why is everyone on food stamps in thi...

why is everyone on food stamps in this county

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#1 Mar 26, 2011
I have noticed so any peple on food stamps. People I know hove the means to get food even have them. I do not get this
shar loads


#2 Mar 26, 2011
I have seen the exact same thing. Plus they have kids standing there learning from the parents. Its like breeding a whole line of useless people. Intead of trying to teach your child differently they stand right there and show them how to still smoke yet get their food paid for.

Valparaiso, IN

#3 Mar 26, 2011
I know what you mean. I used to work in a food store and nothing piss me off more than a custimer that would buy lotto and then buy junk food for there kids with food stamps.
Joe dirt


#4 Mar 26, 2011
Yes, it bs isnt it. I just cant stand to see that.


#5 Mar 26, 2011
Oh I always see that. People buying all kinds of smokes and crap they do NOT need, then pull out the food stamp card for the freakin bread.

It needs to be STOPPED
froot loops


#6 Mar 26, 2011
I will tell you why, we have some incompetant workers doing the individual approval of it.

Valparaiso, IN

#7 Mar 26, 2011
fred wrote:
Oh I always see that. People buying all kinds of smokes and crap they do NOT need, then pull out the food stamp card for the freakin bread.
It needs to be STOPPED
yes it does. And they need to drug test the food stamp people and the wellfare people just like every other hard working american.

Nortonville, KY

#8 Mar 26, 2011
Yes! I agree 100% They do need to drug test them ! There are some that sells the food stamps to buy DRUGS! while their KIDS starve,no clothes,no shoes, And their parents keepon getting HIGH ! piss's me off also!

Murray, KY

#9 Mar 26, 2011
Not everyone on food stamps is like that.
Jacob R


#10 Mar 26, 2011
That is true Not everyone is LIKE that. Which is why drug testing is a GOOD idea as someone suggested.

Murray, KY

#11 Mar 26, 2011
My family has food stamps but we get barely little and I see people buyin games and crap and buy candy bars with foodstamps it's crazy my family needs it and can't get a decent amount cause everyone that doesnt needed have em
Not for granted

United States

#12 Mar 26, 2011
Before I was paralyzed, I worked VERY hard to make a living. I now have no choice but to use foodstamps. I still hate to and it burns me up to see people taking advantage of them. I WISH I didnt need them. I agree if they tested for drugs, many that abuse them would be weeded out.

Murray, KY

#13 Mar 26, 2011
Not everyone that gets food stamps is a deadbeat!!
Alot of people have lost their jobs.

The economy is AWFUL!!! Unless you know what is going on in someones life you have NO RIGHT to judge.

Murray, KY

#14 Mar 26, 2011
well I was not raise to recieve food stamps and hope I never need them ,as long as I am able to keep working I pay for my food.NO stamps for me,and they should limit the time there on stamps some have there whole life of food bought with stamps,It sad very sad and lots of young people get them,It draining America ,save a lot hardly ever have cash lots that shop there on stamps.

United States

#15 Mar 26, 2011
goodygumdrop wrote:
Not everyone that gets food stamps is a deadbeat!!
Alot of people have lost their jobs.
The economy is AWFUL!!! Unless you know what is going on in someones life you have NO RIGHT to judge.
I'm not judging. Sorry to offend you goodygumdrop I guess I should have worded it a little differant you are very right there are a lot of people out there that truly need all the help they can get but its the ones that abuse the systom that make if difficult to get help.


#16 Mar 27, 2011
I think we know not everyone is a deadbeat that's on food stamps. I dont think anyone posted that.

BUT when you watch people buy ciggaretts etc. right after USING a food stamp card, it would take a moron to NOT see there is a MAJOR flaw with food stamps and who is taking advantage of the rest of us.
Like welfare, there are so many people who are in their 20's and 30's on that too. They are able to go out and work but do not want to lose the benefits? That is BS
Also, unemployment... We had a girl come into work 2 weeks ago ask for an app. we had a job opening, she let us know right away she did not want the job, she just had to fill the app out. my boss sent her app to the unemployment office and typed a letter. I am very happy some people stand up for what is right

Lexington, KY

#17 Mar 27, 2011
I feel like the economy has gotten so bad that some people can't get buy without food stamps. I have a very good friend that has a husband and two children.. They get food stamps, their amount is based on their tax return. The last couple of years they have had ZERO income because my friend is trying to get a degree and does get financial aid help and the husband has been looking for a job, but he doesn't know how to do anything except construction, and in our town that is not a good trade... They save pop cans and take them off and get very little, but that is how they pay for cigarettes. They do not get hud or any kind of rent assistance, even though they COULD because they are fortunate enough to live on property with his parents and they have their own little house out there. He does a bit of farm work out there which is in return for 'rent' and utilities. They have cable and a telephone line and electricity thanks to his working around the property every few days. If it were not for the food stamps, they would not be able to feed their children. I don't condemn her for not working right now because she is trying to get her education done so that she CAN get a job and be able to get off of the food stamps and medical cards. Are they 'bad people' becasue they smoke cigarettes? No I don't think so. They don't trade their food stamps for cigarettes, they don't do drugs or anything like that, so they are doing what they can.. I do think that her husband could do a different trade but he is almost 40 years old and doesn't know how to do anything else.
I respect her for being 35 and trying to get an education. They didn't always have to live this way. He used to make 500.00 a week every week until his boss killed himself. They were in the middle of building a house when that happened and they ended up not being able to pay their bills and had to move to live with family that could help them out. They could have taken the easy way and signed up for all kinds of assistance and would have gotten a hud house and had everything paid for pretty much, but they didn't do that. They asked for medical to protect their kids, and they asked for food stamps. That is what the program is there for, people that need help and are doing what they can to get their life on track. So when you are sitting in your house with all of your fancy things, looking at your bank account and being able to go buy what you want for supper, think about the people that have no choice but to use a little card to buy their food for their family. Think about how they feel when their kids ask for something as simple as soda but they have to say no because we need meat and other food more than we need that soda or that candy bar. Their life is not perfect, but for now they are doing what they can. The economy is bad, and for people that have worked all their life, this man has worked since he was 16 years old until the last couple of years, it is hard to not have a job and have to rely on something else.

Just remember when you see the ones abusing the system that there are others out there that are not abusing it and are using it because it's all they have and they are putting their kids first and making sure that they have food and medicine when they are sick!

Benton, KY

#18 Mar 27, 2011
Because it's full of low life trash outside of the Murray city limits.

Murray, KY

#19 Mar 27, 2011
Everyone in this county is on food stamps? I think not!
honest one

Murray, KY

#20 Mar 27, 2011
There always going to be winners and loosers,Loosers are free loaders and ebt users,winners build America on there work ,and earn a honest living,and use there money to pay for food.Take pride in yourself hit the pavement and find you a honest job,get off those stamps.And depend on yourself ,not on some handout.I have faith you can get your act together.

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