fired I'm not sure either. If she was in cahoots with her daughter she deserves to be fired. City employees should be held to the same accountability as other residents who live & work in Murray. Maybe the city needs to start running the #'s to make sure stickers are on the appropiate vehicle. I guess it will play out in the courts.
On another note, we no longer have to buy city stickers for our 2 primary vehicles because my husband is a veteran. I bought them for years & this year sent my hubs to get them. We have military tags & they told him he didn't have to buy stickers. It would have been nice to have been aware of this 10 years ago unless it is something new. So all you veterans out there buying stickers, remember, you DON'T have to buy them if you have military tags!!
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#36 Sep 16, 2012
She said the sticker was on her plate, that someone stole it off her plate so she went to get a replacement sticker and insteade of getting the replacement for her own vehicle she got it for her daughters. Then she changed her story said it was never on her plate and misplaced it at home, she say her daughter taken it without telling her. If you know anything about their family, they are close, Harla is in contact with her kids 24/7.... If this was a mistake why did she change her story? She should of gotten the replacement sticker on her own car not her daughters. She just didn't want to pay the 50.00 for another sticker. There is a lot of things that woman does that will come out with the mess, hanging out with JL barnet , long lunch hours, they are always around town together. Other issues with business owners- lying to them bout information. She made all this public so I hope she is ready for all the dirt that is going to come out on her. She was the city clerk, she was relied on to be honest and supportive of city laws. They have a lot of dirt on here that will come out when all this goes to court. I feel sorry for her- she just realize what she has done to herself and what her husband is going to find out.
Dollar Store

Sedalia, KY

#37 Sep 16, 2012
Great tip for the veterans! I have bought them in the past and they never asked if I had military tags. If more parents were like you these days we wouldnt have the "you owe me" mentality with our kids so pervasive. As far as the sticker being on the right vehicle, if it is possible to heat the back and remove it, it still can only be on one vehicle. This whole story has a funny smell to it and you are right about the courts. However it sounds like it will be a civil court and a lawsuit.
They are not held to as high a standard as criminal courts. But it sure sounds like the 1.00 sticker was put on her daughters car or why would Harla been in trouble in the first place?

Murray, KY

#38 Sep 16, 2012
I wish cops would visit schools and check to see if the teachers,secretaries and other school staff have city stickers. I watch a secretary get out of her car every morning and no city sticker plus her tags are expired! What example is she setting for our children.

White Plains, KY

#39 Sep 16, 2012
I got fired by the city cause I wanted to work instead of stand around and bs all day..If you are lazy and want to play all day then the city is the place to be!!!!!!!

Providence, KY

#40 Sep 17, 2012
Its amazing How many streets you can drive down and not one person that lives in this city has one. I don't understand how people get away with this. This Should be one of the easiest ways for this city to make money. They used to set up road blocks but I guess they don't anymore.

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Two Harbors, MN

#42 Sep 17, 2012
Sounds like she has some dirt on someone according to the news..... This should get interesting.

White Plains, KY

#43 Sep 17, 2012
McClure is so full of it. She is a mean, bad person. She really is just an awful human being. There is a list of complaints and actions that she has taken in her position that is so wrong, but the City was trying to let her off easy. She has no idea the the information that will be released if she continues this law suit. She literally just needs to drop out, tuck her tail and find a new job. She does not want all of the information released that has been collected by her superiors and and in her personal record. Still, she is so blinded by her evil that she will pursue this because she is that type of person. I just hate it for her kids. She is literally causing her daughter to lie for her behalf. I just hope her daughter knows right from wrong and if momma is wrong then she needs to let her face the consequences.

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#44 Sep 18, 2012
whoa wrote:
<quoted text>Nope. She reported it stolen because she thought it WAS stolen. Her daughter took it without her knowing. The problem was not reporting it once it was realized I think. And it's a pretty light and honest mistake to get fired over. Suspension? Sure. Other discipline? Fine. But fired?? Something doesn't seem right here.
yeah something doesn't seem right. The city sticker is a cover it's all the other shit she did that actually got her fired.

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#45 Sep 18, 2012
bubba gump wrote:
All of this smells like a setup. Everyone who is close to City Hall knows that Matt Mattingly and Alan Laneer have been trying to get rid of Harla for years.

What a coincidence that one of the guys who is trying to get her happened to know to go look at her daughters car?

City hall is so screwed up. I imagine Harla will do well once her lawyers start issuing subpeonas and requesting emails.

The Mayor screwed up. Harla is a class act.
Harla is a BITCH shut up. She must have been trying to get you in bed if she was nice to you.

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#46 Sep 18, 2012
bubba gump wrote:
dollah sto

I don't give a rat's armpit about the stickers tearing or not. I do know that of all the people at City Hall, Harla is the last one who would get caught doing something not only wrong but incredibly stupid.

Explain to me again why the city finance director all of a sudden became a private investigator??

Any why would a big shot six figure guy like you care?
and is that 6 figures including both sides of the decimal? I think so.

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